My Little Pony: Motherhood is Magic (Revised!)

by Ironhoof

Loyalty, Laughter, and a little Magic

Loyalty, Laughter and a little Magic

Rarity slightly came to from the darkness of unconsciousness. She felt weak and couldn’t open her eyes, but she could vaguely hear voices. She tried to figure out what was going on and where she was.

“Oh my! What happened?”

“We don’t know, she just passed out. Please help her.”

“Right, of course. I’ll get a doctor and we’ll rush her into a room. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you two to stay here please.”

“We understand. Rainbow, could you go and get Sweetie Belle?”

“On it!”

After feeling a breeze and hearing the sound of doors being slammed open and closed, Rarity felt her conscious slipping and she once again fell into darkness.


Once again, the unicorn started to regain some consciousness. This time, she automatically opened her eyes, but then quickly shut them, for there was a bright light aimed right at her head. Again, she could hear muffled voices, but this time they sounded different.

“From what we could find, she just overexerted herself. Though the exertion caused a small stroke, nothing serious happened. If you hadn’t been there it would’ve been a lot worse.”

“Thank you doctor. But what could’ve caused the overexertion? I mean yes we did see her throw a full grown stallion, but that shouldn’t have caused her to faint, should it?"

“Well normally no, a mature unicorn that uses their magic a lot of the time shouldn’t have an issue with lifting or moving large objects such as other ponies. But with her being pregnant, the baby takes some of that energy for itself, leaving her with less magic than she’s used to.”

“So she’s pregnant with a unicorn?”

“Not necessarily. This ‘feeding’ happens with all unicorn mares, regardless of the child. It’s part of the reason pegasi can touch clouds and earth ponies can move larger or heavier objects than other ponies.”

“I see. So are Rarity and the baby going to be okay?”

“Yes they should be fine. Though your friend needs her rest and should avoid anything that could stress her out or increase her heart rate for a few days.”

“MY BABY!!!” Rarity woke up screaming at the top of her lungs, sweat running down her face from remembering what happened the night before. What she didn’t notice were the three ponies asleep in her room, whom her screaming promptly awoke in a panic. Along with the three ponies, two guard ponies came bursting in with Dr. Feelgood and Nurse Redheart following behind.

“Rarity! It’s alright. You’re in the hospital; you’re safe,” Twilight assured her friend, putting a comforting hoof on the white mare’s shoulder.

The white unicorn looked around her room and noticed that she was in the hospital. In her room were Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Dr. Feelgood, Nurse Redheart, and two royal guard ponies, one a unicorn the other a pegasus, as well as...

“Sweetie Belle!” Rarity exclaimed, scooping up her little sister and holding her close, tears streaming down both their faces.

“I.. I th-thought you were g-g-gone, S-s-sis,” the white filly said, crying even harder into her sister’s coat.

Rarity started nuzzling and brushing her younger sister, trying to comfort her. “Shh, it’s alright, Sweetie,” assured she, “I’m here, and I’m never leaving.”


“I promise.” Rarity gave her sister a comforting smile. She then looked at the retreating guards, and asked one of them, “Umm, excuse me, Sir, but would you please watch my sister for me while I talk to my friends?”

The unicorn guard responded, speaking in monotone, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Sweetie Belle jumped off of the bed and trotted after the guards. When they left the room, each guard took their post on each side of the door, with Sweetie Belle sitting on a chair next to the unicorn.

Dr. Feelgood then walked up to Rarity’s bedside and informed, “I understand that you would like to talk to your friends, but since you’re up, I’d like to do a small checkup on you.”

“Alright doctor.” Rarity replied. Even though she heard what her friends and the doctor were saying earlier about her and her child being okay, the unicorn still worried.

The Dr. gently smiled. “Don’t worry. You just overused your magic, causing stress and a small stroke. Luckily your friends were there so it didn’t become something too serious.”

After the nurse looked at the machines hooked to Rarity to check up on her vitals, she left after the doctor. When the door was closed, the unicorn let out a small sigh of relief.

Twilight was the first to speak up after several minutes of silence. “What happened last night, Rarity? Who was that pony?”

At Twilight’s question, tears started to well up in Rarity’s eyes. She wasn’t sure if she wanted anypony to know, but after a few moments of thinking, she decided it was for the best. “He.. he was a stallion I met a few months back after the Grand Galloping Gala, but we got together at one of Pinkie’s parties. I wish I knew who he truly was back then; I should’ve known he was too good to be true.” Then, Rarity started to cry.

