by Nightroad

A Rising Torrent

True to her word, Rarity stopped by later and retrieved Twilight from a mound of spellbooks, nearly dragging the lavender mare out the door. “But Rarity, I was so close.” Twilight pouted as she got to her hooves to walk.

“I'm sure you were darling, but I know from experience you need a distraction right now or else you'll go a bit, well...” Twilight sighed, nodding.

“I know, I know. I get obsessive over it and I'd end up flipping the town upside down... again.” Rarity chuckled and patted her friend's back.

“Exactly. So we need to keep you occupied and keep your mind off it.”

“Yeah, I know. Thanks Rarity.” When the pair arrived back at Carousel Boutique, Rarity immediately put Twilight to work, having her use her magic to help reorganize the front area as well as a few other areas of the house. When that had been finished, Twilight had volunteered to help Sweetie Belle with her magic training. Rarity looked on while her mind drifted aimlessly, her thoughts usually focused on Rainbow Dash.

'Perhaps I should talk with Fluttershy about this. She'd know best about what Dashie would think about it.' While lost in thought, Rarity was completely unaware of the object flying towards her at high speed.

“Rarity! Watch out!” The unicorn in question's eyes snapped back into focus long enough to see a cream pie of some sort sail toward her, enveloped in an olive green glow.

“Oh my.” Was all the fashionista could say before the pastry smashed into her, knocking her off her chair and onto the floor.

“Rarity, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to- I mean, I just-” Rarity sat up, blinking in disbelief.

“Please don't be angry at Sweetie, I should've kept a stronger grip on the pie. Here, let me help you.” Twilight said, a washcloth hovered over to Rarity's face before it began to clean and wipe the pie away. The pale unicorn grabbed her mane, looking at it from different angles to make sure that no pie lingered in it before sighing in content.

“It's quite alright dear. Thank you. Of course, you know this means you owe me a new pie, right Sweetie Belle?” The younger mare chuckled and nodded before turning back to Twilight and talking about something magic related. 'Seems she shares an interest in magic much like Twilight. Glad she can talk to somepony about it. Celestia knows I'm not very good when it comes to talking about it.' The fashion designer sighed and looked out the window, wondering when her lover would return.

At that moment, as if her mind had been read, a knock came at the door. “I'll get it!” Rarity cried before running out of the room, disappearing before either Twilight or Sweetie Belle could even react.

As Rarity neared the door, a smile broke out on her face as she heard a familiar voice say, “C'mon Rarity! I'm soakin' wet out here!” With a flick of her horn, the wooden obstacle was opened and revealed Rainbow Dash, smiling. “Well, hey there Rares. Miss me?” Dash walked in, feeling a towel land on her back and lips on her own. The pegasus couldn't help but chuckle against her lover's lips before kissing back. “I'll take that as a yes.” She said when Rarity had pulled away.

“So how's the weather looking? Is it gonna be ending tonight or tomorrow morning?”

Dash chuckled and said, “It should be letting up sometime tonight. It's too bad though, I was hoping to take you out for another stroll in the rain.” Rarity smiled and hugged Dash close before walking back towards the other occupants of the house.

“Perhaps we can next time it rains.”

“I'm gonna hold you to that.” The couple walked into the kitchen, quickly taking a step away from each other as soon as the studious unicorn looked at them. Neither had really decided how to handle telling their other friends. They had made Sweetie swear that she wouldn't tell anypony before they did. Rarity and Dash looked at each other, the memory playing in both of their minds.

“So wait, how come I can't tell anypony about you two being a couple?” Sweetie asked through a mouthful of blueberry pancake.

“Because Sweetie Belle, we're both quite new to this whole relationship thing and well...” Rarity looked to Dash to help her explain.

“Basically, we're both admittedly nervous about being together so we want to keep on the quiet side for now.”

“So I can't tell anypony? Not even the girls?”

“Especially not the girls, Sweets. At least, not until we've told other ponies. Deal?” Sweetie nodded and she did a quick hoof-bump with Dash.

“Oh, hello Rainbow Dash. What brings you here?” Twilight asked, lowering a pie onto the table behind her while Sweetie Belle did the same.

