The Background Diaries

by inacti

Lyra Heartstrings: Griffon The Brush-Off

Dear Journal,

I still don't have opposable thumbs, in case you were wondering. Pinkie invited me to another party, this time it was for a griffon rather than a pony, I seem to be going to a whole lot of welcoming parties. Carrot Top and Berry Punch have been real grumpy lately, I don't know why. But, gee, that griffon is hilarious! Her and Pinkie are probably going to be the best of friends. I stopped paying attention to them half way through the party but I have a feeling this is the kind of gossip Bons wouldn't want me throwing around. But that's why I am writing it in a journal! Duh.

So Gilda, the griffon, was hanging with Rainbow Dash, the town celebrity, and then Pinkie showed up. I guess Gilda didn't want Pinkie stealing her mare, weird right? I talked to the griffon about her claws and stuff, she told me to get lost, its cool though. I now know the griffons have hands, sort of, this is news to me. That gives me an idea. Bye.