by Nightroad

A Slight Downpour

When Rarity woke the next morning, she noticed two things despite the sleep induced haze clouding her mind. First was that she was sharing her bed with another pony and second, that the pony was Rainbow Dash. The unicorn couldn't help but wonder why the cyan mare was in her bed in the first place.

With a shrug, she closed her eyes and snuggled closer to the athletic pegasus and attempted to fall back asleep. However, as her sleep fogged mind became clearer with time, she began to remember what had happened that lead to Rainbow sleeping with her.


Thanks for the towel, Rares. I take it you'll be heading up to bed? You look pretty tired.” Dash said, her towel hanging loosely around her neck as she gave a light smile to her newfound lover.

“Mhmm...” The fashionista replied, her damp mane framing her face.

“Alrighty then. Where should I sleep? You got a spare bed or-”

“Just c'mon.” Rarity mumbled as she struggled to keep her eyes open a little bit longer. With a nod, Dash followed after Rarity, her eyes squinted as she tried to make them adjust to the darkness faster. A few moments later and Rainbow realized they had stopped in Rarity's room.

“Oh, is your couch in here or-” the pegasus didn't get to finish as she was enveloped in a light blue aura and brought up and into the bed where Rarity immediately wrapped her hooves around Rainbow and snuggled against the flier's neck.

“Too tired...don't care...” The pale mare said with a cute little yawn. Rainbow chuckled and nuzzled the amethyst mane before her and wrapped both her hooves and her wings around the sleepy pony.

“G'night Rarity.” Dash was answered with a little snore. Rainbow smiled and allowed her mind to drift for awhile before she too had passed out.


Rarity couldn't help the small smile that crept onto her face as yesterday replayed in her mind. 'So...it seems I'm with Rainbow Dash. I honestly can't believe she'd fall for somepony such as myself. I always would've guessed that she'd end up with another pegasus. I suppose I should feel privileged...but what if I just become a burden to her? Will I keep her grounded?'

With a quiet huff, Rarity pushed the thoughts aside for later. It was too early to be having thoughts like that and she wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet that was given to her. The fashionista's eyes wandered around her room, her mind giving little nitpicks about small things that didn't really need attention or anything.

It was simply to keep her mind focused to help her wake up. Eventually, her eyes made it over to the window where she saw that the rain continued to fall. “I thought the shower was supposed to end some time last night...” The pale mare mumbled to herself.

“Nah, it's not scheduled to stop until sometime tomorrow night or the day after.” A groggy reply came. Rarity almost jumped at the sudden voice, but smiled as the words continued. “Or at least...I think that's how it's supposed to be. I dunno...too early to know.” Dash said with a yawn.

“You know, you sound absolutely adorable when you've just woken up.”

“Yea, I know.” The cyan pony said while pulling the unicorn closer and burying her face into her lover's mane. “How do you get your hair to smell so good...and feel so soft for that matter?” Dash asked absently as she began to rub her cheek on the softness of Rarity's hair.

“With a good amount of work. And who knows, perhaps your mane will smell and feel as wonderful as mine does after our trip to the Spa today.”

Rarity heard Rainbow give a light disgruntled noise and said, “I have a better idea. Why don't we just stay in bed and cuddle all day? That sounds like a much better idea to me.” the pegasus said, closing her eyes as if to show that it was indeed a better idea.

“While normally I would indulge you, I'm afraid I cannot today. You promised me a trip to the Spa and if I don't cash in on this now, I may not get another chance Rainbow.” Dash could hear the smile on Rarity's lips as she spoke and gave a sly smile of her own as she moved her head and nuzzled the unicorn's cheek, prompting her to turn. When they were facing each other, Dash pressed her smile against Rarity's and they both closed their eyes at the tender gesture.

When they pulled away, the sank back into their original positions, albeit with Dash sitting up and Rarity leaning against her as they watched the rain fall. “But it's still raining. What if your mane gets wet and ruined?” Rainbow asked, still trying to lazily work her way out of the agreement she had set yesterday.

“It'll all be worth it my dear.” Rarity was silent after that, her face showing deep thought. The pegasus was about to ask about it when the fashionista spoke up. “Rainbow...if you really don't want to do this, like if you're deadset against going to the Spa with me, you don't have to. I don't want to make you uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form. Whenever I usually do it is just all in good fun...” Dash sighed in content, her eyes blinking slowly as she simply listened to the rain hit the window and the sound of the unicorn laying on her breathe.

