Total Eclipse of the Sun

by Sarikano

8 : Dissonance

Total Eclipse of the Sun
Chapter 8 : Dissonance

May 3rd
I woke up to a rather familiar tune playing only to be surprised by the scene before my eyes; I wasn't in my room this morning. Oh Luna, what prank did you play on me this time around? It was weird that she left me alone in her living room with her box of moving pictures. It looked oddly like a miniature version of the screen in movie theaters.

My tail was oddly constrained... Please, don't let it be a pink dress like last time Lulu decided to dress me up as retaliation to one of my pranks. It wasn't my fault if poison joke liked to dye alicorn's coats pink. Besides, she did it first. I tried to sit up on the couch to have a better look at the clothes I was wearing as my neck felt uncooperative this morning; I noticed a weird feeling coming from my forelegs as I applied pressure to them. I decided to have a closer look at my right forehoof only to see a... weird... appendage...

Luna would never go so far only to prank me, so this must be Discord’s doing. Great, this was just the best way to start the day... I hated having to deal with the self-proclaimed lord of Chaos more than I had to, a feeling that he fortunately shared. I brought one of the new appendages, a weird voice in my mind was telling me it was called a hand, up to my forehead, thankfully confirming that my horn was still there, though it was much smaller, almost like it was back when I was still a young filly.

At the very least I will be able to fulfill my duty once I find Luna and that she was done rolling on floor. This was my plan until I felt that it was almost 6 o’clock in the afternoon. This is so wrong, who rose the Sun this morning? I did not feel Discord magic affecting my sun and it was unlikely that Luna would have left me oversleep that much, not with the Solar Court open. Actually, I could feel a presence through my link with my star. This shouldn't be!

It isn't the time for you to wake up yet Sun Princess. Go back to sleep until acceptance is reached.” The gravelly voice was definitely coming from the link. I didn't know who the source of the voice was, but I wasn't about to bow down to its command. What did it mean by acceptance? I shook my head at this nonsense; and everypony thought that I was cryptic. “He is not ready, sleep.” The mysterious voice was more forceful this time around. My body suddenly felt much heavier. I tried to resist in vain as I quickly entered back Luna's realm.


Ouch, why is my head pounding so hard... The last thing I remembered was watching that pony cartoon and my memories going high-wire. Next, I was dreaming about actually being the white alicorn and went through one of her typical day. It was really boring except for the parts involving her little sister and one particular orange unicorn guard set to protect the entrance of throne room while the Solar Court was taking place. I think her name was Fireball. Ponies really had weird names... The rest of the dream was blurry. It was like I had been an observer in my own body while Celestia had somehow taken control of it. Yeah, too much science fiction coupled with ponies seemed to be a terrible mix.

The good thing was that I was finally clear of mind. Considering how badly watching two episodes had been for my mental health, I decided to stop watching the show for the moment. At least until my little sister is back at home to snap me out of it if I began to relieve one of Tia's memories again. I did not need to accelerate the mental conversion any more than necessary.

As I sat up on the couch, I felt two rather sensitive bumps on my back; considering the location of those new additions, they were probably the start of my future pair of wings. As if my tail didn't give me enough problems already when trying to sit down, I had to deal with flying appendages now. I'll really need to find a new way to sit once the physical portion is complete...

And the music of the menu was starting to get on my nerves. I couldn't understand why my ears seemed to like it so much. Maybe pony ears loved pony music... My stomach chose this exact moment to rebel too. Okay, it was 6:13 pm so that would mean I had been unconscious a good 8 hours this time around. So I missed dinner and it was my normal time for supper. It was no wonder I was so hungry; I wonder what Luna has in her fridge that could make a fast meal. I still had a weird craving for cake; well, it was stronger than usual but I doubted that that my sister would have left me alone if she had any in stock.

