Three Equestrians and an Engineer

by Greasebrony


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Wednesday- 8:15 A.M.

Alison woke in Eduardo’s arms holding her closely. Her eyes adjusted to the lack of light in the room to see Edurado sleeping peacefully with a gentle smile on his face. Seeing him like this she almost felt bad waking him up but the more time they spent here the more time they will lose for their vacation. She gently shifted about in the bed to wake him up.

“Eddy, Eddy time to wake up.”

A slight frown formed on Eduardo’s face. “Mmmmm no I don’t wanna go to school.”

She giggled. “C’mon baby quit fooling around, you don’t want to wait to go to another world for vacation do you?”

“That depends.” He opened one eye. “Can we have a morning quickie?” He grinned.

Alison rolled her eyes giggling. “Really Eddy?”

“UGH Alright fiiine.” He pouted.

“I can’t wait to go back home!” Said Pinkie Pie bouncing around with her usual enthusiasm. “I can’t wait to tell the Cakes about everything.”

“Yeah its gonna be refreshing to see Ponyville again. I hope Owlowicious isn’t too lonely.” Said Twilight.

“I know what you mean, I admire this city but Ponyville will always be home to me. Which reminds me I have to take Alison to Lotus and Aloe, that woman looks like she could use a spa day. Oh Fluttershy will you join us?”

“Oh Rarity I would love to but its been over a month since I’ve been home and Angel has been taking care of all the animals. I have to make sure he’s okay.”

“Fluttershy, its quite alright we always have time for that later. Till then though I think it would be a good idea to take our guests around town.”

“I was actually thinking of just that, we don’t want another incident like with Zecora.” Said Twilight.

“Perhaps a letter to the Mayor would be a good idea. You know, get everypony together and give them a warm welcome.” Said Rarity.

“Yes I agree but I’m also a little nervous about it.”

“Whats the matter Twilight? Surely you can tell us.” Rarity said.

“Its better if we wait till we get to Ponyville first. I’ll share it with you and the others too. However for the time being I just want them to get a positive reaction when the town sees them.”

“I might have an idea for that. That’s if you want to hear it of course.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Oh um, do you remember when they played their music for us a few weeks ago?”


“I was thinking that maybe it would be possible for them to play something slow paced and relaxing. You know, have a little subtle fun so they can warm up to them.”

“Hmm, that’s actually a really good idea, I’ll have to talk it over with them first to see what other songs they know. Judging by how naturally they play I hope they know a few.”

“Well I took the liberty of looking though his playlist in that, oh whats it called…”

“MP3 player?”

“Yes, thank you Twilight, anyway I think I might have a few suggestions for what they can play.”

“We’ll discuss it over with them when we get to canterlot. In the meantime eat up. The princesses and I are going to talk about the spell. Chances are its not just them we are taking back with us.”

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well when humans go on holiday to different locations they go on buses called Mobile Homes or RVs which stand for Recreational Vehicles. In those buses it holds all the comforts of home while traveling cross country. However we already agreed that we would all be staying in Ponyville so theres no need for that.”

“So what exactly are they bringing with them?” Pinkie asked.

“I’m not sure to be honest, but we’ll find out soon enough. I know for a fact Eduardo is bringing the truck and a couple of cars with him hitched on to a trailer plus a few crazy contraptions he’s built. And I already told Joseph and Jericho that in order for the spell to work we have to count for everything we are taking but as I said before, it won’t be as exhausting as last time and we’ll have plenty of energy left over.”

“And you’ve tested for this?” Asked Rarity.

“Yup. It still takes a good chunk of magic but this time around I’ve been practicing some meditating techniques Alison’s been teaching. Amazing what you can find out about yourself when you meditate. Anyway it helped me make concentrating my magic easier.”

“Oh, can you teach me? You know I’m a multi-tasker and all and it could be quite useful for making my dresses.”

Elsewhere, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Spike were packing their things as well as little souvenirs for their trip back home.

“Hey have any of you seen my toothbrush? Its purple with green brussles?” Spike asked.

“Over on the counter there big guy.” Rainbow Dash replied.

Applejack meanwhile was deep in thought.

“Hey AJ, you okay?” Rainbow Dash asked.

She quickly looked at her. “Oh wha? Yeah I’m fine.” She replied with a smile.

