A Mother's Love

by GunsNRoses365

The Grand Galloping Gala

The sun was beginning to set as Lightning, the main six, and Lightning's friends were all at Carousel Boutique getting ready for the Grand Galloping Gala. Fluttershy and her friends were already in their dress which were remake of their dresses from last year. Fluttershy was busy tying the tie to Lightning's tuxedo while Lightning squirmed around a little bit in discomfort. He was wearing a black and tuxedo with a black tie. His mane was combed perfectly straight and around his neck was the necklace that Fluttershy had given him for his birthday.

"Oh, come on, sweetheart." Fluttershy said to her son gently "It's not that bad, you only have to wear this for one night."

Lightning said nothing as continued to wish he didn't have to dress up at all in the first place. Fluttershy finally finished with the tie and stepped back so she could get a full view of her son. The rest of her friend looked at him as well.

"Oh, Lightning, darling, you look absolutely handsome." Rarity said happily

Rainbow flew over to her nephew and nudged his shoulder

"Heh, looking sharp, little buddy, hoping to catch a certain filly's eye?" She said with a smug look on her face.

Lightning blushed a little bit at the compliments before hearing hoofsteps coming down the stairs. Everyone turned and saw Applebloom coming down the stairs. She was wearing a red and pink pattern dress that had a similar design to Applejack's. Her mane was combed to the side and tied into a small ponytail with a small bright red bow, while she still wore her original pink bow.

Sweetie bell cam downstairs next. she wore a lavender dress that hall all the same designs from her dress that she wore when she was a flower filly. Instead of her mane looking as it normally did, It was fully combed straight. and had some small white flowers in it much like Fluttershy's mane. Everyone smiled at the two fillies.

"Oh my, both of you fillies look absolutely beautiful." Fluttershy said softly and kindly

The two spun around in their dresses as one more pair of hoofsteps were heard, getting everyone's attention. The last filly coming down the steps made Everyone smile and made Lightning go wide eyed.

Scootaloo was walking down the steps in a beautiful purple dress that looked almost like Fluttershy's. Her mane was combed to the side like Twilight's normally was, and around her neck she was wearing the necklace Lightning had gave to her on Hearts and Hooves Day. She never takes that necklace off unless she's taking a bath or going to bed. Even then, it stays in the silver box that Lightning gave to her. It was now one of her most precious possessions.

Lightning stared with his jaw hanging open as Scootaloo began to approach the group. Applebloom and Sweetie gently shoved him toward her a little bit. The two met each other halfway and both were blushing.

"W-wow, S-Scootaloo," Lightning stammered as he gazed at the filly in front of him. "y-you look beautiful."

Scootaloo's face was now bright red as she replied, "Th-thank you, Lightning. Y-you d-don't look so bad yourself."

Everyone in the room either had a soft smiles on their faces or were giggling.

"Alright, you two lovebirds. Let's get going we don't want to be late." Rainbow said before making her way out the door.

Everyone followed behind her as Lightning and Scootaloo continued to stare at each other for one more minute before joining the group. Once everyone was at the station, they gave the conductor their tickets and made their way onto the train to Canterlot. Almost everypony on board was wearing something fancy as well. Everyone looked at all the well the well dressed ponies before finding a car.

Everyone entered the car and found their seats. Fluttershy sat with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie sat with Applejack, and Twilight sat with Rarity. On the opposite side of the car, Applebloom sat in a seat with Sweetie Belle and Lightning sat in a seat with Scootaloo. Everyone began talking about what they were going to do Tonight as the train began to pull out of the station and began it's journey to Canterlot.


When the train arrived everyone exited the train and began making their way to the castle. Lightning stood as close as could to Fluttershy. Even though he had been here before and the streets were practically abandoned at night, It was still a large city and Lightning didn't want to get separated from his mother or the rest of his friends and family. When the group finally arrived at the castle, everyone stood there and smiled knowing that they finally reached their destination and tonight would be the true best night ever. However before anyone went in, Rarity stepped forward and addressed her friends.

"Alright everypony, we're finally here and we will truly have the best night ever this time. Now, as for the children, I want you all to be on your best behavior. We are at one of the biggest events of the year after all. It's 7 o'clock now, I want you all to meet us back here at 11 o'clock so we can catch the last train to Ponyville. However the most important thing I want you all to do tonight, is have fun. Don't be like us last year and ruin what could really be the best night ever."

Lightning and his friends all nodded their heads as the main six smiled at them.

"Alright then," twilight said, "Let's have the best night ever!"

The main six said goodbye to the children before departing together. Lightning and his friends all smiled at one another.

