by Nightroad

A Soft Drizzle

Rain. Whether it be a light drizzle, or a torrential downpour, that's all it was; rain. Yet whenever it rained, ponies seemed to give it some kind of...deeper meaning. Some ponies said that it made the day gloomy and depressing. Others said that it was the most romantic type of weather, beating even a cloudless Spring day. But to Rainbow Dash...rain was rain. “Maybe it's because I create weather. Shape it, give it life and meaning.” The cyan mare mused as the raindrops lightly pelted her body. “It's just another part of the cycle of weather. What's so special about rain falling from the skies? Do ponies have those kinds of delusions about snow as well? Fog?”

The pegasus sighed and shrugged her shoulders as best she could on the ground. While she didn't give the rain any special kind of attributes, Rainbow could appreciate the tranquility it brought her. It gave her time to think, time to unwind and slow down. While Dash loved her usual speedy lifestyle, she also loved these slow moments as well. As the rain washed over Dash's body, the quick flier kept her eyes closed, breathing slowly. She allowed her body to simply...fade away from the world. Her body ceased to exist on a physical plane and instead, fell. Fell through an infinite darkness, but felt no fear, no sorrow. She simply...fell.

While she may not have pondered the secrets of the universe like Twilight might have, or imagined how to increase profit for her family's farm like Applejack, Rainbow Dash imagined not speed, but the sheer thrill of falling. To Dash, falling held a different rush to her. To most pegasi, the adrenaline that was brought about by falling gave them a sense of speed and agility. But for Rainbow...time itself slowed for her as she fell. The feeling was rapturous for the cyan mare. Seeing the world race up to meet her in slow motion was a feeling above anything Dash could ever imagine.

The sheer joy of feeling the wind pull at her mane and sleek her coat back...wondrous. Dash was brought out of her trance by the sound of thunder rolling above her. She opened her eyes in time to see the light creep across through the thunderheads above her and she watched lazily through the prismatic locks that were draped over her face. She would've moved them, but the rain made her a bit lethargic. “Wonder if the old stories were true...that pegasi could control the very lightning itself...” Rainbow could already imagine how she would use that to her advantage, and not just for her tricks.

“I would make it rain ever so slightly so as not to ruin her brilliant mane...I would make the lightning flash as I said the words and the thunder boom afterwords. I would strike a pose, take her hoof in my own and say those three words that I've wanted to say for so long now...I'd look her in the eyes, flip my mane to make myself look as awesome as I could and say, “I love you!”

“Ooh...and who may I ask is the lucky mare?” Dash flew upwards, screaming in surprise at the sudden voice. Her, THE Rainbow Dash, who could hear a storm coming from hundreds of miles away, hadn't heard the faint hoofsteps on wet grass that had approached her from behind. “Oh! I'm terribly sorry darling. Are you okay?” Rainbow turned and saw the Element of Generosity looking at her with equal parts concern and amusement, snickering into her hoof as rain bounced off the strange umbrella saddle she was wearing.

“Rarity?! What the hay is wrong with you?” Rainbow shouted, her hoof over her hammering heart.

“Well, there is nothing wrong with me as you so suggested. And I could ask you the same thing you know. You're bound to catch cold from just...lying in the rain like that.” Rarity moved closer, and just like that, the rain stopped and Dash no longer within the downpour as the umbrella was cast over her. Dash couldn't stop the light blush that crept onto her face at being in such close proximity of her friend.

“So...” Dash coughed into her hoof before continuing. “W-what brings you out here in the middle of nowhere? I'd figured you'd be holed up inside and trying to avoid the rain that would ruin your “oh so perfect mane””. Dash jabbed, mocking Rarity with the last few words. The fashionista simply rolled her eyes, a light smile playing on her lips.

“Well...I was sitting at home, watching the rain and thinking up new ideas for a springtime ensemble when a knock came at my door. At first, I thought, “What pony would be crazy enough to be out in this weather?” and then I thought-” Rarity looked to her companion and saw Dash giving her a blank stare. “Er...yes...well...” The pale unicorn chuckled sheepishly, lightly bouncing the curl in her mane as she cleared her throat. “Anyways, a stallion came into my shop. Pleasant fellow he was, so polite. After awhile of talking, he said he was going to take a stroll and suggested I do the same. We got into a slight back and forth about it. However, as we continued on...the idea just became more and more appealing until I took him up on it and here I am.” Rainbow gave her a look that screamed 'I don't believe you'.

