Harmony Squad

by Rainbow87dash

Chapter one part 3

The sky over Cloudsdale was a raging maelstrom, gale force winds tore at the cloud structures, nearly tearing them to pieces. Hail ravaged and battered the streets, leaving minuscule holes straight through each cloud. Ponies were evacuated from their homes, most cowering in fear at the destruction of their home city. Foals and children cried as their mothers held them close.

One stallion, however, was not huddled in fear, he was in fact battling the storm head on. His body was bruised and his blue and gold spandex uniform was tattered and wrecked from the onslaught of hail. His wings screamed in agony and begged for rest, but he pushed on, the lives of every pony in Cloudsdale rested in his hooves.

He continued to fly, kicking and smashing any cloud in his path, pushing himself to his limits and then some. He worked frantically, trying to clean up the huge mess that he had caused.

1 hour Prior

Soarin had been assigned to just clear out a small storm that had been coming in from the north. It was a punishment from his superiors due to his selfishness, lazyness and his inability to control himself around pie. Whilst he was supposed to do this, the rest of his team was away, doing an airshow in Hoofington.

But, being him, he neglected his duty and decided to slack off, sleeping whilst the storm grew nearer. In fact, he was in such a deep sleep, he didn't hear the storm as it drew nearer and nearer to the weather factory.

The storm head hit the factory with a deafening boom, ripping a large portion of the factory apart, waking Soarin from his slumber. He watched as It continued its path through the factory, destroying room after room and growing in size as it absorbed the building’s materials.

Suddenly, a large multicoloured explosion erupted from inside the factory, tearing what was left of the factory apart, leaving only the cloud base of the building remaining. Soarin stood stock still, mouth agape at the complete destruction of the massive factory. All the while, the storm continued its growth, becoming more violent with each passing second.

After a full minute of open mouthed staring, Soarin finally snapped out of his dazed stupor, shaking his head to wake himself up. He looked towards the storm, pulled down his goggles, opened his wings, and jetted towards it head on. Rain pelted at him as he flew, barely dodging a lightning bolt as it whizzed past his left wing, making his fur stand on end.

As if things couldn't get any worse, the rain turned into ping pong ball sized hail that began pelting Soarin's body, ripping his uniform and leaving bold purple marks. He grunted and fought through the pain, dogging what hail he could and getting ever closer to his target.

'Damn it, why did I have to slack off!? If I hadn’t had been such a lazy flank, this would never have happened!' He berated himself mentally as the raging storm clouds drew near. As soon as they came into his physical range, he unloaded all of his force into destroying them, tearing large holes into them and blasting them into non-existence.

After minutes of gruelling cloud homicide, Soarin flew above the storm to see how far he had left to clear. His jaw dropped at the sight before him, his hard labour had barely put a dent in the storm and the area in which he had just cleared was quickly being refilled. Not to mention the fact that the storm was seemingly getting worse by the minute, slowly rotating around its centre and gradually morphing into a supercell.

"Crap, what am I gonna do!? There's no way I'm stopping that on my own!" Soarin' shouted aloud, staring down at the raging maelstrom that was tearing Cloudsdale to pieces. Out the corner of his eye, he noticed a small group of pegasi trying to fight the storm as it raged on, they were losing horribly. Every time they kicked and destroyed a cloud, two more would replace it. They must have known they were fighting a losing battle, but they continued on anyway.

"I may not be able to stop it on my own, but with a team maybe I'll have a chance!" Soarin snapped his wings to his sides and dove down towards the group of pegasi. As he neared them, his wings flew out from his sides to slow his descent. He then aimed himself towards the pony that looked to be in charge, a pink pegasus with a blue mane.

"Hey Miss! Over here!" He called out as he neared her. She didn't respond and continued to buck at a rather large, angry black cloud. Soarin hovered a few feet away from her and tried again. "HEY MISS! TURN AROUND!" This caused the pink mare jump and turn to face him, giving him a cold glare.

"What do you want? Can't you see we're a little busy trying to stop this thing from destroying Cloudsdale!?" She asked whilst pointing her hoof at the carnage that was Cloudsdale, or at least what was left of it.

