Scootaloo's Mistake

by DiabolicalMonocle

Rainbow Dash

Scootaloo's Mistake

Author's Note: Sorry it's taken me so long to write this, but this chapter was very hard to write. It's increasingly difficult to write about deep emotions, especially from a child's point of view.

Scootaloo wasn't alone in the black canvas of her mind anymore. Instead of being filled with darkness, every colour of the rainbow was right in front of her.

The cyan pegasus stood proudly in front of Scootaloo, gazing into her violet eyes. It's multi-coloured mane flowed freely and elegantly with the gentle breeze.

“Scoots, it's been too long.” The words uttered from it's mouth, before forming into a contented smile.

Scootaloo couldn't believe it. She was right – it had been in her previous dreams, but only as a whisper. Barely a shadow of it's former self. The whisper had become stronger, until it could physically manifest itself. Here, in front of Scootaloo, stood the figure of her mentor.

Rainbow Dash was here.

Scootaloo couldn't process all the emotions she was feeling. Amongst the initial responses of shock and confusion, there was guilt and fear. She had killed her mentor, and it was entirely her fault - no-one else was to blame.

Was Dash angry that she indirectly put an end to her young life? Most likely - Rainbow Dash always did have a short fuse when it came to Scootaloo. The small pegasus looked down, ashamed to even look at Dash's face. Whatever her mentor was going to do to her, she completely deserved it.

Involuntary tears rolled down her face. Scootaloo hadn't realised how emotionally unstable she was. Whether it was fear or guilt, the tears continued to fall onto the black floor. In her peripheral sight, the cyan figure moved towards her. The orange filly could only brace herself for what was coming.

A warm sensation infiltrated her shoulder. Unsure of herself, Scootaloo looked up cautiously. Rainbow Dash was now inches away from her, her hoof on Scootaloo's frame. Her deep rose eyes, stared into Scootaloo with a meaningful expression.

“Scoot, you can't blame yourself for what I did. I chose to sacrifice myself, to save you. Yes, you may have been a little hard-headed," Dash said that last bit with a chuckle. "But I was responsible for my own death."

Again, confusion flooded Scootaloo's mind. She had killed Rainbow Dash, because she wanted to learn how to fly. Dash, on the other hand, believes that it was her own choice. It just didn't make any sense.

Scootaloo tried to voice her own opinions. Her sobs had become more erratic, and she found it increasingly difficult to look at her former mentor, let alone speaking to her.

“B-b-but Dash, if I didn't jump off that c-cliff, you would still be a...alive.”

Scootaloo struggled to say the last part. It just felt so wrong that Rainbow Dash was dead, like some big part had been torn out of her life. Brutally stolen from her.

Noticing that Scootaloo had become even more depressed, Rainbow Dash moved closer to her, and embraced the small filly in a hug.

To Scootaloo, that was the last straw.

She cried openly onto the cyan pegasus' back, no longer caring about her appearance in front of her idol. Great sobs escaped her, as Rainbow Dash held her tighter. Everything Scootaloo had kept bottled up inside her, all emptied out. Every emotion and feeling escaped from her body in the form of tears and sobs.

Rainbow Dash decided to let the small filly release it all. There was nothing she could do anyway, so she just sat with Scoots and held her close. The tears trickled down her back and made her feel generally uncomfortable, but if this made Scootaloo feel any better, she would happily oblige.

She embraced her for at least ten minutes, allowing Scootaloo let go of all her sadness. Her tears started to slow, and her cries of anguish became quieter and quieter, until she made no noise whatsoever. Feeling that the embrace had run it's course, Scootaloo broke away, and began wiping her tears away.

“Feeling any better?” Rainbow Dash offered hopefully. She didn't want to see Scoots cry for any longer. The image of the grief-stricken filly upset her beyond her own understanding

Scootaloo gave a weary nod and looked down at the ground, unsure of what to do next.

Rainbow already knew what to do. Well, she was stuck in Scoot's mind for Celestia knows how long, so she might as well try to be useful. Dash took to the air of darkness. It was no longer pitch black, but rather a dark grey.

“Well, Scoots, seeing as though I have nothing else to do, how about I teach you to fly?”

Even from as high as she was, Dash could still see the slight shudder of Scootaloo's body. She was obviously still traumatised about the thought of flying. Time for a new tactic - tough love.

The cyan pegasus descended upon Scoots, and grabbed her small frame with her front hooves. She softly placed the small filly on her back. There was a gasp of surprise from Scootaloo, followed by a small scream. Rainbow Dash began to fly at a slow speed to begin with, allowing Scootaloo to get used to the sensations. She then increased quickly, until she was at maximum speed.

The rush of the wind affected both of them. Strong gusts made their manes and tails flow freely. The element of surprise was now gone, and Scootaloo had stopped screaming. She began to cheer, and flail her limbs about. Rainbow Dash forgot this was Scootaloo's first time flying, and fondly remembered her own first flight.

Scootaloo now knew what it was like to fly, and it felt so totally awesome. The feeling of unbridled and unmatched power, surging through the air. The feeling of vigorous gusts, caressing every curvature of her body. There was just something so cool about it. For the first time in days, Scootaloo felt alive.

Scootaloo didn't want the moment to end, but with every good dream, it had to fade away.

The grey canvas of her mind closed in on Scootaloo, almost to the point of suffocation. The small filly tried to deny the inevitability by thinking of other things. If she succeeded, she would never have to wake up. Never have to return to the reality without Rainbow Dash.

Scootaloo only wanted to stay with Rainbow Dash, and fly forever.


Scootaloo awoke.

The bright sun rays cascaded down on her, filling her very core with warmth. Doctor Brown had just opened the small window, and began to speak to Scootaloo incoherently. Whether the effects of drugs still lingered, or the filly was just weary, Scootaloo couldn't understand a word of what Doctor Brown was saying.

It strained her to try and listen, so she just stopped. She gave a small sigh, and nodded occasionally to the nonsensical words of Doctor Brown. Scootaloo didn't want to live in this world anymore. In her mind, Rainbow Dash was still alive, but out here, she had virtually no friends, or family for that matter, to comfort or console her

Eventually, Doctor Brown's words were starting to make sense. He mentioned something about Scootaloo being cleared to leave tomorrow morning, and that her wounds were healing very quickly.

The smart-looking doctor then walked closer to Scootaloo's bed. He looked deep into her violet eyes, and said something that was undoubtedly clear.

“Scootaloo...Rainbow Dash's funeral will be held in a couple of days. Tuesday, to be precise.”

Scootaloo looked around at the calender on the wall next to her. After finding the corresponding week, she looked along, and found the date.

“In case you were wondering, Miss Scootaloo, today is Sunday.”

Well, this is the end of this chapter, and I hope you liked it. Please comment whatever you like – I want to see what you guys like, and what you don't. That is the only way I can improve my writing. Peace out.