Twilight's little quest

by Cassapi

Whole story.

Twilight’s little quest.
It was a wonderful day the sun was shining, and the birds were flying around in the royal garden, absolutely no noise at all, just an ordinary and completely normal day in Canterlot.
Twilight Sparkle the young unicorn who just had reach the age of 16, was sitting in the sun and reading a lecture book light spells. She was so buried in the book that she completely forgot the time and when she had finished the final chapter she gasped.
“Oh my goodness what time is it? I better get back to the castle.” The young unicorn said.
She packed up her books in her saddlebag and rushed for the castle. Twilight never ran so fast in her entire life she was really close to miss her lesson in reflection magic and the princess would get really mad if she didn’t show up in time. She never missed a lesson before and she would not upset her mentor, after all it’s the ruler of Equestria.
When Twilight came home to the castle she rushed through the big decorated hallway, she was so exhausted. Running was not really her strong side. She came by one of the princesses royal guards but could not stop in time and tripped over her own hooves and bumbled into the big stallion.
“Eh he sorry” Twilight said while she tried to get back on her hooves. The guard still stood there like nothing ever hit him, he looked with a dead and serious look at Twilight.
“Miss Twilight Sparkle.” The royal guard said, “I have been permitted to tell you that your lesson today is cancelled because of events that hold Princess Celestia’s arrival in meeting up today.”
“WHAT ?! Erh I mean… thank you sir.” Twilight replied with a surprised voice. “Do you know where I can find the princess at this given moment?” She asked after she calmed herself, while she still tried to maintain balance after the crash.
“Princess Celestia is in the crown jewelry room.” The guard answered “now if you’ll have me excused I have some things I have to take care of.” The guard said and turned around and headed out of the castle hallway, properly to do his daily duties.
This wasn’t right Twilight thought to herself, what could be so important that the princess wasn’t able to show up? She kept asking herself these questions while she headed down the hallway towards the jewelry room.
When twilight arrived to the room she could hear the princess talking to somepony with a raised voice, but the big wooden door took much of the sound. But she could defiantly recognize that the princess was yelling.
“How could this be happening?” the princess yelled, she sounded really upset.
Twilight could not really hear what the pony the princess yelled at was replying, because he did not talk as loud as the princess. But she had to figure out what happened the princess aren’t normally like this, something really awful must have happened to get her so upset. She very carefully and soundless opened the door to the room and sneaked her way behind one of the boxes in the room, where she sat and listened to the conversation, the floor was very slippy and was very cold to sit on, it had properly just been cleaned for the museum opening.
Now Twilight could hear that the pony the princess was talking to was the royal jewelry guard who watch over the most valuable jewels in entire museum. He sounded very scared and nervous over that the princess being so upset but who wouldn’t? Twilight said to herself while she carefully listened to the conversation.
The guard replied to the princess “I don’t know what happened I swear your highness, the grand crown jewel just vanished and the thief haven’t left one track to follow up on.”
The princess looked at him and said.
“I want the entire city searched. That jewel is very valuable and must be found. Now go I want to be here alone right now.”
“Yes your highness.” The pony replied and left the room in a hurry.
Shortly after the pony had left the room the princess briefed out and said.
“Twilight come out, I know you’re hiding back there.”
Twilight held her breath, what would happen now? Would the princess be mad at her for eavesdropping on her? Would she get punished? Or even worse would her studies at her mentor end? So many thoughts went troughs the young mares head. She briefed out and came out of her hiding place.
“ahehe… Hello princess.” Twilight said while she became more and more red in her head and she held her ears down.
The princess looked at the little unicorn and said.
“Twilight I am very displeased with you sneaking around, listening to other people conversations.”
Twilight looked at her mentor with big and scared eyes, while she only could find place for one word.
“Sorry” the unicorn said and looked humbly on the princess.
The princess calmed her mind and then said “I’m sorry Twilight, I didn’t mean to scare you, I’m just very stressed over that my price jewel has been stolen.”
Twilight looked at her mentor and replied. “I heard it all princess and I’m very sorry about what happened.”
The princess moved slowly away and looked at the opened briefcase where the jewel laid before it was stolen and then she said.
“Twilight do me one favor ok?”
Twilight looked at the princess.
“Of cause, what do you need princess?” Twilight asked.
“I don’t want you to go and investigate this robbery ok? This can be very dangerous and I don’t want you to get hurt, I know you’re thinking on helping.”
The unicorn looked at her mentor and nodded her head.
“Good, now go to your room and read Reflection spells for beginners volume 1.0, you need to learn the spells yourself since I won’t be able to teach you the next couple of days.”
Twilight did not say a word and left for her room.

After a little while Twilight arrived to her room. On her way there that had been so many thoughts going through her head and she couldn’t get her mind off that there actually had been an robbery in the castle, it was one of the safest places in Equestria.
She went up the long stairway while she peacefully looked against the sky in a hope that it would clear her mind, there was not a single sky on the heaven and the sun was shining bright and warm. Twilight felt a stream of peace flow through her and before she knew it she was already at the top of the stairs.
She opened the big and decorated door and entered the library where she always has been enjoyed most to stay. When she opened the door Spike her little baby dragon assistance where eagerly waiting her return, Twilight did not even get to say hallo before Spike started asking so many questions at the same time.
“Twilight where have you been? Did you hear that have been a robbery? Did they catch the thief? How is the princ----“Twilight had to zip his mouth with at spell so she could get a chance to answer the questions, Spike had an unusual talent to be able to speak for, Celestia knows how long. Twilight took a deep breath and looked around in the big library, the many shelf’s with books the big hourglass in the middle of the room everything was so peaceful, until spike got his mouth unzipped and only by a tiny bit he restrained himself to be quiet.
Twilight looked at Spike and said “Yes spike I know there has been a robbery and they did not catch the thief, not even a hoofprint found and the princess is out for a couple of days so I have to study on my own, get the book called Reflection spells for beginners volume 1.0 and while I read it you can do me a favor and pack all my traveling gear and pack my book: Tips and tricks for camping.
Spike looked at the purple unicorn with a confused look, he could not even hide it and the little dragon asked.
“Twilight you’re not planning on going after the thief are you?”
Twilight did not answer for a short while, then she turned around with a look that could not be read Spike had no idea of what Twilight was about to say, then Twilight answered.
“Spike there is something about that stolen jewel that only the princess knows, the princess was very upset more than I ever seen her in my time she has been my mentor, there is something about that jewel that we aren’t told. There must be something about it since it was the only thing who was stolen, it can’t have been an ordinary jewel… Spike I want you to do a little research about it while I study these spells.”
Spike looked at twilight with a face that had so many questions to ask, but he just answered.
“Ok Twilight, but I don’t like where this is going.” Then he turned around and left.
Twilight got to think that in her rush earlier she haven’t got to practice the new spells she read about today and she had some time just to try them out while Spike was out getting her book, cause the section with art of defensive magic is in the other end of the library, Spike would properly take his time getting it. He is always a little slow finding things around the library when he has to many thoughts in his head.
Twilight tried to remember what the book said about throwing spells of light, the book mentioned 3 different types of spells, the first was a glowing orb who appear on the top of the caster horn, the second spell was a type of fire you could place on the ground to keep you warm but without any chance of causing anything to burn, and the third spell was a flare you could send up in the sky to make a signal to others. Twilight thought she better start from the beginning and trying to make the orb. She concentrated about to focus the light around her, in a second it was made. The orb glowed big and lighted the room up in an amazing glow, Twilight closed up the orb again and started to concentrate on the second spell. She laid down on the carpet on the floor closed her eyes and started casting the spell. Some seconds later she felt a nice warming heat flow through her body, she opened her eyes to see that a light on the floor that send out a perfect amount of heat, without even burning the carpet on the floor, Twilight was amazed about this ability, it was amazing how practical this could come. When Twilight was about to cast the last spell, her concentration was broken by a voice.
“Erh Twilight I got your book as you asked me too.”
Twilight looked at the dragon with a smile.
“Thank you Spike.” Twilight answered. It was like the heat from the fire had given her a moment of peace, where she could think of nothing than relaxing and she grabbed the book.
“I better go look on that jewel.” Spike said with a worried look, he knew what was coming and he did not like the thought that Twilight properly would go chase that thief, but he knew that he could not change the unicorns mind when she had made her decision and he left the room in doubt of what would happen after she had read that book.
Twilight was now alone in this part of the library again, where she lay down again and started reading the book Spike had brought her.

