Twilight's Special Book

by Diablomuerte2

Spike's Revenge?

Spike's Revenge?

When Spike had awoken from his depression induced sleep, he had decided that he would be depressed no more. "I will get my revenge on Rainbow Dash." His vow was made with his dragon honor as his wager. He was going to make the rainbow maned mare pay for humiliating him by sleeping with the love of his life.

He just needed to find out what Rainbow Dash held most dear to her and he would violate it like she violated his most precious and dearest thing. "Rarity would have loved me if it wasn't for that two faced speedy 'friend' of mine." He spat the word friend in anger. He wasn't going to call someone who would betray him a friend without meaning it in the worst possible way ever.

He had to find out this information and he knew just the filly for the job. He knew that there was one person Rainbow Dash would be gabbing off to and that was Scootaloo. He had left the library with the target in mind and his heart set on revenge.


Rainbow Dash was in her room and had just seen her friend sniff her bed and roll around on it like a mare in heat. It was sickening and at the same time it was bucking hot. "Twilight....?"

Twilight, the princess of friendship, had just been caught on her friend's bed and she was not sure what to say "Hey Rainbow Dash... " she was being sheepish and waiting for some good excuse to pop up for her actions. I can't just say I was rubbing her scent into my coat because it was so erotic and addicting... that would show how insane I am... yet.. that smell.... it's fantastic.

"What the buck are you doing in my house and rubbing yourself on my shame?" The furious mare wasn't in the mood for this stuff. The objection of her curse was written by this princess and she was here in her house probably looking for it.

"You know why I am here... don't play stupid... you always knew but you just want me to say it..." she was talking about the book but she didn't convey that properly as suddenly she felt another body on hers and something succulent attacking her lips.

Rainbow Dash needed her to say no more, it was obvious what the lavender alicorn had wanted now. I can't believe I am about to have sex with a princess. Best day ever! Her lips were pressing themselves into the other mare's lips roughly as she was slowly fighting for dominance in the bed room. "If I knew you wanted me this bad I would have stayed at your library that day." Her husky tone and her slow lick of her friend's ear was enough to send shivers down the princess's body.

Twilight had an internal battle in her mind going on. One side of her brain was telling her to fight off this wanton lust, the other side was telling her to forget the book and live experience the real deal before grabbing the cursed thing. "Take me... take me now Rainbow Dash." She was done fighting her want and needs. This was a rare opportunity to have a passionate affair with her friend and she was going to take it.


Scootaloo was driving her scooter around town when she noticed Spike flagging her down. She slowed down and came to a complete stop next to him. "What's up Spike?" She asked while curiously looking at the fancy dressed dragon.

"Nothing... just uh have a question for you.. What is your sister's favorite thing in the world?" Spike asked while sounding curious in an innocent way.

"Well... I guess the Wonderbolts... but you know that..." she wasn't getting the malice from the question so she answered it with trust in her heart.

"Well besides that and Tank?" His elimination of possible answers would surely lead him to something he could violate. A dream isn't tangible and ethereal or metaphysical aspects of life aren't fun to screw with. A tortoise wouldn't make a great revenge lay either, and it was a male tortoise as well so it was a no go.

"Well I guess me her little sister, honorary of course but semantics..." she waved her hoof at him.

Spike had a tough choice to make. He could seduce an innocent mare like Scootaloo but she didn't feel like a dude liker she kind of Idolized dash so he figured she must be into fillies. "Well besides you then?" He was getting desperate, was there anything Rainbow Dash liked that was doable? Besides screwing friends over and rutting their future brides.

"Hmmm.... Oh yeah her special some pony." Scootaloo was excited to share this tidbit of info because she felt she was right about who her "sister's" lover was.

"Who is her special some pony?" He inquisitively asked hoping she didn't say Rarity... I love Rarity still... but not like before... that part of my love for her is gone... Thanks to Senorita Dash.

"Well if you ask me it's Fluttershy, they are always hanging out and being all close and comfy.... why?" Her question didn't get and answer as Spike was off to complete his revenge... he was going to have his way with the shy mare.


Rainbow Dash was now making her 'guest' moan out in full on passion. She was enjoying this relaxing activity. The sudden thrust of her hooves into her friend's 'castle' was making her friend's castle become wet with enjoyment. The rainbow maned pony was licking her friend's ear and nibbling on it while slamming her hoof into the lavender mare's castle.

"Oh... Dash... keep going.... harder.... faster..." her first taste of pleasure and of being rutted by her friend and secretly by anyone. She never had a lover and if this was how it felt like to be with some pony she didn't want it to stop ever. "Dash... I feel something.... something happening...oh Celestia... I think I am going to."