“How in the name of Celestia did some random stallion get YOU to leave your home when it's RAINING?” Dash asked with a smirk.

“You know I...I'm not entirely sure...one moment we were arguing about the weather, then my mind gets a little hazy...and then I'm out here walking and I see you.” Rainbow frowned.

“Hazy? Did he do something to you?” The thought of somepony manipulating Rarity like that made the pegasus's blood boil and her wings flare out and even made her feathers slightly twitch, something that Rarity noticed immediately.

'I understand she's a good friend, but I didn't think she'd get so...worked up about it.' Rarity shook her head quickly. “No darling, of course not. We...did share a drink or two.” the unicorn lied. 'He might have used some kind of mind altering spell...but why?' Rarity shook her head and quickly patted Dash's shoulder in reassurance. “Rest assured dear, nothing happened.” This seemed to calm Rainbow down, as her wings slowly retreated back to her sides. Once they did, a sort of odd silence surrounded the two, leaving nothing but the sound of rain pattering off of Rarity's umbrella. 'It's...odd. While we are friends...we never really spend time together. If not for Twilight...would I even be here right now talking with her?' The pale unicorn thought.

She stole a look at Dash and saw that the prismatic mare staring off into the rainy skies. 'She looks so uncharacteristically peaceful...' Rarity thought. The fashion designer couldn't help but stare longer than she meant to. The way those cerise coloured eyes were sharp, even though they gazed at nothing, the way small droplets of water fell from strands of her beautiful multi-coloured mane, the way her cyan coat was slicked against her body. 'She looks...divine.' Rarity thought. Eventually, Dash must've felt her eyes on her because she turned and their eyes locked. Both ponies blushed and they looked away from each other, content with the silence. However, while Rarity did enjoy silence, she could only stand it for so long when there was another pony nearby. “So...what're you doing out here all by your lonesome? Surely the great Rainbow Dash isn't out here being quiet and relaxing?”

“...” Rainbow was a bit torn. None of their friends, not even Fluttershy knew about her tendency to relax in this manner. However...if she wanted to get closer to the mare next to her... “You're actually not far off.” The answer caught the unicorn by surprise, and it showed as well, causing Rainbow to snicker.

“I...I don't believe it, dear. You actually relaxing and not just being lazy as you usually do?”

“Not even I want to keep moving at that kind of speed all the time ya know...” Rainbow looked down at the ground, watching as the grass was pelted by the rain, a look of melancholy on her face. “It's hard sometimes...to be the best, to be the pony that everypony watches. To always have to be that loud and cocky mare that everypony sees me as. But I feel...I dunno, like I HAVE to always be like that.”Rarity nodded.

“I know all too well, dear. Believe me, I know. I spend quite a bit of time in the limelight myself, obligating everypony that needs my attention.”

The pegasus nodded and chuckled, “Seems we're both quite the showponies huh?” Rarity chuckled and nodded.

“Seems that way. Perhaps we have more in common that we first thought.” The thought sent a surge of pleasure through Rainbow.

'Maybe...maybe it won't be such a lost cause after all. Maybe I can truly work this out!' That had been one of Dash's biggest fears about being with Rarity; that they'd have nothing in common other than their friends. Rainbow smiled at her crush, and was smiled back at in return.

“How often do you do this? Laying out in the rain I mean.” Rarity asked, a smile still on her lips.

“Every time it rains. I'm never with anypony after we get done setting up, so I just...come out here and lay here in the rain for hours and hours.”

“My goodness...and you never get sick?” Dash chuckled, rubbing the back of her head.

“Well...every now and then I'll get a little cough...but that's all!” Rarity rolled her eyes and laughed. Rainbow couldn't stop the grin that jumped onto her face at the sound of her crush laughing and just being happy. The silence returned between the two of them, but they were comfortable with it. Eventually, Rarity leaned over and rested her head on Dash's shoulder. The flier resisted the urge to tense up or flinch at the sudden contact. 'Oh my gosh...Alright...just play it cool Dash. Play it cool.' Rainbow thought within her mind. “So...” The pegasus began, but found that nothing else left her lips.

