Longest Night: Everypony's Day

by Fizzy Orange

Kindle's Day: Voice of the Sun

Kindle's Day
by Lev the Lurker

The audience stared in rapt attention as the two royal sisters dispatched the final monster, casting its evil back into the shadows, never to threaten ponykind or Equestria ever again. But even as the threat vanished, the last enemy vanquished and cast aside, peace still did not come. As the ponies heaped adoration upon their saviors, the eldest of the sisters still worried for her subject’s safety. She began to argue with her sister, urge for more stringent protection at the cost of freedom and practicality, until at least the younger sister put her hoof down. The two began to quarrel, and as the white alicorn spoke, and her words filled with more fire and fury, her flowing mane burst into flames with a mighty roar that punctuated her rise to pure magnificence, Celestia forever transformed into Corona, the Tyrant Sun.

The audience gasped in amazement as the wave of heat washed over them, and the actor playing Corona smiled underneath the disguising glamor. The theatre’s illusionist could make any coat white, mask eyes with golden radiance, and even make the most plump, pudgy body look sleek and toned like a statuesque image of equine perfection, but illusionary flames would have been a travesty. If the audience couldn’t feel the warmth of the billowing flames, or hear the crackle of the embers as they flared with his every word, then how could they even hope to understand Corona’s greatness? It would be just another act, some sideshow displaying an empty effigy destined to be cast into the oblivion of obscurity and old mares tales. But here, now, watching him and his passion, his zeal, his fervent belief in the symbol of order and righteousness that was the blazing Sun, maybe a few would see it, that faint glimpse of radiant glory, and the small ember of faith would be kindled in a heart smothered by the despair of night.

As the play reached its climax, with both princesses battling for the right to protect their subjects from the other’s rule whilst turning the sky into a brilliant display of purple and red streaks of light, Luna finally revealed her trump card: The Elements of Harmony.

The false Corona hated this part, when their beloved Queen was cast into the sun by the cunning treachery of her sister, but at least they’d be backstage as the usurper was praised as a false savior. On cue, a shining ray of brilliant white light burst forth from the Elements, driving Corona up high above the stage as she roared at the injustice of defeat, her screams slowly smothered like the dying embers of a once great fire as she disappeared behind the model of the sun and into the rafters. Once safely out of sight of the audience, the Tyrant Sun let out a mournful sigh as she gently glided down to the floor backstage, where she was met by a dull grey unicorn mare with a beaming smile of adoration.

“Great work out there as always, Kindle,” said Smoke as she began removing the glamors that made the simple pegasus stallion appear to be the tyrant sun. “The crowd loved you! You always capture Corona’s character so perfectly.”

“And yet I can never be more than just a pale imitation of her true boundless glory,” said Kindle with a sigh as his coat returned to its natural bright red, and the the flickering bonfire that had encircled his head and tail for the performance dissipating to reveal a flowing mane of still fiery orange beneath a crown adorned with enchanted runes.

“Your devotion to your craft never fails to impress me,” said Smoke with a chuckle as she reverted his body to the proportions of a stallion instead of an immortal mare. “I would dare say that you’re the best actor on Broadneigh.”

“More like the biggest nutcase in Manehattan,” scoffed Luna as she emerged from the stage, a near deafening roar of applause at her back. “And you almost burnt me with those stupid flames of your again, Kindle! Show some restraint for once, would you?”

“Corona’s glory cannot be contained,” answered the stallion with a wry grin as he removed the enchanted crown, his most prized possession that allowed the magicless pegasus to play the role of his beloved Queen to the fullest. The Princess of the Night seethed.

“Hey, don’t be that way, Mirrors,” said Smoke, trying to calm her sister. “You’ll throw off your glamor, and I don’t have time to fix it before the Proclamation to the Night Court.”

Mirrors grumbled as she walked off to prepare for her next scene, and Kindle couldn’t help but take a small amount of pleasure in seeing the Princess of the Night act like the spoiled brat she was.