“Ah, nothin' much. Just thought I'd drop by and see what was goin' on.” The pegasus explained, walking into the kitchen and taking a seat while sliding one of the pies closer to her with her wing.

“Twilight's helping me practice magic!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed, taking the pie Dash was about to dig into with her magic and swinging it around.

“C-careful Sweetie Belle. Don't want to make any more of a mess than you already have.” Rarity said, slight irritation in her voice.

“Oh I'm sure it hasn't been-” Dash's words were cut off as the very pie that she was about to eat slammed into her face. Both Twilight and Sweetie Belle's faces contorted into ones of fear while Rarity could hardly contain her laughter as Dash wiped away bits of pie from her face and mane. “So I may have been wrong.”

At that, Rarity could no longer hold back her laughter and fell to the floor laughing. Sweetie Belle followed shortly and it wasn't long before everypony was laughing in some way. When the group had calmed down, they all gathered around the table and started to eat what was left of the pastries. After a few hours, Twilight excused herself, stating that she wanted to get back to the library to start her search for the missing books and to wait for Spike to return.

“How much longer are you two gonna keep your relationship secret? It was really hard to not say anything to Twilight.”

Rarity smiled coyly and asked, “It depends. How much longer did you expect to keep your own marefriend a secret?” The young filly's jaw dropped, as did Rainbow's.

“H-how did you, I mean I didn't even...” Sweetie Belle's sentence faded as she tried to figure out how her sister managed to figure out her secret.

“Please Sweetie, it's written all over your face whenever you're around her. Plus, I've seen the love letters you've sent back and forth, as well as the things you've drawn for her. What's her name... It's Silver Spoon, if I'm not mistaken, correct?” In the five seconds it took Rarity to speak, Sweetie Belle's coat went from it's usual white to a dark crimson.


“I thought so. Tell you what dear sister...” Rarity walked over and put her hoof around Sweetie Belle and pulled her close. “When you tell ponies about your relationship, we'll tell ponies about ours and vice versa. Deal?” The young filly thought it over for a moment before smiling and nodding.

“Deal.” The sisters hugged before Rarity sent her off.

“Go ahead and get ready for bed. I'll be up in a moment to tuck you in.” The fashion designer leaned down and kissed her sister's forehead before nudging her towards the stairs.

“I'm happy for her. I just hope that Silver Spoon filly doesn't hurt her. I've heard from Scootaloo that she's friends with that brat Diamond Tiara.”

“I know. But I figure that Sweetie must see something that makes her want to reach out to Silver Spoon. We'll just have to wait and see.” Dash nodded, pulling Rarity into a kiss before letting her go up to her sister while she cleaned up the kitchen.


“Hey Rarity?”

“Yes dear?” Rarity asked as she pulled the blanket up to her sister's neck.

“Is it alright if I ask you for advice?” Sweetie shifted a bit under the blanket as she attempted to look into her sister's eyes.

“Of course you can Sweetie Belle. What do you need advice about?” The pale unicorn asked, taking a seat on the bed.

“Well... I just... I'm kind of afraid. I really like Silver Spoon, but I don't know if I'll be able to make her happy. I mean, she's rich and successful while I'm... not. What I mean to ask... is while I'd hate to do it, should I... break up with her if I think she'll be happier in the end?” Rarity was struck almost speechless at her sister's trouble.

'It's almost like... like what I feel with Rainbow.' Rarity cleared her throat to buy herself some time since she honestly didn't know how to answer the question. “Well, you see...” The older unicorn slid up on the bed, pulling Sweetie Belle into a half hug and continued. “I honestly don't think you should give her up Sweetie. I mean, think about it; are you happy with her?” The filly nodded. “Is she happy when she's with you?” Again, the younger pony nodded. “Do you make each other feel better when the other one is having a bad day?”


“Then you tell me. Look deep inside yourself and ask that question. Should you break up with her if you think it'll make her happier?” The pair was silent as they both looked within themselves for an answer. Finally, Sweetie Belle spoke. The entire time she did so, she never took her eyes off Rarity's.

“No. I think that I can make her just as happy, if not happier by staying together. We make each other strong and give each other the power to stay strong. So she's rich and I'm not, big deal. As long as we love each other, then it won't be a problem.” Rarity was stunned, but managed to smile nonetheless.

