Could be for...

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – But the window

Twilight's horn sparks up to one of the books in front of her as a smile comes up to her face, "Ah...There it is." Her pointless expelling of joy is cut shot as the sound of a voice comes up from behind her.

"Ow...Ow..." The commotion behind her turns her around, but she just blinks a little in confusion as she watches you almost drag pulling the light orange stallion behind you with your magic tugging on his mane.

"What's going on?" Twilight's voice pauses you for a moment as you bring your voice up quick, "I found Sparky in Violet's room."

The young pegasus doesn't contest your comment as he just tries not to move to your rushes and inexperienced holding spell, "S-sorry I came in-..."

Your eyes widen to the comment as your mind starts to play a little trick on you from your confusion, "What did you say?"

As your words end your magical hold is broken from the light purple mare that has followed you down the hall. Her horn's glow goes dim for the moment as her simple spell ends.

Sparky doesn't bolt towards the door though like you expected, instead the young stallion just stands at the center of attention as he brings his now slightly nervous stutter voice up, "S-sorry I came through the window."

You still hold your voice down as you plan out how you want to take the stallion into the basement to question him.

However you don't get to start up your plan as Twilight's words ring back into the house, "Ok...Sparky how come you were in Violet's room?"

The pegasus swallows hard as he brings his voice up, "I-I wanted to remind her that Stony was supposed to stop by...And Bell wanted to learn a spell." He shifts his head between you and Twilight as he waits to see your reactions.

You stay silent as you just blink to the response, Twilight nods her head as she turns her attention to the young mare at the top of the staircase, "You're not in trouble Sparky...We just don't really want any stallion around the house right now."

The choice of words in your opinion could have been avoided but you still keep your mouth shut as Sparky just nods his head, "A-alright..."

Twilight gives a little sigh as she speaks up, "Well thank you Sparky you can go."

Sparky again nods his head as he turns to you, "Um...Sorry."

You blink to the comment as you nod your head in return, not wanting to really show defeat...or how dumb you kind of feel.

To your nod the young stallion moves towards the front door as he trots outside.

- - -

Futty and Bell turn their eyes to the pegasus as the unicorn speaks up, "Where's Violet?"

Slowly closing the door behind him as he answers, "Uh...She can't come out."

"Ugh...Whatever." Bell starts to trot away as he shakes his head, "Lets just find something else to do then."

Sparky waves his hoof to the comment as his normal stuffy nosed tone starts to come back out, "Actually I have something I need to do first."

The two stallion shrug to the comment as they continue their trots.

- - -

The door closing to Violet only prompts the young mare to start down the stairs, however she only gets about three steps down before Twilight's voice halts her, "Sorry Violet, you shouldn't go out today."

Twilight's comment sparks a response from the mare as she flicks her left ear.

"Why?..." Twilight blinks to the question as she pauses. Violet doesn't really need an answer and the response was more just because she's tired of sitting in her room and feeling the way she does.

Violet lets out a silent sigh as she just waves her hoof to the comment.

To the mare's wave Twilight's horn sparks back up as she floats the book she pulled from the shelf, "Well if you want something to do you could look over this."

As the book floats towards her Violet's horn sparks up as she takes it from her mother's hold.

"Stony said it would have a spell that might do what you want." The lavender mare's comment slightly surprises you seeing as how Twilight usually looks over any spell she doesn't know.

Violet looks over the book as she slowly starts to trot back up the stairs.

As the light purple mare leaves you and Twilight's sight the mare trots over to you as she speaks up, "Well you over reacted."

You blink to her comment as you blow to it, "You should see her room or her bed." You hold your hoof up to the mare's smile as you continue, "There's no reason for him to have come in through the window."

A slight giggle comes up from Twilight as she trots back towards the main library.

"What's funny?"

"You're acting like Night Light did."

You straighten your posture as you shake your head, "Oh no i'm not."

Your comment falls on deaf ears as Twilight speaks up, "Could you help me find Star Swirl's journal? Stony's comment made me think about it...and I can't remember where I put it."

As your voices start to get a little distorted from the mare's trot she turns into her room, it's at this point she realizes something she didn't see earlier.

The jar that Sparky was supposed to take now lays on the ground with it's cap off from when it must have been dropped from your spell over the orange pegasus.

Violet's horn comes up as she floats the book to her bed and continues her trot towards the empty cloud jar. It's not an impossible thing to get back but that fact that she does have to get it back makes the mare turn back to her closed door as she just glares to it.

But with a silent sigh she floats the useless jar to the dresser as she turns her attention back to the book.

End of chapter 5