“Hmm? You want to ask me something darling?”

“Uh...Y-yea. Um...” Dash searched her mind frantically for something, ANYTHING that she could use for conversation.

Instead, she heard the unicorn chuckle against her and say, “A little tongue tied are we?”

“Heh...I guess so, Rares.” Dash said with a small chuckle of her own, but inside she was freaking out. 'Gah! Did I really just call her that? Ooh...Now she's gonna think that we're getting too personal with each other and-'

“Ooh...I like that. You come up with that little nickname yourself?”

“Mhmm...You...you really like it?” The pegasus asked hesitantly, hope laced in her voice.

“Why of course! It's not crude, but sweet. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary. Quite unexpected from somepony such as yourself. No offense of course.” Dash smiled, breathing in relief.

“None taken. Glad you like it though...Would you mind if I called you that more often?”

Rarity shook her head and said, “By all means dear, please do. It'll be like proof of our bonding.” Dash smiled and after taking a deep breath, rested her head upon Rarity's. She half expected the unicorn to pull away or flinch, but she did no such thing. She even sighed happily. “You know...I'm actually glad I came out for a walk in the rain. It's been...nice.”

“Yea...you know, that reminds me.” Rainbow lifted her head, and Rarity did as well, looking into Dash's eyes.

“Hmm? What reminds you of what?”

“Well...you have to promise that you won't laugh.” Rarity nodded and continued to stare. Dash took a quick breath and said plainly, “Rain.” To her credit, Rarity didn't laugh, snicker, or anything in between.

“What about it darling?” Confusion was etched onto the fashionista's face.

“Well, I figure since you're big on words and putting one thing with another...what's the whole deal with ponies associating rain with sorrow or romance?” Rarity was silent for a moment, contemplating her answer as she stared out into the downpour.

After a good few minutes, she rested her head back on Rainbow's shoulder and said, “Well...I think it's because something happens to the pony that makes them feel that way about the rain. Say for instance a close friend of yours died on a rainy day. How would you feel?”

“Sad I'd guess.”

“Exactly. From then onwards, every time you saw rain, your mind would drift back to your friend's death.” Rarity explained. Dash simply nodded, watching the grass sway under the rain. “Now then, as for romance...I'm sure you can imagine how most ponies don't like going out in the rain, correct?”


“Well you see, it's because of that reason that rain is also considered romantic.” Rarity said.

Rainbow was silent for a moment, her mind running as it tried to figure out what it was her friend meant, but finally said, “I'm afraid ya lost me Rares.” The pale mare chuckled softly and continued.

“Just think...being stuck inside on a rainy day with the pony you love? Imagine curling up together on the couch with all the candles and lights turned off as you watched in silence as the rain slid down over your windows, casting strange shadows over the floor in front of you? And neither of you would say a word and simply enjoy being close to your loved one and just...hold them.” As Rarity spoke, Rainbow Dash had closed her eyes and imagined everything the mare beside her described, placing herself and Rarity within the imagined setting.

They of course would be in Rarity's home, possibly in her room, curled up on her red sofa with Dash's wings wrapped around her lover like a blanket to keep her warm and occasionally planting butterfly soft kisses on that glorious amethyst mane. “I see you're having no trouble imagining it?” Dash opened her eyes to see Rarity looking up at her, a smile on her lips. Rainbow didn't even try to stop the light blush that crept onto her cheeks.

“Heh...ya got me. And when you put it like that...I can kinda understand better why ponies see the rain as something beautiful. Since I'm on the Ponyville Weather Team, I always saw rain as another job, something I was supposed to arrange so that we could continue to keep food growing and all that stuff...”

“Ahh, I see. Well, I'm glad I could help you with your little dilemma dear. Everypony, especially you now that I've seen this side of you, should be able to appreciate something like this.” The pegasus nodded and thanked her friend once more. “Oh it's no trouble at all R-Rainbow Dash.” The prismatic maned mare turned after hearing the soft shiver in her crush's voice and saw that Rarity was beginning to shake, most likely from not having any kind of protective clothing against the cool air. 'Strange...I'd have thought she'd be completely decked out in warm clothes.' Rainbow thought as she unconsciously extended her wing and wrapped around Rarity to pull her closer. “R-Rainbow?”

