A Mother's Love

by GunsNRoses365

Flying Lessons

The sun was beginning to rise in the horizon as Rainbow Dash flew through the sky's gracefully. She smiled as the wind gently blew against her face and let her mane flow freely behind her. Rainbow had the day off from weather duty today so she decided to spend the day teaching her number one fan and her new nephew how to fly. After a few minutes of flying rainbow dash heard the voice of a young filly calling her name. Looking down, she saw Scootaloo jumping up and down and waving her hooves like a mad pony.

Rainbow flew down to the little filly and said, "Good Morning Scoots' you ready to do some flying today."

Scootaloo smiled like a Cheshire cat and shouted, "Yes! Yes! Yes! I can't wait to get started!"

Rainbow dash giggled at the filly's excitement and ruffled her mane with her hoof.

"Alright, settle down squirt. Let's go get my awesome nephew so we can get started." Rainbow Dash said before setting Scootaloo on her back.

After a few minutes, the two arrived at Fluttershy's cottage. Rainbow landed on the ground and knocked on the door. After a minute Fluttershy opened the door and smiled when she saw Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo waved at Fluttershy and Fluttershy returned the wave with one of her own.

"Hi Rainbow, How are you this morning?" Fluttershy asked kindly

"I'm just fine Flutters', where's Lightning Twister?" Rainbow Asked curiously

"He's in the kitchen eating breakfast." Fluttershy said before stepping to the side. "Please come in." She said politely.

Rainbow nodded her head and went inside. When she entered the living room Lightning came out to greet her. Rainbow and Scootaloo smiled at the the young colt and Scootaloo waved at him while smiling.

"Hi Auntie Rainbow, Hi Scootaloo." Lightning said happily while waving at Scootaloo. He then went up to Rainbow and hugged her. Rainbow returned the hug and gave Lightning a playful noogie. Fluttershy smiled at the site before Lightning trotted up to her.

"I put my dish in the sink like you told me to Momma." Lightning said to his mother. Fluttershy smiled at her son and nodded her head before looking at Rainbow Dash.

"What can I do for you Rainbow? Fluttershy asked politely

Rainbow smiled and said, "I was just wondering if Lightning could spend the day with his Auntie Rainbow. I was going to teach him and Scootaloo how to fly."

Scootaloo smiled and spoke to Fluttershy with puppy dog eyes.

"Can he come Fluttershy please, It would be so awesome to learn how to fly with my little buddy. With Rainbow Dash teaching us we could grow up to be two of the best flyers in all of Equestria. Can he come, Please?

Fluttershy was a bit nervous about saying yes she knew Lightning was a weak flyer and she didn't want to see him get hurt. However she knew he had to learn how to fly sometime, and there was no better teacher than one of the best young flyers in Equestria, Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy smiled at Rainbow softly and said, "Okay Rainbow you can take him for the day. But please be careful."

Lightning smiled at his mother and Scootaloo cheered happily.

Fluttershy let out a sigh and looked at her son.

"Alright sweetheart, I want you to listen to Rainbow Dash and I want you to promise me you'll be careful." She said to him softly but firmly

Lightning gave Fluttershy a soft smile and wrapped his little forelegs around her neck before saying, "Okay Momma, I promise I'll be careful."

Fluttershy gently smiled at her son and kissed him on the forehead as Lightning nuzzled her cheek.

"Alright Lightning, run along now." She said to him softly

"Okay Momma, I love you." Lightning said before going to Rainbow Dash.

"I love you too sweetheart." Fluttershy responded.

Rainbow bent down as Scootaloo helped Lightning onto her back.

"Are you all set Lightning?" Rainbow asked the young colt on her back. Lightning nodded his head in response

Rainbow looked at Fluttershy and smiled at her.

"Don't worry Fluttershy, I'll look after him. I'll bring him back home this evening." She said in a kind and promising voice

Fluttershy nodded as Rainbow walked out of the cottage and got ready to take off.

"You guys ready?" Rainbow asked the colt and filly on her back.

The two nodded their heads in response.

"Alright hang on tight." Rainbow said before flying into the air.

Fluttershy smiled as she watched her son head up to the clouds. She was a little bit worried that something might happen, but she put that fear aside knowing that Rainbow would keep him safe. Letting out a calm sigh Fluttershy went back into the cottage and closed the door.