Twilight had been sitting and read that book for almost 5 hours without any breaks, she was so insisted on that she had to finish this book fast, so she could go out and do her part to help catching that thief.
The book had not really been very describing about how the spells could have been to use in a real life situation, more like that it was something everypony should know, but really never needed. She closed the book and put it in the big pile at the end of the room… Twilight looked at the big book pile and said to herself.
“I really need to start putting those books back after I read them.”
“You been saying that the last 2 months and in some funny way I always get stuck up cleaning it up after you!”
Twilight looked over her shoulder to see that her little assistance had returned from his studies in the other end of the library. He did not look like he was happy over what he had discovered, his face was chocked and had an expression that easily could tell that he was worried about of what would happen next.
Twilight looked at Spike, “Spike what you’ll found about the jewel? Is something wrong? You look worried.”
Spike looked like he really couldn’t find any words how to explain what he had read. He stammered like a big gluey ball had been stroked in his throat and just wouldn’t come loose. Though after a brief delay he finally managed to answer Twilight’s question.
“You were right Twilight, the jewel is not just an ordinary gemstone it contains a long lost evil that Celestia had imprisoned. The creature that jewel contains is some sort of errm….. Well the book called is a soul suppressor and it was used by Discord on ponies who tried to make just a little resistance against his rule. But the creature escaped after Celestia had defeated Discord by using something called the Elements of harmony. After Celestia used months of tracking the beast down and enslaved it in the jewel. It is foretold that the one who frees the creature from it prison will become its new master and will obey any order.”
Twilight was stunned she had no idea what to say, her face expression was filled questions, doubt, and fear it was so much at the same time. The young unicorn had no way to handle a message like that. Sure she was expecting something but nothing like that.
Finally she managed to pull herself together. She wandered around in the library thinking the situation through and as usual not a single word from her. Spike knew that when Twilight was in this state it was better to stay quit until she had thought the situation trough. It was the late part of the afternoon and the sun would soon start to go down.
Finally Twilight stopped wandering around and expressed herself with a confident voice.
“Spike get my things you packed, I’m going after that thief!”
Spike knew there was no reason arguing with that confidence the purple unicorn just expressed, he turned around and got the saddlebag packed with Twilight’s stuff, it was heavy and packed to the edge, one more thing and he was ensured that the pack would explode. He put the bag on Twilight and she turned around and looked at him.
“Spike you must promise me that you won’t tell the princess about this ok?” Twilight looked at him with trust in her eyes and it penetrated Spike with a feeling that she really needed his support and trust.
Spike just gave Twilight a nod and said “ok Twilight I won’t tell the princess about this I swear.” Spike could not get himself not to promise Twilight this, after all she was like a big sister for him. She had always been there for him when he needed her and now she really needed him and he felt like it was his duty as a brother to help her like she always had help him.
Twilight smiled at Spike and said.
“Don’t be worried I will be back soon, after all how hard can it be and don’t be afraid it’s me after all I can handle myself. I am back with the jewel before anyone even notice that I am gone.”
Twilight left the library and rushed down the stairs she felt a little chill through her body. She could not tell if it was because she was nervous or just because it was getting colder the sun was on its way down after all.
Twilight once again reached the castle hallways where she sped down a bit. She didn’t want to get caught by some of the castle guards for sneaking around at night.
After a while she came across the royal guards quarter where heard 2 guards talk about that they had found some trace about the thief, it looks like he headed into the Everfree forest.
Twilight felt a chill down her spine. She had read about the Everfree forest it was suppose to be a place beyond anything in the land of Equestria.
Twilight went away from the quarter and went outside the big hallway, where she took a map from her bag and started to figure out the fastest rode to the forest. After a short while she figured out that she need to held down the southern gate, but the gates a guarded by evening until morning, she had to find a way out of Canterlot. Twilight spent almost half an hour trying to get a way to get out unnoticed. She got to think that a lot of stage chariot are leaving in and out of the city almost the entire night.
Twilight decided that it would be the only way to get out of the city unnoticed. She hid herself behind a empty market stance near the road. She waited patiently until at wagon came by, it was full of hay and when it just had past Twilight be made a jump for it and disappeared under the hay. It wasn’t quite bad in here Twilight thought and got herself in a comfortable position and waited for the wagon should pass the southern entrance.
A while later she heard the castle gates open and a little later they slammed behind her.
“Ok there is no way back now!” Twilight said to herself and jumped out of the wagon and headed towards the Everfree forest. It had become nighttime and Twilight had a long journey in front of her.