“You weren’t thinking of Eduardo were you? I’ll admit I was pretty impressed too.” She said in a teasing manner.

“WHAT? NO!” Applejack blushed. “It was a simple misunderstanding so lets leave it at that.”

Rainbow laughed. “I’m okay kidding cowgirl, but seriously whats on your mind?”

“Well Ah was just thinking about how different it is here.”

“How so?”

“Well, it just seems that this world doesn’t respect nature. Ah mean here yeah its fine but once we’re in the city its like theres nothin’ but concrete at every corner. In some ways similar to Manehatten.”

“Well you won’t have to worry about that, soon enough we’ll be right back home and everything will be back to normal. As normal as it gets for us anyway.” She chuckled.


“Actually something’s been bothering me too.”

“Whats up Spike?” Asked Applejack.

“Its nothing, just a dream.”

“About what?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Well, I kinda dreamed that Eduardo was on fire 2 nights ago.”

“On fire?”

“Yeah, what was strange though was he did it on purpose.”

“Now why in tar-nation would he set himself on fire?”

“I don’t know then again it was just a dream.”

Jericho and Joseph approached the warehouse in Jericho’s SVT Raptor with their wives hauling a large closed trailer.

“I still don’t get it, you said we were going someplace no one has ever seen before.” Jericho’s wife, Laura said.

“Yeah, and don’t forget about the baby.” Said Joseph’s 3 month pregnant wife, Jennifer.

“And we weren’t lying. Eduardo’s made some new friends recently and they are nice enough to treat us to a trip.” Joseph said.

“They must be in high places.” Said Laura.

“In a way, yeah.” Joseph responded.

As the warehouse came into view, Eduardo’s truck was in full view with a large trailer hooked into the bed.

“I wonder what he’s taking.” Said Jericho.

As they parked alongside the F350 and got out.

“EDDY! WHERE ARE YOU ASSHOLE!” Jericho called out.

“OVER HERE YOU STUPID PRICK!” The sound of Eduardo’s voice coming from inside the warehouse.


“I swear you men are such children.” Said Jennifer.

“Foul mouthed children.” Said Laura.

“And you married us anyway.” The brothers said in unison giving their wives silly grins.
As they entered the warehouse Jennifer and Laura immediately take notice of the various women scattered around the warehouse.

“What kind of friends are these?” Laura quietly asked.

“Relax Laura nothing’s going on.” Eduardo said approaching the group.

“Eddy.” Jennifer began. “Its been too long.” She walked to him and gave him a hug.

“Its nice to see you too Jen. And how’s my nephew doing in there.” Eduardo said looking at her stomach.

“He’s coming along great. He’s going to be big and strong just like his daddy, and his idiot brother and cousin.”

He lightly chuckled at this. “That’s good. And how are you Laura? Still making Jer here blue?”

“EDDY!” Laura yelled

“You know I’m fooling love. So guys whats in the trailer?”

“Show us first and we’ll talk.” Jericho responded.

“Sally, an RS200, a couple of my toys and my mobile shop.”

“Where the hell did you get an RS? Ford only made 200 of those and they were sold in the UK nevermind the states and that was damn near 40 years ago.” Jericho said.

“You know I’ve got friends.”

“Bought it from Leno didn’t you?” Said Joseph.

Eduardo grinned in response. “Okay you’re turn.”

“Dana, the EVO IV, the Harley and luggage with a few toys of our own.” Said Joseph.

“Hey aren’t you for getting something?” Said Pinkie from the living area.

“Oh right, come meet the rest of the crew.”

As Jennifer and Laura were introduced to the others Jericho pulled Eduardo aside.

“You said you were bringing a few toys. What kind exactly?”

“You know that jet cycle I’ve been working on?”

“You finished it?!”

“Sort of, its still in the prototype stage but it’ll be up and running soon.”

“I hope that means you fixed that landing problem.”

“Eh, sorta.”

Jericho let out a sigh. “Well if we learned nothing else in Cali we learned you’re hard to kill.”

“hehe Lets just hope we don’t have to put that into practice again.”

“So Eduardo saved you three and after a week or so the rest of you came and since then you’ve been hanging around here touring around Miami with Eddy and Alison.” Laura said.