Up in the sky's Rainbow was flying higher and higher until she found the perfect spot to start practicing. Rainbow landed on a large cloud and bent down so Scootaloo and Lightning Twister could get off of her back. The two hopped down and Lightning looked over the edge of the cloud. He began to tremble in fear of being this high up. Rainbow noticed this and went up to her nephew.

She put a hoof on his shoulder and said, "Don't worry Lightning I promise you'll be safe as long as I'm around."

Lightning trusted his Aunts words and calmed his shaking before saying a bit nervously, "O-okay Auntie Rainbow."

Rainbow and Lightning trotted back to Scootaloo who was looking around. Lightning stood by Scootaloo as Rainbow Dash stood in front of both of them.

Rainbow let out a sigh before speaking to the colt and filly.

"Alright little ones, flying is not as heard as you think it might be. The way we fly is no different than how a bird flies. Our wings are just like a bird's wings. First I'm going to show you each how to hover. We're going to do this one at a time. Scootaloo your first, I want you to get into the same stance that I'm going to go into."

Scootaloo nodded and watched as rainbow dash crouched down into a takeoff position and spread her legs.

"Alright scoots' your turn." Rainbow said as she stood in her stance

Scootaloo did the exact same thing as Rainbow Dash and crouched down into a takeoff position before spreading her legs.

"Good Job scoot's," Rainbow said calmly. "Now I want you to jump into the air and flap your wings at a very easy speed, don't flap them to fast."

Rainbow jumped into the air and she started flapping her wings at a gentle and rhythmic motion as she hovered above her two students. Scootaloo let out a sigh and jumped into the air once she was at a certain point she started flapping her wings in a calm and rhythmic movement. She gasped in shock realizing that for once she was actually staying in the air longer than she ever had.

Wearing a huge smile Scootaloo cheered, "I'm doing it I'm actually flying!"

Rainbow smiled and said, "Good Job Scoot's, now I want you to move around a bit, but don't leave the cloud."

Scootaloo nodded and moved her body around as she continue to flap her wings she felt tears stinging as she was actually flying around in the air. Rainbow watched on proudly before looking at a nervous Lightning Twister.

"Alright Lightning, It's your turn. Don't be scared, just watch me and do exactly as I do." Rainbow said calmly and gently.

Lightning nodded his head and did the exact same things as Scootaloo did. He closed his eyes, fearing that he was going to fall. However after a moment Lightning opened his eyes ever so slightly and then his eyes went wide with shock. He let out a small gasp before a smile began to grow larger and larger on his face. He was actually flying by himself.

"I-I'm doing it! I'm actually flying!" Lightning said as tears of happiness stung his eyes.

He brushed the tears away away as Rainbow flew up to him while smiling proudly.

"See buddy, you can do it!" Rainbow said "Now I want you to move around a little bit."

Lightning nodded his head as he moved his body a little bit while flapping his wings calmly and gently. He stumbled a little bit but was able to stay in the air. One he got use to the new feeling of flying, he moved all around the cloud as Rainbow watched on with small tears in her eyes.

"Well done you two you guys define awesome right now." She said before playfully ruffling both Lightning and Scootaloo's mane. "Alright now let's learn how to glide. Follow Me!"

Scootaloo and Lightning nodded to each other and Followed Rainbow away from the cloud.

"Alright guys just flap your wings up and down just like I'm doing." Rainbow said as she moved her wings up and down slowly.

Scootaloo and Lightning did the same as the wind gently blew against their faces. They were both speechless they couldn't believe they were actually flying. Scootaloo began to increase her speed and Lightning did the same. However when Lightning started to go a little bit fast and began to lose control. Luckily Scootaloo grabbed him.

Rainbow saw all of this and said, "Don't fight the wind currents, move with them."

Lightning was a bit nervous to let go of Scootaloo's hoof, but when he looked at her he saw her smiling at him gently.

"Don't worry Lightning, you'll be okay." She said reassuringly.

Lightning gave a hesitant nod and let go of Scootaloo's hoof. He did as Rainbow Dash said and used the wind currents instead of fighting them. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash smiled on at the young colt happily as he was finally getting used to the feeling of Flying.

"I can't be I'm actually flying!" Lightning shouted happily

Rainbow went backward and Flew beside him on one side and Scootaloo flew beside him on the other.

