My Little Pony: Motherhood is Magic (Revised!)

by Ironhoof


Epilogue: 4 years later

“Oh my, this cloth is simply marvelous! Wouldn’t you agree, Darling?” a white unicorn seemed to be asking somepony, somepony who was nowhere to be found. Going into panic, Rarity dropped the sample of cloth and started frantically searching the cloth and sewing shop she was in. The mare looked to the store clerk, an auburn-colored Earth Mare with dark yellow eyes that didn’t seem to care or worry about much.

The unicorn cleared her throat, “Excuse me, Miss, have you seen a small red pegasus with a light blue mane?”

“Nope,” the mare said with an uncaring attitude.

Extremely worried, Rarity ran about the store, searching everywhere her eyes, hooves and magic could reach. After about 15 minutes of searching, she sat in a corner, terrified and breathing heavily. All of a sudden, unbeknownst to her, a small form came creeping up to her just out of the dress maker’s line of sight. When it was a hoof-length away, the little form crouched low, narrowed its deep sapphire eyes, took in a lung full of air, and pounced on its prey.

“SURPRISE MOMMY!” shouted a small Pegasus Colt, landing in front of the panic-stricken unicorn, oblivious to her worry, as most offspring are with their parents.

Rarity’s eyes grew big with shock. “Frostfyre!” she said with a hot tone, becoming slightly upset with her foal. “Don’t ever do that again! You scared Mommy!”

At this, the young pony, lowered his head and wings with sadness at what he has done, looked at his mother’s sapphire eyes with his own and apologized. “I’m sorry mommy, I didn’t mean to, honest. I was just trying to have some fun.”

The unicorn’s expression softened, becoming slightly saddened by her son’s attitude. “Oh, it’s alright, Sweetheart; it’s just that Mommy worries when you’re not where she expects you to be. Promise you won’t go running off again before telling me, okay?”

“Okay!” the filly replied, all the sadness seemingly forgotten. “By the way, when can we go home? I wanna play with Auntie Sweetie Belle!”

“We just need to buy a few things here,” the colt’s mother informed, “then, stop by Sugarcube Corner for something I ordered, and then we can head home; promise. And, if you’re a good little colt, mommy might buy you a treat, alright?”

“Yay! I promise I’ll be good!” Frostfyre ran up and wrapped his small hooves around Rarity’s neck. Rarity leaned down and wrapped one of her forelegs around him in a hug. Then, quickly gave him a peck on the forehead before they both rose and headed towards the bored looking mare and finally headed out.


It was a bright and beautiful spring afternoon in Ponyville: there were no clouds in the sky, the birds were singing, and it seemed like all of the residents were out and about.

“All except for a few,” Rarity thought to herself with a small grin on her face. She glanced down towards her son, who was happily trotting next to her. “I hope he enjoys his surprise party today.”

Alas, yes; it was Frostfyre’s birthday. It had been 4 years to that point that Rarity had gone through the painful experience of childbirth for this little pony. “MY little pony,” she thought, remembering who half of the colt’s genes came from, very thankful that she hasn’t seen Solar Flare’s face anywhere since that night so long ago. She remembered the feelings she had when Frostfyre was first born: mostly fear. Rarity was afraid that Solar would try and take him away from her, or worse; she was afraid that some of the stallion’s attitude and personality would be with her son. But, luck was on her side on both accounts. Rarity was glad to be rid of the horrendous pony and was grateful that her son had no sign of his father other than his coat and wings. Actually, Frostfyre’s personality seemed to be a mixture of all of Rarity’s friends: he had Rainbow’s stubbornness and confidence, Pinkie’s endless energy and happiness, Applejack’s trustworthiness and good work ethic, Fluttershy’s kindness and understanding, and Twilight’s intelligence and helpfulness. Yes, as of right now everything seemed to be perfect.

“Mommy, mommy we’re here!” Frostfyre’s excited voice snapped Rarity from her thoughts, which was a good thing seeing as how she almost ran into the door. Chuckling to herself, the unicorn opened the door with her magic and allowed herself and her son entrance to the shop. As soon as they entered, the fire-red pegasus ran up and put his hooves on the glass, staring at all the pastries and treats on display. At the sound of a ringing bell, a blue Earth Mare came from the kitchen.

“Hello dears. What can I get you today?” Mrs. Cake said, smiling at the two ponies.

“Yes, I ordered something a few days ago and was wondering if it was ready to be picked up?” Rarity was hoping Mrs. Cake knew what she was talking about. Thankfully, the mare did.

“Oh of course! I’ll be right back.” She walked back into the kitchen and emerged a few moments later with a white box. “Will that be all dear?”

The unicorn turned to her son, who was now practically drooling over the display case. “Why yes; Frostfyre would like something.”

The red pegasus looked up at his mother with a questioning look. Rarity, knowing exactly what the question was, winked at her son, as to say “anything you like.” The colt wagged his tail back and forth, looking for what he thought would be the perfect snack. After eyeing a somewhat large Chocolate Fudge Cookie, he asked for it. After Rarity paid for everything, they started heading home.