They nodded.

“And in that time you got to hangout around Miami’s hot spots and help Eddy with” Said Jennifer.

“Yeah! South Beach was amazing. Though a few people looked pretty out of it.” Said Pinkie.

‘No doubt from the alcohol and drugs being inhaled.’ Thought Jericho.

“I actually preferred Bay Side. Very chique and at the same time lively.” Said Rarity.

“What about the clubs? Those were just rockin’.” Said Rainbow.

“I second this motion.” Said Pinkie.

“You know this is getting repetitive.” Said Spike.

“Well Jer and Joey have been telling us that Eduardo’s been in a good mood now for a while and we can see why.” Said Jennifer.

“Yeah and after you said you were from another world I thought you were nuts. What really sold it was your abilities.” Said Laura.

“Yeah, and now that everyone is here and caught up we can go back to Equestria.” Pinkie said.

“HEY! Is everyone ready?” Eduardo called out.

“Coming.” They all said in unison.

As everyone went outside the boys were double checking everything to make sure nothing would accidently slip off during their planetary travel. In reality they were just bored and wanted something to do while everyone else finishes getting ready. In the distance they could hear the distinct sound of a HEMI V8 approach in the distance. The three men look over to see a RAM pick-up truck coming closer to the warehouse. It made a slow stop in front of Joseph and Eduardo’s trucks. A man then stepped out wearing a Miami PD uniform and approached the three men.

“So I hear you two are going on vacation.” He said looking towards Jericho and Joseph.

“That’s right Chief. Just us, the family, and a few new friends.” Jericho responded.

“I see…” He looks towards Eduardo. “Eduardo, come over a sec will you?”

He walks toward the Chief. “How can I help you?” He asks with a smile.

“Don’t give me that Eduardo. Lord knows the hell you raised in California with these two.”

“We’ve been over this Chief, there was no proof we were ever there and any evidence the prosecution had was all circumstantial.”

“That may be so Eddy but the fact of the matter is that there is no denying you had something to do with it with the help of these two behind you. Hell if not for the fact you helped this city like you did these two wouldn’t have their badges on right now.”

“Well sir you of all people should know its not what know its what you can prove in court. As from what I saw I didn’t need a lawyer, so much so I fired mine right where he stood and at the end of the day I walked out of that court house with my head held high.”

“Like you always have.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “I take it you already know?”

At that moment everyone walked outside seeing the Chief of Police right there speaking directly to Eduardo. The Chief takes notice.

“I take it these are your friends?”

“Yes sir.”

“And where exactly are you headed?”

“Somewhere far from the concrete jungle that is Miami.”

“And I wouldn’t have a problem with that under normal circumstances.”

“How so?”

“God dammit Eduardo you know that Cortez is in town and I’m not stupid enough to believe that you don’t have a weapons cash just waiting to be unleashed on that sonovabitch.”

“And you’re absolutely right but, and this will come as a surprise to you, I’m not going after him. Not this time.”

“I need to be sure of that. You know better than anyone else that talk is cheap.”

Alison decided this had one on long enough and decided to step in. She stood by Eduardo and grabbed his hand.

“Officer, I don’t want to be rude but this is an affair for family and friends so I’m sorry to say but you’re cutting into our travel time.”

The Chief let out a sigh. “Okay, I believe you. Just don’t give me a reason to think you’re getting mixed up with this again. Enough blood has been spilt over this.” He looks over at Jericho and Joseph. “That goes for you too. If I have any reason to suspect you guys are going after him, not only am I taking your badges I’m making sure you get locked up.”

“We know Chief.” Said Jericho.

“Thanks for looking out for us.” Said Joseph.

“You two have always done a good job, hell more than a good lot of the force when you were rookies. And Eduardo here really helped this city get back on track. I don’t want any of you involved in this anymore. From here on out let us handle it.”

“You’re the boss.” Said Eduardo.

With that he got back in his truck and drove off. When he was out of sight Eduardo turned to the rest of the group and smiled.

“WELL now that, that’s done let me lock up the warehouse and we’ll be on our way.”

Lieutenants Silvermane and Captain Goldwing were out in the Royal Garden, they had just finished training the new recruits and decided that a trip around the garden was a good way to start their downtime.