“Nah...I'm just foolin' with ya. I said I'd go to the...Spa...later, and I meant it. I wouldn't be very loyal if went back on my promises, right?” Rarity released a breath she hadn't realized that she'd been holding and nodded her head. After that, the couple laid in silence, apart from the rain lightly drumming on the window and playing an aimless melody for them. About an hour or so later, a soft knock came from the door.

“Rarity?” The addressed mare lifted away from the cyan pillow she had been using and answered.

“Yes Sweetie?” Taking that as a sign to come in, the door opened and revealed the young unicorn filly.

“I just wanted to-” Sweetie stopped in her tracks upon seeing another mare in bed with her sister. “O-oh...S-should I come back later?” A dark blush rushed onto Sweetie Belle's face, and it took a moment for the older ponies to realize what she had implied.

“Oh Sweetie no! I-it's not like that at all! Right Rainbow?”

“Y-Yeah! We were just tired and so we both just kinda crashed on the bed. Nothing more than that, honest!” Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash both wore a blush as dark as the filly's as the same less than appropriate thought ran through their heads, making them look at the ground as their faces burned in embarrassment.

“A-alright. Uh...I just um...w-wanted to tell you that br-breakfast is ready.” With that Sweetie Belle hurried out of the room, the door closing behind her. An odd silence hung in the room, and Rarity could only stand it so long.

She took a breath and said, “Heh...uh, sorry about that darling. I didn't think-” The pale mare's head had lifted as she spoke, but her voice died in her throat as she turned to face Dash, her mouth hanging open in perpetual silence. Rainbow Dash had lifted her head as well and waited until Rarity had turned to her before she began to waggle her eyebrows suggestively, all the while wearing a silly grin. As her jaw shut, a smile came to Rarity's face, which quickly evolved into a grin before she began to giggle. “S-stop that Rainbow. That's n-not very ladylike.” The fashionista managed to say through giggles.

“Ahh c'mon Rares. Don't want Sweetie to get the wrong idea now, do we? I mean, we ARE together, so it's only natural that something like that would happen.” The whole time Dash spoke, she kept moving her eyebrows and as she expected, Rarity's giggle became a laugh. When the first few laughs had left her throat, Rainbow pounced, tickling Rarity with her hooves and small little nips all over the unicorn's body.

“R-Rainbow stop! Ha! Don't do- hehe! I mean it! K-knock it o-off!” The clothing designer said through bouts of laughter as she squirmed beneath her lover while her hooves flailed uselessly, trying her hardest to get the athlete off of her and end the tickling.

However, Rainbow was spurred on by both her want to have fun with her lover, but also by the amazingly adorable little snorts and cute high-pitched squeaks that leapt from Rarity's mouth from time to time. Eventually, the unicorn managed to brush against a rather ticklish spot of Dash's, and with a grin, Rarity moved quickly, effectively switching positions and gaining the upper hoof.

“Heh...c'mon Rares...i-it was all in good fun right? B-besides, what about the food?” Dash asked, a small nervous smile on her lips.

“Oh, it can wait.” Rarity wasted no time in her attack, causing Rainbow Dash to laugh loudly at the sudden onslaught of her body, twisting and turning in order to avoid the tingly feeling that was sprouting up all over her body wherever Rarity would tickle her. However, no matter which way the pegasus turned or what she did, Rainbow simply couldn't get an advantage against the magical pony. As soon as an opportunity arose, Dash took it only to be shut down with magic.

“C-can't breathe! R-Rarity!” The cyan flier said between laughs and quickly drawn intakes of air.

“Say the magic words and I'll let you up.” The unicorn said, her voice straining slightly as she continued her attack.

“Y-you're the best dress-maker in all of E-Equestria and, hehehe, you're a-also the most beau-haha, beautiful mare I've e-ever met! Mercy!”

“Hmm...I suppose that shall suffice.” Rarity said with a content nod and a smile as she stopped tickling her lover and instead simply rested her head upon the heaving cyan chest.


“No trouble at all dear. Now come, let us see what Sweetie Belle has...prepared.” Rarity swallowed a lump in her throat, praying to Celestia that the young filly had made something edible this time while Dash simply nodded and after stretching (and making sure she wouldn't be attacked again), followed after Rarity.

'Note to self...do NOT lose on purpose like that...too much.' The athlete thought. When Rarity had gained the upper hoof, Dash knew she could have easily sent her lover back onto the bed with the use of her wings, but Rainbow just couldn't do it. The smile that had been on Rarity's face and the laughs that had come from her had been ones that Rainbow Dash hoped she could see and hear far more often than she had before.

