The Return of Mare Do Well

by L_Wolf

Ponyville Patrol

Chapter 37

The night patrol was quiet, though Mare Do Well didn't expect to much trouble in the small town. Then again she was more focused on catching Silver Blade. Two nights in a row her home was attacked, she wasn't about to let a third attack to happen.

She came to rest in the clock tower standing near the large bell looking out over the town. It was strange, no sign of Silver Blade and the sun would be up soon. She narrowed her eyes feeling a someone with her in the tower. She turned quickly coming face to face with Nightmare.

"Nightmare, why am I not surprised." She said snorting abit looking at the mask of the other mare. She crouched into a defensive stance staring at Nightmare. "Should of known you wouldn't leave us alone, even after getting what you wanted."

Nightmare snorted back turning her head abit. "Calm down Mare Do Well, if I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead along time ago." She said moving around the bell quietly. "I'm guessing your referring to Silver Blade's little attacks on your home. I've, reprimanded, her for that action. I told her to watch you, not attack you and your family. But I'm guessing you've noticed she can be a little... head strong."

Mare Do Well snorted again keeping herself in a defensive stance as she watched Nightmare move around the bell. "I'm having hard time believe that. Why have her watch us to begin with?"

Nightmare chuckled softly. "To make sure you stay out of trouble...." she said and her eyes narrowed, "And to make sure you stay out of my way. You're little trick in Manehattan cost me a lot of resources, I would hate to have a repeat of that."

Mare Do Well smirked watching Nightmare quietly. "You pushed me into a corner, murdering Silver Ghost and framing me for it. I don't take well to being cornered." She said moving to circle the bell keeping Nightmare in sight.

Nightmare smirked in return. "We have that in common, I'll keep Silver Blade from attacking your home..... you give up being Mare Do Well. There is no reason for this to get anymore, violent, then it has."

"To late for that," Mare Do Well said, her crystals flaring to life and she fired an assassin's blade at Nightmare. The sudden attack catching Nightmare off guard. She moved to avoid it the blade cutting across her flank and back.

Nightmare's horn light up and shoved the heavy bell at Mare Do Well. Mare Do Well's crystals sparking to life and grabbed the bell to keep from getting hit. "You should of taken my offer," Nightmare said before teleporting to safety.

Mare Do Well released her grip on the bell letting it swing the other direction leaping back away before it clanged loudly. She narrowed her eyes as she hit the ground on all four hooves, the compression pads keeping her from getting hurt.

"We'll see, Nightmare..." She said turning and making her way back home quickly to check on everything. The loud ring of the bell was sure to alert a few ponies. She also wanted to make sure nothing had happen back at the house.

Once she got home she made her way to the roof, and slipped her way inside through the upstairs window. She closed it and checked on Sweetie, then Twist. Everything was fine though, she let out a deep breath and went to the top floor and removed her suit storing it away.

She went back to her and Sweetie's room getting back into bed snuggling down under the covers to get some sleep. Her movements waking up Sweetie who looked over at Starbloom and smiled softly before seeing the note.

She read it over quietly and smiled softly kissing Starbloom's cheek. "Sleep well..." She whispered before going to wake up Twist for work before heading down stairs to start breakfast.

"Good morning Sweetie." Twist said as she got down stairs after taking a quick shower. "Sleep well?" She asked taking a seat at the counter.

"Morning Twist, yes I slept good." She said smiling at her passing her some toast and juice. She got herself a cup of juice and joined Twist at the counter.

Twist smiled and munched on a piece of a toast before looking around then back at Sweetie. "Starbloom not going to join us?"

Sweetie shook her head smiling again. "No, I'm afraid not. She was up late last night." She said then took a sip of her juice.

Twist nodded and finished her toast. "She must still be worried about that bad pony." She said moving to her hooves finishing her juice. "I should head to work before I'm late. I'll see you later."

"See you later Twist, have a good day at work," Sweetie said smiling as she watched Twist leave.

Sweetie leaned back a little and took a deep breath closing her eyes. She wasn't sure if she liked the idea of Starbloom going out as Mare Do Well again. But she couldn't stop her if that was what she wanted to it. She moved to her hooves and cleaned the kitchen making sure all the breakfast dishes had been put away.

She left the kitchen after it was cleaned and started to make her way around the house cleaning it. A habit she picked up from Rarity, though she did it mostly when she wanted to think a problem through. She made her way to the top floor, they had been using it mostly for storage.

She smiled a little to herself before she started to stack and reorganize the boxes to give Starbloom more room. She knew if she was going to be heading out at night as Mare Do Well, she'd use this room to change and the window to go in and out of the house.