Could be for...

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – What did he say?

The morning has rolled on and it's been about a few hours since Rainbow woke you and Twilight up. You both still have your morning minds which is in contrast to the little colt that you finally got to eat something.

And as the last spoonful of baby mush is taken into the little colts open chewing mouth Twilight speaks up, "Alright...That's everything."

Her words prompt the little colt's hooves as he begins to kick and wiggles his four legs, which starts to shake the high chair a little.

You hold your gaze to the sight from your seat as a faint smile crosses your face.

"Whoa whoa, ok ok..." Twilight's hooves come up to the little colt as she gives a faint giggle, "You want down?"

The words freeze the colt for a moment as his pink button eyes just stare to the hoofs that come to him and begin to free him from his seat. Twilight slowly lowers the diaper wearing colt to his hooves as she continues to speak, "Just don't hide somewhere again hmm?"

As the colt's hooves touch the slightly chilled wood floor. For a moment the colt just stares up to the lavender mare that set him down in confusion, but the stare only last a moment as a wide smile comes to his face as he begins to almost hop gallop away from her side.

You can't help but chuckle a little to the colt's pitter patter tap tap sound as you watch the colt gallop away towards the center of the room. To you it would have been about four pretty easy steps, but to the colt it was no simple feat seeing as how the barely three week old colt took about fifteen small wobbly steps.

However the wobble and speed begins to alter as the colt ends up staring around the room with a new found curiosity.

The moment of foal aimless foal curiosity is brought to an end though as the sound of a hoof knocking to the door turns the small colt's gallop. But the small colt is only able to get a few hooves forward before you scoop him up.

Twilight trots over to the door as she opens it to a short gray stallion with dark black mane. The sight of the stallion brings your voice up as you watch him and a bundled up filly trotting in beside him, "Hello Stony."

"Yes yes hello." Stony waves his hoof to you as he turns to the lavender mare in front of him, "I believe your daughter is in need of my services."

"Ya and I get to watch." The bright smile of the deep orange coated filly and the stallion's word choices brings a confused stare from you as you adjust the colt in your hold, "You're looking for Violet?"

The gray stallion nods his head as he speaks up, "Yes, it seems your daughter has taken an interest in a different kind of magic, and she asked me if I could show her a spell to copy her ingredients." His proud and slightly cocky tone rolls your eyes but the fact of a clear reason for him being here allows you to relax as you place the colt back to his hooves next to you. To your surprise Aerolight doesn't gallop over to the two new ponies, instead he just sits to his diaper as he just listens to the strange ponies voice.

"Now where is the betrunken's mare?" Twilight doesn't pay attention to the stallion's comment as she cocks her head and speaks up, "You said copy ingredients?" She raises her hoof a little as she shakes her head, "No spell can copy magical items, I should know I looked for one."

Stony cocks his an eyebrow to the comment as he speaks up, "Herausforderung angenommen."

The lavender mare's slight know it all voice is completely lost to the strange words as she lowers her hoof back to the floor, "Excuse me?"

"I would not expect you to have knowledge about a spell like this." The stallion's head goes high as he begins to aimlessly trot around the room, "I believe you study Star Swirl correct?"

Twilight nods her head as a slight one ha laugh rolls from Stony, "Well there is your problem, you should have to look through Sagitta's work."

As the name runs past your ears you realize you've just lost all understanding of the conversation, but you still hold your thoughts to the conversation as Twilight speaks up, "But dark magic was-..."

"No.." Stony bobs his head left and right as he continues, "It's not dark magic, it was manipulation magic. Anyways may I see if I can help?"

"Oh..." Twilight's ears flop down a little as she runs though her response, "I'm sorry but Violet isn't feeling to well today."

The comment rolls Stony's eyes as he nods, "I suppose I could come back tomorrow-..."

"It would be better if you came back in a few days." Twilight holds her friendly smile to the stallion as he blinks to her words.

But he doesn't press anymore as he nods his head, "Hm...I will see what I can do." He moves his hoof to his chin as he thinks out loud, "Making me wait means that mare owes me a favor."

Before his comment can reach it's ends you speak up as you roll your eyes, "You're not cutting her mane off."

Stony lets out a slight laugh as he rolls his hoof, "Hush betrunken...I'm thinking." The stallion continues to rub his hoof to his chin for a moment but he stops as he puts it back to the ground, "Oh well...I'll return another day." He turns his head back to the filly beside him as he speaks up, "Come on Gala."

His comment turns the filly's head around the room as she speaks up to him, "Aww no spell?"

Stony shakes his head as he holds the door open, "Not for them." As his words end the little filly starts out of the door with the gray stallion following behind her.

Aerolight holds his spot next to you for the moment as the door hangs open for a moment, but as the door closes the little colt starts to stand to his hoof as he begins to start up his happy playful trot.

You watch him for a moment before you turn your gaze to the lavender mare that now taps her hoof to her mouth, "What?"

Twilight squints her eyes aimlessly towards the ground as she speaks up, "I think I have a book written by Sagitta somewhere."

The comment rolls your eyes as you just turn back to the colt that now trots around the room.

- - -

The world outside has taken on a bright white glow to it from the fresh snow that now blankets the paths, roads and fields of Ponyville as it continues to lightly loft down to the ground.

However the winter wonder land is anything but wonderful to a certain stallion as his voice continues to run between his two friends he's pushed himself between, "Ugh, I hate the first snow...It's all over the road."

A faint sigh comes up from the tan colored pony as he turns an eye to his friend, "Could you at least stop complaining about it?"

"I'm not complaining, i'm just saying next time they should move the clouds to only drop snow off of the roads." The blue unicorn nudges the light orange pegasus beside him as he speaks up, "Sooo hows about you move the clouds that are still above us?"

Sparky doesn't turn his head as he speaks up, "Sorry Bell, no pony can move any clouds." A faint laugh comes up from Sparky as he flexes his wings, “Even moving an Everfree forest cloud could shift the snowfall a bit. And I don’t want too get yelled at for accidentally moving snow somewhere it’s not supposed to be.”

"HA! Who is going to find out you moved it though?"

"I'm not moving a cloud." Sparky's quick response brings a sigh from the scarf wrapped stallion as he lowers his head, "Ugh...Well Violet better be able to teach me that new spell fast, cause it's freezing out here."

The comment brings Futty's voice up as he takes in a long breath of air, "Well suck it up for now Bell, we're still about ten minutes from Violet's."

Another sigh comes from Bell as he speaks up, "Would had already had been there if Sparky didn't live so far away."

The light orange pegasus rolls his eyes as he just focuses on the path in front of them.

End of chapter 3