“That's my sis. I'm glad you've figured it out. However, you should still talk with Silver Spoon about your concerns. She's a very important part of your life and as such, you need to bring these things up with her. If you try and shoulder that kind of burden for too long, it'll only eat you up inside. Understand?”

“I understand. Thank you so much Rarity.” Sweetie hugged Rarity tightly, and the older pony did the same.

“No, thank you, Sweetie Belle. Now get some rest.” She leaned down and kissed the filly's forehead before hopping off the bed and walking out. She pulled the door closed behind her quietly, sighing internally. 'Perhaps I should take my own advice.' The fashionista thought to herself as she headed to her own room.

“Hey Rares. Sweetie all tucked in and stuff?” The unicorn turned and saw Dash ascending the stairs.

“Yea.” Rarity waited for Rainbow and as soon as the pegasus stepped off the stairs, pulled her into a tender kiss. “I love you Rainbow Dash.”

“Love ya too Rares. C'mon, let's get some rest.” The fashion pony nodded and walked beside her lover to her bedroom. The couple quickly crawled under the blankets and immediately cuddled for warmth while Dash absently stroked Rarity's mane. The sound of rain, while not as strong as it had been the past few days, was still present. The light taps upon the window created a lullaby that seemed perfect for that night, cradling the lovers in a peaceful and soothing melody.

With eyes half open and a struggle to stay awake, Rarity scooted up until she was sitting up. “Somethin' wrong?” Dash slurred, waking up from her light slumber.

“I want to say no... but I need to talk to you about something.” The unicorn said quietly.

“Whasamatter?” Rainbow mumbled, snuggling closer to her special somepony.

“No, Dash I need you to be fully awake for this.” The pegasus nodded and stretched her body out, mumbling and groaning as she did so. After a few minutes had passed, Dash was sitting up, wide eyed and ready to go.

“I want to say this now before anything else. If it were anypony else telling me to wake up after I had just gotten to sleep, I'd tell'em to go get stung by a manticore. In any event, what's on your mind?” Rarity's eyes darted slowly, trying their hardest not to settle upon Rainbow's own illustrious eyes. Dash could easily see the discomfort on the face of her unicorn, so she set her hooves on Rarity's shoulders and said, “Listen, whatever it is, it'll be okay. Take your time with this alright?”

The fashionista nodded and lifted one of Rainbow's hooves off her shoulder and held it within her own as if it were some priceless artifact.

“I'm afraid Rainbow Dash. I've got this stupid idea in my head that perhaps we shouldn't be together because I'm scared that I won't be able to keep you happy.” The cerulean pony was about to say something, but Rarity stopped her. “Please... let me finish.” Dash nodded, obviously a bit upset that she couldn't get her two bits in yet.

Rarity took a deep breath and began. “You see, it's no secret that you're happiest in the air and that you're at your peak when you're soaring through the sky. I just... I don't want to take that from you. I personally love to see you in the air; the rainbow trail behind you, the wind rushing through your beautiful mane, the way you dance through that blue sky as your shadow mirrors you in perfect harmony... I just...”

By this point, Rarity was tearing up as she buried her face in Rainbow's chest. “That's why I'm afraid to be with you. I don't want to take your biggest love away from you by restricting you to the ground.” The fashionista was openly weeping now, her tears barely leaving her eyes to be lost within Rainbow's fur. Dash said nothing other than whispering soft words into Rarity's ears, and gently rubbing her back.

When Rarity's tears had slowed down, Rainbow finally spoke. “I can understand why you'd be afraid. Honestly, I'm afraid that I'll ruin your business in some way or another. But I can tell you, with one-hundred percent certainty, that you're wrong. Rarity, you are the sole reason I fly the way I do. Ever since I met you, I've changed my flight style to be more... graceful and attention grabbing. I wanted you to be the one who would cheer the loudest or be the most enthralled because of my flying. Before I met you, I was reckless, foalish, and stupid with the way I flew. If I still flew that way today, I'd probably have lost my wings in an accident.”

Rainbow wiped away the tears forming in her own eyes before lifting Rarity's head so she could look into those sapphire eyes that always made her heart quiver, that always filled her with confidence. “If it ever came down to it, I want you to know Rarity, that I would without a doubt give up my wings to be with you. Sure I may love flying... but it's no longer my biggest love in the world. You are, and you always will be.”

