Pounds For Pumpkins

by Crescent Wrench


Pounds For Pumpkins


Back Home: Part One

        Pound held his sister in his hooves as the two finally broke away, many ponies by now having resorted to staring at them. Neither really cared, though, nor did many of the actual ponies staring. Many smiles went around. The ponies were back from their training, if only for a short time. It was time to be happy!

        Pound wrapped a hoof around his mare as the two were met by their parents. Carrot Cake ruffled his son's mane while Cup resorted to wrapping her hooves around her baby son, hugging the ever-loving life out of him.

        “Mom... Can't... breathe!”

        All around them, similar reactions were taking place. Pipsqueak followed behind Pound, and was immediately tackled by Dinky.

        “You idiot!” she bellowed at him as she pulled him into her tight embrace. Pipsqueak howled in pain as his injured hoof was crushed between their bodies, but Dinky either didn't notice or didn't care.

        “Missed you too, lass!” Pipsqueak choked out before forcibly removing himself from Dinky's grasp. Before she could complain, however, Pipsqueak leaned in and gave her an affectionate smooch on the cheek, followed by a tender brush of his cheek against her forehead.

        “I really did...” he mumbled, tenderly wrapping his hooves around Dinky. Nearby, Ditzy and Sparkler smiled to themselves. They would be having fun tonight.

        Sky fire followed Pipsqueak, who had bumped into a rather large red stallion on the way out the door. They were about the same size, which was crazy as the stallion had to have been a good twenty or so years older than Skyfire. Oh well.

        He looked around for his family before he smiled, his eyes falling on an elderly cyan unicorn mare. Trotting over, he gave his weathered old grandmother a hug.

        “AH knew you'd be fine, Skitzy!” she wheezed, a tear in her eye. Skyfire just chuckled.

        “Yes you did, gramma, yes you did.”

        The older stallion Skyfire had bumped into trotted a bit further, meeting his family closer to the center of the train depot.

        “Mac!” a yellow mare with a silky red mane shouted before bounding towards her brother, giving him a tight hug. Big Macintosh laughed deeply, his deep voice carrying over the entire depot floor.

        “Well howdy, Applebloom! Ya didn't get into any trouble 'round here while ah was gone, did'ja?”

        “None more than ah normally do!” she giggled as Macintosh ruffled her mane with a large, strong hoof.

        Then his eyes locked with Applejack's. She smiled back at him, her cheeks tinged light pink. Big Mac gave her a grin and a wink that read, “We'll talk later.”

        Not far from them, Waldo stumbled through the crowd, her heart racing.

        With her entire left field of vision gone, she felt extremely vulnerable. Normally she felt so alert in crowds, able to slip between ponies with ease, but now...

        She felt more clumsy than a fat heifer. She was constantly bumping into ponies, tripping over her own hooves even. Nopony was irritated with her, though. At least, nopony but herself.

        She stopped where she stood, groaning as she slumped onto her flank, defeated. She couldn't find her way anywhere. All she wanted to do was just head home and sleep on her day, but she couldn't even do that. It wasn't like she had anypony she was meeting with; her mother was gone somewhere, as usual, and her father...

        She shuddered.

        She'd rather not think about her father.

        She shook her head beneath the heavy bandage, feeling foolish. The damn bandage was stupid, she felt, but it was better than everypony seeing the side of her face all stitched up. She was lucky that the Zebras fired little more than sharp stones through mechanized slingshots, or the rest of her face might have gone along with her eye.

        Suddenly she felt somepony bump into her.

        “Whoops, sorry ma'am,” a light voice called to her, a stallions voice. Turning, she caught the fleeting glimpse of a blonde coat with a brown vest- the next moment, he was gone with the crowd.


        Waldo whirled around to see Pound a few paces from her, weaving her over.

        She gave him a stern glare. They may have been friends during training, but that ended with-

        Then she noticed Pumpkin, notably her swollen belly. She then looked back at Pound, cocking an eyebrow. A quick blush from Pound was enough to confirm it to her; this was the mare he'd knocked up.

        He'd only mentioned it once, and even then it was by accident. Pipsqueak and Skyfire had been chatting about what they would do when they returned home, and some time during the conversation, Pound had accidentally admitted to have been waiting on a baby back home. It was a simple slip of the tongue, but Waldo had caught it.

        Waldo trotted over to Pound and Pumpkin, giving Pound a questioning stare.

