The Return of Mare Do Well

by L_Wolf

Confrontation at Silver Estate

Chapter 41

While she walked towards her home, she paused looking at Sugar Cube Corner thinking for a few moments before heading inside.

"Hey Starbloom, how you doing today?" Pinkie asked as she stood behind the counter.

"Hi Pinkie, things are going good today." Starbloom replied walking up the counter smiling at her. "I'd like one of your cheese cakes please."

"Sure thing, coming right up." Pinkie said smiling as she got one of the cheese cakes on a shelf and put it in a box. "Here you go, that'll be four bits."

Starbloom smiled and took the money out giving it to Pinkie, "How is Twist working out?" She asked picking up the box with the cake in her magic.

"She's doing a very good job." Pinkie said smiling at Starbloom. "She's a really hard worker."

Starbloom smiled at Pinkie. "That's good to hear. I'll see you later." She said as she left Sugar Cube Corner.

"See ya later Starbloom," Pinkie replied watching her leave before going back to work.

Starbloom smiled and hummed softly to herself as she made her way back home, using her magic to head inside she put the cheese cake on the counter looking around. "Sweetie Belle, I'm home." She called out.

"Welcome home Starbloom," Sweetie called back from the dining room.

Starbloom headed to the dining room smiling, Sweetie was at the table looking over different styles of invitations. "I got something, from Diamond Tiara," Starbloom said smiling as she floated the ring box over to Sweetie so she could see the rings.

"Oh?" She asked before smiling as she saw the box. She opened it and looked inside. "These are very lovely Starbloom. Can we afford them though?"

Starbloom smiled and nodded at Sweetie. "Yea, Diamond Tiara gave them to use as a wedding gift."

Sweetie smiled even brighter, "Well, that was very nice of her." She said as Starbloom joined her at the table.

"Yea, it was really nice of her." Starbloom said smiling at Sweetie.

They spent the rest of the evening going over details of the wedding, once Twist got home Sweetie went to make dinner. They spent the rest of the evening talking and working on the details of the wedding. Once it started to get late Sweetie and Twist went to bed, Starbloom went to the third floor to change.

After changing into her suit she slipped out of the window and started her patrol route. The patrol was pretty quiet, but she didn't expect to much trouble. She was more curious if Venture would show up again, still pretty unsure about the changeling.

She neared Silver Spoon's old home on her route and started to feel that familiar tingle in the back of her mind. She paused on the roof a house across the Silver Estate frowning softly. She wasn't sure what it was about the house but something about it felt wrong.

She lowered herself to the roof before leaping up and over the fence, the edges of her hoofs glowing from the repulsing magic to give her more range. She figured now would be a good time to investigate the place, maybe even get a lead on Silver Blade.

The grounds looked quiet and she couldn't see any lights on inside. She made her way around the house slowly checking the outside first. She spotted a small building near the back and went to check it out first. She found the door locked but it didn't take much to jimmy it open.

"Hmm... the smith workshop..." She said softly to herself noticing the furnace and anvil. Making her way inside she noticed fresh ore and different assassin blades in the works. "So, she is staying here."

She turned and started out of the building before making her way over to the large estate home. She found one of the windows open and slipped inside looking around. She was in a small office, the dust told her it hadn't been used in a long time. She crept quietly to the door and opened it heading out into a hallway.

She thought about activating her night vision, but decided to save it for now. She started down the hallway listening quietly. She knew if Silver Blade was lurking around inside the house it wouldn't take much for her to get the drop on her.

She came to another door and checked it, finding it unlocked she opened it slowly peeking inside, the room itself was large but empty. As she was about to leave the room she saw something on the floor and went inside to check it out.

While exploring the room she saw what looked like drag marks across the floor. Near one of the walls she saw a mark in the wall and blood on the floor, though it was dried there was a lot of it. She also saw bandages near by as well as a discarded first aid kit.

As she examined the area she didn't notice a figure slip into the room with her. Just as she was turning she felt a wave of magical energy hit her in the side. She dug her hooves into the ground as she slide, turning she saw the familiar purple glow on Nightshade's broken horn.

"I should of known you would be here to," Mare Do Well said narrowing her eyes at Nightshade. Nightshade wasn't wearing her Nightmare outfit. The crystals on her headband started to glow as she released a blast of magical energy back towards Nightshade.

Nightshade leapt to the side avoiding the blast and narrowed her eyes. "This is my home, of course I'd be here." She growled in reply charging her horn releasing a burst of energy at her.

Mare Do Well jumped out of the way of the blast and charged forward turning quickly to buck Nightshade in the chest. Nightshade turned quick to avoid the buck but hit in the side inside, the impact knocking her against a wall. Mare Do Well turned to face her. "Where is Silver Blade? What is with all the blood in here?" Mare Do Well asked growling softly.

Nightshade got to her hooves quickly and lunged forward shoulder ramming Mare Do Well sending her skidding back. "She's resting in her room" Nightshade said narrowing her eyes again, "I told you, I reprimanded her."

Mare Do Well's stopped herself from hitting the wall narrowing her eyes at Nightshade. "All this blood, looks like you tortured her." She said growling, despite what Silver Blade did. She couldn't stand the thought of torture, she released a burst of magic at Nightshade while charging forward.

Nightshade dodged the magical burst only to get slammed into by Mare Do Well. The force of the hit knocked her back and into the wall. She was about to attack again when a blade flew through the air and sliced across Mare Do Well's back.

Mare Do Well turned quickly seeing Silver Blade in the doorway. She felt a blast of magic catch her in the side and send her sliding across the floor. She leapt back to her hooves and narrowed her eyes looking at Nightshade and Silver Blade.

She knew she couldn't take both at once. She turned quick and fired a massive blast of energy into the wall blowing it out. She sprinted quick and leapt outside, galloping quickly she jumped over the fence. She glanced back not seeing them chase after her.

She made her way home quickly and sighed once she was safe. Wincing softly at the sting across her back from the blade cutting her. She slipped out of her costume and put it away turning to look at her back, it wasn't to deep she was lucky this time.

She bandaged her back and yawned faintly making her way to the bedroom. It was late and the sun would be up soon. She climbed and snuggled down next to Sweetie drifting off to sleep.