Twilight had been running for around an hour when she hit the very edge of the forest, she stopped for catching her breath. It was cold and the sun had completely lowered and the moon now shined with all its glory over the land. Twilight took out her map from the bags again and looked about a place the thief could have gone to.
After Twilight had studied the map for some minutes, she had figured out that the only location that the thief could have gone to would be the old ruin in the center of the forest. Twilight looked into the forest and felt like something was pushing her hard in the chest like it tried to keep her from entering, Twilight briefed out and went into the forest.
The forest was gray there was not much color in this part of the forest, it was like everything had died or just given up, the earth was rough and cold there wasn’t much grass on it, it was like walking on cold and solid stone, it did not even feel like dirt, the trees didn’t have leafs on them. Twilight felt a chill, she shivered and went on into the forest. It was getting colder the further she entered the forest, she haven’t even walked for that long maybe only around 30 minutes and nothing ever changed the forest was just as dead and gray as it was when she entered. The only thing different was that Twilight had got that feeling that she was being followed, that something was watching her.
Twilight looked over her shoulder to see if there was anything following her, but she could not see anything, there was not even a sound except when she walked over the hard and cold dirt. Twilight said to herself that it maybe was time to rest for the night and settle down.
Twilight struggled with getting the tent she had packed raised, even with her magic it was difficult. She never really used it until now, even that she actually read the guide trough 5 times it still wouldn’t be right, Twilight had more likely just slept on the ground if she knew how hard this would be from the beginning, but the unicorn was stubborn and didn’t want to give up what she had started. After 30 minutes fighting with that tent, she finally got it raised, she crawled inside it and placed that heating light on the ground as she had learned earlier today, she pulled a book she had packed for the trip if she ever had trouble sleeping.
Twilight took up the book and her doll Smartypants and read the title up for herself.
“Daring doo and the quest for the Sapphire stone.” Twilight never read these kind of books, she most likely only read lecture books but Spike had told her that this series was really good and well written and since she didn’t really had the time for practice so she thought she’ll would give it a go.
Twilight woke up the next morning with her head lying in the book. She had fallen asleep in the middle of the book, not that there was anything new to that, her magical fireplace was still shining bright and warm, Twilight wandered how long time she had been sleeping. She opened the tent to see that the sun was on its way up and it practically was early in the morning, she properly haven’t got much sleep, but she still felt well rested and ready to move.
When Twilight had packed everything down this was remarkably easier than putting it up. Twilight saw tracks on the ground it had circled around her tent and the tracks looked like they have claws. Twilight froze for a second maybe something actually had followed her? What had kept it from going into the tent? Could it have been the magical fireplace? Twilight quickly cleared her mind and took the saddlebags it wasn’t safe to stay here.
Twilight had been going for around and hour now spending half of her time looking over her shoulder, she had this weird feeling that something still followed her. The forest was not more comfortable walking in at day, it was still as creepy and cold as it was at night like it wasn’t affected by the outside world. Twilight stopped for a brief delay. She turned around quickly just to stand eye to eye with something words couldn’t explain, the only Twilight could focus on was the sharp teeth and claws that looked like they could slice a rock like butter and the focused look in its eyes, like it knew that it finally had her where it wanted her to be.
Twilight adrenaline pumped through her body, it felt like her head would explode and her heart would burst through her chest, her legs were shaking, so many thoughts going through her mind that she couldn’t think straight. It was only a matter of time before the creature would take it chance and attack. Twilight was right, in a matter of a second the creature bounced against her. Twilight could only think of one think that could help her she quickly made a leap and glided under the furies animal, she was fast to get on her hooves again, but the creature was just as fast to attack again, Twilight jumped back, luckily she barely dodges the sweeping claw. Now Twilight had a little more ground to move on, Twilight had some space and time to think since she got a little distance to the beast, but it wasn’t much time Twilight had to think, the creature made its next move. Twilight got to think of the reflection skills the princess made her study. She quickly thought it through and she created a purple barrier in front of her blocking the strong attack but only half of its power, the claw went through the barrier, but it had lost strength and accuracy and just cut the edge of Twilight’s chin causing a minor rift to bleed from her face and Twilight felt like she could not go on like this for long. Her strength faded slowly, she felt exhausted and couldn’t really think clear.
As the battle went on Twilight had been fighting the beast for around 45 minutes. Twilight had no idea how she could win this she only knew defensive spells she had nothing to counter attack with. Twilight was so tired that not even the adrenaline could keep her on her hooves soon. Her legs was starting to shake. She could only think on one thing that could work now, she laid down on all four legs and started to channel a power bubble around her herself using all of her power to hold the shield up after the endless amount of blows the beast are dealing to barrier.
When Twilight was about to give up, she couldn’t hold the barrier up anymore. She was tired and exhausted. But in the last minute she could see the beast was knocked away and sent on the run by something or somepony Twilight could see somepony walk over to her, but she faded out in exhaustion.

When Twilight woke up she was lying on a bed in some sort of outhouse. She had a terrible headache and her body was sore it was like every muscle in her body wouldn’t make her move, her wound on her chin had been healed but she could still feel it buzzing like the claw just had ripped it. Twilight took her time to scout around the room even though there wasn’t much to look at. The place wasn’t really that big the only thing she could see was a fireplace, a table, a cupboard, and a work desk and of cause the bed she was lying in.
Twilight wondered how long time she had been faded out, the battle had really taken on her and she had no idea of how long time she would have been able to sleep. Twilight thoughts were interrupted by a male voice.
“Well it was on time that you woke up you lazy girl.” A high and brown stallion with a very dark but not black mane, not much older than Twilight, he had a strong body and was a bit bigger than Twilight walked into the house with two bags on his back. The pony was strong Twilight could easily see that this pony was used to hard labor and his voice had just ended his transition, but it didn’t seem to have taken on him, he could with no doubt live in a city like everypony else, you couldn’t tell on his look that he lived in a place like this, then Twilight realized that he also was a unicorn like herself.
“Well are you going to say something or did the Manticore also take your voice?”
“A Manticore? Was that what that creature was?” Twilight asked in a very shocked voice.
“Yes and what is a young mare like you doing out here alone when you don’t know how to take care of yourself?” The young stallion had a very cheeky accent in his voice, like he wanted to sound like he was her big brother or just sound like an adult.
“I—I’m looking for a thief who has stolen a very important jewel from Canterlot. The guards in the city said he had run into the forest.” Twilight had a hard time talking since she still was a little dizzy.
“Well I saw another unicorn, a lot older than you running for the abandon castle deeper into the forest.” The stallion looked a Twilight like he wanted answers, he knew that Twilight wasn’t given him the whole story.
Twilight looked at the other unicorn and said with and eager voice.
“Then I have to go after him.” Twilight was about to step out of the bed, when she gave out a scream.
“Awwww” Twilight almost fell out of the bed while she held around herself in pain.
“You aren’t going anywhere the next couple of day’s sweetie, you used way too much magic power at once than your body could handle. You need to recover and you’ll properly are first able to move tomorrow.”
Twilight looked at the unicorn he still just looked at her for answers about this jewel, it was almost scary to see how serious he could be and it was almost as cold as when the princess looked at her when she caught her sneaking around.
“Ok I tell you the whole story” Twilight answered. “You better sit down its rather long.”
When Twilight had finished the story, the unicorn dead look had turned more into a chocked face.
“And the princess just sent you after him all alone?” he asked.
“Ahem… yeah I actually ran off alone without permission.” Twilight said while lowering her ears. It was first now she could see that it maybe hasn’t been the smartest idea after all.
The stallion stood up and walked over to the bags he brought and took out some vegetables and fruit, he went over and laid it on a small table beside the bed Twilight was laying in.
“Eat that and then get yourself some sleep, you’ll need a lot of energy for tomorrow.” He did not say anything else and walked away.
“Wait! Who are you? You never told me anything about yourself.”
The unicorn stopped.
“It’s not important who I am.” He said and went against the door.
“Come on we better learn each other if I have to stay here in a couple of days.” Twilight said with a smile.
“Ok then I start, my name is Twilight sparkle.” And then Twilight started telling about how she had got to be the princess student in magic and then she continued like that.
It took Twilight some time to finally stop talking, but she finally had told her tale. The unicorn had turned around and sat down near the bed.
“Ok Twilight then we do this your way. My name is Lyze Wildhoove and I am living here in the Everfree forest where I can be away from society, I’m talented with magic that involve survival in the wildlife, I been living here for 6 years and I’m 18 now, I ran out here after I overheard my parent’s talk about that they wanted to get rid of me cause I only was a burden for their normal everyday life, so I ran away and out here is where I discovered my special talent was to live in the wild.”
Twilight laid with an open mouth, it was like hearing one of those very interesting stories the princess used to tell her at night when she couldn’t sleep as a filly, it was so sad what this unicorn had gone through. But in some way Twilight could see that it had helped him to let it out to somepony, the cold and rough face looked more relaxed, like a burden had been lifted from his shoulders, but it didn’t last long before he went back to the straight and cheeky pony he was before, like he didn’t want her to think he was a weakling.
“You should really get some sleep now Twilight, I can see you eaten your food.” Lyze said and walked over to the fireplace where he laid and started writing something, Twilight could not see what it was. She laid her head on the pillow and then caught herself say on last thing before falling to sleep.
“Goodnight Lyze it was nice talking to you.”