Though, she couldn't help but notice that the smile was different than it usually was. Normally, anything Rarity did was carefully constructed and measured, but during the little romp around, Dash had noticed that it had all been heartfelt and true. Not that it wasn't around their other friends, but still, it had felt...special. When the couple had made it downstairs and into the kitchen, Rarity was relieved to see a smoke free kitchen, along with food that wasn't burnt to a crisp.

“This looks rather marvelous dear. Thank you.”

“Yea, thanks Sweetie.” The filly grinned from ear to ear, her happiness and pride practically shining and blinding the two other mares. Once they had all begun to eat, Rarity noticed Sweetie glancing at the two of them every so often and the fashionista felt a chance to mess with the dear filly.

“Is there something wrong Sweetie Belle? You keep looking down. It isn't very polite to not look at the others at the table.” At this, Rainbow looked up from her food to look at the mare.

“Somethin' wrong squirt?” After a few moments of fumbling over the right words, Sweetie Belle finally spoke up.

“W-well....I just...I never thought I'd see the two of you together...like, in a RELATIONSHIP together! Especially since you're both so...different.” She spoke quickly, trying to keep her eyes fixed to the ground. Rainbow was at a loss for words, so she looked to Rarity.

The unicorn gave a soft chuckle and said, “Nor I my dear...but they sometimes say love is blind and that the pony you least expect is the right one for you.” Sweetie simply nodded, her face showing that she was deep in thought. Rainbow leaned over and planted a light peck on the pale mare's cheek before returning to her food. The trio of ponies spent the next hour and a half just mulling around, making small talk or sitting in silence in the living room. Every few minutes, Rainbow looked up at the clock, waiting for Rarity to tell her that it was time.

'Just...calm down Rainbow. You can do this. It's just a Spa...nothin' you can't handle.' The prismatic flier chanted in her mind, trying to convince herself of the truth in the mantra's words.

Finally, Rarity turned to Dash and said, “Alright, I think I've let you avoid the Spa long enough. Come along dear Rainbow.” Rarity shook the hooves that had been wrapped around her off and trotted through Carousel Boutique with Rainbow fluttering behind her, a slight grimace on her face.

When the fashionista had dressed herself to satisfaction, the pair headed out, both of them huddled underneath the umbrella saddle as the rain came down around them. “Is the rain going to get any heavier or is it just going to stay at this delightful little downpour?”

“Well...so long as nothing messes with the clouds, then yea.”

Rarity lightly tilted her head and asked, “Whatever do you mean dear? Surely the pegasi make it so that the clouds couldn't be tampered with.” Rainbow nodded, trying to figure out how to explain to a non weather pony.

“That's true to an extent. You see, when the weather is created in Cloudsdale, it had to be put through strain testing. You know, test it to various extremes to see if it holds up. Normally, all clouds are made and pass inspection where they are then sent out to the different cities and towns all across Equestria for the weather teams to use. However, sometimes the clouds will...I dunno, absorb wind, moisture, and apparently even the natural magic of the world.

I mean, they do that anyways which is why during their traveling, the pegasi accompanying the clouds have to constantly check and empty the clouds or else they'd stockpile water. Also, they have to keep track of the cloud's flight paths. If they hover too close to anywhere like the Everfree forest, they can become charged with that strange magic which will mess with the cloud in numerous ways.”

Rarity swallowed a lump in her throat as she gazed up at the clouds above her, a slightly foreboding essence pushing down on her. Rainbow saw this and nuzzled her lover's cheek. “Hey, don't worry. That almost NEVER happens. I think the last time it happened was about...six years ago over in Las Pegasus.”

The fashion designer sighed in relief and said, “Well that's good. I'd hate to see what would happen to our little home should something like that strike.” Rarity could practically feel the pride radiating off of Dash as she spoke in response.

“No need to worry. You've got the great Rainbow Dash keepin' the skies safe above Ponyville! There's no WAY I'd let something like that happen. Besides, my favourite pony lives there. Maybe you've met her?” Rarity laughed and played along.

“I might have. Tell me about her.” Dash's rose coloured eyes lingered on Rarity's own sapphire ones before she looked ahead, her face somewhat scrunched up in thought.

“Well, for starters she's amazingly beautiful. She has a pretty successful career in fashion believe it or not. She's got this fabulous mane that looks like the most beautiful amethyst you've ever seen, and then some. Finally, she has a name that rings of pure awesome.” Rarity had been resisting the urge to giggle as Dash spoke of her, but deep down she was moved that the cyan mare actually saw her as somepony worth being with.

