Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route

by wolvenfire86

33 - I'm Not Cool Enough for This

I’m not cool enough for this

Description: Rainbow Dash enacts her “jailbreak” plan.

I count the leaves as they fall off the tree outside the window. The tan grass is peppered in red and yellow spades. It’s chilly outside. Yesterday’s storm snatched away the last of summer’s heat.

I love this time of year.

The calming weather soothes me and beings to help me get over the fight, but slowly. I am still notable crabby.

I don’t regret talking back to Twilight. I wish it hadn’t have to come to that, but deep down I was proud I finally stood up for myself. Even if I did overdo it.

But regardless of a moment of bravery, my stress was still here, still bouncing around my head, still looming over me as I scribbled notes on my notes.

A little voice inside me screamed, begging me to run outside and do…something. Anything. As a long as it was outside, I didn’t care. Anything to feel one more day of freedom.

The teacher prattled on about history as my focus faded in and out between fantasy and reality. I heard a girl whisper a rumor that I can’t quite decipher and my imagination runs wild with that gossip. My peers were my inmates on days as lovely as this and we were all bored.

I remembered my conversation with Dash yesterday, how I shared my deepest worries with her and she listened to me more than Twilight did. She didn’t listen that intently all the time, but it still mattered.

I wonder what she’s doing…

I snap out of my daydream when I feel my cell phone vibrate. Thankfully, the teacher didn’t hear it go off, nor did she see me slowly slip my phone out of my pocket to read my new text message.

An unknown number reads “look 2 ur left”

I do as the message says and scan the parking lot in front. It takes me awhile to spot a sky blue hoodie crouched down between a two cars. A tuff of rainbow colored hair bobs over a pair of big sunglasses.

My phone goes off again. “come here when teh bell rings”

‘What is she doing now?’, I wonder. I notice she is not in her uniform, so that can only mean trouble.

When the bell eventually rings, it signals my lunch hour. I am allowed to leave school grounds to get a bite to eat, so the teachers don’t stop me when I walk off campus.

I find Rainbow at the far corner of the parking lot, between the exit and a few bushes. A black duffle bag that is too big for her hands on her shoulder.

“Bout time.” She tosses the bag to me and…wait, what the? It’s MY duffle bag.

“How did you get this?” I asked, annoyed with her.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” She grins like a mischievous cat.

“Yeah, actually I would. Did you break into my dorm room?”

“No comment. But come on! We have to hurry before someone sees us.”

“Where? What’s going on?”

“…guess?” She flashes another impish smirk.

“I’m bad at guessing. Give me a hint.”

“Remember that jailbreak I was talking about?” The gears in my head turn.

“You’re ditching school ?!”

“I thought about it…and that tunneling thing? It was going to take way too long.”

“Rainbow, you can’t just leave school. It’s against the…rules.” It felt silly saying that in front of her.

“I can’t? Newbie, Newbie, Newbie…‘I can’t’ is just another way of saying ‘I won’t’. Of course I can. All I have to do…is walk that way…” She points off campus. “…and keep going.”

“Seriously, you could be expelled for this.”

“Only if they catch me. That is why you are coming with me.”

“Why me?”

“Cause, you’re wise to my plans, chief.” Her squeaky voice once again mimicked one of those mobsters from the old Looney Tunes cartoons. “Can’t have you stayin’ hear and rattin’ me out.”


“That’s Ms. Rainbow to you bub. Folks on the street just call me Dash. No prison can hold me, no sir-e. I’ve busted outta bigger joints than this one.”

“Fine, Ms. Rainbow or Dash or whatever…you can’t do this.”

“Don’t be telling’ me my business. I’m a free spirit. I belong out there in the open range.”

Protag: “Stop talking like that!”

“Lighten up, I’m only kidding.” Her voice changes back to normal. “But seriously, come on. The longer we wait here, the more suspicious it’ll look. You wouldn’t want your little girlfriend to think you’re running with a bad crowd.”

“For the millionth time, Twilight is not my girlfriend. And if I go with you, then I will be hanging with a bad crowd.”

“Oops, did I say ‘little girlfriend’? I meant ‘surrogate mother’.” My usual impulse would be to stand up for Twilight, but our argument was still fresh in my head. “And a little adventure is good for you.”

“This is a bit too much for me.”

“Don’t wimp out on me. Just the other day, you were talking about getting older and being stuck inside all day and that stuff. I’m doing you a favor. When you are an adult, how many times are you going to get the chance to do something really stupid?”

“When I decide to get married?”

Hardy-har-har. Funny guy. Look around you. This is the last autumn of high school either of us are ever going to see. We don’t have much time left. Why not indulge a little? Why not be a little dumb? The kind of fun we’re not allowed to have. That’s the best kind.”

I contemplate what she says. I actually start to think about it for a moment. Me! The Egghead.

“…I don’t know Dash…” I hesitate.

“Hey. I’m not going to make you do anything. You want to go back inside and learn fractions, go on. Advanced math will be there tomorrow. And the day after that. And the year after that. And then one day, you’ll never have to use any of those equations again.”

“Or…” She turned her back to me and looked over her shoulder. “you can do something different. It may be stupid and you might regret it, but it’ll be different.”

“That’s risky.”

“That’s the only way to live. But I’m not saying drop out of school or anything crazy like that.”

“Then…what are you saying?”

“Good question. What am I saying?” She grins If you follow me, maybe you’ll find out.” She says nothing more. She flicks her hair around and walks away.

I watch her for a few minutes, certain that she’ll turn back, that any second she’ll yell ‘gottcha’ and start laughing. Of course she will, it is silly! Just ditching school when there are only a few hours left…why take such a bold risk?

But she didn’t turn around. She doesn’t come . She walks out of campus, proudly, like there is no danger to it. Like she owns the world.

No restrictions. No regret. No fears.

I think it’s impossible to determine if Dash’s actions come from a philosophy of being confident or a mentality of never thinking things through. Still, her sermon inspired me. Infected me? Either way, it got into my head.

My gut tells me to run back into school and sit back in my desk like a good student. But my head plays with Dash’s promise of adventure as eagerly as a cat plays with a ball of yarn.

The fear of getting caught mixes with the sensation of butterflies flapping around in my stomach. I feel a little sick. But I’m still in awe at how unstoppable Rainbow Das is when she decided she is going to do something.

As she walks away, not caring at all, I only think of one thing: if I didn’t run after her, I’d regret not following her.

I pull out my phone. I quickly send Twilight a text. “I went out to lunch. Please tell the teachers that I got on the wrong bus and will be late. Thanks. =)”

I pressed ‘SEND’. I brace myself as throw my duffle bag over my shoulder.

Then, close behind me, I hear Twilight’s ringtone go off.

I ignore it.

I hear Twilight gasp as she reads what I sent her.

I ignore that too.

I run after Rainbow Dash as fast as I can. I think she pretends to not hear me as I approach her.

“Race you!” I playfully dare her as I run by her.

“I’ll go easy on you.” Rainbow bolts after me and we charge to…somewhere. Anywhere. Not school.