Sol Umbrae

by Dream Bolt

Tgether We Are Stronger

Chapter 17: Together We Are Stronger

Twilight awoke, looking at her surroundings.

She was back on the moon.

Before she could absorb any more information, she suddenly found herself in Spike’s arms.

“I thought you were a goner.” Spike exclaimed, crying with joy.

Twilight nuzzled him. “Me, too. But we came through.”

Suddenly, Twilight found herself in an enormous group hug. Ponies and Mobians alike were embracing and whooping and cheering and laughing.
But they all fell silent as Celestia approached.

“Was that you who saved us?” Sonic asked.

“It was.” Celestia replied. “But do not celebrate yet. This isn’t over.”

As she spoke, a shadow covered the sky. From it, Nightmare Moon’s face leered at them.

“This isn’t the end.” she hissed. “This is only the beginning. Harmony can only last for so long. Soon, it will fall. Last time you banished me. This time even the Elements of Harmony cannot send me away.”

Twilight and the others aimed their Elements skyward, sending swirling ribbons of rainbow light into the sky, but the shadowy cloud merely winced, and was not forced away.
“Do you not see?” Nightmare Moon cried. “Each time I arise, I become more powerful. I have never lost the power of Nightmare Moon, nor of Mephiles. Even friendship will not always be able to overcome me.”

She turned towards Celestia. “One day… you will be mine.”


Nightmare Moon turned. Standing there, levitating the Chaos Emeralds about herself, was Luna.

“I will not let you harm another soul. Not one.” Luna said firmly.

Nightmare Moon laughed. “Are you forgetting something? I am part of you.”

Luna gave a grim smile. “I’m counting on it.”

The Chaos Emeralds flashed. The cloud of shadow suddenly began to be pulled towards them, like a vacuum, channeling the shadows into Luna.

Luna struggled, as the others stared in shock and awe.

“You want me back?” Nightmare Moon laughed. “I always knew you would.”

“You shall not have me.” Luna shouted as the shadows seeped into her. “I have found how to control my darkness. You shall be sealed within me… forever.”

Nightmare Moon laughed. “Indeed, I shall.”

“SISTER!” Celestia cried, as the form of Nightmare Moon enveloped her.

But as it touched her, it was forced away.

“What?” Nightmare Moon cried. “Why can’t I…. how are you repelling me?”

Luna looked surprised herself. “I know not.” she said.

Nightmare Moon suddenly looked terrified. “No! Stop! My power! You’re stealing it!”

“I am taking what never belonged to you.” Luna replied.

“No!” Nightmare Moon cried. “No, no, no! NOOOOOO!!!”

As the final shadows were absorbed into Luna, a figure fell to the ground.

It was Mephiles.


Everyone was on edge, ready to attack, but to their surprise, Mephiles didn’t attack.

“W-what?” he gasped. “M-my form! I cannot change it!”

“Maybe it has something to do with that blood you injected yourself with.” Celestia said with a grin. “I felt something in that blood. Something powerful. It became part of me, as well, but I have cleansed it from my body.”

“What was it, Princess?” Twilight asked.

Celestia smiled. “Chaos. The same energy that runs through the veins of Shadow the Hedgehog here.”

Shadow glared at Twilight. “You mean you used my blood sample by mistake?!”

“Patience, Shadow.” Celestia chided. “Because of what she did, Mephiles has lost most of his power.”

“I have bound the darkness within, myself.” Luna stated. “The power of Nightmare Moon is now bound within me. And I swear, I shall never let it rise again.”

“And because of your blood, Shadow, Mephiles will always remain in his current state, unable to steal the bodies of others ever again. He bound himself to that blood, and since, unlike me, he is not a corporeal being, he cannot remove it, or it will destroy him.”

“My power still is great.” Mephiles cried. “I shall return.”

“But never like before.” Celestia replied. “Of all the blood samples Twilight picked, she chose the one sample that would resist my body enough for me to remove it, the one sample that would prevent you from ever controlling me again. Had that not been the case, you would have not been able to possess others, but I and my sister would still be vulnerable. But now, Chaos runs in your veins. And Chaos does not mix well with Harmony.”

“So… that’s why.” Luna muttered to herself.

“That’s why what?” Mephiles growled.

Luna leaned towards Mephiles. “That’s why you couldn’t possess me. Because deep inside, though I may have made many mistakes… deep inside, I still have Harmony in my heart. And you can no longer deal with such a thing.”

Sonic turned towards Twilight with a grin. “Doesn’t do well with Harmony, eh? Let’s see what would happen if you gave him a dose.”

“With pleasure.” Twilight exclaimed.

The six ponies aimed their Elements. There was a flash, and Mephiles shouted.

“I will return! I shall have my revenge! I will retu….”

He was cut short as the flash engulfed him.