Rainbow and Twilight flanked Rarity’s bed: The cyan pegasus nuzzled her distressed friend while the violet unicorn put a comforting hoof on her. “It’s alright, Rarity; take your time. After seeing what he tried to do to you, it couldn’t possibly be easy,” Twilight said while gently smiling.

“Thank you, Girls,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. “Like I said, I met Solar Flare after the Grand Galloping Gala, when we were leaving Pony Joe’s doughnut shop. My, he was so charming and romantic. He was smothering me in compliments and would listen to everything I said. A few months later I saw him at the party Pinkie was throwing for Ditzy’s birthday, apparently he was visiting a ‘sick family member’. We got to talking and then went back to my place. The talking turned into flirting, which turned into…” Rarity started blushing, remembering the moment and the ponies that were in the room. She cleared her throat, continuing her story. “Well, after a few months he showed his true colors. He barged into my shop, drunk out of his mind and tried to f…f-force himself on me.” The dress maker started rubbing Sweetie Belle’s mane to comfort try and comfort herself. “It was then that I realized that he was nothing but a poor drunkard that thinks of females as nothing more than objects and thinks he can do whatever he wants. So before he could get too far, I shoved him out the door with my magic and hid up in my room terrified.”

“Oh my, that sounds awful. I am so sorry to hear that, Rarity.” Twilight’s eyes started watering themselves.

Rainbow Dash, who had been quiet all this time, finally spoke up. “Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, Rare; we’ll protect you.” She gave a small smile to the unicorn lying in bed.

“And I thank you both; deeply, I do.” Rarity smiled at her friends and kissed her sister’s forehead. Out of nowhere there was the sound of two ponies arguing.

“She’s our daughter, and we have every right to see her!”

“I understand sir, but there are already three ponies in the room and she needs her rest.”

“I don’t care! She gets attacked while pregnant with our grandchild and we can’t even be there to comfort her? Horsefeathers!”

Then a regal voice could be heard speaking over the other two ponies. “Sir, while I understand that you and your wife are worried, you must still respect the hospital staff and their rules.”

“I’m sorry Princess, it’s just that we’re worried and want to see our daughters.”

“Well…if you’re quite and promise not to stress out your daughter, I suppose you ponies may enter.”

“Thank you nurse.”

The door opened up, allowing a white unicorn stallion, a rose unicorn mare, and Princesses Celestia and Luna.

“Mom, Dad!” the unicorn sisters said at the same time. Twilight and Rainbow Dash went and stood by the Princesses while the family held one another. A few moments the family broke apart, but Rarity’s parents sat by her bedside. Then Rarity’s dad spoke up, “Sorry about the yelling and cursing. But we understand you two are to thank for helping our daughter?”

Twilight smiled at them. “Yes, sir.” she answered.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, what are you two doing here?” the fashionista asked the alicorn sisters.

The Sun Princess spoke up first, “We came to make sure you are alright. And also to tell you all that we sent our guards out to search for this Solar Flare.”

“Yes.” Luna agreed, “We will not stop until he is brought to justice!” She stamped her hoof for emphasis. The action making the ponies in the room chuckle a little bit.

“Thank you Princesses. I am grateful for your help.” Rarity said.

Celestia and Luna smiled at her. “It is no problem. Well, we must get back to Canterlot. I’ll have two guards take care of you for as long as you want, and I promise Luna and I will be back for your birth.” There was a bright flash of light as the sisters teleported back the their castle.


It was about dusk and Rarity was sitting up in her bed, her sister Sweetie Belle sitting in her lap and her parents sitting on one side of the bed, talking with all the ponies that came to check on her. There was Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh, and Scootaloo. Even Ditzy Doo, and Mrs. Cake stopped by to see how Rarity was doing. Mrs. Cake informed them that Mr. Cake was watching their two foals.

“Oh, thank you all so much for stopping by. I feel much better now that all of you are here. And I wanted to personally thank Ditzy for the mail and muffins, and the Cakes for their sweets.”

Ditzy, Ponyville’s wall-eyed mail pegasus, responded with a beaming smile, “Your welcome Miss Rarity! I’d love to stay and chat, but I need to get home to Dinky. See you all later!” With that, the grey mailmare walked out while waving to the group. Then, Mrs. Cake spoke.

“Oh, you’re welcome, Deary. When Pinkie told us what happened, we were terrified; I couldn’t imagine any pony ever getting so violent,” Mrs. Cake said with what looked a pained smile, still slightly disturbed by the news. She then looked at the clock and gasped, “Oh my, I should probably get back to the shop and help the husband. Take care, everypony! And, if you ever need anything, Rarity, just ask me or my husband and we’ll be happy help. Get better soon!”