Twilight was sleeping tight when she was woken up by Lyze who was talking to her, or more like yelling.
“Ok Twilight time to get up, your training begins in 15 minutes.”
“Training?” Twilight said, she had no idea of what Lyze meant with that, what in the whole wide world of Equestria should she have training in?
Twilight was confused but she got up, she could actually stand this time even that her legs still wasn’t much for carrying her body at the given time, she staggered through the house. The house it seemed more creepy in the daylight than in the evening, the fireplace was burned out which made the house seem as gray and dead as the rest of the forest. The sun glowed on the sky but it was not that shiny or had that warm feeling which it had in Canterlot where she could lay on the soft grass. The more Twilight got to think of her home in Canterlot the more she missed it. She started to feel homesick and missed the quiet normal day life she had left behind a couple of days now.
Twilight was thinking of her home a lot while she headed outside and before she knew it she almost bumbled into Lyze. He looked at her with a understanding look like he could see Twilight missed her home, or that she was just scared who know? But he did not comment on it, he just looked at Twilight and said.
“Twilight you need to learn how to counter attack an opponent if you want to stay in your pretty little coat.”
“Counter attack? But I don’t know any form from aggressive spells.” Twilight said and looked worried at Lyze.
“I Thought so” Lyze said with that accent again, like he still tried to sound like a smart ass adult or something.
“Ok I show the most common but still most effective way to counter attack.”
Lyze pointed away from Twilight, “You see that doll over there?”
Twilight looked over where Lyze was pointing, to see Smartypants her doll from when she was a filly, the doll she always sought to when she was afraid.
“Wait!” Twilight yelled.
“You can’t use her as a target she’s mine!” Twilight was really upset. But then a thought came to her.
“Did you look through my stuff?” she asked with and lifted eyebrow.
Lyze shook his head and said.
“It’s that doll or the trees, you better learn at shooting at small targets than big and we risk of lure a lot of animals here if we shoot at the trees.”
Twilight looked at Smarty pants one more time, but then got the think of the Manticore again and then she looked at Lyze and just nodded to him.
“Ok the thing I’m going to teach you are basically a shockwave, the thing you do is that you need to focus the energy around you, then focus at your target and then let go like this.” Lyze made a white glowing ball atop of his horn and then fired it at Smartypants so she felt of the stump she was sitting on, he then replaced Smartypants on the stomp with his magic.
“Ok your turn now Twilight.” Lyze said.
Twilight swallowed the ball in her throat and started to try concentrating her energy, it actually worked she had made a ball of energy atop of her horn. It was pretty easy Twilight thought to herself.
“Good now focus at your target and let go.” Lyze said.
Twilight looked at Smartypants and just when she was about to fire, her head was getting filled with laughter and pictures of her and Smartypants as a filly running around playing and laughing, Twilight throwing through the air catching her again with her magic, she saw nights of her and the doll under her blanket, reading a good book, she saw herself holding around Smartypants when she was afraid when it was a stormy weather.
After all these thoughts Twilight couldn’t focus and she fired and hit the stump Smartypants sat on and felt on her back.
Lyze shook his head again.
Twilight couldn’t help herself, she really hadn’t many friends through her life and Smartypants had always been there for her.
“Ok clumsy, you really need to try focusing at your target, else you won’t stand more than 2 minutes out here.”
“Sorry” Twilight replied with an embarrassed face and her ears lowered.
Twilight thought to herself.
“Ok Twilight you can do this, be a grown up pony you can always fix her again if anything happens to her.”
Twilight tried one more time, this time she made a clear hit.
“Did you see that! I did it I did.” Twilight said jumping around Lyze happily smiling of her success.
Lyze just stood there as a rock and said.
“Good now reply that around 50 times and you should be good, you have to start over if you miss.” After saying that he went into the house, just before entering he said.
“I keep some food ready for you when you finally get it done.”
Twilight was offended she knew she had enough skill to do this. She started firing and firing she did not even think that it was Smartypants. She just wanted to prove to Lyze that she could do it. There was something about that pony she found really annoying, but somehow interesting too.
Many hours after Twilight entered the house with Smartypants who eyes almost had felt out and was torn a bit up. Exhausted from all the anger she had let out firing those shockwaves, she just ignored Lyze’s cheeky look and when straight to bed and hugged Smartypants close into her body.