As the light faded, everyone saw that, in his place, was now a statue of Mephiles.

“We must store him somewhere safe.” Princess Luna stated. “We cannot risk his release once again.”

Celestia shook her head. “Perhaps, now that he is a full being, one day, he may be redeemed.”

“Yeah. Fat chance!” Sonic laughed, elbowing Shadow. “Right, faker?”

Shadow shrugged. “He has my blood now.” he replied. “I was redeemed for my actions. Perhaps he could be as well.”

Sonic stared incredulously at Shadow, then gave a chuckle. “Well, you ponies have officially done the impossible.” he laughed. “You made Shadow an optimist.”

“Hardly.” Shadow snorted, but there was no hostility in his voice.

The entire group laughed.
“Come on.” Celestia stated. “It’s time to go home.”



Celestia angrily stomped into the oversized gingerbread castle that stood where Canterlot had been.

Discord, sitting on a candy throne, gave a jump. “Tia! I didn’t think you would be back so soon! By the way, I think you need to replace the sun, that one you’ve got now seemed to be burning out a few minutes ago.”

“Did you not worry when you saw sister’s sun grow red?” Luna asked. “Did you not wonder what that meant had happened to our sister?”

Discord shrugged. “Why should I? Tia’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”

Silver smiled, shaking his head. “Past, future, you’re always the same.” he laughed. “Always ashamed to admit your responsible side.”

“And what makes you think I acted responsibly while you were gone?” Discord asked. “Maybe you didn’t notice the frosting on the walls.”

“Well, I did!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, holding a gob of frosting in her hoof and taking a bite.

Silver smirked. “Have it your way.” he said with a shrug.

Celestia gazed with a disapproving stare at Discord. “Discord, put it all back.”

“But this is so much more fun!” Discord exclaimed. “And if there’s ever a food shortage, we can just nibble a tower or two.”


“Alright, fine.” Discord grumbled. “You’re no fun at all.”

He snapped, and Canterlot returned to its original self.

Celestia shook her head. “Come now, Discord. As your punishment, you will help me fully restore Ponyville and its citizens.”

“You were planning to make me do that anyways!” Discord exclaimed. “Would you have done that even if I had been good?”

“In your case, the question of good behavior is purely hypothetical.” Celestia replied with a smirk. She turned towards the others.

“I trust you all shall be happy to return to Ponyville and watch the restoration?”

Everyone nodded cheerfully. Celestia’s horn glowed.

In a flash they disappeared.


It took only a snap of Discord’s fingers to repair the damage and remove the wrecked machinery.

“Now, are you sure you don’t want just a tiny floating island?” Discord asked. “Mobius already has one.”

“That will do, Discord.” Celestia replied, smiling and shaking her head.

Rainbow Dash was the first to charge into Ponyville, with the others close behind her.

“Rainbow Dash!”

Scootaloo came galloping up as fast as she could and threw her hooves around Rainbow Dash.

“Hey, kid.” Rainbow Dash chuckled, nuzzling the little filly. “You weren’t worried, were you?”

“N-nope!” Scootaloo replied, but her eyes shimmered with relived tears as she held onto Rainbow Dash.

Applejack was suddenly tackled by Apple Bloom, closely followed by Big Macintosh and Granny Smith, as they all caught her up in a group hug.
Fluttershy squealed for joy as Angel hopped up, throwing his little paws around her neck.
The Cakes ran up as well, grabbing Pinkie Pie in a huge hug.

“Oh, Pinkie.” Mrs. Cake cried joyfully. “We were so worried!”

“You may not be our daughter, but you’re family.” Mr. Cake added.

Pinkie Pie chuckled. “I already know.”

Sonic and Twilight smiled, exchanging relieved and joyful glances.

“Nice work back there.” Sonic said to Twilight. “Looks like we saved the day again.”

“Literally.” Twilight chuckled, as she looked up at Princess Celestia.

Sonic looked about at all the ponies happily cheering and hugging and prancing happily about.

“This is it.” he said, grinning at Twilight. “This is why I do it.”

Twilight smiled, looking out over Ponyville. “It was worth it.” she said softly.

Sonic shrugged. “Whoever said you don’t get paid to be a hero? This is better pay than any job I could ever have.”


As they watched, a small white filly dashed through the crowd of ponies. She leapt upon Rarity, tackling her.

“Sweetie Belle?” Rarity exclaimed, her face lighting up.

Sweetie Belle smiled, nuzzling Rarity with her soft, warm cheek made of flesh and blood instead of metal. Rarity ran her hooves through her little sister’s soft mane. “Oh, Sweetie Belle.”

Sweetie Belle looked surprised. “Sis, why are you crying? I thought you’d be happy I’m back to normal.”

“Oh, I am, darling.” Rarity exclaimed, laughing and crying all at the same time as she embraced Sweetie Belle. “I am happy.”

