Sol Umbrae

by Dream Bolt



Twilight sat on a beach chair, overlooking as the ponies helped in the reconstruction of Blaze’s costal city as she sipped her tea. Beside her, Blaze sipped her own tea, giving a small smile.

“I’m glad we met, Twilight.” Blaze stated. “You reunited me with Silver, and you have been a wonderful friend.”

“And I’ve learned a great deal about friendship.” Twilight replied.

“As have I.” Blaze agreed. She sighed. “I used to be very… aloof. I would often work on my own, because I feared that my friends would get hurt. But you showed me that together, friends are stronger.”

“Sounds like you have a letter to write to Princess Celestia.” Twilight stated with a smile.

Blaze gave a small smile. “I… would like that.”

Twilight turned. “Marine, take a letter.”

Marine pulled out a notebook, some glitter glue, and a box of crayons.

“Er, I think I’ll write this on my own.” Blaze said with an awkward grin. “I’ll get my own writing materials. Marine, why don’t you go help with the construction?”
Blaze went inside as Marine cheerfully dashed off. Blaze came out shortly with some paper and a pen. She sat down, took a sip of her tea, and began to write.

Dear Princess Celestia

I used to be much like your former student and my new friend, Twilight Sparkle. I didn’t realize just how important friendship could be. I thought that friends were something only regular people had, and that people with big responsibilities, like me, should face those responsibilities alone.
But now I realize that I was only making my job harder and myself weaker. Through Silver, Marine, Sonic, Cream, and now Twilight Sparkle, I have learned that my friends can be as much a help to me as I can be to them. Together, we can overcome the odds. Alone, we have weaknesses, but if we have friends, our friends can cover those weaknesses and help us when we are down, and we can do the same for them.
I used to think that I had to save everyone myself, but now I realize that everybody need help from time to time. That’s why we need friends, especially when you’re a princess like Twilight or I. My friends help me to be a better ruler to my people, and a better person. With my friends, I can better lead and protect my kingdom, for together, we are stronger than anyone else can be on their own.

Your avatar and newest student,

Princess Blaze

“Hey, Twilight!” Applejack called up. “Y’all ready to help with those houses?”

“Be right there, Applejack!” Twilight called down. She turned towards Blaze. “Are you finished yet?”

“Just finished.“ Blaze said as she rolled up the letter. Her hand lit up with green fire, and the letter disappeared in flames.
“Since I don’t have a dragon, Celestia taught me how to mimic dragon fire.” Blaze explained with a grin.

“Perhaps we could be pen pals!” Twilight exclaimed. “I would love to write to you, and help you with any of the future assignments Princess Celestia gives you.”

A graceful white unicorn mare walked up. She bowed to Twilight and Blaze before speaking.
“Princess Blaze, your first assignments are here.” she stated, levitating a large pile of books over to Blaze.

“Thank you.” Blaze stated with a nod. “Put them inside. I’ll study them later.”

“But shouldn’t you get to work on the Princess’s assignment right away?” Twilight asked in surprise.

Blaze shook her head, and rolled up her sleeves. “If I have learned anything about the princess, it is that she would prefer me to put my studies into action. And right now, our friends need help rebuilding this town.”
She leapt down from the balcony, gracefully propelling herself from rooftop to rooftop.

Twilight grinned. Spreading her wings, she soared into the sky, flying alongside Blaze towards the fields of construction.

With everyone so busy, no one noticed the graceful white mare as she trotted into the rebuilt tower of Blaze’s palace. As soon as she was out of sight, a pair of insect-like wings sprouted from her back, and her graceful white body became black and twisted, with a draping green mane and legs with holes through them.

“A new world… one with strong bonds of love.” she hissed as she soared into the sky. “Love for their heroes… especially the hedgehog.”

A grin crossed her face, and her green, cat-like eyes narrowed greedily.

“It sounds like the perfect feeding ground for my children.”

The End…?