“Didn’t you want anything mommy?” Frostfyre asked.

“Oh no, Dear; Mommy’s not hungry. Besides, the treat was for you.” Rarity smiled lovingly at her son.

The small filly bit the edge of his cookie, then, using his hooves, he broke off roughly half of it. “Would you like some?” he offered to his mom.

“Well, if you’re offering, I suppose so.” She levitated her half next to her head. Then suddenly, her horn flared with more magic as she lifted her now surprised son off the ground and onto her back, right between the box and her mane. After making sure everything was settled and not moving, Rarity started walking towards her boutique, happily sharing the cookie with her son.


When they reached the boutique, Rarity used her magic to open the door and set her son down. Immediately, he rushed in, finally home and able to play with his toys. His fast steps could be heard stopping all of a sudden as he realized how dark the room was.

“Mommy, why is it dark in here?” the pegasus asked. Frostfyre wasn’t a fearful child; in fact, he’s picked a few fights with ponies two to three times his size to protect other ponies. But, if there was thing the young pony hated, it was not knowing his surroundings. So immediately, he became defensive, ready to attack anything that sounded unnatural.

At that moment, the lights flicked on and a large group of ponies popped up from nowhere yelling, “SURPRISE!!!!”

Getting over the initial shock, Frostfyre just stood there with a dumbstruck look on his face before he realized what was happening. Then, he bore a huge smile and looked back at his mom, who was sitting in front of the door with his Auntie Sweetie Belle and their friends.

“Oh my gosh! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!” Frostfyre bolted towards his family with speed that would make Rainbow Dash take a second look, which she did with wide eyes when a blur of red and blue zoomed past her. The next thing Rarity knew, she had a ball of excitement, fur and feathers wrapping her in a tight hug.

“Happy Birthday sweetheart. I love you so much,” the unicorn said, laying down so she could hug her son back and smother him in kisses, much to his complaints, and Spike’s slight jealousy.

Sweetie Belle then lay down next to them and nuzzled her nephew affectionately. “Happy Birthday, Frostfyre!” Suddenly, she too was attacked by the same ball that tackled her sister, causing her dainty frame to be knocked over unexpectedly.

“Oops,” Frostfyre said apologetically, helping his aunt up.

Sweetie Belle merely smiled and said, “it’s alright; it happens.”

Then, from nowhere a pink mare emerged with an ear-to-ear smile on her face and eyes that beamed with energy. “I don’t know what everypony’s waiting for; let’s party!!!” From out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie produced what appeared to be a cannon. When she pressed the switch to fire it, what came out was confetti, streamers and candy.

The next thing Frostfyre knew, he was swept up with the rest of the crowd, dancing with friends and family. Though, for a moment, his excitement went away when he noticed that two of the ponies with whom he was dancing were the Sun and Moon Princesses themselves. however, his excitement returned quickly when one playfully winked at him with her purple eyes, while the other started dazzling Frostfyre with her starry mane and tail. As far as anypony was concerned, this was the best day in Ponyville.

After a few hours of ponies dancing and chatting, Rarity walked out from her kitchen levitating a red and blue cake to a table set up on her posing stadium. “It’s time for somepony to blow out their candles!”

“Oh my gosh I LOVE THAT PART!!”

“Not you Pinkie!” Rarity shouted at her energetic friend.

As if from nowhere, Frostfyre appeared next to his mom as she set down the cake. He couldn’t help but drool on the table, wishing he didn’t have to wait to shove his face in the massive pastry. After everypony sang him “Happy Birthday,” Frostfyre took in as much air as his lungs could muster, and blew out his candles. All that was left now was for everypony to get a piece and enjoy themselves until the party ended.


“That was rather delightful, and it turned out much better than I could’ve hoped for.” Rarity was talking to her friends to help pass the time as they cleaned the remnants of the day’s party. “And, thank you all again; I really appreciate the help with throwing Frostfyre a party.”

“No problem, Rare. Ah’m always happy ta help,” Applejack said after setting down a garbage bag to pick up more cups and plates.

“Yea. Besides, Pinkie was throwing it AND it was for Frostfyre; why would any of us miss it?” Rainbow Dash asked as she helped Fluttershy clear away confetti and streamers with their wings.

“Oh my yes, I even OVER-filled the animal’s dishes so I could come.” the butterscotch colored pegasus said quite proudly. “Although, I hope Angel isn’t mad at me. I know! I’ll make him a big breakfast tomorrow!”

Then, Twilight turned from cleaning a table of crumbs and added, “hey, speaking of Pinkie, where is she?”

“Oh, she’s upstairs with Frostfyre, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Spike, making sure they got to bed. She probably fell asleep with them.” Rarity chuckled at the idea of four young ponies, a dragon and a grown mare sharing a small room.

Then, there was a knock at the door. Each pony looked at the door, than at one another with confused looks.

