Two Moons

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Trixie was standing on the cliff side, and just sat there. She was finally on the cusp of something that would take her out of the shadows she had been forced to live in, and have a slice of light all of her own. Something that could have if it had happened earlier given her family name the greatness it once had. But it was it too late? All of Equestria hated her, her name to all of Equestria was either a joke, insult, or curse. Her last name was infamous, and her family had refused to talk to her fearing the stigma that her presence evoked.

But at least she wasn’t completely alone anymore. She was going to be the Princess of the Night’s Protege’, was saved as well as protected by the Princess Celestia herself, and she was finally safe after so long. Do I still want to end everything? Things are starting to look up, but it can’t be this easy. Nothing in my life goes this right. But, for some reason I want to hope that they can. Even when it crashes around me, at least I’ll have something nice to have before it comes crashing around my hooves.

She looked to her left and saw Princess Luna sitting beside her, “Quite a lovely night your mind crafts.” Luna said casually.

“Thank you ... I have always loved the night. It I guess in a way speaks to me, although I bet if the Mare on the Moon were here she’d be furious with me.” She said looking at the stars. Her dreamscape having none of the mountains of rules that she had to follow when around others. Thus none of the bowing, and kneescraping she would have done in her waking state.

“Why?” Luna asked giving her an awkward stare.

“She was my friend and confidant growing up, but when the moon helped give me my Cutie Mark, I had to lie about it, and who I was since I was a filly. Always having to lie about my special talent, and what made me, me. I am a Lunarmancer just like my manytimes great grandmarm was. But I lied about it, and the Mare on the Moon left me. And when I tried looking for her. I ended up with nothing but disappointments and things that have lead to my life being torn to shreds.” Trixie rambled, all the pain she had held in for so long ripped through her dreams as a sorrow stricken storm that shivered throughout their surroundings. releasing the tears she could not shed.

“She isn’t mad at you. I just found out what had happened to your ancestors and others who revered my night as well as basked in its power. I’m so sorry that all of you had to suffer like all of you have. And you most of all. Lunarmancy is a very special and rare gift. Together we will work on bringing it back from extinction and I’ll help lift you up to get some of the light that you so deserve. What say you?”

Resting her head on Luna’s shoulder Trixie whispered, “Thank you.” Before Luna was sent away from the Dreamscape. When Luna left Trixie let loose a giant cake eating grin looking at the moon who changed to have a reflection of Luna instead of the Mare on the Moon like it used to. As a blush spread across her face.

Luna looked at the body of Trixie who was now resting on a large cushioned futon that they sometimes used when they would slip into a food coma. Luna looked at her sister and at the sight of Trixie’s grin asked, “Sister, tell us, what are the rules on courtship in this day and age? I know that you and Twilight kept yours a secret until her coronation. But that was shortly after the wedding of Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor when you first started going out.”

Looking at Trixie Celestia gave a tilt of her head, “Well if you are going to go that route. It’s best if you had a clear line on when you are teacher and student, and where you aren’t. Also make sure that she knows that nothing that happens between you two will effect how you teach her. That is a very hard task, and something that me and Twilight had to work through. Are you sure you want to court this Mare though? I’m not saying anything bad about her. I just want to make sure this is what you want.”

“I’m sure. Even if I don’t remember myself, the talks she had to me while I was locked in the moon. I know that she cared about me and my providence since she was a filly, and more than that. I feel that it would be good for both of us to have somepony like ourselves in our lives. Since I know what she is going through, and she doesn’t need to pretend to understand me to get closer to thineself.” Luna said with a nod.

“Well then I wish you the best of luck Lulu. If you need anyhelp let me know, and hopefully we can work things out between her and the populace.”

Luna sat in her study thinking of how to best broach the subject. After all dreams were a place of freedom, where one could express themselves honestly and freely. And regaining access to Trixie’s dreamscape showed a large amount of interesting things from the moment she fainted until she once again shifted on the bed in her room.

If she had to say why she was going to try to start a relation with Trixie, and she was to be honest. It was a mix on learning that the moon had both called them, touched their lives in an indescribable way that shaped them to who they were today. That before she was broken as far as she was she was like a younger Luna, and now as she was. Was like Luna before she was banished to the moon, with the difference in that Trixie’s attempt on her own life would have been more successful than Luna’s all those centuries ago. Than there was that deep down, when you got past her exterior, was a charitable pony who gave almost everything she owned to a family that was forced to all but disown her to survive themselves.

She was a truly commendable mare. And while she was tempted to read the letter that she would have received by Trixie. It was one of those things that she knew was something that either she would have been told about, or she would never find out. But she wasn’t going to broach the subject not yet. Otherwise Trixie would think that she only offered to get under her tail, and that was the last thing that Luna wished to accomplish.