Spike Get's an Ipod

by Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX

This is the Best Burrito I've ever Eaten

A/N: Sorry but before you read this chapter please skip to the bottom for some information.

Twilight who was pretty hungry was not in the mood for any of the foods she has eaten before. She wanted to eat something new besides fruits, vegetables, and all that stuff. Twilight then noticed a food stand nearby and walked over to it. The menu was kind of different than other menu's.

"Hola amigo! ¿Quieres probar mi comida maravillosa?" Twilight looked at the pony in confusion. He spoke in a different language that was obviously NOT Equestrian.

"Lo siento, pero mi traductor no está aquí ahora, así que sólo voy a dar esto de forma gratuita." The pony then gave Twilight some random food for free. Then the translator came running to the stand.

"Sorry miss! I was doing something important... So I see that you are about to eat this burrito here." The translator pointed to the burrito in Twilight's hoof.

"Oh well he gave it to me for free." Twilight pointed to the foreign pony who was just staring into space.

"Oh I see... En serio tío? ¿Por qué darle un burrito de forma gratuita?" The translator asked the foreign pony in an angry tone.

"Porque ella es una hermosa unicornio y que no suelen ver que todos los días." The foreign pony then stared back into space.

"Sorry miss. Hey you know you should take a bite of that burrito. It's very tasty." The translator then stared at Twilight.

"(Geez this is really awkward...)" Twilight shrugged and just took a bite from the burrito. As Twilight chewed she began to taste so many flavors at once. Twilight's attitude changed all together and she began singing. ~CUE THE MUSIC!~ [I recommend you listen to the song]

"This is the best burrito I've ever eaten! Yum, yum, yum!"

"(Works every time)"

"This is the best burrito I've ever eaten! Yum, yum, yum! With plenty of beans! And plenty of cheese! And plenty of rice! Oh isn't it nice?"

[Train of yums passing by!]

"This is the best burrito I've ever eaten! Yum, yum, yum!"