Opposites Attract...

by Rainbowshy_Flutterdash

2. Writing

Just let me say that you can't hate me by the end of number 3... I had to write it like that, it's going to make the story work more farther down the line and give me an ability to write more. I'm sooo sorry for the end, please don't unsubscribe or quit reading. She'll be happier by the end, I promise. Anyways, without further ado, CHAPTERS TWO AND THREE! :D Shoutouts to Gluttonousbehemoth and Michael50210.

Disguised beneath a mountain of wadded up paper was Fluttershy's filled up recycle bin. It had thousands of failed letters in and around it with scribbles on it that all had the same thing on them at the top: Dear Dash.

Fluttershy had been sitting at a table for hours, trying to find the right words to tell Rainbow that she loved her, and so far... Everything she tried was a bust. She'd tried being super formal, layed back, obssessive and even writing the way that she normally talked, but it all just sounded to corny to her.

'I'm so frusturated that I could just... Just... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!' she semi-shouted. In her heart though, she knew she couldn't quit. Earlier that day while leaving Dash's house she swore to herself that she wouldn't chicken out like she had many many times before.

She remembered her days in flight school when she saw Dash for the first time. She'd never admit it at the time for fear of being called names, but she knew that even then she saw the rainbow maned pony as breathtakingly gorgeous.

Her writing had gradually improved through every failed attempt though, and she finally thought she had the idea of how she would write it. She started off writing in her normal speech pattern, threw a quick little compliment in and then... she just jotted it down as fast as she could. The result was the words being darker than the rest of the letter.

That's not too much of a problem... she thought after seeing the contrast of heaviness in her lines I'll just keep going... The rest of the letter was her doing her best to explain how she came to love her friend, to little avail. Finally she finished it off, sealed it in an envelope, setting it off to one side of her table. 12:42 read the clock.

'Omigosh!' she said, 'I need to get to bed!'

The pony headed off to bed with a swarm of butterflies trying to burst free from her stomach.