by InkRose

The Canterlot Party

Chapter 1

“Love is in bloom, a beautiful bride, a handsome groom... two hearts, becoming one...”

Vinyl Scratch bobbed her head to the beat as she turned knobs, flipped switches, and manned the turntables, music blaring from the speakers on either sides of her.

Everypony was on the dance floor, their bodies swaying and bouncing with the beat of the song. The one called Twilight Sparkle sung her heart out, her beautiful voice mingling with the music perfectly. The bride and groom twirled around each other, their radiant smiles gleaming brightly.

This job was going perfectly, that was for sure, and Vinyl had been very honored when she had gotten it. Being the disk jockey for a huge royal wedding? Score! Not only would this job pay the bills for a while, but it would be the crown jewel on her resume. Ponies would be scrambling to hire her for their events.

But Vinyl knew that getting too distracted while she worked could result in a careless mistake, so she refocused her mind on the music. On the beat. On the very pulse of the music.

Goodness, what sweet, sweet sounds were floating into her ears. The money and fame was great, but the best part of being a DJ was creating absolutely awesome-tastic music and then sharing it with others, watching their faces light up with a smile, a smile caused by you.

There was always a deep-rooted feeling of joy when she played her tunes. Ponies asked her how she did it, how she remixed, composed, and wrote. But she just couldn’t explain it. It didn’t just “come naturally,” like everypony says, but she felt as if her inclination for music was a part of her soul, as if it was the very essence of who she was. She was like music incarnate, with a snarky personality tacked on. Perhaps that sounded a bit... self-centered, but that was how Vinyl felt. She was the empress of music, the goddess of-

Oh buck, what the hay was he doing here!?

Vinyl froze as she saw him among the crowd of dancers, bobbing his head and tapping his hoof with the beat. She hadn’t been informed of his presence at this party. Vinyl narrowed her eyes.

Neon Lights. According to what Vinyl had heard about him, his music and DJing skills were amazing. He got just as many jobs as she did, and was pretty much just as popular, if not more so. One critic had even said that his music was better than Vinyl’s! Better!

Vinyl did not like this character one bit. He was too perfect, too prissy, too... himself.

But what Vinyl remembered in the depths of her being was that she had never heard this pony’s music, and had hardly even spoke with him. What if the reason she disliked him was simply the fact that she was jealous? What if that ol’ green eyed monster had corrupted her heart? But Scratch denied this. She couldn’t accept the fact that he might just be a nice pony with music that rivaled hers. He was out to destroy her career and steal her fame, she knew it. Just look at the way he was looking at her at this very moment, planning her downfall...


Vinyl’s eyes widened as she realized that Neon Lights was looking straight at her. His deep blue eyes seemed to bore into hers with a strange intensity. Vinyl couldn’t look away.


Vinyl’s heart jumped into her throat as she realized she had messed up. Big time. She looked down and saw that she had accidentally pressed down too hard on the turntable needle while trying to slide it off the record, resulting in one of her precious vinyl records gaining a huge new scratch on its black surface.

Vinyl closed her eyes, cursing to herself over and over in her head. She had to think fast, lest she ruin this whole job. She couldn’t mess up in front of Neon. She had to prove she was better than that son of a diamond dog. She snapped her eyes open and shot the wide-eyed audience a huge smile, using her unicorn magic to remove her shades.

“I can see I’ve got your attention, my lovely music-enthusiasts! Well, I just wanted to say that requests are now open, so if any of ya want me to put on a special song, just come on up and I’ll do my best to get this party rollin’ with your favorite hits!” Vinyl Scratch declared, gesturing with her hoof to the cart behind her filled with records of various kinds.

A number of ponies lined up near Vinyl’s turntable, including the hyper pink one who had attempted to DJ alongside Vinyl earlier that night. Thankfully the purple pony called Twilight had coaxed her to let Vinyl DJ alone. Thank Celestia.

To Vinyl’s surprise and utter contempt, she spotted Neon Lights trotting up to join the line of ponies. What the hay was he going to do, rub her failure in her face?

Once Vinyl had gone through most of the line, writing down everypony’s requests onto a piece of paper, she came upon Neon.

“What song would you like?” She asked him, trying to contain her frustration.

“No song,” Neon Lights stated simply, a small smile gracing his lips. “Listen, I’ve heard a lot about you, but haven’t ever really gotten the chance to chat with you. Perhaps after the party we could find somewhere to hang out and just talk. What do you think?”

Well, he certainly was acting nicer than she had expected. But she still wanted nothing to do with him. She wouldn’t talk to him until she was considered the better DJ.

“Sorry, got stuff to do after the party,” Vinyl said, dismissing the stallion with a turn of her head. She trotted over to her turntable and began the first on the list of requested songs. She didn’t look back at Neon, but out of the corner of her eye she could see that after she had so abruptly waved him off, he just stood there for a moment, surprised. Then he walked off to his band of friends, his posture a bit slumped compared to before.

Vinyl felt her conscience tug at her heart. He had never done anything to her, yet she had been so rude to him for no real reason. Suddenly the mare felt like trotting over to Neon and apologizing, but her pride was like an impenetrable barrier, and it prevented her from even considering it. Besides, she couldn’t say sorry. That would make her look weak, and she couldn’t let that happen in front of her competitor.

If Neon Lights ever approached her again, she would be nicer. That would make up for her rudeness, right?


The party ended after Vinyl finished up the request list. It was late, and Vinyl was tired. She packed up her things into her wagon, and hooked herself up to it. The newly married couple stepped into a carriage, and the bride threw her bouquet. All of the party guests were crowding around the couple, and cries of joy were heard as the bouquet was caught by the purple-haired pony Vinyl had DJed for a few months ago at a fashion show.

Vinyl sighed and walked out of the Canterlot garden, heading for the road. This was always her least favorite part of the job... walking home alone while the party-goers piled into carriages laughing with their friends.

The lone DJ turned onto the main street of Canterlot, quickly trotting toward her home.