Could Be...

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Well it should be

The morning has rolled on like it has for the last few weeks and the library's nightly chill has started to burn off now as the morning sun starts to pour in through the windows. The floor still has it's normal cooling feel to it but oh well...Maybe ponies should wear socks.

You hold the thought for a moment as you just end up squinting your eyes to the warmed cup you have in front that still remains from breakfast.

"...Alright Aerolight, here comes the...*Clang*."

The metal on wood turns your head as you look to the happy wiggling colt that looks to be trying to push himself from the highchair.

A low chime comes to the room as Twilight's horn sparks bring the hoof towel from the table as she cleans up the spilled foal food.

You crack a slight smile as you speak up, "Told you he wouldn't want anything but a bottle."

"Mhmm." Twilight's hummed response holds your smile as you think it over, however before you can tally up your make believe parenting game the mare's voice comes up as one of the two bottles of milk floats up to you, "Here."

You look over the bottle for a moment before you take it into your own magic. Your initial purple magic is slowly turned into a green shimmer as you run through the spell, without a word you float the bottle back over to her.

"Alright Aerolight." The low purple magic encases yours as the bottle comes into Twilight's puppeteering as she floats it over to the little foal's now slowing hooves.

The dark cream colt slows his baby like movements as his pink eyes lock to the bottle with a baby O face.

Twilight gets her own smile as she slowly moves the bottle to the small table on the high chair as her tone takes on a baby tone, "Ok Aerolight here-...NO"

Before her words end the colt's left hoof has swung towards the bottle as he sends it knocking over onto the small table and to the floor where Twilight sits.

A defeated sigh comes over the mare as her horn brings the towel again to her hold as she cleans up the slight mess. Aerolight stays oblivious to what's been done as he just holds an innocent smile to the mare that leans a little close to where he sits, his hooves direct themselves to Twilight's snout as he wiggles them dangerously close to the mare's face.

You can't help but give a slight chuckle to the act as you watch it. Your laugh cocks Twilight's eyes to you though, luckily you've already turned your head to the young light purple mare.

But the same laughy smile holds to Violet's face as you speak up, "Don't laugh too much, you use to do the same thing."

Violet's hooves don't come up as Twilight's voice rings to the room, "No, Violet would at least take a bottle."

"Pff..." You roll your hoof to her comment as you extend your other hoof to the other bottle, "He'll take it, you just have to try twice." You take hold of the bottle as you stand from your chair and trot over towards the highchair, "Alright Aerolight, let's make me look good." Around the bottle a brief but bright green magic comes to it as you run your spell though.

As your spell comes to it's end you gently move the warm bottle into the colt's grasp, for a moment the colt's eyes just focus the bottle now in front of his mouth but he moves his mouth to it as he slowly wraps his hooves around it.

To the milk sucking sound you turn your head to Twilight with a wide smile, however you don't get the conquered stare instead she just rolls her eyes as she floats the other mostly empty bottle up to her, "Still not anything solid."

You think over her comment as she starts to trot towards the kitchen, baby food is solid? You hold your thoughts as you speak up, "Try again after the bottle." As your words end you move bringing your seat a little closer to the high chair.

Twilight doesn't stop her trot to the kitchen as she speaks up, "I just don't understand why he's more hyper than Violet..."

You shrug to the comment as you , "Well Aerolight wasn't foal naped in the first few weeks and forced to bring back the queen of an evil race of bug ponies." You actually bring your still warm cup to your mouth as you turn to the shocked and confused blinking light purple mare.

It's at this point you realize something, whoa...That came out to easily. You stare to the mare for a moment before you swallow your drink hard and speak up with a laugh, "Well Violet...What can I say, you're a superpony." You put the cup back to the table as you think to yourself, nice save.

Violet quickly takes to the change of conversation as she gives a simple smile. Your not wanting to go into detail about your previous comment gives a simple chuckle, note to self, next Nightmare Night...I shall be Captain Equestria.

