The Fire in My Heart

by inacti

Prolouge: Mother's Wish

Dear Diary,

My name is Scarlet Pinpoint, I live in Manehatten. I have a terrible secret. You see, my husband, well, my former husband, was an earth pony, by the name of Ragweed.

I am a unicorn, and I was dissatisfied with him and his lack of interesting characteristics, he was a gardener. That was uninteresting, I craved adventure, secrecy, fear, so one day, I snuck out of Equestria to find somepony I had once known quite well, somepony I had met long ago. Surely, cheating on Ragweed, as I hoped it would, gave me a sense of adventure. But, a while after I had come back home, newly satisfied, I . . . I had a child.

Ragweed knew right away the child wasn’t his, she had . . . powers . . . fire powers, and whenever she was upset or angry they would grow. He questioned me soon after her birth, the little filly had a horrible misshapen horn and little nubs where wings should have been, well, she did have wings at first, but I got rid of them, for her protection. He was confused as there were no pegasi in our small family bloodlines. He was outraged and without a word to me or my daughter he walked out.

I was filled with shame and never told anypony about the filly. I never gave her a name. I couldn’t. I’m sorry I’m such a bad mother, I really am. I just couldn’t live in secrecy anymore. I left the filly at the edge of the forest near Canterlot Castle, nopony can ever know of my treachery. If they do I will be ruined. My only hope is that my little nameless filly will find a way to Canterlot Castle and make something of herself. If she ever finds me again, I hope she’ll forgive me, since her real father will never meet her, as he is banned from Equestria, I can only hope she will find somepony to care for her. I can’t bring myself to think of her anymore, just please, Celestia, oh please, keep her safe.