The elements of warfare: War wolf


part 1


The pounding of hooves echoes through out the forest of a white-tailed buck as it trys to run from the pursuer that has been chasing him for some time. He darts left and right to shake off his pursuer but to no avail. He knows for a fact if he can't shake the pursuer he is done, but something felt off to him thisone is alone. From the silent strike he knows this predator isn't a timber wolf, but something entirely different. His speed decline slowly as the predator continues to trail him. His age is playing against him and this animal contines to chase him.

He turns left and runs into a clearing suddenly the ground in front of him pops up to reveal four more predators. 'Ambush'he thought'clever'

The four latch onto him in the neck, flanks, and shoulder. The one who chased him rushes in and topples him over to which the predators on his left side let go. His main artery is cut and the feeling of the warm liquid flowing down his neck. 'Is it over.',thought the buck. For the first time he saw what it was that chased him. It appered to him that this was a timber wolf but in place of bark and sap it was made of fur and flesh.

However unlike the timber wolves that would of torn him apart at fist chance insted all of them get together in front of him to his vision and they all assume what he presumed postures of submission.

'What?',Thought the buck bewilldered

"Let it be known that your sacrifice is not in vain, you have lived your life and seen your fawns take your place in this game of life, for I must for fill my part in this game of life your meat will sustain us and your sacrifice to us will not go unknown to us. May your path to the stars be well.",said the silver wolf with green eyes in a calm voice.

The buck was surprised at how noble these wolves behaved he would of never expected it from the timber wolves. But his words made him rest at ease and he let himself slip away

'Yes I lived well in this life... I have seen all fought and seen my mate give birth to my offspring.... now... I will sustain you for this is my end and you will continue.'the buck thought as he slipped away into the welcoming darkness.

chapter one: the star wolf, the leader

The buck closes his eyes as he passed away. "Well my friends, our first hunt went well. Even though for rank amateurs we did well. Well dig in but use your canies to cut the coat first, no need to eat fur, hu?"said the silver wolf

"Our first kill and we did well was it beginners luck?",said the red wolf

"No,it wasn't entirely.",said the silver wolf

The red wolf, pale grey and the two rustle color wolves look at him cocking there head to one side as if confused. The silver wolf steps onto a stone and with a look to the moon he said,"That was anything but beginners luck. That was the experience of our wolf body's taking over. To confirm my theory I, unlike a scientist I looked for the answer in my fore paw in the moon light and night vision what do you see?"

The red wolf come foreword and looks there was a swirl in his paw it was swirl puts his paw down to con tine his explanation,"I on my free time read a collection of books called Wolves of the beyond I suspect that I am right now the main character Faolan McDuncan. As for whom you are you are Edme McHeeth, you are 'the Whistler' McDuncan, you two Mhairie and Dearlea Mc Duncan. The main of the wolves of the beyond. I think we should fully introduce our selves after we eat"

They nod and they begin to eat the carcass of the dead buck indeed what he said was true this is life the balance of life and death with out each other, otherwise worlds would fall apart if no one died. As they ate they notice that the silver wolf or 'faolan' as he said but she noted that he is bigger than the other male of the group also he seems to look be alert for something. After they have had there fill he eats everyone waits when he finishes he said,"let's head to where we began so I can explain our problem and make introductions."

The trot there way back to where they emerged from originally. It was medium in size in with and 6 feet high alone the walls of stone was cave drawing which in turn reminded him of the cave before time in the books there where pictures of wolves on the walls and of the prey they hunted many years ago. But he had bigger fish to fry " so who wants to tell there story?",said the silver wolf. The rest look at each other waiting for the first to talk. "Well... my name is Amy Holt, I was 17 years of age, I was about to graduate high school when I got in a car accident in which..."she stops as her ears go flat against her skull."…I died."

At this point she begins to whimper softly. The silver wolf feeling sorry for Amy he went to her side and nuzzled her to which she nuzzled him back "There, there, I'm sure that everyone went through the same thing you are not alone Amy. I was shot in the chest for doing the right thing.",he said

She looks at him with surprise along with everyone in the cave. The pause seemed long and consuming then the grey wolf said,"my name is Andrew Walker and I was 18 I believe I did die as well."

