Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis.

by overlord-flinx

Mommy's Little Girl

What does a tyrant truly dream of? More power? Fear driven over the masses? Endless flights of weapons and armaments? Surrender from all their foes? Yes, all very true. And many tyrants achieve all of these things. However, all tyrants, in time, fall. Why? Because they grow greedy of course. A greed driven to capture the one thing that would truly make them a God. That one thing is immortality. To live forever. Ironically, it's the quest for that which ends up being their undoing.

This, however, begs a question. If in exchange for immortality, would a tyrant give up their power, grips of fear, endless tools of war, and enemy surrenders? Maybe not... Maybe instead of immortality though, they'll settle for succession.

Queen Chrysalis' bed chamber was to never be disturbed by anyone once she was conducting business in the sanctum. Guards would see her and the princess walk in, than just wait outside to prevent no intruders or onlookers. What happened behind that door of the queen's was left an enigma to all outside. Yet within, on the other side, the mystery was far from. Sunset Shimmer sat silently in front of a large vanity mirror as her eyelashes were plucked and primped by levitating tools. Much the same happened to her mane with a much greater focus to stroking down her and fixing every knot within each of her locks. When Sunset Shimmer looked into the mirror, her reflection just showed her with a dismal expression while a looming creature stood behind her with a glowing green horn.

Not a word was shared between the two aside from the resigned grunts when hair was yanked to roughly and eyelashes were pulled mid press. Aside from that, mother-daughter time went relatively quiet until Chrysalis had finished 'grooming' her 'successor'.