“Is it me or are these kids getting softer and softer?” Goldwing asked.

“Not sure but a lot of those were slim pickins. Why do those colts join is beyond me.”

“Probably just for status. Being part of the Royal Guard is an honor in itself but if moving up the ranks is all their shooting for they’d better get in line.”

At that moment a blinding white light shot right in front of them along with a sharp clap of thunder. For a moment they were stunned but years of training and experience kicked in and both were getting into position to attack whatever it was that just appeared before them. When the light faded and their vision readjusted before them were the Celestial Goddesses and the bearers of The Elements of Harmony in their original forms.

“PRINCESS!” They both instinctively bowed before their benevolent leaders.

“We were not expecting your sudden arrival, Your Highness.” Said Silvermane.

“Rise my little ponies.” Said Celestia.

“Do not be alarmed, we are simply returning from our vacation.” Said Luna.

“We also brought guests with us and we would like for them to be treated with the upmost respect and be given proper hospitality.”

The guards took notice of the bi pedal creatures behind the princesses and the element bearers as well as their carriages and two dogs. Both of the guards looked over them suspiciously thinking over any reason to believe they were a threat.

“Well I am sure most of us are quite weathered from our travels, might I suggest we take some time to replenish ourselves?” Said Luna.

“Woah, LuLu where did that come from?” Eduardo said jokingly.

“Know your place Ape. You will address her as Princess Luna!” Silvermane shot.
Eduardo shot the stink-eye at Silvermane “Oh you want some of this glue stick?”

Silvemane’s eyes shot wide open and his nostrils and wings flared open. “What did you say to me you hairless baboon?” His body began giving off an electrical discharge.

“You heard me elmer.” Eduardo responded drawing his ka-bar and taking a fighting stance.

For a few moments sparks flew as the two stared daggers at each other before Eduardo was pulled away and silenced by Spike Jericho and Joseph all of them keeping him from jumping into conflict.

“Sorry about that.” Joseph grinned sheepishly.

“He gets a little scrappy when he’s hungry.” Said Jericho.

“Its true, this guy can be a handful when he’s like this.” Said Spike.

Silvermane snorted as Goldwing spoke. “You should know your place as well Lieutenant. These are the Princess’s esteemed guests, if this proves to be too much of a problem then perhaps you can guard the barracks tonight.”

“My apologies for my behavior Sir.”

“Forgiven. Now, Princess shall I have rooms prepared for our guests.”

“Yes please. Tomorrow they will be headed down to Ponyville for a vacation of their own. As you can see before you our guests brought their own means of transportation however I would be delighted if they had an escort tomorrow.”

“I would be honored your majesty.”

As both Silvermane and Goldwing took their leave the boys let go of Eduardo.

“Ah, was that really necessary?” He said looking back with an aggravated look.

In response Alison walked towards him, balled up her fist and landed a solid punch to the back of Eduardo’s head causing him of crotch down with his hands over his head.

“OUCH! The hell was that for?!”




The others gave the two their space and can’t help but be amused by the situation.

“$50 says Eddy gets his ass kicked before this trip is over.” Said Jericho.

“Double or nothing says he ends up in the hospital before this trip is over.” Said Joseph.

“You’re on.” Said Jericho

As everyone was having dinner in the main dining hall several conversations were going on at once until Twilight decided to interrupt. She tipped the end of her fork onto a glass of water for everyone’s attention.

“I’m sorry interrupt everypony but there is something that we need to discuss.”

“What’s on your mind Twilight?” Celestia asked.

“Well its pretty much the matter of them spending their time in Ponyville. I believe this is something we ought to discuss before we can proceed.”

“And what do you have in mind?” Asked Luna.

“Well before we left Earth, myself , Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie we hold a little concert for their arrival.” Smiled Rarity.

“What kind of concert exactly?” Asked Joseph.

“Um, well we kind of went though Eduardo’s MP3 player and we were wondering if you Jerry, Ali and Eddy can play a couple of songs to have the town warm up to you.” Fluttershy said.

“OHOH I wrote down a few songs you can play.” Pinkie Pie said pulling out a list and allowing it to roll over to the other side of the table.

“Uh huh.” Said Eduardo.

“Well I think it’s a good idea. We do it for fun anyway might as well do it for everyone’s enjoyment.” Said Jericho.