"I'm proud of you Lightning." Rainbow said before looking at both him and Scootaloo. "I'm proud of both of you. you guys are naturals at flying."

Lightning and Scootaloo smiled at each other before looking forward. After a few minutes they were both flying at decent speeds. However Lightning began to tire out. He was about to speak up before feeling a major cramp in one of his wings. Lightning couldn't move as he began to fall. Once he could move his wings again he tried to flap them but he was too tired.

Rainbow and Scootaloo gasped in shock before rainbow took off at lightning speed to catch her nephew.

"Hang on Lightning!" she shouted as she increased her speed

She managed to get a hold of his hoof to stop him from falling just before he fell into a forest. However Lightning couldn't hold on. Lightning lost his grip on Rainbow Dash's hoof and fell into the trees bellow before Rainbow could react. He hit several branches before landing on the ground with a hard thud.

Lightning tried to get to his feet but a surge of excruciating pain went through his leg. The pain was unbearable and it made him unable to stand. Tears stung Lightning's eyes as let out a small whimper of pain even though he wanted to cry. Lightning began to observe his new surroundings. After a moment Lightning became incredibly scared as he realized where he was. He was in the dangerous Everfree forest.

Lightning had been in the Everfree forest the night Fluttershy had found him. He saw many frightening things that made him never want to go back in. Now he couldn't move, and he was in the dangerous forest all alone.

Letting a small whimper of both pain and fear, Lightning called out for the one person he wanted right now. "M-Momma!"

After no response Lightning began to cry. He was all alone and he didn't know if he would ever be found. As Lightning cried, a pair of glowing yellow eyes lurked in the shadows and it made a low threatening growl. Lightning heard the growl and turned around. Approaching out of the Darkness was a Timberwolf. Lightning tried to move but the pain in his leg was too much for him to bear. The Timberwolf inched closer and closer as it growled even louder than before

"H-help!" Lightning whimpered as tears flowed from his eyes.

The Timberwolf was ready to attack until something jumped in front of Lightgning making the Timberwolf stop dead in it's tracks. Lightning looked in the same direction and gasped in shock as he saw Rainbow Dash Standing in front of him. Rainbow turned around fiercely bucked the Timberwolf, sending him flying into the horizon.

"No one messes with my nephew!" Rainbow said proudly before turning to Lightning.

"Hey buddy are you okay?" Rainbow asked worryingly

Lightning tried to move but once again the pain his leg made him unable to move. Lightning began to cry in pain once again.

"M-my l-leg. I-It h-hurts!" He sobbed as he pointed at his injured leg.

Rainbow looked at his leg with concern. She reached out a hoof to touch the leg, but once she did, the pain Lightning felt made him scream at the top of his lungs. Rainbow Dash immediately moved her hoof away from Lightning's foreleg. She knew this was not good. Rainbow Dash picked up Lightning gently as she could and cradled him close to her. She had to get him to a doctor. Before she could take off, she saw Scootaloo flying above the forest trees.

Rainbow flew up to her and Scootaloo gasped in shock at the crying colt in Rainbow's forelegs.

"Scootaloo, I want you to go find Fluttershy and tell her to meet me at the hospital. Do you understand?" Rainbow ordered.

Scootaloo nodded her head and took off towards Fluttershy's cottage. Rainbow looked down at Lightning as he continued to quietly cry in pain

"M-my l-leg h-hurts Auntie R-Rainbow!" Lightning cried.

Rainbow showed her caring, motherly side and nuzzled the crying colt to try and calm him. She didn't care about being tough right now. She needed to help the colt that she has come to know and love.

"Shhh..It's going to be okay buddy. I'm going to take you to the hospital so we can make your leg better." Rainbow cooed gently

Rainbow shot off like a bullet towards the hospital while cradling her nephew close to her chest.

After about ten minutes, Lightning was in a hospital bed with his injured leg bandaged and being held in a sling. A white earth pony mare with a light pink mane and tail named Nurse Redheart was busy putting the last of the bandages around Lightning's leg. Rainbow Dash stood by Lightning's side and gently stroked his shoulder with her hoof to keep him calm. When Nurse Redheart finished wrapping the bandages, the hospital room door swung open revealing Fluttershy who dashed inside with tears flowing down her face. When Fluttershy saw her son she immediately wrapped her forelegs around him.

