Could be for understanding

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

You awake to the shining of the bright sun through your window, however the fact that you've not been woken up by the alarm brings a thought to your mind, wow the sun rose early today.

With a slow turn you look to the silent clock, your alarm clock the time reads 10:00 Am. Your eyes widen a little as you sigh and push your head a little to the pillow a little more, oh great I overslept...

With the thought in mind you start to roll out of your bed, which sends an unwanted and intense shot of pain from the back of your head. You clench your teeth hard as the memories, along with the subsiding twinge of pain flood in what happened last night. The thoughts now in your mind, have the same affect on you as if a bucket of cool water was just thrown over you, you jump to your feet still holding your head and begin to stagger towards the door of your bedroom.

As you reach the door that you never closed from last night you peer into the part of the living room that you can see...It’s clean and nothing is broken, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that last night the house was a wreck and there was some lavender colored pony in your house. As of right now, you're thought of last night being a hallucination are correct, no mess and no pony.

You walk down the hall towards the kitchen still holding your new found reassurance. Although, in the back of your mind you still try to understand the crazy hallucination from last night.

As you near the turn of the hall you hear a faint whimper or perhaps a light snoring, the noise freezes you as you turn your head towards the couch that sits in front of the turned off flat screen tv.

Still holding your denial, you walk over towards the couch...Your heart sinks as you look over and see it…The lavender colored pony sleeping on your couch.

You think to yourself as all of your ability to deny what you're seeing runs from your mind, well atleast I have a reason to stay home today, but I doubt my professors will take this as a real excuse and if they do take it as a real excuse, they would probably think i'm crazy. At the thought of being insane you quickly chase the thought off.

You continue to just stare at the colored pony in silence, unsure if you should wake her or not.

After a few minutes of feeling like a creeper you decide to do something that involves not waking her, but also makes you feel like you did something.

With the new thought in mind you walk back to the kitchen and open the fridge, it only takes you a moment to pull out some apples and some carrots. Really not sure as to what a talking pony eats, but you're all out of pixie dust and guess this would work. A faint laugh comes to your self as you look to the things in your hold...I lost my mind didn't I?

You grab a plate from the kitchen table as you walk back to the couch and quietly place the fruit on the table in front of her.

(Later in the day)

It’s about 2:30 now, and you have done nothing productive all day, no school work and no video games, your mind has halted anything other than trying to cope with fighting off the pain from your fall yesterday and trying to understand why there is a unicorn pony in the other room. The deep thought in your mind are abruptly broken by the sound of hooves getting closer to your door.

Not knowing what to expect you tense your body up as a purple aura wraps around the doorknob as it opens revealing the lavender pony in the doorway.

For a second there's nothing exchanged but a silent stare, but it only lasts for a second as the feminine voice comes up, "I wanted to thank you before I leave.”

You nod your head.

The simple nod brings her own head to nod as she shifts a little uneasy, “Well thank you, I feel well rested and I am going to go back to Equestria.”

Your curiosity takes control of you as your voice comes out, "How are you going to go back?" As your voice ends a thought runs through your head, I've officially given into insanity.

She looks you over as her well spoken and slightly know it all sounding voice chimes up, "Well I am a unicorn, so I will be using a spell to bring me home. From what I can tell I must be close to Equestria, Celestia's sun rose on time and the food seemed to tase at least close to the same."

You nod your head "Ok".

The simple response you keep giving slowly brings out a more shy persona as she clears her throat, "Yes well thank you for your help."

As her comment ends the pony turns from the doorway as she walks away and back to the living room out of sight your sight.

You stare at the door trying to just push the thought of talking to a horse out of your mind...But Your curiosity gets the better of you as you think the conversation over, it’s not every day that you meet a talking unicorn.

With the thought in mind you stand from the bed and start to walk into the hall, however you stop at the opening to the living room and decide just to observe her from the corner.

Twilight doesn't notice you though as she sparks her horn up in a light purple glow. The mare's eyes and a few deep breaths start to run from her as a purple aura starts to trickle down from the glowing horn. The magic begins to wrap around her and her figure begins to fade from your sight.

Looking at this you can’t stop hearing the sound of the TARDIS from doctor who, which brings a slight smile to your face as you just watch the strange alien sight in your living room.

The ringing of the 'magic' runs around the room for a moment, and as it reaches its apex there’s a slight poof sound as the light fades.

You’re amazed at what you just saw, your jaw hangs in awe as you just stare to the now empty carpet.

However, just a minute later you hear a strange noise, a sound that's almost similar to lightning hitting metal poles. The organic sound continues to ring around the room as a purple bubble forms in the center of the living room.

Quickly you duck behind the corner of the hall to get out of the way of any rogue magic that might knock you down like last night. The bubble pops with a huge gust of wind that moves or knocks over most everything in your house.

Lying on the ground is Twilight, her coat has a dark film to it and it looks as if she's shaking, almost like she's cold or something.

As the purple wisp around the room starts to drop to the floor you rush over to where the mare lays to see if the pony is still alive. Her eyes are half closed a faint pant rolls from her open mouth as her low words ring out, “I…I don’t understand I did what I did before…”

You clench your hands not knowing what to do for the moment as a battle in your mind starts to rage, you can't call a vet to come and see a unicorn...Especially seeing as how you're still not even sure if this is real or not...However the big eyed and helpless mare you stand over brings a strange feeling to you.

Without another thought you bend yourself down as you work your arms slowly and gently around her frame, she continues to speak very softly but you ignore it as you carry the pony to your room and lay her down in your bed.

As you take your hands from the mare's body her eyes lock to where you stand at the bed, "T-thank you...I just need to rest for a moment."

You give little nod as you start to move out of the room, before you leave you give a little glance to the clock, 3:02.

As you walk out of the room you close the door and turn your attention back to the room around you. With a sigh you start to pick up the things around the house, not really putting the stuff back where it was but more or less just kind of placing it off to the side.

- - -
(later on)

It took you about most of the day to really get everything cleaned up, eat, take something for your head and do your normal things around the house. And seeing as how you decided to stay home today you figured it would be a good idea to study one of the oh so important text books you were told to get for college. However an hour of trying to study with what you've had happen to you turns up no results and it's left you just feeling light headed.

You finally give into the fact that the medicine you took wasn't going to really do anything if you're trying to cram for a test. You run your hands over your head as you slowly rub your forehead.

With a sigh you turn your head to the quiet hallway as you wait to see if the sound of hooves or something will start up. It doesn't.

You stand from the couch as you quietly walk back to the hallway and then towards the closed door. Using the ninja like qualities you think you have you press your ear to the door. However you get no reward for this and you eventually just give up as you turn back towards the other room, truthfully you want to get your bed back tonight...But you have no idea what magic does to a...pony, so maybe a good night sleep in a bed would be a good idea.
A faint sigh comes to you as you turn back to the couch that will act as your bed tonight.

End of chapter 4