Let it Rain

by Metool Bard

Heat of the Moment

"Now, you're sure he said yes, right?"

Derpy Hooves sighed. "I know what I heard, 'Drops. Have a little faith in me, okay?"

"N-no, it's not that," said Raindrops defensively as they arrived at Sugarcube Corner. "I trust you, Derpy. You know I do. I'm just..."

"Nervous?" asked Dinky.

"Yes, that," said Raindrops. "I-I just can't believe Thunderlane accepted my invitation just like that."

"I can," said Derpy. "And no, it's not because I was there. I knew he'd accept before I delivered that letter. Besides, this is a good thing, right? It means he likes you."

Raindrops twiddled her hooves. "I-I guess you're right."

"So see? There's nothing for you to worry about," said Derpy with a wide grin.

"Yep, nothing at all," Dinky chimed in. "You can do it, Ms. Raindrops."

"Um, yeah. I don't mean to interrupt whatever you're doing, but you think you could hurry it up, Mom?" asked Amethyst Star. "I wanna get a table before they run out of danishes."

"Oh, right. Just a sec," said Derpy before turning back to Raindrops. "Alright, 'Drops. It's all up to you now. Just remember what you wrote last night, and everything else will fall into place. Good luck."

With a wink, Derpy then led her daughters inside. Raindrops was about to follow suit when she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Raindrops!"

Raindrops's ear twitched as she turned around. Sure enough, there was Thunderlane, flying in with Rumble on his back.

Okay, so he brought Rumble. I guess that means this isn't a date, Raindrops thought. Talk about your mixed blessings.

"Sorry we're late," said Thunderlane. "It took Rumble a while to wake me up."

"He usually sleeps late a lot," said Rumble irritably. "It's annoying."

"Oh," said Raindrops, casting her eyes downward. "Sorry. I, didn't know."

"Nah, it's cool," said Thunderlane. "I never turn down free food, anyway. Just ask Flitter and Cloudchaser."

So, he wants me to treat him, Raindrops thought. Maybe it is a date? But, why would he bring Rumble on a date? Oh, I'm so confused~.

"So, shall we?" said Thunderlane, opening the door. "Ladies first."

Raindrops blushed. "Oh, th-thank you," she said. She then took a deep breath as she walked in. Okay, date or not, just keep it cool. It'll be just like the Wonderbolts show. Act naturally, and you'll be alright.


Raindrops wasted no time looking for Derpy as soon as she entered Sugarcube Corner. Luckily, she managed to spot her friend sitting across from an unoccupied table. Derpy looked up and winked at Raindrops. Raindrops swallowed, and then nodded.

"Um, how about we sit over here?" she asked, pointing to the unoccupied table across from Derpy.

"Uh, sure. Why not?" said Thunderlane. "Is that okay with you, Rumble?"

"I don't mind," said Rumble.

Okay, so far so good, Raindrops thought as they all sat down.

"Good morning, dearies!" said Mrs. Cake cheerfully. "What can I get for you?"

"I'll have a baguette and some coffee," said Raindrops. "Cream and two sugars."

Thunderlane raised an eyebrow. "A baguette?"

"Um, yes," said Raindrops. "It's my favorite food."

"Oh, really?" said Thunderlane, tilting his head. "Huh. I, didn't even know that was something you could get here."

"Oh?" Raindrops asked. "Well, you don't know what you're missing. Sugarcube Corner may be known for its sweets, and those are very tasty. But in my humble opinion, nothing beats a nice, hot baguette in the morning."

"Oh wow," said Thunderlane, turning over to Mrs. Cake. "Make that two baguettes. And some lemon tea for me."

"Big Bro, can I have a cinnamon bun?" asked Rumble.

"Sure, little guy," said Thunderlane with a smirk. "But in exchange, we're gonna do some laps right after breakfast. Deal?"

"Deal!" said Rumble.

"Coming right up!" said Mrs. Cake as she trotted off into the kitchen.

"You, really care about your little brother, huh?" said Raindrops.

"Well, of course I do," said Thunderlane, mussing up Rumble's mane. "Since I have what it takes to become a Wonderbolt, I wanna make sure he does, too. And the best part is he never complains."

"Can we do fewer laps this time, Big Bro?" asked Rumble. "I promised that I'd meet Button Mash after breakfast to check out his new game system."

"Now, Rumble. We already had a deal," said Thunderlane sternly.

"Aw, c'mon~. Just this once?" Rumble begged.

Thunderlane sighed and turned back to Raindrops. "Well, he almost never complains."

Raindrops giggled. "Well, it's nice to see that you're such a good brother, anyway," she said.

"Well, I try," said Thunderlane sheepishly. "Which is why Flitter and Cloudchaser are such lifesavers. Without them, I could never balance my work with looking after Rumble."

"Oh, really?" said Raindrops. "I, never knew that."

"Yeah, well. It's just one of those things," said Thunderlane with a shrug. "You just have to prioritize stuff, y'know?"

"Yeah, I know," said Raindrops. "I always give a hundred and ten percent at the Weather Factory, after all."

"I see," said Thunderlane. "I guess it's no wonder the Wonderbolts accepted you."

Raindrops chuckled. "Yeah, I suppose," she said. "Actually, when I first applied, I was afraid that I wouldn't get in. I never really considered myself a great flier, but I still had a good track record with the weather. Weather has always been a passion of mine, you see."

"Yeah, I figured," said Thunderlane. "So, that's what you're looking forward to, huh? About being a Wonderbolt, I mean."

"You could say that," said Raindrops.

Thunderlane smiled. "Good for you."

Raindrops blinked. "What?"

