A Nightmare to Remember...

by Gyrofest96

Princess in Distress

Rarity galloped at full speed towards the two tired ponies that were carrying a large, red, unconscious Big Macintosh. “Girls, what happened? Is Big Macintosh okay? Are you taking him to the hospital?” said as she bombarding the duo with several worried questions.

“Rarity, stop! It’s okay, Big Macintosh went a little… crazy. We had to knock him unconscious to make sure he didn’t hurt anypony!” Twilight said trying to shut Rarity up, then thinking back to her words, she prepared to see a very confused face on why she had to knock Big Mac out…

“W-what!? What’s wrong with him? Why did you hurt him, Twilight?” Rarity had apparently stopped listening after hearing ‘knock him unconscious.’

“Rarity, we have a issue ‘ere! Just follow us ta’ the hospital, we’ll explain there!” Applejack said as she and Twilight started walking away towards the hospital.

“Ugh, fine! But you better tell me the whole st-WAAAAH!” Rarity screamed in mid-sentence.

Applejack and Twilight turned around in time to see Rarity being carried off within seconds!

“Twi’, watch my brother ‘ere. Ahm goin’ after Rarity, it’s time ta’ see who this pony is!” Applejack yelled back, already galloping for the ‘princess in distress.’

“Will do! Be careful, AJ!” Twilight shouted back, proceeding to levitate Big Macintosh towards the hospital. A fearful thought dawned her as she realized she is now alone with an unconscious, psychotic pony. Who happens to be very strong. She just hopes her magic is powerful enough to hold him down. That, and the fact that there are probably more of those psychotic ponies out there just makes the night even more fearful... *Sigh.* She took a deep breath, and kept on moving. This was going to be one of those nights again...


Applejack was charging full speed after the noises of the terrified screams of Rarity. The high speed movement allowed her to catch sight of a two silhouettes moving quite swiftly. One was moving on all four hooves, while the other was being carried by the running pony. After a few minutes of chasing, she came to a market. By this point, Applejack was exhausted. She started to think back about leaving Twilight to fend for herself... probably wasn't the best of ideas... Ah, she can handle herself. She is the element of magic, after all. I'm sure she can-

"UN-HOOF ME, YOU RUFFIAN!" A fierce shout erupted into the cool air, interrupting her train of thoughts. She looked up to see Rarity use her magic to throw a large crate at the assailant, sending the surprised pony flying about twenty feet. The pony did not move afterwards.

Another minute of galloping at full-speed, and the two best friends were re-united once more.

"Dear Celestia, Rar'! Ah didn't know ya could be so powerful!" Applejack said, completely astounded by the show of magic.

"Applejack, darling, I may be defenseless when I first get attacked. But that's just me panicking. When I regain my focus, I can be quite powerful..." Rarity said in a 'Oh yeah, that just happened. Deal with it.' tone.

"Ahlright, Rarity. If ya say so..." Applejack said, chuckling.

"Don't doubt my power, Applejack. I may seem like a princess-in-distress, but I am far from that." replied with a slight hint of aggravation.

"Okay, Rar'. Let's just get out o' here. We have ta' check on Twilight an' Big Mac." Applejack resolved, not wanting to spike any arguments in this time of crisis.

"Right, let us depart." Rarity said in a confident tone as they galloped back in the direction of where they last saw Twilight.


A good twenty minutes in, and Twilight was already exhausted from carrying Big Macintosh using her magic. Carrying her with Applejack was one thing. Using her magic alone, combine that with the overwhelming weight of Big Macintosh, it doesn't help. She decided to take a break under the cover of a large tree. She was in the park. With her last remaining energy, she placed down Big Macintosh against the tree, grabbed some rope that was hanging from the tree. It was likely used from the cutie mark crusaders. Probably seeing if they could get a climbing cutie mark. After she was done making sure the restraints were in good condition, she lazily trotted over to the fountain, and took a couple of sips from the refreshing waters.

"Ahh... that helps." She sighed in relief. This was really turning into a long night... She thought to herself, as she was wiping her muzzle with her hoof. Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard two hooves charging down her direction. She readied a small shovel near her with her magic, but lowered her offense when she saw it was Applejack and Rarity.

"Applejack! Rarity! You two are okay!" Twilight shouted in excitement, galloping towards them, and embracing them in a large group hug. It lasted for a short moment, but she needed the comfort.

"Good ta' see ya Twilight, but do ya mind if we rest here for a few? We're all tuckered out!" Applejack said, panting heavily.

"Of course! I was just stopping here for a short rest, carrying Big Macintosh with magic alone just exhausts me so quickly!" Twilight said, trotting back to check on Big Mac.

"Sorry for leavin' ya like that, sugar cube. Ah had to help out Rarity..." Applejack said, sounding a bit dejected for leaving Twilight to fend for herself.

"It's okay, Applejack. I understand, we both had our priorities. Nothing happened, so no harm done." Twilight replied with a smile on her face.

This cheered up Applejack quite nicely, and the trio sat down near the tree that was holding Big Macintosh. Rarity decided to tell the two how she broke out of the grasp of the assailant, and beat him down. Twilight and Applejack were both impressed by her presentation of magical ability and her determination. Then Twilight and Applejack caught Rarity up with the events from beginning to where she was kidnapped.

"Oh my... so these ponies, including Big Mac, were sort of... hypnotized... or possessed?" Rarity asked, somewhat timid of the fact that her good friends were going to attack her without even thinking of they were actually attacking. Sounded like they were turned feral.

Both Twilight and Applejack nodded.

"It seems so, while we have no idea what is the cause behind this, I have an idea of who it could be..." She said, with images of the pegasus with a injured wing standing in front of a large statue of Discord. She shivered when she remembered the anonymous pony walking towards her. She struggled to regain her thoughts.

"Really? Who is this pony you are speaking of?" Rarity asked curiously.

"I don't know of his name, but I think he wants to release Discord. And I believe he's willing do anything to do it. I've... seen him in my recent nightmares..." Twilight was said as she was starting to sob, remembering all of her very first nightmare. "And it started with me seeing front-seat action of Ponyville getting absolutely demolished by Discord, Trixie followed by the Ursa Major and Minor, Diamond Dogs, and all sorts of creatures that were pouring out from the Everfree forest..." Twilight put her hooves over her face and switched around, trying to hide the tears that were already pouring out from her eyes.

Applejack and Rarity both moved in to nuzzle, hug, and comfort her.

"Oh Twilight, darling, I'm sorry for bringing back such horrible memories..." Rarity said, embracing Twilight.

"No... It's okay... I had to get that off my chest somehow, thanks girls... just listening helps so much!" Twilight embraced both Applejack and Rarity more tightly than ever, and they returned the hug.

I sure hope our friendship can conquer something so evil and so powerful... We did before, but we were so close to losing our friendship! We're stronger than ever right now... But how long will it last? Twilight thought deeply to herself. It was going to be a very busy week for all of the ponies...