Eh, that was creepy. I was thinking of the future Luna more as a sister than just words; like I grew up with her... To be honest, it was starting to get on my nerves how easily I was influenced by the mental change compared to my companion; unless she managed to keep her progress hidden from me. Tia, Alex, Tia, you shouldn't think of her like this. She'd trust you enough to tell you if her mind had been greatly affected, right? I did decide to stay despite being almost killed by her and I came clean about my budding sisterhood feeling yesterday despite how awkward I knew it would make it between us.

Wait a second, how did I figure out the time? In the past, I could usually make an approximation of time during the day, like I was a living solar clock. I clumsily took out my phone only to see that I had been right. Oh well, it was probably only a lucky guess.

In any case, I should snatch some food and figure out what to do until my host came back, if she hadn’t come back while I was unconscious. But first, I should put an end to that hellish noise. When I proceeded to pick the remote, I noticed some rather disturbing alterations to my hands. I felt more clumsy, my middle finger grew bigger in size and my nails had taken on the same whitish color as my hooves. I knew I would eventually lose my hands, but it did make their disappearance harder to forget. Hopefully, I'll be able to find an alternative to use keyboards. I couldn't afford to lose access to the Internet if I was to reverse the changes at some point. On the good side, I won't need to use nail polish to add some color to my hands.

Oh well, there is no need to worry about it for now. As I stood up, another potential problem presented itself. My knees felt different, as if there were no longer at their usual place. Not paying attention to it because at this point it was only another weird change, it was while walking to the kitchen that I noticed two more important changes. Walking was more awkward and I did not feel the usual rubbing of my nipples on my shirt. The last was disturbing enough to have me check underneath my shirt only to see that I was now a flat chested woman. Literally. Considering that so far the changes were mostly conversion from human to the pony equivalent, that would mean that I now had a... a... No! I'm not saying that word!

I was still shocked about my full marefication of the places that mattered when I finally arrived in the kitchen. As I opened the door for the fridge, a delicious bag of apples was calling my name. Not literally, that would have been crazier then turning into a pony princess somehow. It was weird how much fruits and vegetables looked more appetizing now. Foals probably don't complain as much about having to eat their greens. Who am I kidding? Foals are foals, no matter the species. Once I grabbed a couple of the shinning apples, I was about to close the door when I noticed that a yellow aura was keeping it open. Eh, this was my doing? As to answer my silent question, the aura dissipated and the door slowly closed itself.

That was interesting. I knew from the episodes that unicorns could levitate objects, but to see it with my own eyes was interesting; if you didn't count the fake memories. As I made my way to the table to eat my prize, my little magical feat occupied most of my thoughts. It would be almost make the changes worth it if I could manage to learn how to use some advanced forms of magic. The telekinesis grip would have to do at first; it would make the perfect replacement for hands. Geez, I wonder how those with no horns manage to go on with tasks requiring dexterity.

The apples I placed on the table as I sat would make a great practice target. It isn't like I could turn one of them into a bomb on accident; that would be ridiculous. I gobbled a few of the delicious apples to calm my stomach, or was it plural now, before trying to figure out how real magic works. It was weird how much a simple apple could taste so much better than a good large steak; and feel much more appealing too... Well, it is a good thing that I never was the biggest meat eater in the world. Rice on the other hoof…

Thank to my extensive fantasy knowledge, figuring out how to operate the magic should be simple; at least I hoped there wouldn't be too many critical failures before I manage to master the levitation spell. If Luna had only been angry yesterday when I broke her game, I would definitely be a goner should I blow up her kitchen... So, where do I start...? It would be much simpler if I had someone to teach me. As to answer my prayer, I felt the now familiar pain preceding the forming of a memory of the Sun Princess.

I was in a circular white room with a simple low wood table in the center with large windows letting through the light of my Sun. On the table, there were several geometric shapes of a variety of color for the purpose of my newest student’s first lesson. A young lavender unicorn filly entered the room bouncing, obviously in a very happy mood. Her antics made me smile; it has always made my day to see a young one with so much enthusiasm. Luna ha- No. There was no need to taint such a perfect day with memories of the pasts.