"Oh Lightning, my precious little boy your okay!" Fluttershy sobbed happily "I was so worried about you."

Nurse Redheart tapped on Fluttershy's shoulder and place a gentle hoof on it.

"It's okay Fluttershy, your son is going to be just fine." Nurse Redheart said calmly while giving Fluttershy a gentle smile. "The poor dear has a broken leg, but he should make a full recovery in a few weeks. However we're going to keep him here for tonight so he can rest."

Fluttershy let out a sigh of relief and smiled at the nurse.

She nodded her head and said, "Thank you Nurse Redheart."

The kind nurse nodded and left them room. Fluttershy looked at Rainbow Dash who immediately started apologizing

"Fluttershy I'm so sorry this happened. I'm sorry I broke my promise to keep him safe. I'm-" Rainbow was was cut off by Fluttershy who pulled her friend her friend into a loving sisterly embrace.

"Shhh...It's okay Rainbow you don't have to apologize. It wasn't your fault. Accident's happen." Fluttershy said sweetly before pulling her out of the hug to look her in the eyes. "Thank you so much Rainbow for taking Lightning to the hospital."

Rainbow said nothing, and brought Fluttershy into another hug. The two friends stayed like that as Scootaloo burst into the room and tackled Lightning into a hug when she saw him.

"Lightning are you okay?! I was worried sick when you fell into the Everfree Forest!" Scootaloo asked worryingly

Lightning blushed when Scootaloo hugged him, but he wrapped his forelegs around her and returned the hug.

"I'll be okay Scootaloo." Lightning said in his usual soft voice.

The two stayed like that for a moment before breaking the hug. Everyone in the room smiled at each other when Nurse Redheart entered the room.

"Alright Everypony, it's getting late so I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Nurse Redheart said before looking at Fluttershy who was gently stroking her sons mane. "Fluttershy since your his mother, would you like to stay here for the night?"

Lightning Twister put his hoof on Fluttershy's hoof and said almost pleadingly, "Please stay Momma, I don't want to be alone tonight."

Fluttershy gently smiled at her son and nodded her head.

Nurse Redheart saw this and pointed to an empty bed while saying, "You can use this bed tonight Fluttershy, I'll go get you a blanket."

When Nurse Redheart left the Room, Rainbow Dash put Scootaloo on her back and said, "Come on Scoot's lets go home. I'll see you Tomorrow Fluttershy. Bye Lightning you get well soon."

Scootaloo waved to Fluttershy and Lightning and Lightning waved in return.

"Bye girls. See you tomorrow." Fluttershy said happily

After Rainbow and Scootaloo left, Fluttershy looked at Lightning and gently nuzzled his cheek until she heard him whimpering.

"Lightning sweetheart, what's the matter?" Fluttershy asked worringly.

Lightning began to quietly cry while saying, "I-I broke m-my p-promise to you M-Momma. I p-promised I w-would be s-safe. N-Now you h-hate m-me."

Hearing this brought tears to Fluttershy's eyes. How could Lightning ever think such a thing? Without saying anything, Fluttershy sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Lightning into a loving embrace without moving his broken leg. She softly hushed him while gently stroking his side with her hoof.

"Shhh... please don't cry sweetheart, Momma's here." Fluttershy gently said softly. "I promise Lightning that I don't hate you. No matter what happens I will never hate you. Your a such a sweet little colt, and I always will love you with all of my heart. What happened to you today was nopony's fault. Like I said to your Auntie Rainbow, accident's happen. But your safe now sweetheart, and I promise I don't hate you and I never will. I love you so much my sweet baby boy."

Lightning's crying stopped as he listened to what his mother said. Tears were still coming down his face and Fluttershy gently licked them away before nuzzling her son lovingly and Lightning did the same.

Nurse Redheart had entered the room and heard what Fluttershy had said. Tears stung her eyes as eyes as she watched the loving moment between the mother and son.

Brushing her tears away, Nurse Redheart let out a sigh and said, "There is a pillow and blanket on the bed Fluttershy feel free to use it whenever your ready."

With nothing left to be said Nurse Redheart left the room, leaving Lightning and Fluttershy alone. Fluttershy continued to hold her son as she she hummed a soft melody in his ear until he fell asleep.

Fluttershy held Lightning close to her as she whispered in his ear, "I promise you Lightning, I will always love you no matter what."