Spike Get's an Ipod

by Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX

Morning Dew

Spike who was probably still laughing about Twilight's reaction was walking towards the electronics store once more to get more information like HOW to get music in the Ipod.

"Oh? Back so soon?" The employee looked at Spike in the eye. He must have been doing something.

"Yeah, well I need to know how to get music into my Ipod." Spike then grabbed a random Ipod off the shelf and pointed at it.

"Well there's two ways. One, you buy music from the store. Two, you can download it off the computer or laptop." Spike looked at the employee with a confused look.

"Are you kidding me? You people don't even have a computer?" The employee facehoofed himself and sighed.

"Well no one around here has even visited to your shop before so..." Spike trailed off his sentence and started to wander around like he was new to the store.

"Well come over here. If you want to get your music you got to do it like I tell you." The employee then pulled out a laptop from the bottom of the counter. [Don't even ask me what company it's from] [It's Windows]

"Hey you know now that I've noticed there isn't any other workers around here. Are you the only one?" Spike asked.

"Yep." The employee then went into the back to find the something.

"Well then what's your name?" Spike saw the employee come out of the back with a wire for connecting the Ipod and laptop.

"I usually just call myself James Madison. I don't know why but it sounds cool." Spike nodded and took the laptop and the wire. He gave James a gem since he forgot to ask Twilight for some bits. Spike walked out the door and forgot to close it.

"Come back in like a week and I'll have some new stuff ready for you!" James yelled from the counter.

"Okay! And my name's Spike!" The wind then blew the door in and slammed it.

"That kid is cool." James then pulled out a magazine and read it.

Spike was careful not to make any noises as he walked into the library. He tip-toed past a passed out Twilight and took his Ipod somewhere else where Twilight wouldn't kill him.

"Alright just got to get to that door and I'll be safe." Spike moved slowly towards the door with caution. He hoped that Twilight wouldn't wake up. When suddenly...

"TWILIGHT WAKE UP THE STORES THAT SELL ELECTRIC STUFF IS NOW SELLING IPODS TO EVERYONE!!!!" Pinkie Pie crashed into the door and ran over Spike. Spike groaned in pain and looked at his stuff he was holding. Not a scratch.

"AHHH! HI-YA!" Twilight woke up with a fright and karate chopped Pinkie in the face. Spike snickered and ran out the door.

Who would be kind enough to let Spike into their home so he can do whatever he wants without his stuff being broken or stolen? Rarity. Luckily, Rarity was kind enough to let Spike inside so he can what I just typed in like 22 words ago. Spike sat down somewhere where he wouldn't be bothered by anyone. That would be the corner.

"Okay just plug this in like this.... Got it!" Spike cheered and turned on the laptop after putting in the wires.

"Spike make sure you clean up this mess after you're done." Rarity then went to continue on a dress she was making.

"Okay Rarity." Spike put his attention back onto the laptop. So many things to choose from. Spike chose Internet Explorer and up came a window with a website called Yahoo.

"What in the... Storm shakes up Manehattan but citizens are fine, Top ten best things to get for Thanksgiving, Criminal arrested for-" Spike stopped halfway when Rarity butted in.

"I heard you said something about 'Top ten best things to get for Thanksgiving'?" Rarity asked. She was literally nose to nose with Spike.

"Uh, yeah it's in that article right there..." Rarity then pushed Spike out of the way and took control of the laptop. Well this obviously didn't work out well for him but you just got to have patience.


"Okay I'm finished! Back to my work!" Rarity trotted off back to work and Spike went back to searching for music.

"Music, music, music... I know!" Spike typed in a website and popped up... Well, you know.

"Search bar... Oh geez I don't know what to type..." Spike shrugged and typed in a random name and up came a video of 3 ponies. The title said 'Morning Dew'.

"Let's see what this song is all about..."

A/N: Hi, I would like to tell you that this part of the story is a song and my back hurts so I can't do this part for you. Actually this part wasn't even supposed to be here in the first place! XD Well just enjoy the other stuff. Editor! Skip to the part where Spike is in town!

Spike who was walking through town with headphones in his ears was listening to the music he had listened to the other day. The other ponies were wondering what he was listening too. All Spike was doing from a pony's perspective was lip syncing. In Spike's mind he was singing. Then he randomly sang a random part of the song.

"One time I drew a pink ice castle with a green hot dog and three light snacks imma teach y'all how to scrape out the sink drain. (How to scrape out the sink drain!) A midget said speak with an accent so I did just so I could steal his porche while he was tied to a stake, In the rain." Spike was then pretty much dancing around now. The ponies just chuckled and went on with their lives. This very certain part Rainbow Dash had flew by and Spike sang the final parts of the song.

"The world's fastest girl might be wrong we popped the cork now it's time to go away! (Keep wanting your morning dew...) I got that crown I'll knock you out yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I got ten pounds of peanut brittle! And the little poodle's got it's coat on! Mirror, mirror on my floor! Am I the prettiest at the store? Is this Idaho? Cause I will not limbo in Idaho." Rainbow Dash stopped and literally flew backwards just to talk to Spike.

"Uh... What are you doing and what did you just say?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I just sang a song from my cool Ipod!" Rainbow Dash gave a confused look she was about to ask something when Spike had already left.

"What was that all about..." Rainbow Dash shrugged it off and just continued flying.

"Ayo girl you should try them chicken fingers instead of that pizza...." Spike continued to sing as the song ran on repeat.