“Hmm? Oh! I'm so sorry Rares! I just thought you uh...might be cold. Sorry.” Dash began to retract her wing, but stopped when she felt a light grip on the tips of her feathers.

“No no, it's quite alright darling. I was just a little unprepared is all. Dash gave a soft smile and rewrapped her wing around Rarity, savouring the closeness between the two of them.

'If I'd have known about the whole romance thing about rain, I would've stayed over at Rarity's WAY more often whenever it rained.' Dash thought with a chuckle.

“What's so funny dear?”

“Nothin'.” Once again, the two fell back into a comfortable silence as they watched the rain continue to fall around them, each with different thoughts buzzing through their minds. 'Should I...make a move or something? I don't wanna scare her off...we've only JUST begun to bond and stuff...No, I've gotta at least do somethin'. I'm Rainbow Dash for cryin' out loud! Nothing can scare me, or make me back down!' Dash thought to herself as she felt Rarity sigh happily as her body began to warm up thanks to the wing wrapped around her frame. With a small grin at her brilliance, Rainbow faked a short laugh.

“What're you laughing at now?” Rarity asked, not looking away from the downpour.

“Oh...you wouldn't be interested.” Dash gave a short mental prayer to Luna that Rarity would go for it. The unicorn on the other hoof, was contemplating what to do. Rarity knew that Dash was trying to bait her into something and normally would've responded with a small little jab, but after seeing Dash act as she had...

“Oh...well, maybe I would be interested. You never know.”

'Yes! Thank you!' Dash continued to grin and said, “Well...I was just imagining something silly is all. I thought about what would happen...if I were to ask you to run in the rain with me.” Dash put a hoof to her chest and before the unicorn could even respond, Rainbow gave her best Rarity impression. “You simply cannot be serious! It would absolutely ruin my glorious mane, my luxurious coat! I mean honestly darling, how could you even SUGGEST such a thing?” The unicorn couldn't help but laugh as she playfully punched the mare beside her.

“That was a terrible impersonation of me dear. And I'll have you know that everything you said was true.” The two laughed and inside her mind, Dash was steeling herself.

'It'll all be worth it...just get it over with!' “Not even...if I promised to go to the Spa with you tomorrow?” The statement gave Rarity pause and for a moment, Rainbow was afraid she had made her crush's heart stop.

“You...you would do that for me...if I did this for you?”

“Of course! They don't call me the Element of Loyalty for nothin'!” This lead to silence between the two and all the while, Dash chewed her bottom lip. 'Please please please please please please....say yes....' Rainbow thought over and over as she waited for an answer. Suddenly, Rarity spoke and it caused Dash to bite her lip a little harder than she would've liked, tearing open a small part of her lip to allow the crimson liquid to trickle down her lip. She quickly licked it away, keeping her face neutral as the metallic taste filled her mouth.

“Well...Alright. I shall take you up on your offer Rainbow Dash. A run in the rain today for a spa session tomorrow.” Rarity held up her hoof and Rainbow prepared to spit on her hoof as per usual, but remembered she wasn't with Applejack and sheepishly laughed as she shook Rarity's hoof.

“Ready?” The pegasus asked, folding her wing back to her side and standing up.

“Hold on just a moment dear...Allow me to prepare myself.” To her credit, Rainbow Dash waited....for all of five seconds. With a flare of her wings, she knocked Rarity's umbrella saddle off and with a laugh, took off at a brisk trot. The sudden influx of rain hit Rarity and her eyes shot open. “Ooh! Rainbow Dash! You're going to pay for this!” Rarity took off with a laugh of her own as she took off after her friend. The two chased one another back and forth and just having a good time. Dash was happy that the unicorn wasn't fretting over her appearance being dampened and Rarity was happy that she could share this kind of moment with the pegasus.

Eventually, Rainbow dove forward and the two went tumbling in a tangle of hooves and manes until Rarity ended up below Dash. The pair giggled like school fillies and Dash looked down, her colourful mane cutting out the world around them and leaving only the pair of ponies along with the soft sound of rain. “Dear, your hair is...astounding like this.” The fashionista's eyes darted around, taking in the locks that surrounded her head like a waterfall.

'Now's the chance! Let's do this!' “Hey...Rares?”

