Chronicle of Equestria - A Historical Mystery Has Unfold!

by Master of Reapers

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Savior

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Savior

I never feel so lifeful in past fews aeons! My embodiment of death seems has been purified the embodiment of joy

Death started to get his arrival on the Zimlja, he departed from the river of millions souls in the depth far from the Rift. He dodged the Branches of the dark forest. He leaped a big sprint through the barrier of the purgatory then breaking free into the reality world. He flew through the galaxies after galaxies, the colorful stars dancing the symphony of life to glorify the name of the Maker. Death felt amazed with wonderous beauty of the universe as the asteroids approaching him. These asteroids containing the spiecimen of life which departing to find their new worlds to make life where animo acid will start their life there. Death now feeling much confident to do his work as he had seen the result of the universe which created by the hand of the Maker; he understood how much the reward would be if he "created" a creation artwork although he only has the ability to destroy; knowing that Death can't escape his fate and works.

Suddenly, a giant hot infernal star blocked his way ; the star is so hot and intense in which it was going to explode to release a supernova. From afar, he observing a young civilization was going to vanish within the void as these primitive creatures begging the Maker or any supernatural force to prevent the disaster. Death pitied them and sympathized with them he had the same feeling toward the ponies in Zimlja so he waves his signs on his bony hands then putting his hand on the infernal star. The infernal star was influenced by purplish energy, as the intense destructive energy of the star began to stabilize then the star had become once it was. The disaster ceased as the terror among the lucky primitive creatures fading away ; they hailing to the Maker for stopping Death to come.

When Death listened to it, he felt a little bit of jealousy and anger, that no one among those primitives even thanking him but it is no matter to him as his triumphant plan hadn't started to set in motion yet. He continuing onward in his journey to the Zimlja. He was getting closer to the system of Tritaris, his dusty sweat running through his hooded face. He became a little bit unpatient because he is feeling tired as traveling after systems to systems. Every system as he proceeding, he only observing the remnants of the Great Dispute between the Gorchymyn Council with their faithful reapers against the rebellion of the chaotic and disharmonious force of The Baneful Scythes. Parts of destroyed planets floating through out the endless universe; some of those parts became desolated and teared down apart. Dreadful scenery of these systems which Death had ever seen in his own eyes; the eradication of evolving life forms, obliteration of countless planets, devastation of the stars and ruination of dying planets like Zimlja. Death felt a little bit of sympathy toward these beautiful systems and planets in the countless aeons, this was the first time Death knew pain and somewhat love started to grow. Finally after the long journey, Death had arrived to his destination; Zimlja, a dying planet as the life forms started fading away as the ponies were on the brink of extinction.

He observed the planet is on the state of war-torn, forests are shattered, creatures are dying and ponies are in the exhaustion after thousands years of fighting. They look pretty adorable to him and he decided. He put a list but snapping, a magical list and he took his magical quill then crossing Zimlja out of the list. The list actually called the List of Death, the list was listing all creations which exsisting in the universe; anything on this list will be determined to be died in a designated time by the law of nature. The crossing out of Zimlja means the very big meaning in which the creations in the planet will be prolonging life since Death has been excluding them from reaping. The Gorchymyn Council has banned any spirit of Light nor reaper to ever enter the planet again. After the excluding of Zimlja, the planet returns to life again as organic life growing back faster than ever imagined. Those pathetic ponies started to be a whole again and reproducing rapidly. Although the war had ended but the state of the planet is still torning apart and the weather pattern has been broken as well as the climate is destroyed. Death carefully observed the recovery of the planet so he finally decided to visit his “already created creation not by him”. He shapeshifts with the form of a pony with horn, wings with covered in the black robes hooded. He was the first alicorn back in the tounge of the ponies but he doesn’t matter.

He broke free through the barrier of gravitional force of the Zimlja, the pull force is too great which even making small portion of his leather of his clothing sparked into fire. Luckily, he landed on the surface of Zimlja and observing the beauty of recovery as trees began to blossom again, birds singing the divine songbirds, the squirrels happily eating their nuts while the wind of eastern sea charming the intensity of the dreadful past. Death never felt better after 500 billions aeons. He was so happy to see his project starting to blossom as well as his seeds had successfully worked. He as the hooded pony having both wings and horn, by reasonable talking he was the first alicorn in the ancient Equestria. The hooded pony named himself as Mantra, enlightened mind projected thinker. Mantra passing through the deep forest of unknown, he senses the life began to return and life coming slowly back to exsistence. Birds flying toward him and landing upon his shoulders then singing their best songs to him, bunnies approaching toward his hoofs, deers reaching to him to receive his hands as well as many other creatures started to follow. Death was so surprised ever to receive love from his underlings, he knows that he was exsisted to destroy and end things but he didn't understand why his embodiment of death and decay didn't affect or scare these adorable creatures away. Death believed he had changed so he began to become friendlier from there.

Suddenly, a strange unrelenting shot like thunder scaring all these adorable creatures away. All deers escaping fast and bunnies with terror running back to their warm holes on the ground while birds using the chances faster and flying away in an instance. Death felt surprised and currious about the shot, so he as Mantra approaching closer to the location he had heard the shot. From trees after trees, landscape after landscape then rocks after rocks. Mantra as a pony never felt so tired in his life since the last time he was acting a Reman on planet 1555 but this didn't matter much since his fatigue is so limited as a mortal. Mantra hooded himself as he approaching to the big fire coming from the West; Mantra passing trees from trees with careful steps like sneaking. Finally, Mantra spotted that a group of most advanced civilization in this planet who fired a shot with their supremely primitive cannon more than humans; the race which Death had been looking for, the ponies!

He decided to visit the tribe of united ponies whom is full of pegasis, unicorns and earth ponies and they are negotiating something. He disguised a poor old hooded pony entering the audience center. An intense argument ruling the court as well as the crowd, who intending to fight each other. Death sees the danger of another war is going to erupt so he as the hooded old pony shout a voice that shattering the some tents near by. He finally stood up and explained why they need to fight each other, we emphasized that these ponies much cooperated to survive in this slowly recovering world. Pegasis, unicorns and earth ponies hoofshaking as the hooded pony expressing his political view in which survival can be only reached through cooperation. Those golden words touched the heart of the mortal ponies; they started to shake hoofs to each other to apologize. The happiness in their faces is all what Death wants to see; the sun also shines at that time but the strange thing that the sun is shinning so greenly and weak as well as the shattered moon.

Mantra observing his success of pacifying another upcoming conflict , his soul felt peacefully harmonious. But he knew that his work was only the beginning when seeing many strange geological events and strange patterns of weather in the post-apocalyptic planet. He felt so sorry to this little ponies for dragging them on the celestial dispute between his immortal and powerful beings. He determined that these ponies need to be enlightened for them, who would be the ones will keep up his seedings to Zimlja and the ones who won't let's his saving of Zimlja goes to waste to be dragged back to the Rift.