Before you can bring your voice back up the sound of a hoof knocking to the door turns your head as the sound of Twilight's hooves comes back to the room, "Who could that be? Everypony knows we don't open until eight."

You move from your seat as you trot over towards the door, expecting to see the cyan pegasus. The door comes open as a light chill runs past your coat, however the pegasus and other two ponies at the door are not who you thought it would be, "Hi Sparky?"

The light winter dressed stallion doesn't speak up as the blue unicorn on his right begins first, "Hey Mr.Sparkle, is Violet ready to go?"

You blink to the words for a moment as you cock your head, "What?" But the stallion's voice has already brought Violet from the table as she moves past you and out of the door, giving you only a goodbye smile.

Before you can speak up the three stallions have already turned to follow after the mare that leads them away from the library, each one giving you their own goodbye.

You hold the door open for a moment as you slowly close it and turn to Twilight who now stands near the highchair, "Where's Violet going?"
Twilight doesn't even turn around as she speaks up, "Today is the start of winter, the Mayor wanted me and my friends to showcase the first snow drop of the season. But I told her we couldn't do it because I didn't want you to have to watch Aerolight by yourself and I didn't want to run the risk of Aerolight catching a cold...So I ask Violet if she wanted to do it and she said yes."

You nod your head to the comment as you slowly trot over towards where she stands, "So what are we doing today?"

A smile comes to Twilight's face as she takes the empty bottle from the colt's hold and floats a spoon filled with applesauce over towards you, "Well first I thought we could try this again."

Your low purple magic comes to the spoon as you speak up, "Alr-..." Your voice is cut off as the sound of a hoof comes to the door.

Twilight's trot comes up as you focus your head to the little colt, "This time it's Rainbow..."

"Mom, Dad?"

The words quickly turn your head as you look the two ponies standing at the door, the white mare with the same flipped and curled style as Twilight's mane is the first to take a step into the house as she embraces Twilight in a hug, "Hello sweetie..."

A slight giggle comes to the lavender mare as she looks between Velvet and the blue stallion, "What are you two doing here?"

Velvet's sweet tone holds as she speaks up, but her stare turns a little as she holds a hoof up to Twilight, "It's been almost three weeks since you sent me that letter Twilight...And I would have thought you would have at least stopped by Canterlot once by now." Velvet puts her hoof to the ground as she takes on a straighter stance, "I will not have you keeping this foal from me. So we took the early morning train over for the day." Her teal eyes turn to you and the highchair as a bright smile comes to the mare as her expert baby like tone rings out, "Well hello there!"

You take a step back from where you stood as you float the spoon a little away from yourself, the small space you've made has been snached up by the white mare as she pokes her happy face towards the now wiggling and happy squalling colt.

The sound of the door closing comes to the house as Night Light and Twilight start to trot towards where you and Velvet stand. A slight laugh come from the white mare as she starts to take the colt into her hold, "I see he looks a lot like somepony."

Night Light's voice comes to the room as he takes a good look to the colt and adjust the dark blue satchel that hangs around him, "An earth pony huh?"

His tone turns your head for a moment as you look to him, but he holds his smile as he looks to the spoon still floating in your hold, "Violet was a lot like Twilight, maybe another stallion like you won't be so bad." A light chuckle comes to the stallion as he turns his gaze to the colt again.

You pretty much know that Night Light's ideas of complements have never really been the best, and deep down you do kind of think that the stallion most likely doesn't like you...But you still hold a smile to the comment as you think to yourself, ya I can still take him.

Velvet's voice comes up as she cocks her head to Twilight, "Where's Violet? We brought her a little surprise."

Twilight squints to the comment as she speaks up, "She just left, you didn't see her?"

"No." The mare rolls her hoof to the comment as she speaks up, "But it's alright, we don't have to get back anytime soon."

You hold your previous smile as you think her comment over, oh a whole day with Twilight's parents...

End of chapter 3