Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route

by wolvenfire86

32 - Ave-rage Morning

Ave-rage Morning

Description: You and Twilight have a fight.

Someone banged on my door, far too early in the morning. I guess that it either Rainbow Dash or the building is burning down.

I stayed in bed.

“___! Get up!” Surprisingly, I hear Twilight’s voice from the hallway. She sounded upset. “Get up!” And impatient, almost yelling.

“Hang on! Give me a minute!”

I don’t think anyone likes to be woken up early, but have it happen an hour before your alarm goes off by an angry girl who is supposed to be your friend is a great way to instantly be put into a bad mood. That, accompanied by the horrible feeling of losing the warmth of a good night's rest as ones steps out of their bed, made it seem worse.

I struggled to get my uniform on as Twilight continued to bang on my door.

“Hold on Twilight!” ‘Like a few seconds won’t kill her’, I think.

I don’t spruce myself up. I can tell my hair is all over the place and my shirt is not ironed, and I am a mess when I open the door.

My ears were right; Twilight looks furious.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I didn’t get the award.” She growled.

“What award?”

“Headmistress Celestia’s Semi-Annual Academic Award of Excellence.” An award? Seriously? That’s why she woke me up? “Buy me breakfast.”


“I’m hungry. Buy me breakfast!” She extenuates her demand by stamping her foot on the floor.

“Yeah, I get that you’re hungry. But why do I…”

Twilight: “BecauseIammadandIneedtovent!” She hollers. She is absolutely livid, and I am catching up to her.

“Keep it down!” Someone in the room next to mine hears.

Twilight hears them and stops yelling. She crosses her arms and locks her eyes on me.

I know she is waiting for me to do what she wants. She knows I’ll cave, that I’d never resist her request, which was really an order.

And unfortunately, I knew it too. It pissed me off. Even if it was to a close friend, I still had trouble standing up to people. Some days my friendship with Twilight felt like it was all take and no give on her part. I felt that that aspect of our friendship had grown since we came to this school.

Forcing myself to not let my temper dictate my words…because I was a good boy who did what he was told…I grabbed my wallet.

“Fine. Breakfast.”

“Hmph. Thank you.” She didn’t look at me when she thanked me. She just turned and walked down the hall.

I thought I heard Rainbow mock me as I followed her.

The cafeteria was open early though most students didn’t use it. This was mainly for hungry teachers who had work to do.

“That brat Trixie got the award instead. That stuck up little cheat. I hate her!” Twilight clamped her teeth down on the bagel I bought like a gator biting into its prey. “No, she did cheat. I know she did. Why can’t everyone else see that? You know she made up half of the stories about her trip to Europe?”

“Really? You don’t say.” I speak sarcastically. Twilight didn’t hear my tone.

“Now I have to wait a whole semester for a chance to get it again. That’s one less thing I can put on my college application and one more thing I didn’t win.”

The way she vents to me like I am her unofficial therapist, how she nags me to do things her way, how she’s always work-work-work and no play except when it is scheduled and approved…I’m getting sick of this.

She’d probably wouldn’t know what ‘Fun’ meant if Webster didn’t put it in a book for her to read.

“And all the boys think she’s great just because she wears clothes one size too small. Big freaking deal. Like they think girls here who are more modest and talented aren’t pretty. Girls who don’t cheat!” Her head snaps in my direction and she glares at me again. She says nothing at first. I don’t feel like playing her games so I just stare back. “Well?”

“Well what?” She finally hears my aggravation and raises her voice with me.

“What do you think about her?”

She’s doing that thing again. I know that no matter what I say, I’ll never give her a correct answer. There is no response I can give that will calm her down and make her say that she’s sorry for waking me up and pestering me with this…nonsense.

I’m in bad mood. I’m not thinking straight. If I open my mouth I’m going to say something I will regret. I know I am.

Screw it.

“I don’t know Twilight. I barely know Trixie. Since we came here, I have talked to her maybe, like, two times.” I barked at her.

“Hmph, yeah. I’m sure you did–”

“And honestly, if you feel cheated because you have one less piece of paper that says you study more than sleep, it’s not fair to blame Trixie for that. So I really don’t care.”

“Hey! Don’t talk to–”

“But you know what I do care about? I’m short on cash this week. I wanted to sleep a bit later because my first class on Friday starts later. And you thought it was sooo important to wake me up early and demand a meal from me from my light wallet. That is what I care about.”

Her arms cross. “Well, excuse me for bothering to–”

“Bothering! Yes, that is a good word for it. Why did you feel the need to bother me? To make yourself feel better so that your day is less stressful? To make my day worse with more nagging and complaining?”

“S-stop yelling at me.”

“I am fed up! I have had it up to my eyeballs with homework and grades and hearing about mid-terms like they are the be-all end-all goal before winter comes. Maybe I just want to have a fun day, did you ever think of that? Or at least a day that doesn’t revolve around books. You’re a smart girl; did you ever think that good ol’ Me has had a lot on his mind lately? That I could use some venting?”

“…I…” She’s not mad anymore. She looks scared, sad even. I could stop now.

But I don’t. “I don’t know what your deal is. Do you even like me?”

“Of course I do! We’re…uh…friends.” She trembles. “Right?”

“Friends usually treat each other better. Maybe you should study how to do that! I’m sure there’s a book somewhere that teaches you how to be less…”

I bite my tongue. Anymore would cross into overkill.

Normally, I would have regretted saying all of that. Normally, I never would have said it at all. But rage has a funny way of blinding you to the obvious. Anger makes your real-self disappear and puts an ugly thing in your shoes, if only for a few seconds. But it can ruin everything so easily.

“I’m out of here. I have to clear my head. Do us both a favor and give me space.” I turned my back on her and try to leave.

“Wait! ___! I’m…I…” Twilight starts to say something. I stop. I don’t look at her. I wait for her to say she’s sorry. “I…I-I lo…uhh…” But I don’t hear the apology I believe I am owed. Even now, she hesitates.

So I keep walking.

She doesn’t stop me or say anything more. Bout time.