Twilight sniffed, wiping her eyes as she smiled, turning back towards Sonic.

“You’re right. This is the best reward I could ask for.”


The ponies and Mobians surrounded the statue of Dr. Eggman.

“I say leave him that way.” Rarity huffed. “After what he did to my widdle Sweetie Belle, he deserves some time out to think about what he has done.”

“I’m with Rarity.” Sonic seconded. “He’s had far too many chances for redemption, and caused far too much destruction.”

Celestia shook her head. “Turning somepony to stone is only something I do when no other prison will hold them.” she replied. “I would not prefer to lock anypony in such a state if I didn't have to." She ignored Discord's sarcastic snort.

Her horn flashed, and the stone about Eggman cracked and shattered, falling to the earth.

Eggman woozily fell onto his back. As he sat up, he suddenly froze. Staring him in the eyes was that blasted hedgehog.

“GAH!” he cried out, shuffling back.

Suddenly, he was levitated in the air, and held firmly by a blue glow.

“You… MONSTER!” Rarity screamed. “I’ll teach you to mess with Sweetie Belle!”

“Hey, Rarity, take it easy!” Twilight exclaimed.

“I’m not going to hurt him.” Rarity replied. “Just give him a little taste of why he should not mess with me.”

Her horn sparkled, and a flurry of cloth swirled out from the nearby Carousel Boutique and surrounded Eggman. Needles swirled and glitter sparkled.

“Ow! Ow! You pricked me!” Eggman cried.

“Oh, did I?” Rarity exclaimed with mock remorse. “I’m so clumsy!”

As she finished, she stepped back satisfactorily, while the other just stared.

Then all of them, even Celestia, burst into laughter.

Eggman was dressed in the frilliest, most glittery dress Rarity could design. It was bright pink with lace and lots of bows, and his large moustache was tied up with glittery ribbons.
“Gah! Get this horrible outfit off of me!” Eggman cried. As he struggled, he found he couldn’t move. “The sleeves are sewn to the dress! I can’t move my arms! And my legs are laced together!”
Rarity gave a smug grin, while the others continued to laugh. Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Sonic were rolling and beating the ground.
“Now that’s a bold fashion statement.” Rarity exclaimed, tossing her mane. “Just one more little thing to finish it off.”
She levitated a cheap, gaudy tiara onto Eggman’s bald head.

“There! All done!”

“Get it off, get it off, get it off!” Eggman spluttered, hopping up and down with rage. But with his legs and arms tied to the dress, he fell over like a tree, which caused the others to laugh even harder.

“I will inform the Mobian government so that they can claim their princess… I mean prisoner.” Celestia stated, putting a hoof over her mouth in a futile attempt to stifle her giggling.

“You will all pay for this!” Eggman cried. “One day, I will return!”

“Maybe you should try something backless when you do!” Sonic roared, rolling and clutching his stomach.

Eggman spluttered, but as he tried to talk, Pinkie Pie shoved a cupcake in his mouth to silence him. All he could do was grunt as the Canterlot soldier lifted him up and dragged him away.

“I have never laughed so hard before in my life.” Sonic cried as he got to his feet. He turned to look at Shadow, who stood nearby, his eyebrow merely raised in slight amusement.

“Aw, come on, Shadow!” Sonic chuckled. “Does anything make you laugh?”

“Only your defeat.” Shadow replied.

Sonic laughed again. “Seriously? Do we have to go through this again? We all know you’ll never be able to….”


Sonic was suddenly blown back by a blast of cake and confetti, as Pinkie Pie blasted him out of nowhere with her party cannon. He soared though the air, sticking to a wall as the cake batter glued him there.

Shadow smirked. “See? Now that’s funny.”

Sonic pulled away from the wall with a sucking sound. “Hey, Shadow.” he said with a grin, brushing himself off. “You smiled.”

Pinkie Pie suddenly dashed up, a huge grin on her face. “I got youuuu to smiiiiilllllle!”

Shadow’s smile suddenly dropped away, replaced by one of trepidation.

“And Pinkie told me you two had a bet.” Sonic exclaimed, grinning. “And if she got you to smile, you have to go to one of her parties, or something like that.”

Shadow frowned. “You two planned this.” he growled at Sonic.

Sonic put his finger to his mouth in feigned innocence. “Maybe.”

“And since I win the bet, you know what that means?” Pinkie cried. “ I can sing near you whenever I want now!”

“ARGH!” Shadow cried, covering his ears as Pinkie Pie burst into song, and everyone else laughed.