'Will I keep her grounded?' The thought rang like a bell within Rarity's mind for half a moment before it disappeared again.

“And that name...is Rarity.” When Rainbow spoke the unicorn's name, she leaned over and softly kissed the pale mare's cheek, causing a very faint blush.

“She sounds like quite the charmer. I hope to meet her one day.” Rainbow laughed and the two continued on towards the Spa. When they had arrived, the pegasus lingered outside for a moment, the rain quickly drenching her coat as Rarity continued inside. “Darling? Are you alright?”

“Y-yea...I'm just preparing myself is all.” With one final deep breath, Rainbow walked in after Rarity.

“Ahh, good afternoon Miss Rarity. How are you?” A blue mare said, her pink mane held back by a headband with an accent seeming perfect for her.

“A glorious afternoon to you as well Lotus, and I'm doing fabulous.” The spa mare smiled and noticed the cyan mare behind her favourite customer trying to hide herself.

“And who might this be?” Rainbow stood up, trying not to sure her unsureness.

“Oh, you remember Rainbow. She's the pony who refused a hooficure?”

“Ahh yes.” The two gave a light chuckle while Rainbow simply rolled her eyes.

“So, shall we go through the usual?” The spa pony asked, stepping out from behind the counter.

“For me, absolutely. However for Dash...” The two looked at the addressed mare, who simply stood back, unsure of what to say. “Let's just have her follow me and jump in when she wishes. Is that alright dear?” Rainbow just nodded, swallowing another couple of lumps that had formed in her throat. While her lover and the Spa mare talked, Dash looked around, trying to distract herself from whatever possible ill fates awaited her. The wallpaper had switched from lighter shades to slightly darker ones, most likely to ease ponies into a state of relaxation.

'Just...take a few breaths Dash. You're with Rarity...everything'll be fine.' Rainbow had closed her eyes and did just that and took deep breaths, exhaling slowly. The world slowly faded away around her as she focused on nothing but her breathing. Slowly though, a certain unicorn crept into her thoughts as well and it brought a warm smile to Dash's face.

While she didn't think of any particular time they had spent time together, just the thought of them together was enough for the athlete. However, Rainbow was abruptly brought out of her thoughts when she had bumped into a wall. “Gah!” The pegasus took a hop back, rubbing her muzzle while looking at the wall with disdain while Rarity and Lotus snicked behind their hooves.

“Are you alright darling?” Rarity asked, holding a hoof out towards Rainbow.

“Fine...Where are we anyways?” The flier asked, noticing that it was much warmer wherever they were than it was near the front.

“Why, we're at the steam room of course. We're going to cleanse our pores and-”

“Right right, let's just...do this, alright?” Dash said, hoping Rarity hadn't heard the slight nervous crack in her voice. Thankfully, it seemed that was the case because the unicorn smiled and nodded. With that, Lotus bowed and walked away while Rainbow and Rarity walked into the room, steam billowing out as soon as the door had been opened. “Wow...and you're just supposed to sit in here and...sweat?”

“Mhmm!” Rarity said, taking her usual spot on the bench and sprawling out as she was prone to doing. Rainbow hopped up next to her, then up onto the bench above Rarity, doing the same.

“So wait, it's okay if you lay here and get sweaty, but I can't do it from actually exercising and stuff?” Dash asked, a small bit of confusion and irritation in her voice.

“This is different. While I truly don't mind you being sweaty, the reason I do it is for my looks. You do it because it's simply a side effect of such...graceful labour.” Dash nodded and rested her head on the wooden bench and contemplated the pony's words.

“Wait...you don't actually mind me being sweaty? But what about all the times you griped and complained about it whenever I came into the Boutique after a good day's workout?” Rarity contemplated her answer because in truth, she didn't truly know herself.

“Well...I...I'm not entirely too sure. I mean, there's always been something...alluring about the scent of a working stallion...the sweat and musk that simply hangs on them after a hard day's work is just....” Rarity shivered a bit, and Dash frowned.

'Back to the whole...liking only stallions thing...'

“A-anyways...I guess because of the way you acted always kind of reminded me of a stallion and so I suppose I always never really minded your musky scent in my store.” Dash just nodded, figuring that Rarity had finished. “I mean...even now...I can smell that delectable aroma rolling off of you and it just...” The pegasus turned her cerise to the sapphire ones of her lover and saw pure, unfiltered emotion.