“Hmm?” Rarity's eyes stopped moving around and sapphire locked with cerise and in that moment Rainbow slowly lowered her head. “R-Rainbow...?” Rarity mumbled, her eyes slowly closing as Rainbow's face got closer and closer, her body acting on pure instinct. When their lips finally met, it took all of Dash's willpower not to jump up into the sky and scream her joy to all of Equestria. Even thought it was such a soft and tender kiss, Rainbow couldn't have cared less. She had finally kissed the mare of her dreams. Rarity on the other hoof was shocked that the kiss was as soft as it had been. 'Even her lips feel torn and rough...but she kisses with such a tenderness I had not thought possible of dear Rainbow...'

When the pair pulled away, Rarity saw a large grin on Dash's face and couldn't help but smile back. “Gotta say...I'm pretty glad you decided to go on this little walk out into the rain.” The pegasus said.

“Heh, as am I.” Rarity replied, the sound of rain returning to her attention. Rainbow moved and flopped onto her back beside Rarity, their hooves slightly touching.

“Full circle.” the unicorn heard Dash mumble with a light giggle.

“Beg pardon?”

“Well...this is how I was when you found me...and here I am again. Though, it's much better because of the company.” Rarity blushed at the obvious compliment and smiled.

'Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself with another mare...let alone Rainbow Dash. Though...could we be an item?' Rarity found herself questioning the higher points of romance while Dash was thinking about her first kiss.

'Never thought I'd ACTUALLY get to kiss her! I'm so happy!' As they both left the other to their own devices, a thought drifted into their minds almost simultaneously with Dash being the one to actually voice it. “So...where does this leave us?”

“I...I'm not entirely sure dear. I'd imagine that it really depends on-”

“I'll do anything you want.” The pale mare could barely stop the gasp that leapt to her throat. “I just...I really want this to work Rares. You have no idea how long I've wanted to be with you. Please...if you give me this chance, I'll do anything for you!” Rainbow had turned to Rarity and the unicorn could see distress in her friend's eyes, despite the conviction on her face.

'She's really into this, isn't she? And here I used to think that Rainbow would never settle down into a relationship like this...' Rarity felt like smacking herself for having such a horrible thought about her friend. “Rainbow...you don't have to do that for me.” Rarity took a deep breath before she continued. “You know, all my life I always dreamt that I'd find a...Prince Charming, as it 'twere and settle down with a stallion.” At this, Dash's ears fell against her head and Rarity saw a tear stream down her face. The unicorn lifted a hoof and wiped it away, and Rainbow held the hoof against her cheek, closing her eyes. “Now that's not to say that after spending time with you...seeing you like this...It makes me want to have an open mind...and open my heart to you.” Dash perked up at this and opened her eyes.

“Y-you really mean it?”The pale pony nodded and the smile that came onto Rainbow's face filled Rarity's heart with a joy she hadn't felt since before she realized what a pain Blueblood was. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you SO much Rarity! I promise that I'll make you the happiest mare in all of Equestria!”

The fashionista gave a coy chuckle and said, “I'll hold you to that dear.” Rainbow propped herself down, nuzzling Rarity's cheek with a sigh of content. The unicorn was a bit surprised at the sudden action, but nuzzled back, wrapping a forehoof around her new lover. The two stayed like that, allowing the rain to fall upon them and wash away any negative thoughts that may have coursed through their minds. When it started to get darker, the pair stood and retrieved Rarity's saddle umbrella before heading back towards Ponyville. “Would you...like to stay with me tonight Rainbow? I can't imagine how cold it must be in your cloud home with the weather being as it is.”

“You don't gotta ask me twice.” The pegasus replied with a laugh.


Rain. Whether it be a light drizzle, or a torrential downpour, that's all it was; rain. However, as Dash lay within the hooves of her slumbering marefriend, Rainbow could understand and appreciate why ponies would associate rain with the feeling of romance. 'To think....I finally got with Rarity. Whether it be luck or something else, I'm happy. Now, I hope I can make her as happy as she's made me.' The cyan mare yawned, burying her face within the curls of her lover's mane. 'Guess I should get some sleep...have to go the Spa tomorrow.' While Rainbow DID dread the trip tomorrow, she knew that as long as she was with Rarity, she could get through it. With a soft sigh and a silent thank you to the Sisters, Rainbow Dash fell asleep.