Flutter Spears and "Get Over Here!"

by Brian Jacko

The Princesses New Projectile Problem

Princess Celestia banged impatiently at the door.

"Come in!" the voice said.

Princess Celestia came through the door with such anger on her face. "Discord, were you the one who has been messing with Fluttershy and alternative worlds?"

Discord looked as if he had been greatly offended and shocked that the Princess would even suggest such a thing. "Oh, no, no, no, your majesty!" he replied. "I would never even dream of doing such a thing. I promise," he said with his two crooked fingers crossed behind his back.

The Princess gave him a suspicious look and said, "If I notice anything else unusual going on, I'll have you scrubbing my palace floors for a very long time. Do you understand me?"

Discord put his hand to his chest as he bowed low to the ground and said, "Of course, my Princess."

Princess Celestia sat at the dining table. She was having a very important meeting with special royal guests. She levitated her cup of tea in the air with her magic and took a sip. Her taste buds confirmed that the new royal servant must have forgotten that she likes two cubes of sugar instead of one. Her eyes began to glow dark green with an evil kind of magic. She saw the royal servant placing a single sugar cube into each of the other ponies teas. Princess Celestia put her two front hooves together behind her back and her front hooves began to glow with a light blue colored magic. Princess Celestia quickly pushed her two front hooves out in front of her chest and yelled out loud, "HADOKEN!" A bright blue ball of energy came out of her two front hooves and shattered the fancy crystal container that was holding the sugar cubes. Cubes of sugar flew everywhere across the room and table. The dark green glowing magic in her eyes faded away and she shook her head several times.

Everypony was in shock at what they had just seen.

After realizing what had just occurred, Princess Celestia slammed both of her front hooves on the table and shouted out, "DISCORD!"

The end.