Opposites Attract...

by Rainbowshy_Flutterdash

3. Overreacting

Just let me say that you can't hate me by the end of number 3... I had to write it like that, it's going to make the story work more farther down the line and give me an ability to write more. I'm sooo sorry for the end, please don't unsubscribe or quit reading. She'll be happier by the end, I promise. Anyways, without further ado, CHAPTERS TWO AND THREE! :D Shoutouts to Gluttonousbehemoth and Michael50210.

Fluttershy awoke with butterflies in her stomach. She remembered that she had vowed to tell Rainbow about her feelings today, but was nonetheless terrified of how her friend might react. The poor pony lay curled up in her bed for around an hour and a half, thinking about the many MANY ways Dash could react to the news. She might feel the same way about me! Fluttershy thought hopefully one second, but she might never want to speak to me again...

When the pony finally gained the strength and willpower to raise herself from her bed, she was only able to grab her letter and make it a few steps outside before she fell into a sitting position again. It took her a half hour to get barely out of sight of her house.

A few hours later the poor mare could be spotted pacing in front of Dash's mailbox with a look of utter despair on her face. Thousands of thoughts rushed through her mind at once and she was just about to will herself into shoving the letter in when...

"Hey, Fluttershy!" yelled Rainbow Dash, "Whatcha got there?"

"Well, uhm, it's a...-"

"Oh, it's a letter! You trying to steal my mail?"

"Actually, it's... it's... it'sfromme..." blurted Fluttershy.

"Can I read it then?" Rainbow asked. Fluttershy answered by shakily handing over the envelope.

Dear Rainbow,

I kinda sortof made myself a promise that I'd tell you how I feel about you today, so here goes. I think that you the most wonderful pony out there and any stallion would be lucky to have you, but I think that I might love you... I don't know when this happened or how, but suddenly I started thinking about you as more than a friend. Yesterday when I came to return your goggles I saw you brushing your hair and you just looked so gorgeous that I couldn't keep my feelings hidden any longer... I'm sorry if you don't feel the same way about me, and I understand if you're not a fillyfooler, but I had to tell you...



Dash's face fell a bit with every progressing second. "GET OUT OF MY SIGHT YOU STUPID... STUPID... JUST GO!" Dash shouted in a blind rage, her eyes burning with tears. This made poor Fluttershy zoom back to her home, burying her face into the largest pillow she could find to mask as many of the sobs and tears that burst forth.