Dash at that moment chose to remove her hoof from her friend's 'castle' before lowering her face directly to it. "Not yet... I want to taste you before you get to explode." Her lusty tone brought Twilight closer to the edge. The rainbow maned mare slid her tongue up the pathway to the castle her tongue licked up the entrance of the grand double doors leading inside. She pushed her tongue in the open doors and invaded her friend's castle while exploring it. Her tongue slithered through going to the deep recess of the lavender mare's castle. It was glorious. The fresh scent of a virgin and the taste of a newly invaded castle had filled her nostrils as she continued exploring it. She didn't have enough time till the castle's defense system had triggered a 'trap' causing water to flood out the castle and slip into her open mouth.

Twilight's body shook with force as she reached her first non self induced orgasm and splattered her princess juice all over her first lover's face and mouth. She was so happy and yet embarrassed at her explosive release. "... WOW..." was all she could let out.

Rainbow Dash lewdly lapped up the juices and licked her lips before planting a small kiss at the soaked castle as a good bye kiss. She then slowly crawled towards her friend's face and gave her the most passion induced kiss of all Equestria. "Mmmmm you taste really good princess Twi." The way she said it made the other mare shiver.

"Should I pleasure you now?" Her sheepish question earned her a laugh, it wasn't a gentle laugh but it wasn't a mean one either.

"No ... now you get the buck out my room so I can keep reading unless you want to snuggle up and stay with me... I know why you really came by but I decided to test a theory of mine... and I was right." She said as she pulled the book from it's hiding spot and pulled her friend into a snuggle position.

Twilight felt used, but at the same time she was tired and comfortable. She decided not to act out since she kind of deserved it. Still it was comfy next to Rainbow Dash " I am not mad... I kind of deserve this." Her eye let out a small tear at the thought of being used as a toy.

"Hey Twi... I didn't mean it like that... I had fun with a good friend... I didn't play you like a violin and we are snuggling aren't we? I wouldn't just toss you out after sex." She said with a smile that made Twilight blush and beam.

"Then why can't I return the favor?" Her question was met with a soft kiss on the forehead and she became shy.

"Because I am already tuckered out from reading this book and I don't know if I have anything left..... but if you are really that into pleasuring me then go for it and I can read the book later." Her tone was slightly angry as she wanted to find out who she was supposed to be with.

"Alright I will pleasure you but .... afterwords I will be taking the book.... " She was about to be told off by Rainbow Dash but she decided it was her time to be the top... she slowly licked the 'rainbow' trail and was rewarded with a blush and a gasp from the other mare.


Fluttershy was talking to Spike who decided to visit. She was happy to see the baby dragon because he was just so adorable. " So Spike want some tea or something?" She felt rude not offering him a drink when he arrived but he was more excited about just hanging out. Such a sweet baby dragon he is. I wish I had my own baby dragon. I just don't like big scary mean dragons.

"Yeah sure... actually I just wanted to spend time with you Fluttershy, I mean out of all the girls you are definitely the nicest and may I say cutest?" His wink and smile would have made any pony with an attraction to dragons blush. Fluttershy had no sexual interest in dragons though.

"Umm.... thanks?" she said shyly while walking off to make some tea.

"Damn.... this is going to be harder than I thought." He said to himself while rubbing his imaginary mustache.


Twilight was going wild. She was trying things out and driving her friend crazy. "So this works... this is making you moan louder... this is making your 'cloud' get all wet...." she was analyzing and mentally storing the information she was learning.

Rainbow Dash was going bucking crazy one minute she is about to feel the zenith of pleasure and the next she was being hosed down by some awful move or random bite. "Twilight if you don't tongue my zone I will kill you." Her voice was dripping with anger and need. She wanted to orgasm badly.

"Alright I am sorry ..." she was blushing and embarrassed at her procedure but decided it was time to finish her friend off and take her book so she can end the madness. I wish I didn't have to ... I want to be with her... She dove her tongue into the cloud of her friend and just licked her way through the cumulus. The soft walls of the cloud were being violated by her tongue. The soft walls were dripping with rain water. She was slurping it up as she kept putting pressure with her tongue. She was slurping and licking the cloud as her friend shook and swore while yelling the lavender mares name.

"Buck.... oh Celestia.... TWILIGHT!" Her cloud's wall's closed tight and shot out some rain water drowning her friend's mouth with it. "Oh shit.... Twilight... you.. rock..." she said while closing her eyes. She had came all she could for one day and her fatigue knocked her right out. She fell asleep, and was unable to prevent Twilight from taking the book.

"I am sorry Rainbow Dash... I just hope when you wake up you won't need this book to tell you who to be with. I just want you to know even if it's not me I had fun and won't forget this night." She said to the sleepy mare before kissing her lips softly and crying her eyes out.

