A Mother's Love

by GunsNRoses365

Hearts and Hooves Day

The afternoon sun shined across Equestria as Applebloom and Sweetie Belle made their way over to Fluttershy's house. When they arrived they knocked on the door and it was soon answered by Fluttershy.

"Good Morning, Fluttershy, happy Hearts and Hooves day!" Applebloom said cheerfully "Is Lightning here?"

Fluttershy shook her head before saying, "He took several bits and left early this morning. He wanted get a gift for Scootaloo."

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle nodded their head in understanding before handing two cards to Fluttershy.

"Well Sweetie Belle's parents invited me to a vacation with Sweetie Belle and them for a week I already asked Applejack and she said yes." Applebloom said happily "Could give these cards to Lightning? Tell him their from me and Sweetie Belle."

Fluttershy nodded her head and the two fillies said goodbye before running off. Fluttershy closed the door and smiled.

"I hope my little boy will have the best Hearts and Hooves day ever." She said softly

At a nearby shop in ponyville, Lightning Twister exited the shop with a box on his back. as well as a card in his mouth.

"I hope Scootaloo likes this gift." Lightning said to himself. He then remembered one last thing he wanted to get for her. Spreading his wings Lightning flew off towards Sugarcube Corner. When he arrived at the shop he went inside and saw Pinkie Pie working at the counter. The hyper pink pony saw Lightning and bounced over to him.

"Hey there Lightning, How's my cutie of a nephew?" She asked playfully before ruffling his mane.

Lightning giggled a little bit and straightened his mane out before saying, "I'm doing good, Auntie Pinkie."

Pinkie then bounced back behind the counter.

"Are you here for your order?" She asked him earning a nod in return

Pinkie took out a large chocolate cupcake with orange and purple frosting. She put it in a box and gave it to Lightning and the little colt gave his Aunt the exact amount of bits he owed her. She put the bits in the register before smiling at her nephew.

"So is the cupcake and all that stuff you have for a special filly?" She asked with great interest.

Lightning nodded his head before saying, "It's for Scootaloo, I just hope she likes what I give her. I hope she wants to be my special somepony."

Pinkie just ruffled Lightnings mane again and said, "You're worrying to much, sweetie, I just know Scootaloo's gonna love all of this."

Lightning softly smiled at her and nodded his head.

"Thanks, Auntie Pinkie, I better get going." Lightning said before saying goodbye and exiting the shop.

Arriving at the Ponyville park Scootaloo looked all around for Lightning. She finally smiled when she saw him flying down a hill with several items. When he landed in front of her he put the two boxes he had down on the ground and began swaeting nervously. He could feel his heart racing and Scootaloo could feel hers doing the same. This was the moment they had both been waiting for.

"Um...Hi Scootaloo." Lightning said softly with a gentle smile

Scootaloo blushed a little bit and softly smiled before saying, "Hi Lightning, happy Hearts and Hooves day."

"Y-you too, Do y-you wanna fly for a bit?" Lightning asked nervously hoping it would give him a chance to let his nerves settle.

Scootaloo nodded her head in response. The two took to the air and flew all around the park. Both were way to nervous to give each other a gift, but they both knew if they wanted to let one another know how much they felt about each other, they would have to do it soon. They decided to fly for a few more minutes. However neither of them realized that since they took off from the ground, they were holding each others hooves. Lightning and Scootaloo both noticed this and blushed before quickly letting go of each others hooves even though neither of them wanted too.

After about ten more minute of flying, Lightning left Scootaloo's side and went back to the gifts he left on the ground. He picked them up while in the air and flew over to a nearby tree by the lake. Scootaloo eventually landed beside him with a card in her mouth. She took it out of her mouth and presented it to Lightning.

"Um...I made you this card, Lightning. I-I hope you like it." She said shyly and nervously.

Lightning opened the card and read what was inside.

"When I see you smile, I can face the world, I can do anything.
"When I see you smile, I see a ray of light shining through the rain.
"When I see you smile at me
"Happy hearts and hooves day, Lightning"

" Love, Scootaloo."

Lightning felt tears sting his eyes as he wrapped his hooves around Scootaloo with a smile on his face.

"Thank you, Scootaloo this is one of the greatest gift I've ever gotten."

After a few minutes he broke the hug before grabbing a card of his own. He gave it to Scootaloo with a shaking hoof and the pegasus filly took it, opened it and read what was inside.

"I wish a happy hearts and hooves day to the most awesome filly in all of Equesrtia.

Love, Lightning Twister"

Tears were already forming in Scootaloo's magenta eyes as Lightning grabbed a small silver box and gave it to her. She opened the box and inside made her tears flow like a gentle river. In the box was a necklace with a silver chain that held a beautiful gem encrusted version of Scootaloo's scooter. It had the exact same colors of the scooter, from the handles to the wheels. Scootaloo looked at Lightning as tears continued to flow from her eyes.

"I know you don't like jewelry, but I thought it would be nice gift." Lightning said shyly while scratching the ground with his hoof.

Scootaloo shook her head before ran up to Lightning and wrapped her forelegs around him.

Her tears of joy continued to flow as she said, "Lightning, this is the sweetest, most thoughtful I've ever gotten."

Scootaloo continued to hug Lightning and he eventually wrapped his forelegs around her. Scootaloo then kissed Lightning on the cheek for what felt like an hour. Lightning was blushing like crazy when Scootaloo broke the hug. He put his hoof over the cheek she kissed him on for a moment before smiling at her.

"S-Scootaloo?" Lightning stuttered nervously

The wind made Scootaloo's mane flow as she said, "What is it Lightning?"

Lightning let out a shaky sigh before asking nervously, "W-would you b-be my special somepony?"

Scootaloo simply nodded her head before saying, "Lightning, there is no other colt I would want to have as my special somepony than you."

She then went up to Lightning and kissed him on the cheek once more making him blush again. The two of the wrapped a foreleg around each other and nuzzled one another while both were smiling and crying tears of joy. Neither of them noticed Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash laying on a cloud right above them, watching the whole thing. The two friends smiled at one another before flying off to let the two be alone for a while.

Lightning gave Scootaloo the last box he had and she opened it. The box revealed the cupcake and Scootaloo couldn't help but kiss him on the cheek again. Lightning blushed once more even though she kissed him on the cheek three times now.

"Thank you Lightning, chocolate is my favorite flavor. Do you wanna share it?" Scootaloo asked sweetly.

Lightning softly smiled at her and nodded his head. The two sat down under the tree by the lake and shared the cupcake as the sun began to set beautifully on the lake. Both Lightning and Scootaloo had never been happier than they were right now. Both of them laid down beside each other and Scootaloo put one of her hooves on top of Lightning's. Lightning looked into Scootaloo's beautiful magenta eyes and Scootaloo looked into Lightning dark blue ones. A few small tears escaped both of their eyes as the smiled softly at one another. Lightning brought the hoof the Scootaloo wasn't holding up and gently brushed away Scootaloo's tears from her beautiful eyes. Scootaloo continued to smile as she brought her to Lightning's and licked away his tears. She then rested her head under his and closed her eyes before letting out a sigh of happiness. Lightning smiled and let his rest gently on top of hers before closing his eyes. The two stayed this way, happy to be with one another, as the beautiful sunset shined across the lake.