“So…” asked Smoke as her sister stalked off. “What were you doing after the show, Kindle? Any plans for your Longest Night Celebration?”

“Not really,” said Kindle with a shrug. “This isn’t exactly my…favorite holiday, you know. I usually just sit at the club house and read.”

“Oh…” said Smoke, her ears drooping momentarily before perking up again. “Well, hey, why don’t we do something together, then? I heard of this great new restaurant that opened with this fantastic Prench chef, and I’m sure that a big Broadneigh star like yourself wouldn’t have any trouble getting a table even tonight. What do you say?”

“I don’t know, Smoke,” said Kindle as he walked towards the back door. “Truthfully, I don’t even want to stay here for the ovation. I’d rather just forget about tonight entirely. I hope you understand.”

“Oh…right,” said Smoke dejectedly as she pawed the floor with a hoof. “Sure…if that’s what you want, I guess.”

“Thank you,” said Kindle with a warm smile as he pushed open the door and had to shield his eyes from the sudden brightness of the sun. “I knew you’d understand, maybe next…time…” The words died in his mouth as he looked up through the small stretch of sky visible above the alley, and the bright, golden orb hovering high in the sky. “Smoke…wasn’t this supposed to be the pre-midnight showing?”

“Yes, it was,” said Smoke as she, too, gazed at the sun in puzzled wonder. “What does this mean? Did Luna do this as some sort of…”

“No,” said Kindle simply, a raging inferno of fervor slowly building in his chest, his eyes wide with awe and anticipation. “Luna would never do this. Never. This could only mean one thing.”

“What?” asked Smoke nervously as she watched small sparks of fire dance in the stallion’s eyes.

“The Sun has risen anew,” Kindle declared, his voice a hushed whisper that rattled Smoke to her bones. “Corona has returned.” Before she could say anything else, Kindle flapped his wings took off flying down the alley, leaving Smoke alone beneath the light of the new dawn.

* * *

Kindle threw open the door, his beaming grin of anticipation almost as bright as the sun outside. The room was relatively small, a cheap flat on the top floor of a building in one of the less well-off neighborhoods of Manehatten, but years of continued renovation and devotion had turned it into something more resembling a shrine than an apartment. An eclectically decadent collection of chairs and couches were assembled around plush rugs and statuettes, with almost everything gilded in gold or colored with patterns of white, red and bright yellow. Paintings of suns adorned the walls, and the ceiling was a circular skylight tinted just enough to obscure prying pegasus eyes while letting the warm, natural light of the sun pour into the room. Shelves full of books on history, philosophy, and stories chronicling the plight of outcasts lined the entire far wall, a collection that Kindle had lovingly and painstakingly assembled since his years in college that no one else in the club had seemed to have taken much of an interest in.

A small collection of young ponies were lounging on the various upholsteries. They were all wearing bulky golden jewelry, and some with their manes dyed blonde while others wore gaudy clothes colored white and trimmed with a garish amount of gold. Most of them were listlessly wasting the night away, sipping bubbling yellow champagne or making out in a corner, but they all turned at Kindle’s sudden appearance and stared curiously at the excited gleam in his eyes.

“What’s up, Kindle?” asked one of them, a young mare with a bleached blonde mane and a spiraling sun tiara adorning her forehead. “Something happen?” Kindle’s smile faded, and he looked at her in puzzlement.

“Can’t you see it?” he asked, and the mare shook her head.

“See what?” piqued another, the glass of cheap boxed champagne tilting slightly in his hoof and dribbling onto the imitation satin couch.

“Up there, look!” shouted Kindle in frustration as he pointed a hoof at the glowing skylight. “Can’t you all see that?”

“Oh, wow,” said another mare as she rubbed her eyes. “Is it morning already? Dude, where did the time go?”

“No, it’s not,” shouted Kindle impatiently as he gestured at a nearby grand clock with a wing, its golden hands still pointing at barely a quarter hour past midnight. “The Longest Night has been cut short by the rising of the sun. Don’t you know what that means?”

