The demon mare

by CeresBane

Our party

"What a nice and heartwarming story." Pinkie said as she took a sip of her tea. Her tone was so uncharacteristically calm and serene, as to give Rarity's natural grace something to rival.

The great hero, Twilight Sparkle, knew fear. A horrid terrifying fear of so many layers as it left her speechless.

She feared the truth she knew that she was going to be faced with. She feared the reaction of her oldest friends shifting from this calm cordiality to a look of anger filled betrayal. The great hero feared the shadow of death upon her as she conversed with one of her few friends in the world. And she feared the mystery of the things this friend of clear supernatural ability, if not demonic ability would do to her.

This room. This tiny tea room of pealing pink wall paper, with moist pulsating bloody bleeding through the tiny breaks of pink wall skin. The lack of windows or door and the maddening blinking glow of a pink light illuminating a room darkened and deafened by buzzing flies. And the various seats where the flies gathered, swarming over hidden figures concealed by various coloured blankets, staining by the clear decomposing flesh behind them.

This room, was a room of death and madness. If the eyes couldn't betray to the blind, then the smell certainly would. Pinkie did not bring her here for a nice little chat. She was going to die here, the moment that smile on her face vanished from that pink face she would be subject to the worst things this pony could think of, and by how clear this pony has fallen from harmony, Twilight knew Pinkie was far more capable of thinking up horrible things than a murderer of a thousand ponies like her.

A hero like her, was facing the judgement of the villain.

Twilight inhaled to calm her terrified heart. But her breath was shakey and quivering. And she could taste the blood and death in the air, it was so bitter with the iron tang of blood but there was also a sickening sweetness too, mixing with the taste of rotten flesh that would forces anyone to gag and vomit by its sheer potency.

"Why did you stop?" Pinkie remarked ever so calmly. It sounded like a question. But Twilight knew it wasn't, she had to continue. Pinkie was ordering her too.

Willing as much defiance as she could, building up all her fear and courage in a sickening mind bending collaboration, Twilight attempted to look Pinkie straight in the eyes, sealing her mouth shut as to almost bite them closed.

There was madness in those pink eyes that felt so contagious, but she knew that if she didn't defy Pinkie now, she would never do so. Go mad, if she has to, she doesn't want to continue the story no matter what.

"I see..." Slowly Pinkie's smile faded into a very slow and deliberate look of displeasure. "Is that how it's going to be..." Twilight almost broke from the fear the moment, her expressed turned back into a smile. A smile of intent, malicious and sadistic. A smile pleased to be presented with the justifiability to do what she was about to do.

Suddenly the room went dark and distinctly Twilight her four hooves hit the wooden floors. For a few seconds there was nothing but silence. Not even the buzzing of the flies broke the eerie quiet.

"It's a nice room isn't it." The room flickered again into light as Pinkie's voice purred into Twilight's ears. There was no more buzzing. The flies that were everywhere now lie dead in a black carpet across every surface.

"Where do you suppose this is Twilight? Some cellar in an imperial winery or public house? Maybe a basement of some bakery? Maybe even a whole dimension all of its own?"

"There's no escaping here Twilight. Your magic won't help you here even if this room is right next to your god empress."

"No one can hear you. No one will save you. Ponies that find themselves here never find their way out again. Not even their souls."

"Look around the room Twilight. Tell me what you see. Tell me if you can guess who are behind these little blankets."

Twilight was in tears while Pinkie was laughing. It was so unnatural. It was as if Pinkie laughed with the voice of several ponies, all of them pained laughter barring only a few. Dominating her voice was a sound not unlike the Pinkie she had always known, intermixed with a low reverberating laugh that was still in her voice but holding a sadistic, almost furious joy as opposed to the innocent glee Twilight knew her laughter for.

It was hopeless. Pinkie was just torturing her with a glimpse of her old friend while the demon intentionally mocked her for it. This wasn't some surviving part of Pinkie or some fairy tale cliche like that. This was the demon reminding her what she had lost when Twilight had left Pinkie Pie in that tiny village to join the war so many years ago.

It was a sad parting for everypony. But never did anyone imagine that it would be so fatal for Pinkie Pie.

"We only wanted you to be safe. For you to stay out of the horrors of war. We wanted you to be out of all of us, right to the very end, to be the most innocent of us all." Twilight cried at how cruel the irony of fate was. If there was anything of any dignity left in her, it was the sorrow of loss towards all of her friends. It transcended all of her fears and worries. The knowledge that things could never be as good as those times ever again. That was what hit home.

And Pinkie drove the knife even deeper even as she laughed at all their mutual misery.

"Heroes don't cry little bitch tears, Twilight. Heroes face forward and take the task head-on." Twilight managed a tiny almost hysterical smirk through her sobbing at those words. The sweetness of the voice, so cruel a reminder.

And the fear returned like a wave.

"Now tell me what you see..." Pinkie purred with that, now trademark sadism.

What was before her was self explanatory. The tea party table had eight seats with her at the head of one side as the guest and Pinkie at the other side as the host. Beside them were six seats. Three ponies, ponies, for that she was certain, were to her left and one pony was to her right. The cloth that hid them even through the glow of the pink light was clear. Their symbolizing colour and their meaning was apparent even to a child.

The pony draped in pale orange was right next to her. The pony right next to her was green in the pink light but Twilight knew it was blue. The pony that would be next to Pinkie was a darker orange, meaning in the pink light the pony next to her was yellow. Directly opposite of green one was clearly white by the lighter shade of pink it creates.

"I see our friends Pinkie." Twilight said. Her eyes looked to the right at the right of Rarity. Her place was there by her side, also right next to Pinkie.

Her last friend.

"Our party." Pinkie said.

"The eternal Party. Twilight."

"Now please, my bestest friend in the whole of Equestria. The guests are getting bored. Won't you tell the whole of your story?"