“Your actions have been most helpful.” General Abraham stated. He was speaking to Twilight and her friends as they stood in Canterlot, overlooking the huge crowd of ponies below. Beside him, Princess Elise stood, smiling shyly.
“Despite our early misgivings, it appears that Equestria has been proven itself to be a friend to Mobius, not only stopping this dark thief, but apprehending one of our world‘s greatest threats.” General Abraham went on. Here he pointed towards Eggman, who was still trapped in the horribly garish dress Rarity had put him in. The crowd bust out laughing as he began to shout angrily.
General Abraham cleared his throat. “In light of current events, the Mobian governments have agreed that Equestria is recognized as a friendly world, and is allowed freedom in entering Mobius.” His stern face cracked the slightest hint of a smile as he shook Twilight’s hoof.

“I think that this shall be the beginning of a fruitful relationship.” he stated.

“As do I.” Twilight agreed, grinning.

General Abraham bowed to Celestia, then stepped aside, letting Elise step up.

“Your highness,” Elise asked, “we of Solianna would be quite pleased if you would continue to grace us with your presence once again.”

“I would be more than glad to.” Celestia replied with a smile.

Suddenly from the crowd, they heard a gasp. Charging through the sea of ponies was one particular mint-colored mare. She charged unthinkingly up upon the dais, ignoring the guards’ shouts, and stopped, staring at General Abraham with wide golden eyes.

“Um… hello?” the general said awkwardly.

The pony just stood, her mouth hanging open. She slowly reached out a hoof and touched his hand, then took it and began to examine his fingers, staring as if in a daze.

“Would somebody please tell me what’s going on here?” General Abraham asked, as a few ponies stifled giggles.

Suddenly, a yellow earth pony mare with a curly blue-and-pink mane pushed through the crowd.

“Lyra Heartstrings!” she cried. “This is a royal ceremony and you do not….”

Her voice trailed away as she saw Princess Elise and General Abraham. Her mouth began to move, but no sound came out.

“Sqeeeeee!” Lyra cried, letting go of General Abraham’s hand and hugging him, tears of utter elation in her eyes, while the General awkwardly and futilely tried to pull away.
“Bon-Bon! I was right! They’re real! They’re real! Humans exist! They’re real!”

Bon-Bon stood, staring with her mouth wide open.

“Hu… hum… real?” she gasped.

Then her eyes rolled back, and she fainted.

Celestia gave a chuckle as she turned back towards Elise.

“Of course, we’ll both have to get used to each other.”


After the ceremony, Twilight approached Elise.

“Does the general know about… you know?”

“Who broke into those G.U.N. bases?” Elise asked. She shook her head. “No. I didn’t tell anyone. When my memories were restored, I remembered who Silver was, and that he was a true hero. I knew that if you were with him, you must be good too. And since I know Silver is a time-traveler, I figured that when I met you for the second time, you were telling the truth about being innocent. After all, I know that it isn’t wise to interfere when time travel is involved.”

“Wow. You’re pretty wise for being so young.” Twilight stated. “I had to learn that the hard way.”

Elise smiled. “I’m a princess. I believe you know that we have to be wise. Our choices shape our kingdoms.”

Twilight smiled. “And in this case, our worlds.”


As the sun set over Ponyville, Twilight sat in her house, looking out of the window. Beside her, Spike and Tails looked out as well.

“There they go again.” Tails chuckled as Sonic and Rainbow Dash shot by. “Those two are always racing each other now.”

Twilight sighed as she looked towards the sky. “Tails, I’ve been thinking. Did we really win that fight? It seems like, in the end, it was all dumb luck.”

Tails grinned, shaking his head. “Twilight, I’m a mechanic. I know machines. And I saw how these events fitted together. It was like a machine. Sure, it could have gone haywire, but it didn’t. Each event was set so that, all along, it was never impossible, no matter how strongly the odds were against us.”

“But I just happen to choose the only blood sample in Mobius that would protect Celestia for good, and Mephiles just happened to forge a connection with Luna during the Nightmare Moon incident so that she could use it to bind away his stolen power.” Twilight went on.

Tails shrugged. “The Nightmare Moon thing was simple cause and effect. He stole power from her to become stronger. She took it back.”

“But how did I choose the right phial?” Twilight asked.

Tails gave a smirk. “You know… maybe there are forces at work besides evil.”

Twilight gave Tails a surprised glance, then turned back towards the window, smiling softly.

“Something funny?” Tails asked.

“No.” Twilight replied. “It’s just… someone else told me the same thing.”

She looked out, grinning as she saw Rarity embracing Sweetie Belle, and crying tears of joy. Not too far off, Applejack and Knuckles were laughing and having a cider together. Vector and Vinyl Scratch were sharing music, while Silver and Blaze were chuckling at Pinkie Pie’s antics.

“Our worlds will never be the same, will they?” she asked.

Tails smiled. “No. They won’t.”

Spike grinned as he looked out across the restored town and the happy ponies and Mobians below.
“Maybe that’s a good thing.” he said thoughtfully.

Twilight chuckled, putting her hooves around Tails and Spike.

“Maybe it is.”