“Luna done goofed up?” offered one particularly handsome earth pony stallion, and the two mares who had been leaning on his flanks started giggling until the severity of Kindle glare silenced them.

“It means that Corona has returned,” Kindle announced in a voice filled with a cloying mixture of elation and agitation. The rest of the room just stared at him blankly.

“What?” was all one mare could mutter, her glass falling from her hoof unnoticed.

“Our Queen has come again,” repeated Kindle, the fire finally returning to his voice now that his audience was sufficiently entranced. “The dawn we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Rejoice, for the Radiant Sun has risen again!” Two more wine glasses shattered against the floor, small white bubbles slowly sinking into the carpet.

“What?” asked the handsome stallion as the two mare sat up straight, eyes widening in horror.

“Didn’t you hear me?” asked Kindle as he began to pace the room, flourishing his wings with excitement. “Corona has risen anew! She had banished the night, thrown the glorious sun back into the sky to shatter the stars and bring radiant light to this dismal country! With any luck, Luna has already been banished into the moon, and even as we speak those miserable parasites of the Night Court are being rounded up and set ablaze to purify Canterlot of their foul corruption!”

“But…my dad works for one of the Night Court…” muttered a unicorn mare, her voice trembling with fear.

“But isn’t that what you’ve been wanting all this time, Sungazer?” asked Kindle, his voice soft and reassuring. “For your father to be freed from those ignorant oafs who treat him like a dog? For you to finally be able to be together as a family, instead of all of his time and energy wasted as nothing more than a tool for those counts and dukes to use and abuse at their whims?”

“But…if Canterlot burns…” quivered Sungazer, tears starting to form in her eyes. “Corona will… I don’t want my dad to get hurt…”

“And if he repents, then she shall be spared,” said Kindle comfortingly. “And you, as one of the faithful during Luna’s reign of darkness shall be rewarded, held up as an example for the rest of the country to follow under our Queen’s rule. Your family will not only be freed, but elevated, risen like a new dawn. Isn’t that what you wanted, Sungazer?”

“N…no…” she said, tumbling off the couch as she backed away from the frowning red stallion. “I don’t want that at all.”

“But…you…” stammered Kindle, bewildered. “That’s what you came here for. Why you sought us out. To join the Sun Cult, to be bathed in the radiant glory of—!”

“I just wanted to get away from my boring family!” she screamed. “I didn’t think Corona was real! My father…what will happen to my father?! Dear Luna, I…oh no…dear LUNA?!”

“Sungazer, please,” pleaded Kindle as he saw the others start to panic and head for the door. “Calm down, dear, please. Everything will be fine! Your family will be safe, I swear! Corona will rewards the faithful, and you, Sungazer, have—!”

“My name is Stargazer, you maniac!” shouted the mare as she ran for the door, tearing the cluster of golden chains off his neck and tossing them to the ground. The others followed her out, casting off their jewelry and white clothes as though they had caught fire, leaving Kindle staring at a disheveled pile of false finery strewn across the ground.

“Wait…no…” he muttered to himself as he picked a large blazing sun pendant up off the ground. “This isn’t…why…” His eyes filled with rage, his wings flaring as he began to stomp on the abandoned clothes. “Charlatans! Heretics! You are worse than the ignorant cattle who clog the streets, blinding following their corrupt masters! The only thing more powerful that Corona’s generosity is her wrath, and I will see you all punished for this blasphemous transgression! Do you hear me?!” He turned from the growing bonfire in the still open doorway to see that, to his surprise, he was not alone.

A young earth pony colt was standing in front of him, trembling. The colt’s white coat and blonde mane were, as far as Kindle could tell, completely natural, pure and unblemished, even down to his blank flank.

“Oh…well, hello there…um…”

“It’s Sundrop…” said the younger stallion as he tried to look the still seething stallion in the eyes, but instead focused his eyes on the floor.