"Are you in charge of this team!?" Soarin questioned back, struggling to have himself heard over the loud, rumbling thunder and the heavy rain.

"Yeah I'm in charge here, name’s Firefly, what's it to you?" Firefly crossed her forelegs and gave Soarin a questioning look.

"I need you and your team to follow me, we're going the wrong way about this! We need to organise and hit the storm at its centre!" Soarin ordered, pointing towards the eye of the storm, earning a shocked expression from the pink mare.

"ARE YOU CRAZY!? The clouds over that area or more dangerous than these ones, somepony could get seriously hurt if we even tried to destroy them!" Firefly glared at him, unwilling to let the mad stallion in front of her get her and her team injured, or worse, killed.

"Everyone in Cloudsdale could be badly injured if we don't try! Just kickin' at the edges won't do anything! Trust me, I've tried!" The blue colt shouted back over the howling winds. At his words, Firefly looked around her and noticed what little effect their efforts had made. The gaps and holes they had managed to create were quickly being closed and covered. She looked over at her team, who were desperately kicking and tearing at the cloud behemoth, barely holding up against the harsh winds and rain.

"Alright you win, what do you need us to do!?" Soarin grinned, clapping his hover together.

"Right! We're gonna create a reverse vortex in the storm’s eye, if we create one with enough force, it'll knock out the storm’s momentum and break it apart!" he said confidently, in truth he had no idea what he was talking about.

"You sure that'll work!?" Firefly questioned, still doubtful to the crazy stallions logic and/or mental health.

"If this doesn't work then my name isn’t...W-Wave Chill!!" Soarin said with a nervous grin, hoping Firefly hadn't caught his stutter. Thankfully, after a curious look, she turned around to address her team, telling them about they were about to do.

"Now you all understand what we're doing?" She received a series of head nods and salutes, "Good, now lets get to it!" At the words, all present pegasi flew towards the eye of the storm, dodging stay lightning bolts from the raging clouds below. A few were knocked out of the air as they flew, either succumbing to the gale force winds or a stray bolt of lightning, falling down to what little remained of Cloudsdale, unconscious.

By the time the group had arrived rt they storm’s eye, just under half of them remained conscious and airborne. They hovered over the eye for a moment to catch their breaths and take a head count.

"Okay ponies, you all know what to do and what's at stake here if we fail, so lets do this!" Firefly screamed, snapping her wings to her sides and diving towards the storm's eye, Soarin and the other pegasi following close behind her. They began flying in a tight knit circle, going in the opposite direction in which the storm was turning. Gradually a small tornado began forming, disrupting the calmness and pulling all nearby clouds towards it.

At first it was going okay, the clouds entering the tornado were quickly being torn apart. Eventually the clouds became too much to handle and the tornado was disrupted, scattering the small group of pegasi in all directions. Soarin managed to right himself before he hit anything, however the other pegasi weren't fast enough and ended up colliding with the thick layer of clouds around them, rendering them unconscious. The storm quickly reformed itself and continued to raise havoc.

A sudden blood-curdling scream pierced through the howling winds, making Soarin nearly piss himself. He searched the skies for the source of the scream. After a minute of searching his eyes set on a pink dot, on top of the remains of a house, that looked as though it was rolling around. He quickly recognised the dot to be Firefly and sped towards her.

"Miss Firefly! I'm coming!" Soarin shouted as he neared the squirming pegasus below him, her cries of agony getting louder with each passing moment. He landed next to the squirming mare, ran to her side and cradled her in his forelegs.

"Miss Firefly are you okay!?" the blue stallion asked, mentally pleading with himself, hoping that she wasn't dead.

“DO I LOOK OKAY!? MY WING FEELS LIKE ITS BEEN RAN OVER BY A SPEEDING TRAIN FULL OF COWS! IF I WAS OKAY I WOULDN'T BE ON THE FLOOR IN AGONY WOULD I YOU STUPID DOLT!!” she screeched in his face, making him jump back in surprise, nearly soiling himself.