When Twilight woke up she was still extremely tired, she felt like she haven’t got much sleep through the night, but even that she had woke up early Lyze was still up and had packed all of her stuff. But he had also packed for himself.
“What are the extra bags for?” Twilight asked with and questioning look, she still held Smartypants close to herself and she had properly not let go of it for one second the entire night.
“Well clumsy what do you think? I’m going with you. You’re never going to make it out there alone.” Lyze replied.
“Ok first thing, stop calling me that! And second, when have we made that deal?” Twilight was still upset over yesterday’s event.
“We haven’t. But you aren’t going to survive out there without me and you need somepony who know the forest better than you know your saddlebag.”
Twilight look down for a second and thought the situation through and the odds of her surviving on her own. She knew that Lyze saved her life and he knew what he was doing out here. Twilight looked up again and nodded to Lyze.
“Ok you win so are we leaving immediately?” Twilight asked.
Lyze nodded back to Twilight and made a quick move with his head, signaling to Twilight she had to get up and grab her stuff.
Twilight got out of the bed walking over to her bags that Lyze had packed, she put Smartypants down and put the bags on her bags and then they both left the house.
Twilight walked besides Lyze while they were wandering through the forest heading against the castle the thief had went to, or that was there best bid at least, Twilight could have been wrong even that Lyze had seen somepony running past earlier. The forest seemed the same as before but someway Twilight felt less afraid than she had before.
“Could it be Lyze?” Twilight thought to herself, did this pony really give her confident feeling?
“Soooo Lyze, why did you exactly choose to come with me?” Twilight asked. She knew that it wasn’t of his good will, there was something that drew that pony out searching for somepony who might never even entered the forest.
“Well if what you say is true I better help you out. I don’t want somepony to control me and the rest of Equestria, I like my freedom.” Lyze did not even look at her. He just looked forward while he talked.
Twilight knew he didn’t tell the whole truth. Twilight might not been the best to justify other ponies, but she knew that Lyze lied, there was more to this and why could he not look her in the eyes when they talked? Was he looking out for danger or something? Twilight kept asking questions to herself, but her thoughts were broken by Lyze who blocked her way with his leg.
“Stop!” Lyze said with a lowered voice.
“What? What is there?” Twilight replied.
“Shhh!” Lyze pointed up in the trees over them.
Twilight looked up and was about to scream only stopped by Lyzes hoof in front of her mouth.
“What are they?” Twilight whispered.
“Harpies, it’s a creature that has the head and body of a pony, but its front legs have been replaced by the wings of a Pegasus and the hind legs by a chicken and they are extremely aggressive. So be quiet and fellow me ok?”
Twilight just nodded and followed Lyze so quiet as her hooves could carry her.
When they almost had come past the trees the harpies rested in, Twilight felt that she needed to sneeze and the urge rose faster than she could manage to think.
“haahhh aaahhhh.” Twilight was stopped by Lyze again putting his hoof in front of her face.
Lyze looked with a questioning look about she was ok.
Twilight nodded, she didn’t feel the sneeze anymore, but when Lyze removed his hoof Twilight gave out a loud sneeze who sounded like it could lure the half of the forest predators to them.
There was complete silence, they both stood frozen in hope that nothing would happen and it felt like time stood completely still.
“RUUUUNNN!” Lyze yelled to Twilight.
Twilight and Lyze sprinted away from the trees followed by at least 20 harpies. They couldn’t outrun them for much more. Twilight got to think that maybe she could combine the glowing orb and the shockwave, she started to charge both spells at once, then quickly turned around which also made Lyze stop a little further away when he realized that Twilight had stopped. She fired the big glowing wave of energy off, there was so much power in that spell that Twilight flew back and hit Lyze knocking him in the ground with her. It worked the harpies where retreating and flew away.
Twilight breathed out relieved that it actually worked. It took her some time to realize that she was lying on Lyze’s stomach, which barely made him able to breathe. Twilight quickly got up and helped her friend up.
When Lyze caught his ground again, he yelled at Twilight.
“I told you to be quiet that could have cost us our lives you know that right?!”
Lyze was so upset, that he could not even maintained balance and he felt down again landing on his end causing Twilight to burst into laughter.
“Haha whose the clumsy one now erh?” Twilight replied with a smile on her face.
“Come on we better get moving.” Twilight could barely hold her mask. It felt good to be the cheeky one just this one time.

They had moved on for around 30 minutes now and not a single word had been exchanged between the two ponies. Twilight wondered if he still was being mad at her for either waking the harpies or being cheeky at him.
“Don’t mind it Twilight, he had it coming after the way he had treated you the last couple of days.” Twilight thought to herself.
But either way Twilight didn’t like the feeling that Lyze being angry with her. Why did she feel this way? Why did she care about a pony like him was angry with her? There was something over him Twilight admired but she couldn’t figure out what it was. She tried to convince herself not to think about it, she had more important things to do than thinking about than why she was upset about a pony she barely knew being angry at her. But these thoughts kept getting back into Twilight mind even after countless tries were she had throw them out of her head and still she actually wanted to get things good between them, after what happened with her waking the harpies.
“So Lyze are you mad at me or are you just concentrating where we are going?” Twilight asked with the kindest voice she could manage to find.
Lyze did not even look at Twilight he just kept his head forward and moved on.
“Lyze I’m sorry if I made you angry by waking up those harpies, it was an accident” Twilight said worried.
“It’s not that.” Lyze replied with and harsh voice.
“Is it that I giggled at you when you felt back on your rump?” Twilight asked trying not to laugh when she thought back at the scene of Lyze falling.
“No it’s not that and I’m not angry at you Twilight.” Lyze replied, his voice seemed to have loosened at bit up.
Twilight didn’t know what to say now. If he wasn’t angry with her why did he remain silent? What was there wrong with him? Twilight saw it as a challenge to figure out what was wrong with Lyze. There was something that pained him about this, about her? Twilight caught herself in these constant questions once again.
“Then why is it that you don’t want to talk to me?” Twilight started asking again.
“It’s not that I don’t want to speak with you Twilight, I’m just having a lot of bad memories coming back right now.” Lyze said.
Twilight could hear this really bordered him, but what was causing these memories to come back now?
“You want to talk about it?” Twilight replied sounding as caring as possible.
“I really want to confront it myself Twilight.” Lyze said, he sounded like he was going cry, but held it back as good as he could manage, still trying to have his sort of bad pony attitude.
Twilight could see that he really wanted to let it go, but held it back for some reason. What had Twilight caused? Or was it really her? She wanted to help him, but she needed to figure away to get through his barrier he held up that held his feelings in.
“Lyze its ok you can tell me, for what I heard I’m a pretty good listener.” Twilight said with and cheering voice, in hope to make him a little bit happier.
Lyze just shook his head and looking down in the ground he didn’t want Twilight to see him like this.
“Is it me?” Twilight asked.
“Am I the one making you feel like this?”
“It’s not you directly” Lyze replied finally letting his feelings out, even that he still kept his tears in, but you could easily hear that they wanted to come out.
“You just remind me of my old life, the time before I ran out here.”
“What do I remind you off? Where you’re even from?” Twilight said carefully. She could hear on Lyze that he needed to talk, but she couldn’t go to fast with the questions.
“I come from Canterlot, if you can believe that. My parents owned an very outstanding restaurant called: saint maredowell and it was very popular and my parents was both outstanding cooks and business ponies and they wanted me to take over the restaurant when I would be old enough. But I never shared the same passion for cooking or doing business, which properly also was why they wanted to get rid of me.” Lyze sounded like he was about to burst, he really had held this in for all these years?
“But why do I trigger these feelings in you Lyze?” Twilight replied
“There was this mare back then, I really liked her and I spent many hours planning just to ask her out. I liked adventures and wanted to experience them but I wasn’t exactly tough or anything near it when I lived in Canterlot. When I finally stallioned up and asked her and she just laughed at me and said that she would never be with such an weakling that couldn’t even satisfy his parents desire.”
Twilight felt like she wanted to kick the crap out of the pony who could say something like that.
“Lyze I’m sorry to he---.“ Twilight was interrupted by Lyze before she could say more
“Well we better settle up for the night it’s getting dark” Lyze said, with a voice who sounded like a burden had been lifted from his heart, still he was about to cry, but had easier talking to Twilight now, even that he hasn’t told the entire story. But Twilight would find out the whole truth no-matter what it took.