"I think that's a great reason to become a Wonderbolt," said Thunderlane. "And also, I think you were selling yourself short. You're a great flier, Raindrops, and you shouldn't let anypony tell you otherwise. I honestly couldn't ask for a better wingpony."

Raindrops began to feel butterflies in her stomach. He likes me. He really likes me, she thought. Oh, be still, my heart.

"Th-thank you. That's really sweet," she said meekly. "Yeah, it seems I have a lot of hidden potential. Meaning I have to work extra hard to live up to it."

"But not too hard," said Thunderlane with a wink.

Raindrops gave an awkward laugh. "R-right," she said, trying to compose herself.

"Ms. Raindrops?" Rumble asked.

Raindrops perked up. "Yes?"

"You really like my big bro, don't you?"

Raindrops's cheeks became warmer and warmer by the second. "E-excuse me?"

"You're doing these nice things for him, and you always have something nice to say about him," said Rumble.

Raindrops's face turned beet red. "Well, that's, um, I, what I mean is..."

"Well, I want you to know that he likes you, too," said Rumble. "After all, that's why he's been looking out for you."

Raindrops's throat became dry, and she swallowed. "Wh-what? Th-Thunderlane, is this true?"

"Well, of course it is," said Thunderlane with a chuckle before turning to Rumble. "Although I wish you'd let me speak for myself, little guy."

"Sorry, Big Bro," said Rumble sheepishly.

At that moment, Raindrops's heart decided to launch into a drum solo.

D-does this mean what I think it means? she wondered. Does he really see me the same way I see him? Or, does he just consider me to be a really good friend and nothing more? Oh horse apples, I can't tell! Wh-what do I do?! What do I say?!

"Um, Raindrops? Are you okay?" asked Thunderlane, giving Raindrops a concerned look. "You look a bit, flushed. Is it too hot for you?"

Darn it, Raindrops! Stop panicking! Raindrops scolded herself mentally. Don't mess this up! You can't mess this up! Say something!

She opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was, "Humina humina humina humina..."

"Huh?" said Thunderlane, tilting his head in confusion.

Oh no, oh no, oh no! I am so dead! Raindrops thought. I was so close, too! Oh, I just hope he lets me down gently...

"Order up!"

Her thoughts were interrupted by Pinkie Pie walking in, carrying a tray on her back and setting it in front of them. Raindrops breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Th-thanks, Pinkie. I was getting a bit, anxious," she said.

"No problem," said Pinkie. "We're just pretty busy today. Oh, speaking of which, there's something I wanna tell you two!"

"Hmm? What is it, Pinkie?" asked Thunderlane.

Pinkie lifted Raindrops's baguette, which was hiding three invitations.

"You all are invited to a special Late Wonderbolt Cadets Homecoming Party this afternoon!" she said with her usual enthusiasm. "Flitter gave me the idea yesterday, so I ran it by Rainbow Dash, and she said it would be awesome! There's gonna be dancing and games, and I even decided to make something extra special that I know everypony's gonna love!"

"Oh, wow! That sounds neat, Pinkie!" said Thunderlane. "Count us in!"

Raindrops gave Thunderlane a quizzical look. "Us?"

"Yeah. You, me, and Rumble."

Raindrops began to have palpitations all over again. "Um, uh, y-yeah. Sure."

"Alright!" cheered Pinkie. "Just remember, it's this afternoon at four. Don't be late!"

"You got it," said Thunderlane.

"R-right," said Raindrops, picking up her bread and beginning to nibble on it. As Pinkie Pie bounded off, Thunderlane took a bite out of his baguette.

"Hmm. Not bad," he said. "I can see why you like these so much, Raindrops."

Raindrops's only response was a timid nod as she continued to munch on the heel of her bread. Don't say anything else, Raindrops. Don't make this any worse, she thought.


After breakfast, Raindrops paid the bill and walked outside with Thunderlane and Rumble.

"Well, that was fun," said Thunderlane. "Thanks for treating us, Raindrops."

"N-no problem," said Raindrops. "Th-thank you for accepting my invitation."

"No prob," said Thunderlane. "I guess Rumble and I will see you at the party later."

"Y-yeah," said Raindrops. "Seeya."

Thunderlane then gave Raindrops a salute, and he and Rumble took off. Raindrops let out a great sigh as Derpy walked up from behind her.

"So, how'd it go?" Derpy asked.

Raindrops paused for a moment. "Um, actually I don't know," she said thoughtfully. "I mean, I felt like I screwed that up, but Thunderlane didn't seem to mind."

"That's a good omen if I ever heard one!" said Derpy cheerfully. "Meaning this Wonderbolt Cadet party is gonna be your big chance to finally win him over!"

Raindrops' wings flared up. "W-wait, how do you know about that?"

"Simple. Pinkie invited me," said Derpy. "And I'll be right there to support you, like I always am!"

Raindrops twiddled her hooves. "I, dunno if it'll be that simple, Derpy."

"Maybe not, but that's no reason to give up, Ms. Raindrops," said Dinky, making her way into the conversation. "Mama tells me and Amethyst that all the time."

"Yeah, I don't know what's going on here, but I'm with Dink on this one," said Amethyst. "That being said, I'm not touching my mom's kooky schemes with a ten-foot pole."

"Hey~! My schemes aren't that kooky!" said Derpy with a pout.

"Just kidding, Mom," said Amethyst with a chuckle. "I know you better than that."

Raindrops couldn't help but chuckle as well. "You guys are right. I gotta keep trying, no matter what."

"That's the spirit, 'Drops!" said Derpy, putting a foreleg around Raindrops's shoulder. "Everything will work out in the end. You'll see."

Raindrops let out a whimsical sigh. "I hope you're right, Derpy. I really do..."