“Now now, calm down my little pony. The goal of the lesson is to teach you how to properly levitate objects, not yourself.” At first, little Sparkle froze in place, thinking that she had done something wrong but the newly formed smirk on my snout was enough to calm her down. Mentally I sighed at that display; I had much work to do about our teacher-student relationship until she no longer reacted so badly to my every move.

Once we were both seated near the table, I decided to begin my little lesson. “So, my faithful student, what are three core principles of magic?” Unsurprisingly, the little unicorn eyes sparkled at my question. Puns were much too easy to make with her name.

“Oh, I know this one! There is focus, will and control. Focus is keeping in mind the effect that you want to achieve. Next, we have will, which mean your determination that is incorporated in spell. It’s most important when you are confronted by another mind. Finally control is about not channeling too much energy so that the spell doesn’t become unstable.”

My student had been thorough as usual, “Control is the most part for us, isn’t? After all, we don't want to add new potted plants to my collection.” Her face was quickly covered by cute little blush at the mention of the events at her entrance exam. We had to work a lot on her control over the energy she use during our first few lessons together because of the raw power she possessed.

“Now, I shall teach you how to levitate an object. Follow my lead my student. First you need feel out your surroundings. Each object radiates energy. Do you feel it?” My young student closed her eyes as I taught her and nodded soon afterward. “Now, I want you to find the aura of the purple star in front of you.” I proceeded to locate the aura of the golden sun shaped piece. “Then will it to rise in the air.” I lifted my piece two or three hooves in the air, where it was soon joined by a purple star for a few seconds before falling back on the table. I still had some relapses to the old unit of measure from time to time...

“Good job. I'm so proud of you my dear student.” She was euphoric about her success, I felt almost bad to bring her the bad news. “Now Twilight, we shall work on improving the duration of your levitation.”

I shook my head as the remaining of the memory dissipated. I would still prefer not having them forced into my brain, but that one was rather convenient. It will be much easier to learn the little trick I needed now that I had the instruction inscribed in my head. I might not be enthusiast about my mind being rewritten into her mindset, but I had to admit that she seemed to have good sense of humor, especially for a princess. She also looked like a competent teacher if the last memory was of any indication.

I decided to try to follow my own instructions. Erg, Celestia instructions... I was unsure on how to feel this aura over everything at first. Considering that the description she gave my-her student was awfully similar to the Force, it probably have to do with concentrating on my surrounding. As I tried to empty my mind, instincts kicked in and before long I could feel the objects just like in the memory. There was two auras that particularly intrigued me; particularly one that felt farther and more powerful than all the others. It was almost calling me. I was about to reach out for it source when I was interrupted by my mysterious voice, “Don't. The Sun bends to no one’s will.

The... the... the Sun?! This was ridiculous! The power necessary to even attempt such a feat must be enormous! I certainly did not even have a sli- I facepalmed at my newest stupidity, being careful this time to keep my newly amplified physical strength at a minimum. I was turning into Celestia, the alicorn of Sun; this meant that I was slowly regaining my strength. I meant gaining hers. Those mix up were becoming alarmingly frequent, I did not like what it meant for me...

I decided to ignore that problem at the moment; I'll deal with it once Luna is back home. In the meantime, I should work on making apples fly. Resuming my earlier concentration, this time I reached out for an apple and imagined it floating in the air. In response to my command, the apple fired at high speed and splashed upon the ceiling. Duh, I think I forgot to take one factor in consideration... Oh well, I'll clean that later; you know just in case other apples decided to accompany it.

So, I needed to channel less energy in the spell, but I had no idea how to do so. It shouldn't be hard to figure that part out if a little filly could do it. The unicorns seemed to be the only type of pony that possessed the ability to manipulate objects with magic, so that meant that they must use an organ unique to them. The horn! This must be the use of the pointy thing on my forehead. Oh well, I'm sure it would make a great spear too. Gungnir would make a great nickname.