They walked over to a cave opening. Lyze said to Twilight she should wait outside while he checked the cave was safe. He went in to look and shortly after he came out again waving Twilight in to signal it was safe.
Twilight entered the cave and it was not that bad, it was dry there wasn’t much moisture and would be a suiting place to spent the night, even that it was gray as the rest of this forsaken place. Twilight opened up her bags and brought out the tent which brought memories of struggle and anger in Twilight.
“Stupid tent!” Twilight said to herself.
Twilight started to struggle with the tent once again and it wasn’t easier for her the second time she tried to raise the tent, until she felt Lyze holding a hoof on her shoulder trying to get her to relax.
“You have to do it like this.” Lyze said with a calm voice, not the cheeky voice he use to have and in a second the tent stood high and proud.
Twilight was amazed. Was that the thing she always missed when she tried to raise it, one stupid pole? Twilight looked at Lyze with a thankfully smile and went into the tent and putting up her blanket. She quickly spotted that Lyze was laying in the cave opening properly watching out for creatures trying to sneak up on them. Twilight saw a quick shiver going through Lyze’s body. She went into the tent making the magical fireplace and went out to Lyze again.
“You want to come in the tent? It’s a lot warmer in there.” Twilight said with a kind voice, in hope that he would take her offer, so she could sleep without knowing that Lyze was sitting out here freezing.
Lyze looked at her and said.
“Somepony should really be out here guarding Twilight.”
“Please the glowing light in my tent held the Manticore away before I met you, nothing is going to come and attack tonight.” Twilight answered with a smile, still holding the kind voice.
Lyze looked into the tent behind them. You could easily see that he wanted to be in there in the heat than out here in the cold.
“Ok Twilight. You win.” Lyze said. Twilight think she spotted a smile on his face.
In the tent Twilight had put up the Daring doo book again, trying to remember where she had let go last time she read it.
“So Lyze would you like to tell me more about your family? I could really hear it had taken hard on you.” Twilight said caring in hope of getting more out of him.
“Well as I said my parents wanted me to take over the restaurant when I got older, but we always had our conflicts we were always arguing about why I didn’t want to learn to cook food properly or why I didn’t want to learn how to drive a successful business. I always wanted something else with my life, more than standing in a kitchen and cooking food and my parents couldn’t understand that at all.” Lyze was surprisingly open. Twilight hadn’t expected that it would be so easy to get him talk about it. It was like he trusted her more now than before.
Twilight just nodded to Lyze she didn’t knew how to respond to this, but she had some feelings for this unicorn, she didn’t knew what feelings it was or how to tackle them, but he had something over him that Twilight found interesting, or maybe attractive? Twilight never felt like this for somepony before.
They had laid and talked for around 45 minutes. They had most likely talked about some more happy topics in order to cheer each other up, than talking about the sad past Lyze had been going through. It was most likely Twilight who talked since Lyze really didn’t have that many cheering stories after he had been living in a forest alone for 6 years.
Twilight had completely forgotten about her book. She never really had been able to be distracted by a good book before. But she rather preferred to talk with Lyze and have a good laugh than reading this book.
Twilight and Lyze suddenly got eye contact and they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Twilight felt something inside herself, did she really had feelings for this pony? She had never felt like this before, she hadn’t really never been so good friends with the opposite gender in fact she really had many friends with her own gender either, but was it love she felt for Lyze? Did he have the same feelings for her too? She only had one way to find out.
“Twilight I’m sorry I been such an idi---“ Lyze talking was stopped by Twilight’s lips against his. She had closed her eyes and just hoped for the best. It felt so good Twilight felt the adrenaline go through her body. Twilight had never felt a pleasure like that before this was completely new for her. She had never loved somepony before and she felt like she wanted to last forever.
When she removed her lips from Lyze’s he looked kind of chocked or more like surprised.
“Lyze im… im sorr---“ This time Lyze was the one kissing Twilight back. They both closed their eyes and enjoyed the moment, Twilight was so happy that Lyze had the same feelings for her as she felt for him. The two ponies just laid and kissed for a long time, not many words was being exchanged their feelings and the passion in the kisses explained enough for both of them. As time went on and Twilight was getting tired she took her blanket over Lyze and laid herself close into the stallion she could almost feel his heart beats against her chest. Twilight had never felt more happy or safe in her entire life, she for the first time in what felt like forever she felt there were more than books in life. While she slowly faded into sleep the last words she managed to get out were.
“I love you Lyze” Twilight said while she yawned.
“I love you too” Lyze replied while his hoof was petting slowly on her head.

When Twilight woke up she laid close to Lyze who was holding his hooves around her. Twilight couldn’t do anything but smile, she just wanted this to be her reality from now on, she barely thought of the reason she was out here. This was wonderful and nothing could ruin this moment. It was not long after Lyze woke up and his reaction matched Twilight’s perfectly the feelings for the purple mare was strong and the look in Lyze’s eyes could easily tell that he had been waiting for a mare like her for an eternity.
“Good morning.” Was the first Lyze said, still smiling to Twilight.
“Morning.” Twilight replied and kissed the stallion.
They laid there for some time but both got to think of what they had to get done.
“We need to pack up and move to the ruined castle, it’s not away from here.” Lyze said.
Twilight just nodded, stood up and closed the magical fire and started to pack up her stuff. It wasn’t long before they had packed it all together and started moving on towards their location, but somehow Twilight seemed more upset about this than before, could it be that she could lose more now? Or what made her feel this way? She tried not to think about it and focus on her mission. Nothing to worry about Twilight said to herself, nothing is going to happen they just got to the castle grabbing the jewel and then they both can head back to Canterlot and live their normal lives, nothing new to this.
They hadn’t walked for a long time, actually barely for more than a couple of hours. When Twilight could see the castle with the naked eye, Lyze looked around like he was keeping guard of something. They haven’t talked much since they left the camp. Even though Twilight wanted to talk with Lyze but she kept herself quiet knowing that if Lyze had that look it was because there was something that wasn’t right.
They came to an opening in the forest. Twilight could actually feel the heat from the sun like she could in Canterlot, it was like that the forest wasn’t effected as much here as the rest of the area, the grass had become more green and the trees had gotten leafs on them and a stronger brown color than gray on their bark. This filled Twilight with calm and she felt a breeze in her mane, she opened her eyes to see a clean landscape, but the only thing Lyze was looking at was the giant rift that separated the landscape in two. Twilight stood beside Lyze and looked down to see a strong stream of water with sharp and spiked rocks sticking up at the water surface. Twilight feel a chill down her spine, suddenly the warm and safe feeling from the beautiful area had turned into feelings like fear and doubt or maybe more like confusion of how they should pass.
“Now how are we going to get passed this?” Twilight asked while she looked at Lyze with a questioning look like she hoped he had a way to cross.
Lyze pointed his hoof left to a old bridge further down, Twilight looked at the bridge it was old and muddy the rope looked like it could have a butter knife slash right through it without any problems, the planks that was wet and rotten, they properly couldn’t even hold a little filly if it stepped lightly on them. Twilight looked at Lyze and asked him.
“Aren’t there another way around?”
Lyze shook his head.
“Don’t worry you be fine.” He said while putting his hoof on Twilight’s chin.
Twilight had come to trust Lyze more than anything else in Equestria, well maybe except for the princess, but however she trusted him completely. Twilight went out on the bridge stepping as lightly as possible. She could feel her heart pump faster and faster as she went further out on the bridge. She tried not to look down, but when she hit the middle of the bridge she got to anyway. When she saw the shivering water and the top of the pale formed rocks her body froze, she couldn’t move her body one bit, she could feel herself getting more and more heavy, she couldn’t hold herself on her light-hooves anymore and she could hear the planks starting to give in. Suddenly she could hear Lyze yelling in the background.
“Twilight you have to keep moving! The planks won’t hold forever!”
Twilight tried to get control over herself, getting her body to move was like trying to push a giant rock without her magic.
“Wait a second! Magic that’s it!” Twilight said to herself.
Twilight took a grab all over her body with her magic and threw herself on the safe side, but in the confusion Twilight had also grabbed one of the ropes holding the bridge up causing it to collapse and fall down into the river.
Twilight looked worried at Lyze as the bridge felt further and further down and hit the water and flowed away, Twilight looked up and shouted to Lyze.
“Lyze behind you watch out!”
Lyze turned around to see that the Manticore again ready for a second round. Lyze was standing in a bad position he wasn’t able to move much round since he was standing on a cliff side.
“I’m going to jump!” Lyze yelled back to Twilight.
“No you’ll never make it!” Twilight yelled back, with tears falling down her chin.
But before Twilight could say more, Lyze made a jump for it and flew far. Twilight could easily see he wouldn’t make it, she threw herself forward and caught Lyze with her magic desperately trying to pull him up.
“You have to let me fall Twilight!” Lyze shouted.
Twilight tried with all of her force to pull him up but he was too heavy. Suddenly Twilight remembered to kiss and all they had been through, how much she cared for him and all of a sudden Twilight pulled with such a force that Lyze flew over her and they both landed on the other side safe.
Lyze looked at Twilight relieved, and they both started laughing, they couldn’t really handle the situation decently. But when the Manticore started to brawl at them and trying to find a path over they just looked at each other.
“Maybe we should move on.” Lyze said.
Twilight nodded and then they moved towards the tower, how many things could more stand in their way now? Twilight thought to herself.