The silver wolf turns to the two that layer side by side. They look to one another and the left one said,"I'm Ursa she's Ursala."

"We where twins and I gueess we still are, are we?",said Ursala. She turns to the still unidentified silver wolf by the name of faolan. He looks to both Andrew and Amy with a short sigh with a kind tone he said,"not exactly but close you are twins still…but I am now your brother by blood."

The twins waged there tails as they looked at one another. "So what's your real name 'Faolan' and what happened to you."

"My name is-",he began but was cut off by another voice. A female voice that was half a mile away and closing. He looks and not too far away where multiple shadows cast by the light of the full moon. Faolan walks forward towards the opening of the cave calmly and confidently. If it where a pack of wolf or humans, his size would make him look like a living death threat. They come into range to his surprise the group wasn't human or wolves but horse like creatures slightly shorter. The biggest being 8 feet tall 'ok, horses with horns', he looks to one with a rainbow mane. 'wings, damn. The tall white one has a crown, now I have to check.'he thought. He walks back into the cave and quietly asked," am I losing my mind?"

All nod no he closes his eyes and quietly said," If they confront us do not show hostile intent there leader is here and I'm sure that whatever it is it has secret service or something. Also let's try not to look too scary I don't want this to be a bad first contact sinario."

All nod yes and they all walk to the mouth of the cave. All together they faced the horses. There was 4 in gold armor, six of different species, and two that stood out as the leadership. But who reacted first where the ones in gold armor. They stood in front of the group with spears aimed at them. 'Ok a form of secret service. Or military regulars?' he thought as he starred down the one with a spear at his neck.

"We mean no harm we just ate so worry not. I will not eat any of you so please, can you not aim those things in our direction and we will not aim ours at you.",said faolan. The horses looked shocked e.ven the ones holding a spear to him and the others neaks.

"My name is princess cestela and my sister princess Luna and we are the rulers of this land.",said the one named castela. With a soft kind voice like you would expect of a mother figure. Faolan stood there face to face with a leader of a nation while he is the leader of this pack. "I am faolan McDuncan and this is my pack.",he half lied

"Nice to meet you Faolan McDuncan. Guards stand down please.",she said

The guards hesitate for a moment and then they retract there spears. They stand attention looking professional like he would expect for a soldier or secret service to do. Then his attention goes to the clouds they where low and black. A storm was coming and it was large. "I think it's best that we go inside the cave because there's a storm on the harizion. And from what I know about clouds those bring lightning and hail. I am afraid that you are at risk along with all of the rest of your company getting zaped by lightnig I would sugest comming with us."

"Why should we?",asked a rainbow maned one. As soon as she said that the tree was struck by lightning. A branch falls off with a dull thud to the ground leaving the rainbow maned horse stunned.

Faolan points to the tree and said,"That's why. Let head inside."

Everyone heads inside the four gold armored horses continue to keep an eye on him.' Paranoid',he thought laying down next to Amy and whispered,"introduce your self when we are all sitting and i will say when."

The horses sit next to each other except a white one who was a unicorn by its horn in its forehead. All sit in a semi-circle. "Let's get to know each other since we will be here a while.",said Faolan as he looked to the group.

Who where sitting opposite from them and behind them the wall with drawings of the past. "My name is Edme, it's nice to meet you all.",said amy. Thunder booms in the distance and it begins to rain hard with hail. The horses look out side.

"I'm the whistler.",he said slight wagging his tail

"I am mhairie and she is Dearlea.",said Ursa, wagging her tail along with her sister.

"What strange names.",said the purple one. As she levitated a note pad with a quill.

'Ok she can use magic, I think',thougt Faolan

"Says the purple one who I know nothing about.",said Faolan

"Oh how rude of me I am princess twilight sparkle also I'm a lavender unicorn pony. But I'm curius what are you all? You don't look like the timber wolves we have seen around here in the everfree forest.",she said as she took notes.

'Pony?,unicorn? Ok I know what they are.', thought Faolan slightly surprised. But he regained his train of thought. He looks to his pack.

"As for us we are dire wolves",said Faolan calmly. A flash of thunder goes through the cave a second later the large boom fallowed. But suddenly the sky clears in an instant. "I think something is going on...",said faolan