Night of the Living Dummy: Slappy in Equestria

by Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX

Don't go to sleep

The dummy had gotten up on it's own. Every single pony stared in shock as the dummy moved forward... No. The dummy wasn't moving on it's own. Twilight was controlling it.

"Go on. Nothing to see here." Twilight said calmly to the other ponies. Then everypony went back to what they were doing. Some were still shocked beyond belief.

"Ugh. I had a feeling this dummy was creepy." Twilight said to herself. She then went over to Fluttershy's house.

"Fluttershy! Are you home?" Twilight yelled. No one answered. Twilight figured she wasn't home so she went back to the library and put the dummy on her back.

'Looks like I'm going to have more FUN before getting my slave.' Slappy thought to himself.

As Twilight walked home she had a strange feeling like something was stalking her. She turned around but there was nothing there.

"...Geez I need to stop letting my imagination get the best of me..." Twilight thought to herself.

As Twilight went up to the door she noticed it was slightly open.

"...Maybe Spike forgot to close the door?" Twilight didn't really pay attention to it too much and just went inside.

"There you are Twilight! I was looking all over the library for you!" Spike said. He went over to Twilight and noticed that she had the dummy again.

"I forgot to say that this dummy is pretty weird." Spike said while looking at the dummy. Spike decided that the dummy could be in his room while Twilight did her business downstairs

"Alright... You know I'm going to stop calling you dummy and say your real name. Slappy." Spike said to Slappy.

'How kind of you! I fact it's so kind I could punch you right now!' Slappy thought to himself.

"OK you can sit in the chair in the corner so I can see you..." Spike then jumped into bed and fell asleep.

'Heh heh. This could be easier than i thought...' Slappy thought to himself. Then he got up and took out a red crayon from his pocket. The same one he used in Rainbow Dash's house.

"Hm... I'm not sure what to do with this..." Slappy wondered. He then just threw the crayon away. Slappy then got onto Spike's bed and stared at him.

"Twilight can you stop bother- WHAT THE WHAT!" Spike shot up in bed to see Slappy staring straight at him.

"Hey let's play a GAME! You run for your life. I seek you! Don't worry I won't cheat. MUCH." Slappy tilted his head back and laughed at the sky.

"TWILIGHT!!!" Spike yelled. Spike then ran for the door. But Slappy had an unusual amount of speed and closed the door before Spike reached it.

"Rule number one of my game. You can run but you can never hide!" Slappy then charged at Spike. He missed.

"TWILIGHT HEEEEELP!!!!!!!" Spike yelled. Fortunately Twilight heard him.

"Spike! I'm coming!" Twilight yelled from behind the door. Spike could hear Twilight struggling to open the door. That was because the door was LOCKED.

"Rule number two of my game. You can't call for help!" Slappy said. Then he thrashed at Spike. He had an amazing amount of power than the average pony.

"Twilight hurry up! I don't think i can last any longer!!!" Spike yelled.

"I'm trying! It's hard to unlock the door when the lock is inside and I'm outside!" Twilight yelled behind the door

"Time to end this! Say good night!" Slappy then aimed the final blow at Spike's head. Spike put his arms up to prevent from getting hurt.

"NOOOOO!" Spike yelled. He knew this was the end of him. He couldn't do anything at all.