“Yeah I mean we can set up a list of songs tonight and tomorrow we set up a stage and start playing.” Said Joseph.

“Yup and we can get you girls involved too.” Said Alison.

“You think so?” Asked Applejack.

“Yeah I mean what better way to warm up to the town than through music. I like it.” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Oh can I help too?” Asked Spike.

“For sure Spike, for a couple of songs we might need a piano player.” Smiled Joseph.

“I think it sounds like fun.” Jennifer said.

“Yeah it’ll be like old times. Remember when you guys played at the Ragata that year?” Said Laura.

“Oh those were good times.” Said Jericho.

Alison noticed Eduardo leaning forward with his elbows on the table and fingers interlinked with a thoughtful look on his face.


“I like the idea, however theres a problem.”

“What might that be?” Rarity asked.

“How well to Ponyville residents react to unusual or strange situations even when there is no danger involved?”

“Well their kind of used to it to be honest.” Said Applejack.

“Yeah, there’s always something silly going on there so its never a dull moment in Ponyville.” Said Twilight. “But I see where you’re getting at and I already have a solution.”

“Lets hear it.” Said Eduardo.

“Well we send a letter to the Mayor and she informs everypony that you’ll be coming over and staying for some time and assures you mean no harm.” Twilight said.

“How do you think they’ll react when they see two trucks rumbling towards the town one of them leaving a trail of soot in their wake while hauling large trailers?”

“What do you mean?” Rarity asked.

“I just think it’ll be a culture shock for them if we all roll in at once. I say we stay on the safe side for now and just be subtle about it. Keep in mind we’re carrying precious cargo too and we don’t want a misunderstanding to lead up to a panic.”

“So you’re saying one of us goes while the rest of us stay and wait for an answer.” Said Laura.

“Pretty much. I mean we can still have our vacation here in Canterlot and we can make the palace our kick it spot, of course if its not too much trouble for you.”

“Not at all Eduardo.” Celestia smiled. “After how you welcomed us and treated us with such hospitality as well as taking the time to us the sights in the month we were in Miami you are all more than welcome to stay here.”

“Yes and thanks to you I have found inspiration on how to make media more accessible to the general public as well as revolutionize the way we communicate even further.” Said Luna.

“Glad I helped.” Said Eduardo.

“Okay so how do we decide which one of us go?” Asked Joseph.

Eduardo got up from the table from finishing his meal. “I say we talk about that tomorrow. For now I need to sleep, if you will all excuse me.” As he left the dining hell and walked down the hallway he stopped and thought for a moment. “I have no idea where I’m going.”

Back in the dining hall the Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Spike all decided to go back home to Ponyville while Twilight opted to stay in canterlot and await a response from the Mayor for the next day. After everyone finished their meals the 5 ponies and dragon were led to a carriage that took them to Ponyville and the others were led to their rooms. Joseph and Jennifer took a room across from Jericho and Laura’s room while Alison and Eduardo’s room was down the hall.

As Alison entered her room with Jackson and Rocky close behind she expected to find Eduardo sleeping already but to her surprise he wasn’t there. “I really hope you’re not getting yourself in trouble Eddy.”

“Oh, Mamma's lil baby loves shortnin shortnin maama's lil baby loves shortnin bread.”

For 20 minutes Eduardo wandered around the castle looking for his room all the while thinking about anything to pass the time. ‘Man I am getting too old for this shit.’ He walks down a hall way where he found double doors leading into a room. He decides to test his luck and see if there was someone inside willing to help him. When he peeks inside he saw something a little unexpected. Celestia was alone looking at a stained glass window with the moon light shining through it. He narrowed his eyes. ‘What are you doing there Celly?’

“Hi, Eduardo.” She said looking at the door.

‘Busted.’ “Alright you got me, but to be fair you need to have little maps with ‘you are here’ stars on them. Seriously for half an hour I’ve been trying to find my room.” He fell silent before he spoke again. “Though in hind sight it would have been a good idea to get an escort before I left.” He narrowed his eyes and pointed a finger at Celestia. “Shut up.”

She giggled. “I won’t say anything.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” He walked towards her and stopped to admire the art of the stained glass before them. “I find it kind of weird how our cultures are similar yet so different.”