“Oh, yes, of course,” said Kindle hurriedly as put on a smile for the young pony. Kindle had seen him around the clubhouse the last couple of months being fawned over by the group’s mares as a precious wonder, but had never paid the young cult much attention before now. “I’m sorry you had to see that, Sundrop. I guess I just lost my temper there… wretched feeling, being betrayed by ponies who you thought were your comrades. But don’t fret over it too much; you have been blessed by Corona’s colors. As long as you display them proudly, you shall be fine, no matter where in Equestria you go.”

“Actually, sir…” said Sundrop as he pawed the ground nervously. “I was…hoping I could stay…” Kindle tilted his head at the statement.


“Well, didn’t you say that Corona would need support from her loyal followers?” asked Sundrop, finally looking up. “I’d like to help… if I can. I mean, you’re still going to try to help the Queen, right?”

“Why, yes, of course,” said Kindle, puffing up his chest and beating his wings. “But…I was hoping for a lot more help in doing so. I’ve been to other Sun Cults across Equestria, but if all of them react like this group did… it’s going to be a lot of hard work, supporting our Queen when the rest of the country has been turned against her by centuries of Luna’s lies. I don’t really think that’s a job fitting for someone who’s barely past being a foal. You should just go home, and enjoy your life under the warmth of a new dawn.”

“But…I hate my life!” shouted the young pony suddenly, startling Kindle. “My life was miserable… the other fillies always teasing me… calling me names and pushing me around… all because of my coat and mane. This was the only place I felt safe, or even welcomed, and I just… if this is going to be gone now, then… I don’t want to go back to that world. And if Corona is going to stop that, and make it so that no one gets bullied like I was again, then I want to help! I want to do whatever I can to make that world come true as quickly as possible!” Sundrop stopped and gasped for breath, panting with exertion at the sudden burst of fervor.

Kindle smiled at him warmly. “Then who am I to reject your faith and refuse your devotion?” The younger pony looked up at him in awe.

“Really?” he asked. “You mean it?”

“Of course,” said Kindle as he wrapped a wing around the young disciple. “I would be glad to have you along. The honest conviction of one true believer burns brighter than a thousand candle flames from those…those… posers who so graciously removed themselves from our presence.”

“Alright!” shouted Sundrop joyously. “So, when do we start? Are we leaving now? What will I need to bring?”

“Whoa there, hold yourself,” said Kindle with a chuckle. “First things first. We will need to—”

“Kindle?” The two stallions turned to see a grey unicorn mare standing in the still open doorway, her eyes flickering between Kindle, the golden room, and the pile of rumpled clothing and broken gold.

“Smoke?” asked Kindle worriedly. “What are you doing here?”

“I followed you from the theatre,” said the mare as she inside the clubhouse. “What is this place?”

“This is…I mean was…” he glanced at Sundrop, whose nod bolstered his own confidence. “This is the headquarters of the Manehatten Sun Cult, dedicated to the worship of Corona, true Queen of Equestria, who has at least risen again!”

“Sun Cult?” parroted Smoke as she gazed at the golden images and icons that covered nearly every inch of the room. “You mean you… you actually want Corona to come back?”

“Of course,” said Kindle, Sundrop standing straight and puffing out his chest with pride. “We are the ones who have not been blinded by the shroud of darkness that Luna’s Night Court has smothered this country with. We have seen the greed, the corruption, the waste and then abuse that Equestria and its ponies have been subject to under the cruel hoof of its false nobility. With Corona’s rise, we have a chance to at last purify this nation, to stamp out those who would abuse their unjustly gained positions of power and authority!”

“Just you two?” asked Smoke skeptically, Kindle and Sundrop sharing a wry grin.

“Well… we used to have more members, but unfortunately we seem to have been rife with cowards and pretenders… However, our faith is as pure and bright as the Sun, and I know that there are still hundreds, if not thousands of ponies who will flock to Corona’s side once they behold the radiant majesty of their true Queen! All we have to do is find them, spread the message, light the embers of hope and faith within their hearts until a great, purifying inferno sweeps across this country, burning away the filth that have for too long blighted our society!”