        “Waldo, this is my family. These are my parents, Carrot Cake and Cup Cake, and this is my-”

        Pound paused for a moment, shifting his attention momentarily to Pumpkin before shaking his head, continuing.

        “-marefriend, Pumpkin.”

        Pumpkin was slightly shocked that Pound had used the term 'marefriend' for her instead of sister, but at the same time her chest swelled with pride. She was his mare, and he finally felt confident enough about it to say it to the world.

        Or, at least to Waldo.

        Well, that actually made sense in a Pound kind-of-way. Waldo didn't know her. It was easier to just introduce her as his marefriend than to explain the whole incest thing to her-

        “Your sister, right?”

        Pumpkin's jaw dropped. How'd she figure that out so quickly?!

        Pound decided to voice his sister's thoughts exactly.

        “How'd you figure that out so quickly?”

        Waldo shrugged.

        “I've heard about you two around town. Think I even saw you guys in a bar around here before, well... shit happened.”

        Pound breathed out slowly. Well then. Guess the cat was out of the bag with this one. Good to know she wasn't particularly disturbed by this.

        “Anyways, thought I should introduce you,” Pound told Waldo, adopting his shy smile again. “I take it you're going to find your parents?”

        Waldo shook her head, her bandage hanging limply to her face. The married Cakes looked at it suspiciously.


        Pound waited for Waldo to elaborate further, but as per the norm with Waldo, she remained silent.

        “Is there any reason?” Pound pressed, curious. Waldo rolled her eyes.

        “They don't live here.”

        Pound felt a little foolish. He shouldn't have been so concerned by her response; plenty of the younger ponies in town lived on their own, it wasn't particularly odd.

        “Oh. Well in that case... see you around?”

        “Sure thi-” Waldo said, but was interrupted as a blur of white and blue rocketed towards her.

        “I FOUND WALDO!” Vinyl Scratch cheered, the DJ enthusiastically dancing around the now-irritated mare.

        “What do you want, sis?” Waldo asked in exasperation.

        Vinyl stopped dancing to adopt a more serious face.

        “It's about the house. We kind of had a crazy party last night before you got back. You know, can't wait kind of thing? Anyways, the long and direct: the house is a disaster. More so than usual. You'll have to find somewhere else to stay for a couple days, at least.”

        Waldo facehoofed.

        “Why does this feel oddly forced?” she muttered before flopping back to her flanks.

        “Great. Thanks for the heads up, Scratch.”

        “No problem!” Vinyl said with a grin, ruffling Waldo's mane before turning a nd trotting away.

        “Prick,” Waldo spat.

        “Uh, Waldo?” Pound asked, slightly disturbed by what he'd seen. This was how some siblings interacted with each other?

        Waldo tilted her head towards him, but upon remembering she no longer had one of her eyes, rose to her hooves to turn and face him head-on.

        “If you need some place to stay... well, we do have an extra room. Want it?”

        Waldo groaned. She hated charity. Not because she was a good saint or anything, but she just didn't like being given things like that. It wasn't like she was going to pay them back or anything. Like she said, she wasn't a good saint.

        “I don't have to pay rent, do I?” Waldo asked. Silence overtook them as the mare felt the tension rise.

        Okay, maybe the wrong thing to say right now, Warden huffed to herself.\

        Slowly, painfully, and far too self-aware of her actions, Waldo forced herself to smile playfully, as though her comment had been a joke.

        Pound and Pumpkin let out a chuckle of relief as their parents spoke up behind them.

        “I see no problem with it,” Carrot said.

        “Me neither,” Cup Cake agreed. “As long as I don't get pushed out of the house for no reason what-so-ever, only to return later and find the house reeking of sweat,” she dead-panned, giving her husband a stern glare while her children blushed deeply. Carrot could only manage a sheepish chuckle.

        “Then it's settled!” Pound said with gusto, waving Waldo along next to him. “Feel free to join us!”

        Waldo huffed. This was definitely not what she had in mind for her break.

        Pumpkin came over and gave her a hug, smiling.

        “It's great to actually meet you. Pound mentioned you in his letters, said you were pretty stealthy. Not bad for an earth pony,” Pumpkin said jokingly with a wink.

        Waldo managed a light chuckle.

        Okay, maybe it wouldn't be too bad, so long as they didn't talk. Their jokes were terrible and tasted all sorts of unintentionally racist.

        “Not bad at all,” Warden agreed.