With this new piece of knowledge, I decided to give it another attempt. I concentrated as before, and then focused on another apple. I didn't will it up this time; I had to find the way to regulate the flow of magic I used for channeling the spell. My first idea was to feel my horn in the same way as the apple, but there was no distinction between it and the rest of myself. So much for that idea... The solution to my problem came from my mysterious voice. “It is an internal function as much as breathing is. All you need to do is to feel the flow of magic inside yourself young Padawan.” I am not sure if I should be worried that my little voice apparently grew a sense of humor lately...

Well, if my inside voice is correct about this, it should be easy enough to do. I doubted it was as easy as breathing though... This time, I concentrated my mind inside myself, looking for anything unusual. I quickly found a new sensation coming from my head; touching my horn with one of my forehoof- hands, the weird feeling coming from it confirmed that the two were related. That was a start, now I only had to regulate the flow of energy. The best way to fine-tune it, it would be using magic, so I wasted no time to focus on one of the remaining apple on the table. This was the place responsible for the flow of magic alright. I was overpowered by the amount of magic I was letting out, but it scared me a little further. Despite the amount going out, it barely tired me... Adjusting the flow was like using a faucet. Before long, the apple found itself at the same level as my mouth as I proceeded to munch it out. Today eating an apple, tomorrow copying the scenario of Majora Mask! The rest of the apples were eaten in same fashion. I could get used to it, even though I felt a little lazy.

Once my lunch was over, I used a rag to clean my splashed apple on the ceiling. There, no trace of any accident happening. It was a good thing that I could clean it before Luna came back; she would either have found my miscast hilarious or angry about my mess, or both. Now that I think about it, my new sister had been gone for too long. Something must have happened to her. I grabbed my phone from my pocket with my new found telekinesis and levitated it to my hand. Magic was starting to be a second nature to me, but it unfortunately didn't work on a touchscreen. In any case, I wasted no time to compose the number she gave me. I was quickly greeted by a strangely familiar male voice that I couldn't place, “Hello?”

This did nothing to help with my worries, “Hello Mister? I'd need to talk to the owner of the phone you are using.” The other person seemed not to be interested by my statement. “Please Mister, I really need to talk to my sister!” Did I really said that out loud to somepony else? Oh well, I did not feel like trying to solve that mistake. The continued silence was starting to get on my nerves, I was not used to just being ignored.

Let’s just say that I was surprised when I finally received an answer, “Nah, just kidding, leave a message after the beep." This finally made me realize where I had heard that voice before. It was how Luna sounded yesterday; I had just been trolled by my little sister. How could I not notice it was her voice earlier... I decided to leave her a message in the case that she just had closed her phone.

“Hello Lun-John? It's Ti-Alex. I only wanted to know how you were doing. On my side, watching the first two episodes of My Little Pony proved to be a rather disturbing experience... Well... I hope that you are safe.” I interrupted the call once I was done my message. That went smoothly; she'll definitely not worry once she hears it...

I briefly considered going out to look for her, but I quickly abandoned the idea; I had no idea where to start looking for her considering that she left without giving me any clues of her destination. I should have insisted more this morning... Taking this in consideration, it was much better that I stayed here until I had any kind of news. I could check on Internet; who knows, a blue pony-girl might have found itself in the news of the town.

Needless to say, it did not take me much time to open my computer and look through the local news, only to find nothing interesting. Oh well, at least she haven't been caught. On the other hoof, I found a rather interesting article about an unexplained explosion in Seattle. The journalist responsible for the article reported that the police had been unable to find any traces of explosive residues near the center of the explosion. Could it be of a magical nature? It was wishful thinking, but that would also mean that me and Luna aren't the only ones in this situation. If it was the case, then I needed to find a way to communicate with them without raising too much suspicion. This won't be easy... Unless I use the reliability problem of the web to my advantage; however, it will have to wait until the physical changes are done to remove all clues that could direct anypony to me.