Rarity was at a complete loss for words. Rainbow Dash, whose sole being was flying, had just told her that she would give up her wings, her wings to be with her. “I... I don't know what to say Rainbow Dash... I mean, to know that you care so much for me that you'd give up your ability to fly to be with me is just... I'm so honoured that you would do that for me if that word can even do justice to how I feel.

Rainbow, I love you with every fiber of my being. I want you to know that while I'll always cherish the thought that you'd sacrifice so much for me, I hope that it never comes to that. You belong in the sky, but if I contribute to the sheer bliss you feel in the sky, then that's good enough for me.” Now it was Rainbow who was weeping, albeit quieter than Rarity.

“Shh... It's alright.” The unicorn whispered, holding the pegasus close to her and offering the same comforts she had been given moments ago. The couple ended up falling asleep like that, wrapped up in each other's hooves in a warm embrace. The rain, seemingly satisfied, had slowly faded away as the lovers drifted off to sleep, content that it had brought two mares together that truly loved each other.

~~A Few Days Later~~

“Again? So soon after it stopped?” Rarity asked as she meticulously sewed the pieces of a dress together while cutting out lengths of ribbon.

“Yea, that's why I wasn't in bed when you woke up this morning. Oh, and you grabbed the wrong colour of ribbon.” Dash said, tossing a dark shade of blue ribbon towards her fashionable lover.

“Thanks darling. Now I just need to-” A crash interrupted her, causing Rarity to drop the needle, thread, and the last piece of the dress she had been working on, effectively messing up the past three hours worth of work. “Ooh, it had better be an emergency or so help me Celestia I'll... I'll... UGH!” The unicorn huffed loudly, removing her trademark red glasses and stomping out of her work room with Dash right behind her. As she began stomping down the stairs, Rarity wasted no time in trying to make whoever had burst into her store feel her wrath.

“I'll have you know that I'm TRYING to work on a VERY important dress for a very IMPORTANT client so whoever you are, you'd better have a GOOD REASON as to why you'd simply waltz into my store and create such a- Twilight?” The lavender unicorn was standing atop of the flattened door of Carousel Boutique, a very distraught look on her face.

“Whoa, what's goin' on Twilight? Did something happen?” Dash asked as Rarity tended to helping their friend calm down.

“N-no! I mean yes! I mean, ooh...” The bookworm said quickly, her words almost streaming together.

“Hold on now darling. Slow down, take a breath, and tell us what happened.” Twilight took a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly the way Cadence had taught her before she spoke again.

“Well, I just got back from my trip to Canterlot with Fluttershy. Spike was nowhere to be seen! I told the Princess that he had left a note saying that he'd be there, but she told me she hadn't seen him! He's been gone almost a week now! So I've been running all over Ponyville trying to find him. Please tell me he's here.” Twilight explained, her expression pleading and worrisome.

“I'm... sorry dear, but we haven't seen him.” Twilight lowered her head, covering her face in shadow.

“We'll help look for him immediately and-”

“It's all your fault!” Twilight lashed out angrily, her head shooting up as her horn sparked with magic.

“W-what?” Rarity stuttered, taking a step away from her friend.

“He disappeared after he stayed here! What did you do to him?!” Twilight's horn glowed brighter as she advanced towards Rarity.

“Hey, knock it off!” Rainbow landed between them, butting heads with Twilight as they locked stares.

“We didn't do ANYTHING to him so chill out! He left before anypony was even awake!” Twilight tried to move forward, but due to Rainbow's strength, didn't make any progress. With a tired sigh, the lavender mare collapsed to the ground.

“I'm sorry... I just... I'm afraid. What if something happened to him? I mean, stuff has been disappearing all week and I'm afraid he may have been taken as well.” The lovers looked at each other and with a single nod, Rarity was helping Twilight into the kitchen while Dash took off out the door, immediately racing around the skies above Ponyville (albeit with slight reluctance). When she returned around dusk, she came back empty-hoofed which sent Twilight into another crying fit.

