Story of the Blanks: Freedom of Souls

by jxz


“i’m sorry to bring you here.”

Ah won’t let you, Ruby…

“but If you don’t escape, you’ll end like them!”

Then come with me!

“but I’m bonded to the forest… except…

Except what?

“I can enter in your soul, but It might…”

No time! Now!

“… ok. Thanks, friend.”

“AAAAAAHHH!!!” Apple Bloom woke up, sweating. It was the third time in a row she dreamt of the ‘Sunny Town’, home of the Blood Hooves. It was bad living it, but also dreaming with it every night.

“Celestia Damn it, why do ah keep dreaming that…” the Earth filly wondered.

As in cue, a grey filly materialized in front of her. She looked like a normal pony, but the yellow, glowing, lifeless eyes showed she was completely dead.

“Applebloom, are you ok?” The entity said, making Apple Bloom look at her, sadly.

“Oh, Ruby. Ah’m tired of those dreams, that’s all.”

“I fear that that may be because I’m still in the town… my mortal parts, I mean.” The ghost said, her ethereal face filled with worry.

“and ah don’t want ta return ta tha’ darn forest, at least not without help.” The red-haired filly said. She still remembered the soulless eyes of the Zombie Ponies, and how they chased her, ready to “save” her.

“and when you told your sister about that, she didn’t believe you.”

“Ah don’ know. Ah know mah sis, and ah know when she spits a lie.” Apple Bloom said.

“but why would she lie to you, if she believed what you said?” Ruby pondered.

“Ah don’ know, but-” Apple Bloom stayed silent.

“Apple Bloom? What’s-” Ruby said, but got silented by the filly, who was hearing something.

“no way ah’ll let mah sis’ ta return ta the Everfree, not today!”

“That’s… Applejack!” Ruby exclaimed.

“but Applejack, she may be the only hope of Equestria!” another mare’s voice was heard for the filly and ghost.

“an’ that’s Twi!” Apple Bloom exclaimed, though too soft. “an’ what’s all this ‘bout hope of Equestria?”

“Ah don’ care! Mah sis won’t return to that darn forest! Ah lost mah family there once!”

“mah… mah family? Mom? Dad?” the earth filly thought. Gathering all of her courage, she opened the door in front of her. Ruby noticed it, and she dissipated and entered into the filly, her eyes gaining a faint yellowish tint.

“but, Applejack, the Bloody Moon-” Twilight tried to say.

“Ah won’t let mah sis go back, an’ that’s all!” Applejack shouted.

“an’ ah don’t have anythin’ ta say ‘bout this?” A voice was heard from behing both mares. When they turned around, they saw Apple Bloom, annoyed, but also with too many questions.

“A-Apple Bloom! return ta your room!” Applejack shouted, though her tone was weaker than the one she spoke to Twilight.

“No! ah wanna know what’s that ‘bout a Bloody Moon an’ all!” Apple Bloom shouted, act that destabilized her sister. She didn’t know how to deal with that… and the filly had an aura, that resembled the Everfree Forest’s. it scared her.

Twilight felt that aura, but she was more acclimated to it, so she spoke. “Apple Bloom. How much have you heard?”

“since mah sis’ forbid me ta return ta the Everfree.”

“oh… then, you want to know, I bet.” Twilight said. Without waiting for the filly(or the ghost inside of her) to answer, she started. “I received a letter of Celestia, telling me that there was going to be an event of catasthropic magnitudes, related with an event, where evil, blood-thirsty cratures will exit the Everfree Forest , and destroy everyone around. Houses, families, entire towns will be destroyed if the event happens.”

“an’ what’s that event?”

“Celestia only told me the name of the species; Blood Hooves.”

The two words, seemingly unimportant to Twilight, sent chills to Apple Bloom’s back. The things that tried to kill her, to “protect” her from a Cutie Mark, would be set free, roam across Equestria, and would try to do that to everypony she knew… it made her pale.

“she knows. Please, Apple Bloom, let me go.” Ruby said, in Apple Bloom’s mind.

“ah… ah… Don’ know…” Apple Bloom said, between the shock.

“I can help. You know that.”

“it’s too much… ah’m scared…”

“What is she doing?” Twilight asked.

“beats me. She’s been doin’ that since she returned from the Everfree.” Applejack said, now more calmed.

“an’ now they think ah’m crazy… good job, Ruby.” Apple Bloom deadpanned.

“Ruby? That name sounds familiar…” Twilight said. After seconds of thinking, she had an answer. “of course! Ruby Hoof, the filly whose death caused the Everfree to curse the original Blood Hooves!”

“yeah, is tha’ same… she’s inside of me… so ta speak.” The earth filly said.

The room turned silent. Applejack was scared, Twilight was shocked, and even Ruby shut her inexistent mouth.

“ya mean…” Applejack said.

“well, so much to be inside of you…” Ruby said, rematerializing outside of the filly, the latter’s eyes losing the yellow tint. “I see you know about me. How is that?”

“w-well, I saw some info about you from Celestia’s letter, so…” the alicorn said, still a bit confused for the ghost in front of her. Then she recovered. “do you think you can exit Apple Bloom completely? I’ve heard ghost possessing is bad for the mortal body, even if the ghost isn’t possessing per se.”

“I would do it if I could…” Ruby said, sadly. “my soul and Apple Bloom’s are interviened. If I was separated from her…”

“I see…” Twilight said, fully understanding the problem.

Unfortunately, so did Applejack. Her mind was already troubled, but now…

Now she lost it.

“Mah… mah sis’… gah…GAHHHH!! AAAHHHH!!” the earth pony could only make those noises, alerting the two living ponies and the ghost.

“Applejack, what’s-” Twilight couldn’t finish her phrase, because Applejack threw a hoof to her face. Even with her demi-godess enchanced body, she couldn’t make it on time, so she was hit with the full force of the hoof. Twilight was sent to the other side of the room, her snout with a droplet of blood coming from a nostril, and unconcious.

“Applejack! What are ya doin’?” Apple Bloom shouted, clearly scared. Applejack was out of control. Ruby was no better. The Blood Hooves were sadistic, sure, but they didn’t attack friends or family.

Applejack saw Apple Bloom, but her wiew shifted to Ruby, her rage now directed to her.

“DIE!!!” the cowpony screamed at the top of her lungs, and threw herself to Ruby. As she was materialized, she was hit with force for the orange hooves. She continued punching Ruby, unaware of Apple Bloom, who felt the hits with the strength they were sent.

“no… leave Ruby alone…” Apple Bloom tried to reason with her sister, but with no avail. The young filly’s fury and body were on her limits, so she could only think on one thing…

Use it.

“Ah said… LEAVE HER!!” with her-now white-eyes, Apple Bloom shouted in a way that would make the Royal Canterlot Voice sound like a baby screaming for mommy. Then, a white aura surrounded Applejack, stopping her attack. When she turned her eyes around, she saw her sister infused in the same aura. she turned to see Ruby, her dead eyes now filled with an emotion: fear. absolute fear.

She didn’t see when she was flung across the floor to the basement, still in that aura. The last thing she heard from someone was from Ruby:

“stop, Apple Bloom!! you know what happens when you use your psycho-quinetic powers!”