Once I was done wandering the Internet, I looked at my steam friend list only to notice that my friend was still not available. If it hadn't been for Luna's sake, I would have called Michael; not that I was looking at explain him why my voice was female at the moment. For the first time since the changes began, I was truly wishing that nothing had happened. It had been interesting at first, but all this worrying about a stranger and my degraded relationship with my best friend brought my morale at an all-time low. Music always had a calming effect on me, so I decided to go through one of the play list I made especially for one of those times. Ironically, the first song on it was Stamp on the ground from Italobrothers. This was kind of funny considering that I was properly equipped to do so.


An hour passed and I still had no news from Luna. What could take her so much time...? Thankfully, I was snapped of my gloomy thoughts when the next song started: Fear not this night from the game Guild Wars 2. It had always been a favorite of mine as it meant for me that no matter how desperate events became, it was important keep hope alive for it is was the only way that we could truly find a way out. It was oddly fitting with my current situation.

As the song ended, I was in for a big surprise as my ears caught the clapping of hands from right behind me before a much anticipated voice spoke up, "Well done, well done. I was actually really touched by that piece of art." I turned around to confirm the identity of the one who startled me. The blue ears and azure mane could only belong to Luna. Wait, why did she spoke of the song like I was performing? Oh no! I must have been singing along the music, again... It was weird though that her voice didn't sound sarcastic; my singing normally made everypony cringe.

"Wha- When did you come back?" Yeah, that was real smooth. I wouldn't be surprised if my worries were a little too obvious. I was about to have a better look at her to see how she was doing when I was distracted by the start of the next song. I quickly put an end to it using my magic so I could return my attention to my sister. She better have a good explanation for having been away for so long.

With the distraction away, I returned my glance to my sister; I regretted that idea quickly. Her clothes were shredded all over, and wa- was it blood there? Sweet heavens, what happened to you Luna! Having a confirmation that my worries were justified didn't help with my current emotional state. She spoke some words but I had already lost the control of my body; it had proceeded to bring her into a hug. Time slowly passed as we stayed like this, it felt strangely comforting after the events of the day. I am brought back to reality by light pressures near the base of my forming wings, but I wasn't ready to release the hug; her proximity felt so good, it felt so familiar...

The next second, I was in a different room coming from the past, with a much younger, and cuter, version of pony Luna in front of me. Emotion wise, I wasn't in a much better state than before the memory began; it was almost like somepony had removed a part of my soul. What could have happened to cause her such pain? The answer came from little Woona, "It's alright Tia! That stallion was a butt anyways!" Arg, so this was about a stallion; it was probably a rupture. Unfortunately, I couldn't but agree with little Luna here; I meet more than my share of stallions caring little more than bragging about their conquests. A naive young alicorn would make for a great prize for them. As the memory faded, the beginning of a smile started to form on my snout thanks to my younger sister antics.

As I returned to reality, I found myself face to face with my very own Luna. She probably pulled me away while I was reliving my memory- living Celestia's memory. "Do you want to tell me what's wrong?”

Did I want to? I knew that I would have to tell her about the memories eventually, but it wasn't the right moment for that. I don't recall ever feeling this miserable in my life, I blamed the new hormones flowing through my body. It was no wonder that mares had always been a complete mystery to stallions... I tried to give my sister an answer but only one word found it way out, "I-I-" Great, I was stammering now. Cake would be so good right now...

In response to my plight, Luna tried to look more sympathetic, but she never was very successfully at it. At least, she did sound worried, "Tia, it's alright, you can tell me what's wrong." I heard you the first time. Asking a second time doesn't change the fact that I need time to recover. I was about to try to speak up again, but she seemed to have blanked out. If I had to guess, she was currently living a memory from her pony. Well, that will surely make it easier to tell her about my day at least.

The time she spent gone on the memory line allowed me to recover from my previous shock. More or less. Once I noticed that she was back with me, I finally gave her an answer, "So-sorry, I haven't felt well lately." This wasn't perfect, but it was certainly an improvement from my earlier narcissism. In any cases, I decided to delay my explaining the most I could. Beside, addressing my worries would certainly help my mood. Right, considering the state she currently is in, I'm sure she must have an interesting story to tell me. She better have one. "What happened to you?"