“I wonder who that could be,” Rarity said, perplexed. She opened the door, expecting to see a pony patiently waiting there. Instead, what she saw made her gasp in terror. Standing in the door way was a pissed off looking Solar Flare.
As the white unicorn slowly backed away, Solar started taking a few threatening steps forward. “Where you going sweetheart?” he asked in a mocking tone full of malice. “I never got to thank you for hitting me with a pan and throwing me in some trash.”

Just as the pegasus was about to attack, his way was blocked by three ponies. The stallion was a little confused at first, but then continued on his threat. “Hah! You three think you can stop me? Just get out of my way or you’ll regret it.”

Seeing the opportunity, Rarity looked at Fluttershy. Getting the hint, both ponies ran up the stairs to where Pinkie and the children were sleeping. Solar was starting to get impatient, so he headed towards the stairs until a cyan and rainbow blur shot in front of him. He looked at Rainbow Dash in the eye and smirked.

“Don’t try and stop me. I don’t think a little mare like you could take me on.”

Big mistake. The next thing he knew, Solar was on the ground with a hoof print on his cheek. Rainbow smirked at him. “Don’t underestimate us. We’re tougher than we look.” Solar spat out some blood and looked at Rainbow in the eyes. He tried to flare his wings, but found that he couldn’t move them. Looking at his sides, Solar noticed that a rope made its way around him.

“What the…” he looked confusingly at his wings, “how did this happen?”

All of a sudden a southern voice spoke up. “That there is courtesy of us. Was figurin’ you’d try to fly so Ah gave Twi’ here mah rope and she magic’d it around your wings.” The purple unicorn next Applejack gave a small chuckle.

“Crap. What now?” the crimson stallion thought to himself while looking at the three mares.

“Huh, what? What’s going on girls?” a bleary eyed Pinkie Pie asked Rarity and Fluttershy as they barricaded the door.

At the sound of the door slamming, the children woke up scared. Spike and the Crusaders held each other while Frostfyre ran up to his mother. Rarity picked him up, answering Pinkie’s question.

“What? Oh it’s nothing. Just some, umm, complications downstairs that Rainbow, Applejack and Twilight offered to take care of. Hopefully it isn’t too serious and will be dealt with quickly.”

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie walked over the small group to comfort them. Rarity started brushing her son’s hair. They could feel each other’s fear and wanted to comfort one another. There was a knock at the door, making all the ponies jump. Rarity put Frostfyre behind her, using her magic to open the door, she readied another spell incase. But instead of Solar, there was a smiling Twilight, a worn out looking Applejack and Rainbow Dash, and a smiling Luna.

“Girls! How’d it go?” the white unicorn asked, concern filling her voice at seeing the bruises on Applejack and Rainbow.

Applejack cleared her throat. “Ah tell ya, he’s a tough pony. If it weren’t fer Twilight usin’ her magic to catch us and Rainbow and I bein’ athletic, who knows what would’ve happened.”

“Actually, for a moment there it looked like he was going to win. That was until Luna popped in and teleported him.” Rainbow said, sitting down while Fluttershy tended to her friends wounds.

It was Luna’s turn to talk. “Think nothing of it. When I saw him walking around Ponyville, I had a feeling he was up to no good. I would’ve stopped him sooner, but you all seem to handle yourself very well.”

Princess!” Twilight gasped, “Your grammar!”

The Princess of the Night chuckled. “Yes Twilight Sparkle, I have been getting lessons from Tia and reading scrolls.” Luna ruffled Frostfyre’s hair before standing up and heading out the door. “I’m sorry, I’d love to stay with you all, but I must go and move the moon. Have a pleasant night my little ponies.”

Twilight shouted after Luna. “Princess, wait! I was curious to where you teleported Solar Flare?”

The dark alicorn chuckled at the small group. She spread her wings, preparing to fly off. Before she did so, she gave the ponies a small little reassurance, “Let’s just say he’s really hot now.”

When Luna left, all the ponies let out a sigh of relief. “Well, that was eventful. How about we all get some sleep?” Rarity asked. The Crusaders headed towards Sweetie Belle’s room, Spike grabbed his and Twilight’s sleeping bags while the other mares grabbed their own. All the ponies set up their beds in the show room of the boutique, most fell asleep almost instantly, with the exception of Pinkie and Rainbow talking about Celestia knows what. Rarity went to lay down when she noticed her son curled up in a ball in his own little blanket. The fashionista walked up and gently woke up Frostfyre.

“What are you doing laying here?” she whispered, “Come with mommy.”

The small pegasus looked up, his eyes showing confusion and tiredness. He groggily got up, and slowly followed Rarity to her sleeping bag. She nudged him under the blanket and tucked him in. She then carefully slide herself in, when she got comfortable, the white pony wrapped her forelegs around the child and held him close. Just when Rarity was about to fall asleep, she heard Frostfyre mumble in his sleep.

“Good night mommy.”

“Good night sweetheart. I love you so much.” she said, kissing him one last time before falling into a peaceful sleep.