"Well, we have about an hour before Rainbow Dash introduces Lightning and I to the Wonderbolts. What should we all do until then?" Scootaloo pondered while tapping her chin with her hoof.

"Let's get something to eat, I'm starving!" Applebloom suggested.

The rest of the friends heard their stomach's grumble and nodded their heads in agreement. The four friends made their way to the ballroom where a buffet was at. Their wasn't a highly appetizing selection but it was better than no food at all. the four friends all took a little bit of food as well as some cake and cookies that Princess Celestia asked Sugarcube Corner to provide. They all found a table and sat down together. Once all their food was gone, they began talking and laughing somewhat loudly earning glares of disapproval from almost every pony in the room. Lightning shrunk a little bit under the hard looks everyone was giving him. Scootaloo rubbed his shoulder in comfort and reassurance before she began to speak.

"I think we better go somewhere where most of the ponies aren't complete snobs." She said loud enough for the glaring ponies to hear.

The ponies gasped and scowled at her. Scootaloo however didn't care as she and her friends all left the room.


Once they were outside, they began exploring the castle halls while talking and laughing once more. However, they all stopped laughing and glared angrily at a familiar stallion heading their direction, It was Prince Blueblood. Not wanting anything to do with the arrogant prince, the four friends went in the opposite direction. However, once the prince was out of sight, the friends saw once of the castles servants walking down the hallway with a large chocolate cake. A wicked mischievous smile grew on everyone's faces as Blueblood turned the corner and was once again behind them.

Wanting to get some payback at how the spoiled prince treated them at Lightning's birthday party, The four kept walking until they were right beside the servant with the cake. Lightning and Scootaloo both stuck one of their back legs out without the servant knowing and tripped him. The servant fell flat on his face and lost control of the cart. The cart eventually fell and the cake was sent flying right into Prince Blueblood. The cake coated stallion began screaming like a young filly as Lightning and his friends helped the servant up and acted like it was an accident. The servant assured them that everything was fine as Lightning and his friends tried to contain their Laughter at the still screaming prince.

Once they were out of sight, They fell to the ground four let out a hearty roll of laughter. Their faces were turning red and tears were coming out of their eyes as they laughed for almost five minutes straight. Once they were calm again Sweetie Bell helped Applebloom get to her hooves as Lightning helped Scootaloo get to hers. The three friends friends began walking again until they were cut off by Rainbow Dash who landed in front of them.

"Hey there kids, you all enjoying yourselves?" The cyan mare asked the colt and fillies.

The children nodded their heads in response and Rainbow said, "That's good! I'm glad you all are Enjoying the night together. I'm afraid I'm here to split you all up though, because I just got done talking to the Wonderbolts. They told me they wanna meet Lightning and Scootaloo."

Lightning and Scootaloo immediately began getting energetic as Applebloom and Sweetie Belle nodded their heads in understanding. The two said goodbye and ran off to find something to do.

Rainbow smiled at Lightning and Scootaloo before asking, "You two ready to meet the Wonderbolts?"

The colt and filly nodded their heads vigorously and Flew off with Rainbow Dash to the VIP area.


Arriving at the VIP area, the three saw everypony except the Wonderbolts leaving. Rainbow had special permission from Spitfire herself to visit them after everyone else had to leave. Scootaloo had a wide excited grin and Lightning's excitement turned to shyness when he laid eyes on the famous flying team. It took a few minutes of Encouragement from Rainbow Dash to give Lightning enough courage to approach the Wonderbolts. When they did Rainbow Called Spitfire and Soarin over to them them. spitfire gave the young colt and Filly a soft smile before Rainbow introduced him.

"Spitfire, Soarin, I'd like to introduce you to My nephew Lightning Twister and my number one fan Scootaloo."

Scootaloo immediately went up to them While Lightning tried make himself unseen by hiding behind Rainbow's dress. After Spitfire talked with Scootaloo she saw Rainbow gently bring out Lightning and Trotted up to the shy colt.

"So you're the colt, Rainbow Dash has been telling me about, huh?" Spitfire asked Lightning kindly

Lightning couldn't say anything and nodded his head. Spitfire could understand how shy he was. She laid one of her hooves on his shoulder before talking to him.

"Well, you certainly are a shy little fan aren't you?" she said, "Heh, don't worry, Lightning, I'm not gonna hurt ya. It's alright to be a little shy. I get that way sometimes when I meet certain ponies like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. I'm also a little shy about performing sometimes too, but I always overcome it when I hear the crowd cheering for us."

Lightning was starting to warm up to the kind mare.

She gently smiled at him before bending her head down to his ear and whispering, "Just between you and me, Soarin says he's not shy about anything, but he's an absolute chicken when talking to Rainbow Dash."