In response to my question, my sister step back. Did I just scare her? It wasn't like I would send her to the Moon or anything... "Well, earlier I received a message from someone, telling me that they were in the same boat as us.” Wait, this was the reason she left this morning? Didn't she think it would be a good idea to tell me? It isn't like I'm transforming into somepony known by about everypony. Oh wait, that right, I am the Princess of the Day! The rest of her explication didn't fare much better, “So, I went to go investigate and it ended up being an ambush by these soldiers in black. After I was able to fight them off, I realized that I had been drugged. I barely managed to hide myself in the nearby forest before I fell asleep. Once I awoke quite a while later, I catalogued the new changes, got back to my car, and started to drive back. However, I accidentally drove into the ditch, hence the cuts all over my body."

Despite all I did for her, she decided to play it solo and got in trouble because of it? Have it your way then! See if I care anymore. "So, you receive news from somePONY else, who are also possibly in the same situation as us, and you don't TRUST me enough to tell me?! Why did I even bother to stay here after you tried to kill me? Do you have any idea what I did for you because I wanted to trust you based on a feeling that isn't even mine to begin with? I kept my best friend in the dark because I thought it would be better to talk about the situation with you! But now, I've had about enough of you! I'm leaving once the night has fallen!"

She have made her decision, it was time for her assume the consequences. I left her alone in the living room and entered the first room I encounter and slammed the door shut behind me. I leaned back, trying to return to my senses. I had my bursts of anger in the past, but never like that. But this time I felt like I had betrayed by my sister? No. Not sister... only a stranger. I should never have trusted this new feeling in the first place.

A quick look at the room revealed a bed. This must be L- John's bedroom. It was a good thing as my body started to feel much weaker. I let myself fall upon the bed but it did not made me feel any better; my eyes started to water. It was probably only dust in my eyes. The temperature of the room wasn't helping either, I was feeling so hot. And there was that pain in my chest. Maybe I should rest a little before leaving; convincing my only friend in this town that I am who I pretend to be will not be easy. Thankfully, darkness lost no time to claim me.


I must admit that I appreciated the episode much more than the last few times I watched it. I wish I could meet someone like Miss Berry in real life; my parents could use a babysitter for the girls. The pink pegasus Peachy Breezy was a lot like Fiona and Strawberry Frosting handled her easily. This was a great feat in itself; I had too much experience in the matter. I briefly thought of watching more episodes with my sisters, but cleaning wouldn't have been done by itself.

Once I was done with the very boring task, I joined back Fiona and Glowy in the living room. The last time I had as much fun watching a cartoon like My Little Pony was when I was around my sisters age. This was a little weird, but it was probably only affected by my sisters’ excitement. Nothing interesting happened until the girls decided to pester me to go to the local McDonalds. It wasn't as much for the foods as for the games they had. I certainly did not mind having them burn some of their limitless energy.

Things started to get weird while I was giving our command to the cashier; Sam accidentally addressed me as Pinkie Peach and failed to notice it until I was giving that crazy look by girl serving us. Needless to say, Fiona liked that pony name and she used it instead of my name ever since. I tried to discourage her, but my lack conviction probably didn't help. For unknown reasons, the name felt like it fitted me more than my own. Right, I totally identify myself with a pink pegasus filly...

When we came back home, the twins started to play with their pony figurines again. I briefly considered joining them, but I came back to my senses. This was so wrong! I was supposed to be the responsible one and watch them to be sure they didn't get into trouble, not losing myself having fun. I needed to clear my mind, so I put my television on the sci-fi channel. Breezy tried to make me join in their fun several time, but I refused every time. It was almost like she was worried about me.

Eventually, it was almost their bed time so I sent them to take their bath. The girls undressed themselves while I adjusted the temperature of their bath. I turned around when I heard a shout of excitement coming from both of the girls.

They both had the cutie mark of their respective figurine on their thigh. What have they done this time...?