Tactics ogre kingdom of harmony.

by moonsaber56

The card's come into play. :Edited

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An old man tired and sleepy from a days of telling people their fortune. Most believed it was just a petty way to earn some goth and were disgraced, while the very religious believed it was a demon ritual. The old man came inside his house to rest. He put his equipment next to a table and started a fire in the fireplace. He then sat in a rocking chair and looked at the fire warm and hearty.

The old man thought of tales that could make his grand kids believe the heroes and knights in shining armor that sadly he wished that someday a hero will come and make the land he lived in a land of peace, which was interrupted by the sound of galloping. As he looked outside through an old mirror, he saw a group of knights in black armor riding to the old man's village each wearing black and silver armor. Their presence immediately struck fear upon the old man.

As they came to the house, they tightened the grip on their torches and threw them towards the house. The torches landed on the roof, and the flame caught on, the flames slowly eating away at the wood. The fire spread down into the house forcing the old man to come outside. The knights saw the old man.

One of them dismounted their horse and slowly walked up to him. He struck the old man to the ground, the made him get on his knees. Following the knights orders, he drew out his sword and swung his blade aiming for a clean cut through the old man’s neck.

The knight killed him with one clean and swift stroke. He again swung his blade swift into the midsection of the old man. As if some stroke of luck, the body still was kneeling with the head still balanced on his neck that was cut perfectly clean.

The knight pushed the old mans body, causing the head and upper body of the old man to fall to the ground bleeding heavily onto the grass. The knight remounted his horse, and they went to the town square and started mercilessly slaughtering the villagers, and left none to survive.

Later after the bloodshed the village houses were burning and bodies of women and children were either slain in haste or chained up to be led into noble families to service them until the day they die with undying loyalty. They were taught brutally the chance of freedom was never found, and the chance of death from exhaustion was high.
While men that were fit and young enough were conscripted into armies and led into suicide missions, very few lucky ones would turn out as leaders for armies, but for the knights itself.

They were the “Death knights”. They were ruthless and gave no mercy, but rather than invading the land they came in to aid for a noble of a royal court, for their were two men fighting for the throne. The reason for the fight was that the king of the nation was ruled by a good king and sadly had no heirs, leaving the throne empty.

It fell to the court to find a new king the two men fought for the throne as one of the noble men asked for aid from the death knight's from the holy land to "purge" the evil out of the lands, and the other noble tried to exorcist the public and killed hundreds of innocent villages…

But in the old mans last minute, he mediated to activate a spell sending his cards to a new land free from war and filled with peace and prosperity, so the cards could pick a hero to stop the fight and end a new war which was already beginning.

As for the old mans cards, he discovered one day that it was an ancient relic that was used ages ago as it was able to bend time in a battle to rewrite fatal mistakes and find new ways that can change the future. If found in the hands of the right person he or she can turn it into a relic that can turn a vile place of war into a prosperous land of peace and prosperity.

But if found in the wrong hands it can corrupt the very soul of the finder, and he or she make the land again a place where peace is an ancient memory and war and death are as common as breathing air itself. The old man only hoped that the cards picked the right hero for the duty of saving his world.

The card spell found its hero in a prosperous city in equestrian canterlot, but many think it will be the heroes of the nation, the elements of harmony that have saved the nation several times from a corrupted leader and an enemy which sucked the life out of ponies and saved a city from a tyrant. Although they were heroes they have already found their place in their world the cards needed a new hero one who has not been discovered yet...

As every person or beast has had the chance to be a hero no matter how small or big it may be from helping a village to just giving away to donation piles for religions or common groups for those who have done the opportunity are remembered and are given thanks. Some however have missed it, or it has not begun yet...

As a hero can come out from the most unlikely of people either a strong king or a petty beggar they all have the chance...today's tale is a tale of an unlikely hero that will help shape a land of vile war into a land of prosperous peace.

And it all begins with a prince that no one expected to be a hero.......