The Human Side of Things

by Gylden Glor

A Transition Chapter

I look up in shock as Rainbow Dash violently kicks the door to Peter's room shut.
"He's drunk."
I stare at her irritated scowl for a moment in incomprehension. "Huh?"
"He's drunk," Rainbow responds as she walks into the kitchen to join me. "Totally bucking smashed."
"But...he seemed fine before..."
She shrugs. "I dunno. But his breath smelled like a bucking bar. Guess it just hadn't kicked in for a while. By the way, he's unconscious."
I roll my eyes. "Oh, I'll have to make sure he doesn't vomit and end up choking himself..."
"Already taken care of," Rainbow responds with a smirk.
"Do I want to know?" I ask, feeling slightly worried.
"Damn straight you do!" She responds with a grin. "I put his bag next to his bag and put him in a way so that if he vomits, he'll vomit right into his bag. Also, I took something from him so he'll have to apologize to me before getting it back." She pulls a small, black device out from between her feathers, and then quickly stows it again with a grin in pride.
"Apologize for what?" I ask, confused.
"Uh...I..." A crimson blush overtakes her cheeks. "I...uh..." She looks at the clock, and inhales in an exaggerated gasp. "Darn, would you look at the time! I've gotta go, Twi'! Seeya!"
Before I have a chance to say anything, she's out the window. "Uh...bye?" I mutter. Silence is all that responds.
I sigh as I decide to check on Peter.