"Bye Rainbow Dash... sweet dreams... my love." Her heart couldn't take no more and she vanished using her teleportation magic.

Rainbow Dash just fell into deep sleep unaware that she just potentially broke her friend's heart, and that a sneaky dragon was plotting some seduction of someone she held dear and near to her heart.


Spike was sipping some tea while Fluttershy was talking about her day. Step one get a mare to chat about her day so she thinks you are interested in it. As a guy all I have to do is what most guys do in this position... just pretend I give a crap and let her speak about her boring ass day. being a man is alright in my eyes. Though I wonder what it is like to be a girl.... nah girls aren't as cool as guys. Though most male ponies are worthless... besides like Shining Armor... and Big Mac.. is Equestria's gene pool becoming devoid of good traits and genes for stallions? Why do I care I am a dragon. I will be big and strong and ... sexy... the manly version of sexy though. I will have a huge mustache and give all the mares and female dragons by extension mustache rides. What is a mustache ride though? Is it like I let them hold on to my mustache while I fly? Oh well I guess I will never know.

Fluttershy was ecstatic never had anyone besides Rainbow Dash asked about her day and sat through without being bored. "Oh Spike thank you for listening to me... not many people ask about my day or actually talk to me unless it's Rarity or Rainbow Dash."

That name made him seethe in anger and he knew he would have to strike now regardless of the result. "Fluttershy I want to make love to you." His breathing became rapid as his face went red.

"Umm... excuse me.... but did you just say..." she couldn't repeat it. She thought she went insane for a second because she just thought she heard an innocent baby dragon try to ask her to do some adult things.

"Yes... I want you.... you are so hot... and I want you now." his heart beating fast... she isn't saying no just asking me to be sure... it might happen I might get to nail Fluttershy then I can rub it in Rainbow Dash's nose.... and I will invite her over and do it in front of her and laugh.

"Spike..... No.... idk what kind of prank is this but it isn't funny..." She was angry... very angry and she snorted her face red with anger and embarrassment at being flirted with by a baby dragon.

"This isn't a prank I want to make love to you... Especially when RAINBOW DASH TOOK MY GIRL SO I WANT TO TAKE HERS!" He roared out in anger at being rejected and being seen as joke in the eyes of the mares surrounding him.

The pregnant silent air suddenly made them both aware of the tension in the room. They both were angry and both of them had reasons for despising the other. This moment wasn't something they had wanted.

"Look Spike... I don't know what you think you saw or whatever... but I will not be used for any silly revenge... if Rainbow Dash was even remotely interested in Rarity I think I would know." She wasn't in the mood for rumors or slander.

"Oh really... then tell me why was I subject to seeing your precious Rainbow Dash cramming her face into Rarity's lady bits... just to have my heart ache and break?" He said with sadness piercing his anger.

"You are lying... She wouldn't do that... she wouldn't.." she found herself being upset by this news. I was getting close to her... is that why she came here crying... because what he says is true..." When did this happen?" She dreaded the answer but needed to know.

"This morning... " his voice was empty his seduction plan had failed earlier today and his revenge plan was a dud. His day was not going well at all.

"Get out of my house now... I don't want your company anymore... and I would like it if you didn't come over again unless I invite you ... I need to be alone and deal with this whole mess." She said more to stop herself from crying in front of him than out of anger.

"Fine... if it helps any I am sorry... I am just hurting.... anyways see you around Shy.." He said dejected and sad. He was just trying to have something... come on life throw a dragon a bone.

Just then Tank, who had a random bone, tossed it at Spike's head leaving him to seethe in anger as he ran out. Tank was feeling awesome that moment. He knew his bad ass anger streak was going to come to an end when he finally gets some so he might as well use his new attitude to do as he pleases. Now to find that bunny and kick his ass again... I am feeling strong.


The night was stagnant as the air around Ponyville hung with different combating emotions.

There was a pink mare pouring her chloroform down the drain in sadness of not being able to just randomly violate her friend anymore.

There was a confused farm mare trying to get some sleep with a leg that was cramped.

A crying canary mare who was upset with fate and wished she had the bravery to claim her cyan mare as her own.

A semi elated but depressed alicorn who had the best night ever... then ruined it by leaving and staying alone, when she was able to just snuggle the night if she let her book stay in the grasp of the person it was about. She felt it was better that the book be returned though since it was causing problems.

A distraught marshmallow unicorn who had tossed a friend away because she was stupid enough to follow some book that was written by a studious lavender mare. She was also upset about hurting her little baby dragon friend.

A pissed off and horny dragon who just wanted to have a love of his own.

A sleeping and well pleasured rainbow maned athletic mare who was enjoying her sleep.

Lastly a tortoise who just wanted to mate...