The white unicorn gently nodded her head, thanking the blue earth pony again for the sweets and wishing her and her husband well.

“Well, we should probably get goin’ too, seein’ as how these little fillies here need ta get to bed,” the orange farmpony said, rubbing her little sister’s head.

“Aww, Sis, can’t Ah stay a little longer with Sweetie Belle?” the little yellow earth filly asked.

“Sorry, but nope. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow, and ya’ll need yer rest. Big Mac, think ya could take Apple Bloom to the house while I take Scootaloo ta hers?”

The large, cherry red stallion, who was usually calm and serene, didn’t say a word.

“Umm, Big Mac?” his sister asked somewhat hesitantly.

“Ah heard ya A.J.,” Big Mac barked with a sharp tone, “and yea, Ah’ll take the filly home. Let’s go, Apple Bloom.”

As the Apple family turned to leave with Scootaloo in tow, Rainbow Dash asked if she could go with and help to escort Scootaloo. Part of the reason was to have an excuse to leave, but also to keep an eye out for that red pegasus. Of course, she’d have to beat Big Mac to getting him if the earth stallion saw him. After they all said their goodbyes, the only ponies remaining in the room were Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight, with Spike sitting on Twilight’s back with a pissed off look.

“I’m sorry, Ladies, but I have to go and check on my animals. I’ll come visit you, Rarity, as soon as I can. Good night, everypony. And again, sorry, hope you feel better,” Fluttershy said before leaving.

Twilight looked at Pinkie and said, “We should probably go too, Pinkie; so Rarity can get her rest.”

At this, the unicorn quickly got the attention of both mares. “Wait, Girls,” she said, “I was wondering if I could ask you each a favor, please.”

Pinkie Pie perked up a little bit, curious as to what the usually elegant pony wanted. “Sure, Rarity. Whatcha need?” the pink pony asked with her usual happy tone.

Rarity looked down at her sleeping sister, thought for a moment, and then looked at Pinkie Pie and asked, “It has been awfully boring these past 6 months, and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind throwing a small party for all of us?”

With the uttering of the word, “party,” Pinkie became extremely hyper and bounced in place. “OhmygoshiwouldlovetothrowA PARTY!! Whenwouldyoulikeitwhatdoyouwantthethemetobeshouldweinviteallofponyvilleoronlyus!?!?!”

“Pinkie, Darling, calm down; I figure I’d leave everything to you. Seeing as how well you throw them, I have confidence. The only thing I would ask of you is that you wait for a little bit, so we all have time to settle down again.”

The energetic pony started bouncing out the door. “Okie-dokie-lokie” she said, using her sort of catch-phrase.

Then, the white unicorn turned to her violet companion and said, “Twilight, I was wondering if Sweetie Belle and I could stay with you for the rest of my pregnancy; if it’s not too much to ask, that is.”

Twilight smiled at her friend warmly as she replied, “Sure, Rarity. I’ll have Spike here ready our spare room for you two.”

“Yea, whatever,” the purple dragon mumbled angrily.

“Spike, Darling, what’s wrong?” Rarity gave Spike a concerned look.

“What’s wrong? WHAT’S WRONG!?!” Spike snapped, letting his anger out. “Aside from the part that I’m just NOW finding out that my friend is pregnant, along with finding out that the guy who got her pregnant is a drunk AND tried to kill her, I’d say I’m doing perfectly FINE!!!” He suddenly regretted his outburst after seeing the pain in Rarity’s eyes. “Oh, Rarity, I’m so sorry,” he quickly said, “I didn’t mean it. It’s just that… it’s a lot to take in, and I don’t quite know what to say or how to react…”

Rarity gave the dragon a reassuring smile. “It’s quite alright, dear; I understand, and I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“Alright,” Spike replied, looking upset again, this time at himself for yelling at his crush.

Twilight then spoke up, “Spike and I’ll be back tomorrow to pick you up when they release you. Would you like me to take Sweetie Belle home with me?”

Rarity thought for a moment. “No thank you, Twilight,” she declined, “I think we both need each other right now. Could you please send her in?”

Again, Twilight smiled. “Alright. Sleep well Rarity.”

After everypony left, Rarity’s parents kissed both their daughters good night and left, promising to stay in Ponyville until the child’s birth.

With that, they turned off the lights and closed the door. Rarity laid there in the dark for a few minutes, listening to her sister’s breathing before finally falling asleep, feeling somewhat at peace again.