“Sorry Twi... but I don't think he's in Ponyville or else I would've spotted him. I mean, it's kinda hard to miss a purple and green dot runnin' around.” The cerulean pegasus pulled the lavender mare against her, despite her protests and held her, allowing Twilight to cry against a new shoulder. “I'm sorry Twilight...” Dash said somberly.

While she may have issues with Spike at the moment, she truly didn't want anything bad to happen to the dragon. In the back of her mind, Rainbow knew this was her fault. 'Maybe I should've taken it easy with the little guy. I mean, he is just a baby after all.' She looked up and right into Rarity's eyes and in that moment, the fashionista seemed to read her mind.

It's not your fault darling.” the pale mare mouthed, moving closer and wrapping her hooves around the crying unicorn and the pained pegasus. The trio stayed there, unmoving for at least an hour or so. Eventually, Rainbow “left”, flying away from the door only to swing around back and enter through Rarity's bedroom to await her lover. Rainbow hovered around the room, waiting for Rarity to arrive. As she made her twentieth circle around the room, Dash stopped in front of the window and watched the clouds above crackle and bristle with electricity.

“Three... two... one...” On cue, a raindrop hit the window followed by a controlled downpour. “I'm getting good at this.” Her ear swiveled when she heard the door open, and Rainbow quickly rushed over to the door and locked lips with the mare who opened the door.

“Er... R-Rainbow?” The cerulean mare opened her eyes and looked right into the lavender eyes of Twilight Sparkle.

“T-Twilight! I uh... I mean...” Rainbow looked to her lover for help, but Rarity sighed and placed her hoof on Twilight's shoulder, nearly scaring the mare to death.

“Twilight... please sit down. I'm afraid we've got some explaining to do.”


“So lemme get this straight... you two are DATING? And you haven't told us yet?” Twilight shouted, her tone accusing and her eyes suspicious.

“We were scared darling, please try to understand.”

“No, I understand. That's how it was with me and- eep!” Rarity and Dash exchanged looks for a moment before they turned their grins towards Twilight.

“There somethin' you wanna tell us Twily?”

“D-don't change the subject! We're talking about you two and about-”

Dash cut her off by quickly saying, “How long?” The lavender mare took a strand of her hair in her magic, twirling around without saying anything.

“Twilight, you know you can't keep us from the truth for very long.” Rarity said, staring straight into Twilight's eyes.

“T-two months...” This of course made the fashionista practically explode from happiness as she tried to pry out Twilight's lover from the librarian's mind while Dash simply looked on in amusement. Eventually, Twilight managed to slip out without revealing her lover's name, but only after Rarity gave her some kind of odd stare while saying, “Reveal to me your secrets darling.”

Dash also made her promise not to tell anypony about their relationship. The unicorn did of course, and swiftly headed out. “Well... I was hoping for something to distract her with. Who knew she'd give us something on her own?” Rarity said, watching Twilight leave before shutting the door behind her. She looked at her flying lover and the pair burst into laughter.

When they had finished, the couple moved into the kitchen where Rarity served a few slices of cake while Dash slumped in the chair. “She's right though... this is all my fault.”

“No... no darling. It's not your fault. If anything it's mine.” The pale unicorn said, moving around to pull Dash against her. “I knew that you two were going to clash once we got together but I didn't say a word.” They both wanted to say more, but both knew it would simply continue as a back and forth. So, they stayed silent, slowly managing to make their way to Rarity's room where they laid in complete silence as the rain fell against the window.

Finally, after an eternity of uncomfortably laying in bed, Rainbow Dash finally spoke. “I have to go find him.”

“I know. Just be careful. It is raining you know.” Dash flashed a smile and kissed the unicorn.

“I appreciate the concern Rares, but I'll be fine.” The cerulean mare walked over to the window and tossed it open. “Love ya.”

“I love you too.” With that, Dash leapt out the window with wings open.

~~Outside Ponyville~~

A figure stumbled around in the darkness, clutching his head as pain rode a proverbial train around his brain. “Just... gotta hold on... So close...” The pained figure tossed his latest steal off into a corner, trying to ignore the clattering noise it made as it bounced around his growing pile of loot.

He stumbled over a small pile of books as his vision began to blur, nearly falling to the ground in pain. “It's all for... you...” He looked up, his slitted eyes looking towards Ponyville. “You're all mine... Rarity.”