"S-sorry I shouldn't have snapped at you like t-that..." Firefly said apologetically, avoiding eye contact. "I guess I'm just... scared. My daughter already lost her father, I don’t want her to lose me too. I know this seems a little out of the blue, but do you think, ugh, maybe, you'll be able to look after her? Just whilst I'm in hospital."

"Of course but, uh... who is she?" Soarin asked, looking at Firefly's face, unsure.

"Her name's Rainbow Dash, you should find her at my house in Ponyville, should be easy to... ugh... spot, it’s the only cloud house for miles. She'll probably throw a fit when she sees you, she's a big fan of you guys..." Fyrefly said, trying to stifle a laugh before groaning in pain and falling unconscious.

"Miss Firefly? Miss Firefly!?" Soarin shouted, beginning to panic as the pink mare didn't respond. He noticed her chest gently rising and falling and began to calm down. "Oh thank Celestia, she just unconscious."

A sudden lighting flash brought him back to what was happening around him. "This is all my fault," he said as he surveyed the scene, "All of this is my fault! Nopony would have been hurt if I hadn't been such an idiot!"

During his rantings, Soarin failed to notice his body, which began to give off a faint glow. "If I had just done my job and not fallen asleep, Cloudsdale would still be in one piece!" He began punching the cloud in which he was sat on, cursing his stupidity. Meanwhile his body began to glow brighter and brighter as his temper grew. Eventually his mane and tail took on a flame like quality and began to glow blue.

Eventually he stopped his brutal assault on the cloud and finally took notice of his glowing appearance. "Woah! What the hell!? What the heck is happening to me!?" He shot up in shock and looked down at his forehooves. "I'm all...glowy..."

A sudden wave tore through his body, healing all the bruising and wounds he had recieved from the raging onslought around him, his body being filled with renewed energy. "Woah...t-this feels...awesome." Soarin grinned, quickly snapping his wings out the side and getting ready for take off.

"Time to go save me a city!" Like a firework he was off, shooting up into hell above him, leaving a contrail of shining blue light. He began to circle the storm, going in the opposite direction in which it was turning. Steadily speading up as he progressed, until he was nothing but a blue blur surrounding the entirety of the devastating storm.

Gradually the rotation of the storm decreased, soon coming to a complete halt. As this happened Soarin began circling closer and closer towards the eye, the mass of clouds beginning to bunch up and compact. Eventually all that was left of the raging typhoon was a giant sphere of clouds, all tightly wound and squashed together.

With one final swoop, Soarin tore straight through the center of the mass, creating an explosion of light and sound as he did so, a massive shockwave spreading out from its center. The clouds were ripped apart and destroyed, leaving only a small trace of them ever being there.

With the threat over and what remained of the once great city safe, Soarin bled off his remaining speed amd flopped onto a nearby cloud, the mistical glow surrounding his body vanashing as he fell into unconsciousness.

10 days later

"Hey! Mr Soarin! Mr Soarin! Hey wake up!" A high pitched, scratchy voice called, along with a small object prodding his side.

"Mmm...five more minute mom...leave the pie by the door I'll get to it later...." He mumbled in his sleepy state, not yet ready to face the cruelty that was morning. A giggle accompanied his outburst, quickly turning into laughter, promting him to slowly open his eyes.

The sight that met him was that of a small, cyan, rainbow maned filly rolling around on the floor in laughter.

"Kid...why wake me up so early? It's like 7o'clock in the morning!" He groaned, slowly sitting himself up as the small pegasus quietened down, her laughter subsiding quickly.

"Uhh...it's actually 9..." The filly said, glancing at the clock that hung on the wall above their heads, its hour hand on the 9 mark and it's minute hand just a few centimeters past the 12 mark.

"Oh...you had breakfast yet? Coz i'm starving!" He said, the thought of food making him almost drool. He looked down at the small mare, who shook her head no.

"Well how about I make us some pancakes? I'm pretty sure I saw the ingredients yesterday...." Soarin got up from the couch, just as the chromatic ball of cute squeeled in delight, rushing into the kitchen and sitting down at the table.

Soarin just shook his head and smiled, no matter how annoying kid was at times, she sure was cute at times, even if she hated to admit it.