The elements of warfare: War wolf


part 2

Chapter 2: Lupus
Though the rain stoped it didn't mean the ground wasn't mud. The clouds breck a little bit to form a single ray of lunar light. From the ray of lunar light a wolf materialized he was pale as purest milk and He was glowing very faintly but strong enogh to point where it could be seen buy everone/pony. As strange as it looked his paws didn't seem to touch the muddy ground. The wolves in the cave whent down in a position of submission, to which the ponies in the cave just stayed speech less. Twilight quietly begins to write down notes because she was seeing something never seen.

The pale wolf slowly walks with such grace it amased cestela and everypony presant. He stops and he sits infront of the wolves who where still in submission to his aura of power.

"Arise my wolves.",he said in a soft spoken voice.

All wolves arose to the sound of the cammand they sit very still and quiet the five wolves look forwards to lupus ready for anything he may comand. Lupus closes his eyes and said "My wolves, my pups I see that you have adapted well to this land and made good progress with the inhabitants of the land. But I must put a halt on this meeting and beginning of friendships to give you a warning of what is to come. But not here and now I must tell you in private because if I tell you here and now."

Everyone/pony began to tire even the princesses and there guards. The guards struggle to stay awake as they aim there spieres at lupus once they did so there spieres got heavy as they began to fail to the feeling of sleep. As the guards fell down one managed to cut lupus on the nose. He doesn't react to this and his nose heals as fast as the cut was made. Soon after everypony, minus luna and cestela where asleep, but they soon began to feel sleepy they both lean on one another, slump down on the floor of the cave, to finaly join the others in a deep slumber.

The wolves fell asleep as soon as the ponys in the cave. Lupus looks at the sleeping bodies and set up a link into the minds of the sleeping wolves.

Within the mind link it was white everywhere there was nothing just a blank void. Then sudenly the void was filled with the night time sky with fields of long grass and flowers. The amy, andrew, urasa, ursela and faolan sit up from the bottom of the tall grass and look at there suroundings. The area smelled like grassland and flowers but that wasn't all they smelled one scent that smelled out of place. It was mostly wolf but it didn't smell like any wolf. The turned to where the smell comes from and they come face to face with lupus. "I think here is a great place to start my explinations. But I guess you are wondering where we are. To answer that we are everywhere and nowhere we are in what you know as a heven since you are not dead... technicly you can not see what lays here. For the reason I took you out here is because I fear I might change the course of history of this land and distroy time in this dimention."

"So why do you tell us if it would distroy time ?" Asked faolan

"If I don't everything here will die and there will be no future cadet staff sgt. Wolfe." Said lupus in a sirius tone.

'Thats just great." thought wolfe as he nods his head.

"Now I will tell you what you must do. First I will put a location in your head and you will go there and awaken the Element of the Army. Then he will take care of everything from that point you must assist him. Also if you are to fail..."he said as he pops a image of what it might look like if they fail. They saw the deaths of thousands of inocent civilians, young poines, distruction, and brutal torchers happen. Amy begins to sob which left wolfe confused he knows for a fact that wolves don't cry to show sadness. It didn't matter to him for the moment and he nuzzles her which makes he stop just a bit. Also ursa and ursela where consoled by andrew who had an emotionless expression like wolfe.

"This will happen if you fail and there will hardly be a future to live in so don't fail my pups. I have given you abilitys that will be available for you to use along the journy. At dawn go and seek out the element of the Army and awaken the sleeping giants." Said lupus as there link was killed by him.

When the link was off the wolves in the cave sprang onto there four paws and bolted out. As they ran they ran they changed from almost exsact copys of the wolves of the beyond to diffrent color coats exsept wolfe who's coat stayed the same silver color. Amy turned from rust red to the other end of the cave. He reaches the other end where the pictures end. Lupus sighs in a soft glow he changes his form, he changed to a bipedal wolf with his newly acuired hand-paws he uses his index clawed finger and began to draw pictures to contine the recorded history of wolves. His paw hand dances from left to right as he drew.

Soon he has drawn a new chapter in wolf history, the awakening of the elements of war.

A sudden groan comes from behind him and his attention is taken to cestela who was wakeing up as well as luna. "Good morning princesses it is nice to see you up this morning. Oh, by the way I have taken the liberty to rise the sun myself, so worry not princess celestia." Said lupus as he took his seat on a rock.

The two princesses are surprised by the bipedal wolf infront of them they where amased by him evertime they saw him. "How? Did you rise the sun?"asked celestia

"Easy... I am a wolf god I can do just about anything.", he said. Lupus gets up and starts to walk to the opposet end of the cave as he does he changes form back to quadruple. He sits at the mouth of the cave looks to the sunrise that comes from the harison.

After a few minutes everypony began to awaken quitely. However as soon as the guards got up the pointed there spears at lupus to which he just chucles quietly. "Oh, please you think you can kill a god with just thouse spears ha, the day that happens is when the hevens fall."

The guards look to one another but stand down when celestia told them to. Soon everypony was alert and awake most of them where slightly scared by his presence. To lupus one stood out as the most scared to this point. He turns to look at fluttershy who was trembling like a leaf because of him. "Don't even think about it wolf."said rainbow dash to lupus.

"I am a wolf spirit Rainbow dash, I Don't need to eat, drink,sleep, or anything I just exist out." He scouled at rainbow dash like a ignorant pup.

"W-well you can't scare me..." she said

"Yes, because I can smell your fear. No point in hiding it now is there." He said as he brushed his tail against her nose. She sneases and gives lupus a menecing stair.