“Rainbow...everything about you is simply...attractive and alluring...and I'm sorry I never saw it sooner. That isn't to say that I've never thought about you in that sense...For weeks after what happened at the Best Young Fliers Competition, I simply could NOT get you out of my mind. No matter what was going on in my life, there would just be you, flashing up out of nowhere for no reason what so ever. And whenever I actually saw you...I just felt so...empty without you near me.” Dash simply listened, but didn't know if she could actually believe it.

“Rares...” Without warning, Rarity turned her head and leaned up, catching Dash's words with a kiss. “Mmm...” Was all Rainbow could say after that as she closed her eyes and melded into the kiss. The pegasus slowly rolled off the bench she had been on and onto Rarity's, effectively placing herself on top of her lover. However, Rainbow had been afraid to lower herself down onto the unicorn, instead simply standing up as she continued to kiss her marefriend. Soon though, the steam finally caught up to them, making them separate as heat overloaded their systems.

The couple panted heavily, looking at each other with half-lidded eyes. “Rainbow...”

“Y-yea Rares?” Rarity paused, wondering if she was truly ready to say those three words.

'We've known each other for such a long time...but we've only recently got into this...would it be acceptable to say those words this soon?' With a mental nod, Rarity decided to throw caution to the wind much like her lover and said, “Dash...I...I lo-” A knock at the door stopped her, causing them to jump apart.

“Uh...Miss Rarity? Miss Dash? It's time to move on.” Lotus's voice drifted through the small crack in the door.

“Y-yes! Of course! We'll be out in j-just a moment.” Rainbow laughed, hopping onto the ground and fluffing her wings while Rarity took the chance to catch her breath. 'C-calm down Rarity...'

“So Rares, what were you about to say?”

“Oh! Uh...n-nothing darling.” Rarity punctuated with a smile, despite the sweat pouring forth from her body.

“Heh...alright, if you say so. C'mon then.” Rainbow walked past, and the unicorn quietly inhaled the almost exotic scent that radiated from her lover. It held the familiar scent that usually followed the pegasus, but now...it was mixed with something else that Rarity couldn't quite place her hoof on and she wished she could name it.

'Perhaps it'll come to me later.' She shrugged and followed after Rainbow (blushing as her eyes lingered on the cyan flanks in front of her). As the two followed the blue spa pony, they all walked in silence. 'Perhaps I can get my thoughts cleared while getting a facial.'

When the trio arrived, Rarity was quickly wrapped up in her own personal Spa robe and quickly went through all the steps before she was comfortably within the routine of her daily Spa trips while Rainbow had decided to set the facial thing out.

“So...you just...stand there with...mud on your face?” The fashionista couldn't help but burst into laughter at the question, causing Rainbow to snicker as well, trying to fight it down with a frown.

“You sound just like Applejack my dear.”

“Yea yea, now just explain this whole mud thing.” Rarity's laugh died down into chuckles before she explained the benefits and uses of a mud mask. “Eh, whatever I guess. If it makes ya happy and all that jazz.” Rarity shook her head in amusement and the two continued with random small talk. While the unicorn was explaining the difference in different kinds of mud masks, the lights of the Spa flickered as thunder ripped through the dark clouds, causing Rarity to freeze up.

“You okay Rares?” Dash asked, quickly jumping to her hooves.

“Y-yes, I'm quite alright. I'm just...not a fan of thunder is all...”

“Oh yea...Applejack told me about the night with the sleepover at Twi's house.” Rarity nodded and another crack of thunder roared through the sky, causing Rarity to squeak in fear and drop to her knees. Rainbow immediately moved over to the shivering unicorn and draped a wing over her. “Hey, it's alright. I'm right here.” After a few moments of whispering soft, comforting words, Dash stepped away to allow Rarity to stand up and regain her composure.

“Thank you dear.” Dash just nodded and sat back down, waiting until they could move on.

'Never thought I'd be good at stuff like that...it was always Fluttershy who comforted me like that, no matter what was goin' on. Heh, guess it rubbed off after so long...Note to self: thank Fluttershy later.' Rarity was thinking along the same lines as she shrugged her robe back into place.

'Once again, you have surprised me Rainbow Dash.' Rarity smiled and looked up at the clock. 'Three...two...one...' A knock came at the door, just as the unicorn predicted, Lotus came in.

“Ready to move on ladies?” The pair nodded and continued onto the next part of the Spa; the mud bath. As they all drew closer, both mares heard a familiar voice ring out.

“Spike! Stop thrashing around in the mud! The point of a mud bath is to relax!”

Rarity and Rainbow both looked at each other with a grin and said, “Twilight?”