“Yeah!” shouted Sundrop in agreement, rearing up on both legs before stomping the ground in excitement.

“And as you can see, what we lack in numbers, we make up for in enthusiasm,” said Kindle with a chuckle.

“I see…” said Smoke, her brow furrowed in thought. “Well, in that case… I’d like to help.”

“And that is completely understandable, so if you’d just…” The words died in Kindle’s mouth as he stared at the mare. “What was that?”

“I said I’d like to help,” said Smoke sheepishly, rubbing one foreleg against another. “It’s just… your devotion to your craft has always been kind of an… inspiration to me, and if what you’re saying is true and we can spread that onto others, or even the rest of the country, then… well, that’s something I’d really like to be a part of.” She smiled at him hopefully, and Kindle couldn’t help but grin back.

“Then who am I to refuse your will?” he said with a smile, realizing now that these were the kind of ponies he needed: the devoted, the hopeful, the inspired. Ponies who saw that the old world was filled with darkness and corruption, and who wanted to fill a new one with hope and light.

“Well then, my friends, my fellow loyal servants of Corona, True Queen of Equestria! Let us be off,” said Kindle as he stepped out of the room and into the hallway, with Smoke and Sundrop following closely behind him.

“Where are we going?” asked Smoke curiously.

“With the Sun newly risen, we must strike while the embers are hot,” explained Kindle with a zealous grin. “And with your help, I know just the place to start. Forwards, towards a new and glorious dawn!”

* * *

“Um…” asked Sundrop nervously as the trio of sun worshippers approached an abandoned warehouse in Manehatten’s harbor district. “Are you sure that this is the best place to start helping Corona?”

“No place better,” Kindle assured him with a grin as he slid open the door to the dilapidated building and beckoned his companions inside with a wing. “I actually come here every few weeks to preach.”

“Oh, so this is another clubhouse?” asked Smoke curiously as she and Sundrop stepped inside.

“Well…to be frank, I haven’t had much success with my prior visits,” admitted Kindle as he shut the door behind him with a groaning creak that echoed through the large, nearly empty space. “But with the Sun at my back and you two by my side, I feel as though there is nothing I cannot accomplish.”

“If you say so,” said Sundrop as he peered around the old warehouse. All of the building’s windows were blocked by either rusty shutters or boards of wood, making casting everything in a dim darkness despite the noon sun outside. Old and forgotten boxes and equipment were strewn across the ground, casting odd shadows along the floor. The only light came from a small bonfire burning in a garbage can near the center of a small clearing, and about a dozen or so scruffy, grizzled ponies bundled in tattered rags were clustered around steel drum, absently gazing into the flickering flames.

“Now, I’m going to go say hello to our friends and bring them our gift,” said Kindle as he patted one of two full saddlebags slung across his flanks. “When I give the cue, you both know what to do, correct?”

“Of course,” said Smoke as Sundrop nodded eagerly.

“Splendid,” grinned Kindle. “Then let’s put on a show worthy of Her Majesty.” As the other two took off into the shadows to begin their roles, Kindle trotted towards the small fire, and the faint clinking of his saddlebags drew the attention of the transients.

“Whos’at?” said one with a slur, his ears perked at he peered around at the surrounding shadows.

“Jus’ young Kindle,” said another as the red pegagus stepped into the circle of firelight. “Did’in think we’d see you out’n’about for the Longest Night.”

“Yeah, figur’d you’d be off fretting about your ruddy Queen or watnot,” said a third, spitting into the fire.

“And abandon you all on this, the most glorious of occasions?” asked Kindle with a wounded expression as he withdrew a few bottles of wine and some loaves of bread from his saddlebags and began passing them around. “I would hardly be a faithful servant of Corona if I allowed myself to forget those who need her light and warmth the most, now would I?”

“Your words are weird, boy,” said one as she uncorked the bottle with her teeth and took a long pull. “But least your booze is good.”