They had been running for around 15 minutes when they finally stopped to catch their breath. They needed to get as far away from the rift as possible and make sure that the Manticore didn’t follow them, the last thing they needed was to fight that beast again. It’s been almost 5 days since Twilight left Canterlot and disobeyed the princess order’s, she wondered if Spike had been covering for her for all this time, or maybe the princess was out looking for her? Maybe she hasn’t even noticed because she had been trying to track down this thief.
Twilight was starting to get nervous about the situation she was in, maybe the princess would be so angry with her for doing this, that she didn’t want to be her mentor anymore, on the other hand if she retrieved the jewel back to the princess she might even be proud of Twilight for doing this. Twilight had many thoughts of what could happen, but mostly she thought about that Lyze would come back to Canterlot with her. She had to convince him that he could go back without worrying that he would confront his parent’s.
As they went on Twilight had been thinking a lot about how to ask Lyze to return to Canterlot with her, maybe she didn’t need it, but she had decided just to ask him head on, but she would wait till time was right. But before she could be alone with her thoughts anymore, Lyze said.
“We’re here Twilight.”
Twilight looked up. She had mostly been looking at the sky and the ground than on the road. In front of her was standing a castle or more likely a fort it wasn’t that big as she had imagined it, it looked like it could collapse any moment, the stone-gray wall who was missing giant parts of it, the very small windows everywhere, and the giant tree gate who was surprisingly maintained like the only thing on the outer side of the fort.
Twilight looked at Lyze and asked if they should go inside? Lyze just nodded and they slowly went closer to the gate. When they got close enough, they both started to push the door. The door was soaked wet like somepony had been spraying water all over it. When they entered Twilight suddenly realized why the door was so soaked, the air was thick and moist and Twilight could barely breathe in the main hall, how or why would anypony hide here?
As they moved on into the fort Twilight looked at her surroundings the walls was dark gray, the banners who hang on them had been falling apart for a long time only the nail and the tread was barely there, the candlesticks on the walls had rust all over them most likely from the high amount of moist there was in here, the roof was dripping and the big chandelier looked like it could fall down any moment somepony went past it. The floor squeaked and caused a lot of noise if there was anypony in here he would properly have noticed by now.
Lyze was leading the way with Twilight right behind him. As they headed deeper into the main hallway there was blanket laying on the floor. Twilight thought to herself.
“Why would anypony place a blanket at a totally random place in this giant hall?”
But when Lyze went over it he felt down into a trap. Lyze let out a terrifying scream that made Twilight shiver all over her body, she ran to the edge of the hole and looked down.
“Lyze are you ok?!” Twilight said worried, Lyze laid on the bottom holding around his left front leg.
“I’m ok Twilight but you need to give me a hoof if I need to get up from here.” Lyze replied trying to smile for calm Twilight down.
Twilight reached down her hooves to grab Lyze, but he only lends her his right leg. When Twilight had gotten a grab she with help from her magic pulled him up. When Lyze got on his hooves again he tried to stand on his left front leg, but he just closed his eyes, and breathed out. Twilight could see that something was obviously wrong with his leg.
“I’m fine Twilight don’t worry about it, it just need time.” Lyze said trying to restrain the pain he clearly had.
Twilight just couldn’t figure out what to say, should she let him continue? Or should she ask him to stay and let her go on her own and come back when she had the jewel? But somehow she knew that he already had made up his mind and she couldn’t change his decision.
As they went out of the main hall, Lyze’s leg was getting worse by every step he took and the many stairs they came across didn’t help at all in his injured leg. Twilight most likely just wanted to tell him to lay down and let her look at it, she once had read a book about pony limps and bones, but she could see in Lyze’s face that he wouldn’t let a injured leg stop him or his pride. Even though he had loosen up his attitude for Twilight, he still had his pride to maintain.
“Wait! You hear that Twilight?” Lyze said quietly.
Twilight had been so absorbed by her thoughts that she had completely overheard a mumble that came from behind a door. Lyze humped over to the door, with Twilight following right behind him. They stood close with their ears up against the door, it was cold and just as soaked as the main gate. They could hear somepony whispering some words, who sounded like they were from olden times, a lost langue. Suddenly the pony behind the door started talking to himself, in a language they could understand. If he didn’t already talk to himself in another kind of language.
“ahhh soon I will be ready to release the evil inside this jewel and I will rule Equestria with an iron hoof!” The mysteries pony said.
Twilight and Lyze looked frightened at each other, Twilight more than Lyze. They both knew this was bad and they had to get that jewel away from that pony, but how they had no clue they both had realized they properly couldn’t beat him in a fight, if he had that kind of power to release an ancient evil from a prison forged by the princess herself. Suddenly they heard a door smack from the other side of the door, they knew this was their one chance to retrieve the jewel unnoticed.
They opened the door slowly and looked inside the room. There were weird runes and decorations everywhere and in the middle of the room there was a big shiny jewel on a pillar. Both knew that Lyze wasn’t fast enough so Twilight ran in as quietly as her hooves could manage. When she came close to the jewel, she felt a chill down her spine again, it was like the jewel tried to hold her away from it. When Twilight was about the grab it she remembered the trap from the Daring Doo book, it could be a setup so she took up the book and quickly replaced the jewel with the book, she packed the jewel down in her saddlebag, it was really heavy and barely fit in the bag and when Twilight was about the turn around and run back to Lyze she heard somepony yell.
“What are you think you’re doing?!”