Lightning giggled at that and Rainbow began blushing when she heard the stallions name. Soarin heard what Spitfire said as well and blushed. He then went over to Lightning and introduced himself. Lightning was finally comfortable around both of the Wonderbolts as everyone smiled at him.

Soarin looked at both Lightning and Scootaloo before saying, "So, Rainbow Dash tells me that besides her, you two are two of the fastest fliers in Ponyville."

Lightning and Scootaloo both looked at each other and blushed.

"Well, we're not that fast." Scootaloo said sheepishly while rubbing the back of her neck.

Lightning nodded in agreement and all three of the adults smiled at them.

"Well, we better get going, we have a show tomorrow in Manehatten. It was not meeting both of you." Spitfire said to Lightning and Scootaloo. Everyone said their goodbyes and the two Wonderbolts flew off into the night.

Rainbow smiled at Lightning and Scootaloo and said, "I'm gonna head back to Fluttershy and the others, I'll see you two later."

With Lightning and Scootaloo all alone the two smiled at each other for a moment.

"So what do we do now?" Lightning asked.

Scootaloo smiled at him and replied, "Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are probably with their sisters, but I was kind of wondering if you wanted to take a walk through the castle gardens for a little while, just the two of us."

Lightning smiled at her softly and replied, "I would like that Scootaloo."

The two then took one of each others hooves and flew off towards the gardens.


When they arrived, the two landed and looked around the beautiful, peaceful, and quiet surroundings. The two walked around in silence as they both smelled the flowers. After about thirty minutes they found themselves at the center of the gardens where there was a fountain that had had smooth flowing water.Lightning and Scootaloo over to the fountain and looked at their reflections.

The two then looked at each other and Lightning asked curiously, "Why did you want to do this Scootaloo?"

"What do you mean?" The filly replied in confusion.

"Well, this just doesn't seem like something you would like. Your normally trying to be a tough pony like Auntie Rainbow, but sometimes you aren't like that."

Scootaloo understood what Lightning was saying and smiled at him.

"Well, Rainbow Dash told me that it's okay to have a softer side. While I like trying to be as tough as her, I kind of like showing my softer more girly side. I don't know why, I just do. I guess I was kind of afraid to show it, but when I'm with you Lightning, I feel like I'm safe to show my softer, girly side."

Lightning blushed a little bit and replied, "I'm glad can do that Scootaloo. I like this side of you as well as your normal side."

Scootaloo now blushed a little bit and gently nuzzled Lightning's cheek. Lightning looked into her beautiful and she looked into his. The two smiled at one another before closing their eyes. Their heads began moving closer and closer to one another. Both didn't know they were about to kiss. Just before Scootaloo's lips connected to Lightning's, she felt a powerful pain in her shoulder as if something yanked it with hard force. Scootaloo opened her eyes and saw that Lightning was no longer in front of her. When she turned her head she immediately gasped in shock and horror.

Lightning was tackled onto the ground by a tall very angry looking Pegasus stallion with a dark red coat and a black mane and tail. The stallion was trying to get a grip of Lightning as Lightning began screaming for help. The stallion tried to get a hoof over his mouth to silence him but he broke free of the stallions grip. However before he could run, the stallion got hold of his tuxedo collar and ripped the whole tuxedo off of him and grabbed him once more. Scootaloo tried to attack the Pegasus and break Lightning free of his grip. However the Pegasus slapped her with a great amount of force and set her flying a few feet away from him knocking the filly unconscious. Lightning gasped in horror, but before he could say anything, The stallion put a hoof over his mouth and held him to the ground. He then took out a burlap sack and quickly put Lightning inside before tying it. He could feel Lightning kicking around inside and screaming for help. The Pegasus kicked Lightning inside the sack which made him be quiet. The the stallion then spread his wings and flew off into the night with Lightning.

By the time Scootaloo was conscious again she couldn't see Lightning anywhere. Tears welled up in her eyes as she frantically looked around for a second. She then let her tears flow free as she immediately ran inside while crying and screaming at the top of her lungs in the most scared and pain filled voice.



The stallion was now far from Canterlot with Lightning who was in the bag trembling harder than he ever had in the past. The stallion made his way to an old house just a few miles outside Ponyville. He immediately went inside and slammed the door shut. He dropped the sack with Lightning inside on the floor and went all around the house locking all windows and doors. He then shut all the curtains on the windows so no one could see inside. Once he felt like the house was secure, The stallion picked up the sack and untied before dumping Lightning out of it and making the little hit the ground hard. Lightning was shaking and sobbing uncontrollably, but he finally looked up at the stallion. Lightning let out a frightened gasp as he began to recognize the stallion. He could only udder out one word in the most terrified tone of voice.