“I am pleased that you enjoyed it, Branloaf,” said Kindle with a smile as he shrugged off the empty bags and flapped his wings, lifting himself into the air. “However, I bring more than just beverage with me.”

“Ya always do,” said another mare, pointedly ignoring the circling pegasus as she tore a hunk off of the loaf. “Words, words, words, always words. I prefer some quiet with my drink.”

“Oh, but I bring something far more glorious than mere words this time, my dear Banananut,” Kindle assured her with a knowing grin as he landed atop a high stack of crates.

“Oh yeah?” she scoffed around a mouthful of bread. “Well, what did you bring with you this time, the sun?”

“Precisely,” said Kindle as he flapped his wings twice, giving the signal for Sundrop to open some of the shutters, bathing the red pegasus in a shaft of bright, golden light. Kindle grinned at the expressions of shock gazing up at him, and when he spoke, his voice range with a deep, musical timber.

I see that your current situation

Has left you all cold and deprived.

But meek though you are, stand at attention!

I come now to restore your pride.

The group watched him as he leapt off the crates, landing on the floor as he began to circle them, making sure to meet their eyes each in turn.

I can tell from your dour expression

That you hate those who run things upstairs.

So I speak of a new dawn’s ascension,

That shall bring ruin to the Night Court’s affairs!

So prepare for the end to your suffering!

Be prepared for hope sprung anew!

I now give you forewarning

Of a shining new morning.

“And how do we feature?” asked Branloaf, and Kindle raised her chin with a hoof.

“Just listen to preacher,” he said before leaping onto the top of the crates again.

I know it sounds dated,

But you’ll be elated

To see the sun risen anew.

For when justice is no longer impaired

Be prepared!

“Yeah, Be prepared!” shouted Banananut excitedly. “We'll be prepared! Um... prepared for what?”

“ For the fall of Luna,” shouted Kindle with all the force he could muster, wings spread wide.

“ Why? Is she gonna trip?” asked Banananut.

“ No, we’re going to depose her,” said Kindle, his lips curling into an eager grin. “And her Night Court, too. “

“ That’s great!” shouted Branloaf. “Who needs a government?”

“Anarchy!” the other ponies began to chant as they pranced around the fire. “Anarchy! La-la-la-la-laa-laa!”

“No, my fellows!” roared Kindle. “We shall have a ruler!”

“Hey, but you said, uh...” started Banananut, but Kindle cut her off.

Corona will be Queen, announced Kindle, his voice a rumbling, fervent growl. Kneel before the Tyrant Sun, and you shall never dwell in darkness again!

“Yeah!” shouted Branloaf excitedly as another set of shutters opened, bathing her in light. “Alright! Hail to the Sun!”

“Hail to the Sun!” added Banananut as a shaft of sunlight descended upon her.

“Hail to the Sun!” shouted all the other ponies excitedly, the warehouse suddenly aglow with the light from a conjured sun hovering just below the ceiling.

It’s great that we’ll soon be protected

By a Queen who we’ll love and adore.

Of course, as her servants, you’re expected

To obey she who others abhor.

What the Nobles do not realize is

That their rule shall yet come undone.

And their fate that I now prophesize is

That Canterlot shall burn like the sun!

As Kindle roared his proclamation, he activated the enchanted helmet that Smoke had hidden with her glamor, and the pegagus’s mane and tail burst into flame.

So prepare for this nation’s new destiny!


Be prepared for Corona’s new reign!

(Oooh... La! La! La!)

Let’s start a motion

(We'll have food!)

Of unwavering devotion.

(Lots of food)

Centuries of oppression

(We repeat)

Has taught us a lesson:

(Endless wheat)

A Queen will protect us


Will care for, respect us


And bring us all prosperity!


Let no corruption or evil be spared!
Be prepared!

Let no corruption or evil be spared!

Be prepared!

Echoes of zealous laugher rang through the warehouse beneath an illusionary sun, the world outside was bathed in the light and panic from the longest day in Equestria’s history.