“How so?”

“Well, art wise. This stained glass for instance. Way back when in the olden days stories were told through illustrations of visual art similar to what is before us now. Nowadays its not all that different just in more creative forms. Same goes with music and other types of art like writing and whatnot.”

“That is probably how Twilight and her friends got the idea for the concert.”

“I’m not gonna lie it’s a good idea but I’ve already been chased for stupid reasons enough times. Better just to go in softly and let them warm up to me. I mean lets be honest here, out of the lot I’m the most intimidating one. Not only am I tall I’ve also got this beauty mark on my face. But if they can handle me theres no reason they can’t handle the rest of us right?”

“You are really protective of them aren’t you?”

“I figured that would be old news by now.”

“You’re right. But your compassion is still worth noting.”

He smiled warmly at the compliment. “Thanks Celly. Oh I think you should know, while I was wandering around I may have stumbled into your library.”

“Did you find anything interesting?”

“Well half of your books are in a windigs font that I can’t read for the life of me. However, before I really got into it Twilight kicked me out and I forgot to ask where my room was, plus I took a map too.”

“That is the language of magic. Unicorns use it to cast spells. Might I ask though what you plan on using that map for?”

“Tomorrow morning before the sun rises I’m taking the GT500 to Ponyville. Luckly this one comes in English. Funny how we have the same language.”

“I assume its to test the waters, so to speak?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.”



“You didn’t bring any weapons did you?”

“Aside from the knife, nope. The trailer just has archery equipment among other sports supplies.”
She let out a sigh of relief. “I just don’t want my subjects to be on the business end of one of your guns by accident.”

“Trust me princess, the situation doesn’t call for it in this world and even if I did bring any guns I sure as hell wouldn’t use it on any living thing here unless it wanted to kill me.”

“Of that I am certain of.”

“Can I ask you something?”


“Whats the story behind this one?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well before I walked in I noticed you were staring at it intently and looking around there are many just like it however this is the one that seems to draw you in a the moment.”

“What do you think the story is?”

He focuses on the stained glass for a moment before replying. “From what I see a being of some sort is causing some sort of suffering to Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns.”

“You would be right. However that is just one part of the story. This one piece of art work alone does not do it justice.”

“Tell me then.”

“I’m sure you know the story of Discord.”

“Yeah, before you and your sister came into rule all of Equestria suffered under his rule. Of course being the god of chaos does that. Anyway fast forward you and Luna turn him into stone before 1000 years later he somehow escapes from his imprisonment and makes cotton candy clouds rain chocolate, literally. Within a day though the Elements of Harmony defeated him putting him back in his stone prison which if I may add, hardcore. Then bada boom big celebration in which everyone gets platered.”

“Well I don’t know about the inebriation part but you are correct. However what many of my subjects do not know is something that might not surprise you but everypony else would be stunned.”

“What might that be?”

“He and I were once very close friends, since were children in fact.”

“How close?”

She closed her eyes and smiled at the warm memories. “As we came of age we became lovers.”

“What happened?”

“Well, you know the story of nightmare moon.”


“Much like Luna, he gave me an ultimatum, him or our subjects.” She frowned a bit before continuing. “I honestly do not know why things panned out the way it did. Even today I still wonder about how I could have done things differently.”

“You did what you had to do. I don’t blame you at all for the choice you made. I probably would have done the same thing if I was in your sho-um hooves.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because love makes you do really, really stupid things and since he’s the god of chaos in this world its no surprise to me the lengths he would have gone to keep you. I won’t lie Celly even though I’m only into human women, you’re a hell of a catch. It just seems to me that he let his love for you blind him of his duties and therefore drove him mad with lust and desire. Only way he could let it out though was to raise hell in which he did through rather, I dare say funny situations.”

“I fear that I may have lost him forever after what had happened.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that princess.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You got Luna back didn’t you?” She looked at Eduardo and gave him a warm smile. “All of us have the right to love and hope Celestia and what doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. If he ever gets out again just talk to him. Now then, if you’ll excuse me I have to find my room again.”

“I’ll walk with you, I know how frustrating it is to walk though here the first time.”

“How you and Luna do it is beyond me. Nevermind the servants and guards.”