"Rainbow please there is no point in tring to out do this wolf he could kill you right where you stand." Said twilight

"Awww, she looks so cute when she is fustraited." Said lupus taunting rainbow dash. To which she frowns at him more fustraited than ever but her friends look a bit bewilderd on what to do. He gets up, walk up to celestia and luna, and said "I know what you lost 1111 years ago something which you have wondered for a long time. You knew something was missing and I will return what HE stole from you two."

A flood of memories come to them and there facial expressions turned from worryed but calm to sad. Both of the sisters hug eachother as they begin to cry softly. Everypony present are surprised that there leaders were crying something not seen before.With a blank expression lupus teleports everypony to ponyville, when they appered in the town square luna and celestia regained control of there emotions. Everypony in town bowed to the princesses present that appered out of nowhere.

He smiles as much as a wolf can while not looking menesing and begings to walk quietly twoards the sunrise. Moments later he howled long and hard, his howl was loud yet as the same time soft. In translation his howl ment

'Now we leave everything to a few brave souls, with such speed and grace that can be only discribed as beutiful in its wake. Never again in the history of wolf and pony will so much be done by so few a pack. We are at the event harison, in which it has become the point of no return. The furtue hangs in the balance I cry good luck my pups.'

At the end of the musical howl he faded away from exsisance to the hevens above, his home among the stars.

Everypony present was quiet and still the wind stoped for the briefest of moments. Lupu's howl was the most beautiful thing they have heared his howl echos thorough out the town. Rainbow dash let her breath go and said "that was beautiful like nothing I may hear again."

Twilight turns to her mentor and asked "what did he do cestela?"

"Reminded us of a time forgotten." She repied quitely. Twilight looks to her a little bewildered while wondering what the wolf god remined the two princesses about that made them cry.

'I think I will stick around ponyville for a while I think things will get intresting. He seemed polite but I wonder... where did the other wolves whent?' she thought as she, her friends, the two princesses, and the guards whent into the library. To discuss what has happened the past night and morning.

Chapter three: A Possible future

The moment they began running they didn't stop they ran for miles nonstop. They did so because he could there bodys where natural marithon runners. Along the way they ran into a few towns in which they caused a big panic from there presence. They keeped on running untill mid day to rest in a shady corn feild.

"Well this land is nice so far wolfe." Said amy

"I agree amy but the ponys a little scared when we are around." Said wolfe.

"He ha, a little?" Said amy playfully.

"Ok maybe a lot I swear they woulf riot if we stayed around too long." Said wolfe as he butst into laghter along with amy and the rest of the group. Soon the group regain there composure and there expressions go to a striat face. The pack rested under the shade of the corn staks they all think diffrent thoughts and then they run out again.

After a few miles they run into a river they all take a drink and contine. Miles of running whent on for the rest of the day untill they reach a feild of wheat where they whent to sleep at night.
"Hey wolfe wake up." Said amy as she awoke in the morning before dawn.

"Morning Amy.... how are you this morning?" Asked wolfe

"Good, but where exsacgtly are we going?" Said amy.

"I don't know but its close almost a mile or two." Repliled wolfe as he sat up.

"Good" said andrew "the sooner we find this *yawn* element of war the sooner I can rest at ease."

The stomaces of the three wolves growl in hunger. They look around and find a few rabbits around. They pick them off at a fast rate they took down ten large rabbits. When the twins wake up they got two rabbits each along with everyone else. They diside to walk to the city since its two miles away.

After a half hour of admireing they contry side they ran into a sighn that said in great big letter WELCOME TO STALLIONGRAD.

"Stalliongrad? Well I guess its Stalingrad, russia. That makes sence that the element of the army is here the battle of stalingrad WAS the Biggest battle in HUMAN history." Said wolfe as he looked at the sign.

"Sould we get going because if we don't this planet will bleed more that that. However I am surpised that this plase does share small similaritys to home." Said amy

"I am too I didn't expect that the history classes would help me latter in life. Let's get this over with where is the element by the way?"said andrew as he looks around at the city that reminded wolfe of a russian city of WW2.

They sprint into the city which had a large population of 30,000. All of whom paniced at the sight of them the stallions keeped there distance but try to look as intiminating as possible to the wolves. They contine to go forward and find red square which was a exact replica of the one on earth. They look around and see that they must go to the out scirts of the city to find the element of the army.

They exit the city to the out scirts of the city. They endup in a feild full of grass a little farther is the beginning of a mountan range. Wolfe looks around and by some intouistion he feels that he has to look in the mountans. It took time but soon they find a cave that had a dead end.

"This is it?"asked amy

Andrew looks around and sees a dust pile up in one spot he blows the dust. Also in doing so he blows it all over the place leaving everyone sneazing. They exit the dust filled cave still in a sneazing fit.

"Andrew..." growled wolfe "next time you *sneaze* warn us when you are going to pull a stunt like that."

Andrew sheepishly puts his tail between his legs and shruged. Wolfe roles his eyes and looks inside the dust settles and the air is clean of dust. He look where andrew blew and saw a plack of some kind of metal there with an incription

'The wall of lies lies here it may look real but not all is as what it seems. Look through to find the truth and to awaken the element that lays dormant here. The intentions of will be the key to open the wall of lies.'

Andrew looks at the insription and nodded. Everyone heled there breath as wolfe touched the wall with his right forepaw. His paw goes through the wall and he pulls it out of the wall. Everyone let's there breath go, slowly wolfe turns to them and nods.
"Here we go" said wolfe as he passed through the wall into the unknown. With hesitation the others fallow him into the unknown that my be behind that wall.