Twilight gasped, she turned around to see an on pony standing and staring angry at her. The old pony had a long silver-gray mane it was ruined a lot and so was his tail, his coat was light brown but also had faded some color, he had a lot of wrinkles in his face, but he did not look like an old pony at all, he was well trained and had a strong body and had proper lived here for a long time.
“Run Twilight!” Lyze yelled from the other side of the room.
Twilight snapped out her confusion and started running for the door. The old pony started firing lightning bolt after Twilight, luckily Lyze covert her with small barriers blocking them from hitting Twilight. When Twilight reached the door, they both ran so fast as they could though that Lyze leg still was getting worse and he seemed to get slower for every step they took.
“We had to head up!” Lyze said with an exhausted voice and sweat on his pan.
“You never make it up so many stairs with your leg!” Twilight replied.
They both turned around to see the thief came around the corner while he charged a spell.
“No time for arguing, go!” Lyze yelled and started running up the stairs as fast as his leg could take him.
They kept running into more stairs but the only way they could head was up. Twilight knew that this wasn’t going to help them, sooner or later they would run out of stairs and they would be cornered, but she also knew they didn’t have other choices.
Lyze’s leg was getting worse, Twilight could see that that he suffered an extremely high amount of pain, but he somehow kept himself moving. Twilight couldn’t understand how he was able to keep moving. They came to a large balcony and in the other end there was a stair leading to and watchtower and that was the last point they could flee to.
Lyze closed the door to the balcony and pulled an old cannon in front of the door with his magic. The thief started ramming and hitting the door while he yelled something Twilight couldn’t understand, but that wasn’t important right now.
“Lyze what are we going to do?” Twilight asked worried and scared, she didn’t want it to end like this.
“I don’t know Twilight, our only ho--- hope is th--- that somepony from the outside find us…” Lyze could barely speak because of the pain in his leg.
“Outside?” Wait that’s it Twilight said to herself, getting to think of the third and last spell she never got to practice. The flare could maybe signal the princess it was soon dawn and the princess would properly be outside getting ready to raise the sun, if she just could remember. She could hear the door starting to give in, she didn’t have much time to do this. She started to channel the spell and then she fired a small ball of light into the air, it didn’t seem of much and Twilight thought she had failed the spell. Then the small ball exploded in the air, letting out an giant light and boom, it shined bright and lighted the sky for a long time, there was no doubt that the princess would notice that.
When they headed for the door that would lead to the tower, Lyze’s leg let out a break causing Lyze to fall to the ground and the same second the blocked door was blown open and the cannon that was blocking it was sent into the air.
“Well well, then I finally caught you just where I wanted to, I think I start killing your little injured friend here.” The old pony said letting a small and terrifying laughter.
The pony started to channel a spell. Twilight didn’t know what to do, Lyze couldn’t move and the spell would properly kill him. The thief fired a giant beam against them causing Twilight to scream out.
“NO!” Forcing Twilight to put out a giant purple barrier holding back the spell.
Twilight kept the barrier up, but her and Lyze was still pushed back against the edge of the balcony and would soon get pushed out. They almost were at the tower entrance.
Lyze could see that Twilight couldn’t stand to hold the barrier up much more, she started to shake and bite her teeth together.
“You have to let go Twilight! I’m not worth it” Lyze said.
Twilight looked at Lyze just shaking her head and he could see in her eyes that she would rather die with him than letting fall into his death. Lyze knew what he had to do, when they were pushed back to the door, he gathered enough strength to barely stand and he kissed Twilight causing her to lose focus.
“Goodbye Twilight.” Lyze said and pushed her into the tower entrance, making the barrier fade and Lyze was sent over the balcony and Twilight heard a giant splash.
Twilight couldn’t manage what just happened, she felt like a piece of her just was ripped right off. He was gone, the only stallion she ever felt something for was gone. Twilight snapped again and she started to run up the stairs.
Twilight hit the top of the tower, she was so exhausted she couldn’t even think straight anymore. She felt on the floor and breathed heavily trying to get some focus but for no use, she felt like she was going to fade out again and she heard to thief getting closer, she knew this was the end there was no way she could survive now. Twilight looked at the sky and there she saw a giant light coming closer. She knew it was the princess coming for her, everything was going to be alright Twilight said to herself, as she faded out and felt into sleep.

Twilight slowly open her eyes to see that she was laying in her room in Canterlot. Twilight was shocked what happened? What happened to the thief? The jewel? But most important what happened to Lyze?
“Twilight your awake!” Said a little voice that was entering the room, it was Spike who jumped on to Twilight giving her a giant hug.
“Spike what happened? Did the jewel get returned? Did we catch the thief?” Twilight ask in such a hurry that she almost mixed a little bit of every question together.
“Jewel? Thief? Twilight did you have a dream? Don’t you remember anything of what happened?” Spike said with a lifted eyebrow.
“But… but what about Lyze? Can’t you remember that I went to the Everfree forest?” Twilight was so confused.
Spike just looked at Twilight, he had absolutely no idea of what Twilight was talking about.
“The Everfree forest? Oh Twilight stop joking.” The little purple dragon said trying to hold back that he wanted to laugh about Twilight’s questions.
“Some dream you had Twilight.” Spike said, “Don’t you remember? You were late for your lesson with princess Celestia and you hurried so much that you tripped and hit your head, you been passed out for around 2 days now.”
“But… was everything just a dream?” Twilight looked disappointed then in the bed.
“You should really rest Twilight, I can hear that you still are a little confused after your fall.” Spike said and left the room, on his way out he said, “I be back later Twilight, try getting some rest.”
Spike closed the door silently, Twilight just lay down and looked out the window, thinking about that it all just could have been a dream, but it wasn’t long before she felt into a deep sleep, hoping she would see Lyze again.
On the other side of the door the princess eagerly waiting on Spike.
“So she remembers anything?” The princess asked Spike.
“She don’t remember anything, but are you sure a mind clouding spell was the only way?” Spike said while looking worried at the princess.
“It was the right thing to do, after what I saw what she been through, she suffered more than enough from this experience, she be best off forgetting the whole thing. But remember the spell can be broken, she must not get in to much contact with memories from this adventure she been on, else everything will come back to her, even that she might remember few things from the event like names etc. you have to keep her from getting in connection with objects she ran into this last week.” The princess said with a dead serious look at the little dragon.
“Yes ma’am!” Spike replied.
The princess nodded and flew away leaving the dragon on the stairs, Spike look as the alicorn flew away and he reentered his and Twilight’s room.
The end