“Speaking of guards what happened with Silvermane earlier?”
Eduardo frowned. “I don’t back down from a fight and he was asking for an ass kicking. That simple.”
Celestia chuckled. “I think that was a simple misunderstanding.”

“HA, misunderstanding my ass. I’ve kicked the asses of enough douchebags and high brow dumbasses to know when
someones sizing me up.”

“You are indeed an interesting one.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Eduardo thought for a moment. “Say, Celestia?”


“What are the Elements of Harmony? For the past month I’ve been hearing about them but never really gave it thought until now.”

“Well long story short they are magical artifacts which are wielded by the ponies that represent them. Those Elements are Laughter, Honesty, Kindness, Loyalty, Generosity and Magic. I’m sure you can determine who is representing what.”

“Mmmm pretty gnarly. Where are they held?”

“In the room we were in earlier, at the end there is a door in which only I or Luna can unlock and access them.”

“How well did that do against your ex?”

“Not very well. He got them without ever opening the door.”

“Made no sense huh?”

“Absolutely none.”

Eduardo chuckled. “Figures.”

“What do you mean?”

“You were going up against the god of chaos. Of course his methods wouldn’t make sense, only thing that matters is that it works and based on what Twi has told me, it almost did.”

“I suppose.”

“Anyway based on the stories told by collectively everyone including yourself I’m guessing he’s not really evil, just misunderstood. However what happened with you was just a matter of picking the lesser of the two evils. In the long run you made the right choice. But there is a flaw in your plan.”

“And what is that?”

“You can’t stop chaos.”

“That is pretty vague.”

“Hey, you’re the immortal goddess who raises the sun and has a thing for equine version of Frankenstein. I’m just a simple 28 year old latino whos an engineer millionaire playboy living in Miami with two dogs and a room full of small arms and munitions. You know much better than I.”

Celestia stifled her laughter careful not to disturb the peace. “Good point Eduardo. However even with how long I’ve been around, I don’t know everything.”

He shot her a toothy grin.“I know, humbling isn’t it?”


As they approached the Eduardo’s room he was about to enter before Celestia put a hoof over his shoulder.


“Yes princess?” He said turning around to find a sincere look on her face.

“Do you think he will forgive me?” She asked nerviously.

Eduardo gave her a confident smile. “He’d be as crazy as a coot to do that.”

She smiled. “Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

After she bid him a restful sleep and he closed the door behind him she teleported to her room, taking off her royal attire and neatly setting it aside. She then proceeded to the balcony that was joined with Luna’s room for the purpose of raising and lower the sun and the moon together. She looked towards the Everfree Forest in the general direction of the old palace. She smiled. “One day, old friend.”

“Are you sure about this?” Cortez asked.

“Absolutely.” The Nightmare responded.

“I don’t know, it just seems like taboo to me.”

“Do you or do you not want to finish him? Was he not the man who destroyed everything you worked for? Was he not the reason for your missing limb?”

“With every fiber of my being I want him dead and I have done many things I’m not very proud of. But this is sick, even for me.”

“This needs to happen. Believe me. In order to accomplish our goals we need to raise an army who will obey our every whim.”

“Okay then. Do it. Its only going to be a means to an end.”

The Nightmare then cast a spell sending energy surging through the ground of the cemetery. Once the spell was cast the ground beneath them began to move, some pots caving in slightly. The Nightmare wickedly began to move about the surrounding area. “Yes, yes, rise from your slumber, much more needs to be done.” The Nightmare then circled around Cortez. “Have you recruited new blood?”

“Yes, they will all be here by the end of the week.”

“Excellent. All we must do now is to strengthen our army and we will be ready to strike upon them.”
Cortez’s cell phone rang and he answered. “Yes, what is it? What do you mean he’s not there? Okay no problem. Keep checking in and spread the word.” He hung up and looked towards the Nightmare.

“Is there a problem?”

“It seems he isn’t at his property anymore.”

“No matter, there is only one place where he could have gone and surely they are with him. All in all I think this plays into our favor.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“What I seek is in the very palace they reside in. Based on what you have told me Eduardo is a clever brute. No one else would dare do the things he will do.”

“And how do you plan on getting him to bite?”

“We will cause a little trouble for him. However I do have a question.”

“Whats that?”

“Are you fond of reunions?”