Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route

by wolvenfire86

30 - Working Doubts

Working Doubts

Description: You talk to Twilight about what is bothering you, and some of your doubts become more prevalent.

The weekend passed by without another word from Rainbow Dash or Applejack. And part of me was thankful for that. Everyone needed to calm down after tat fiasco.

It rained all weekend and the sky was still gloomy. Dry, but gloomy. My last class didn’t end fast enough. Even I was tired of all of that…drama.

Twilight was in front of me before I could leave campus. Skipping, whistling, smiling warmly.

“Having a good day, I see?” I say to her.

“I handed in my paper for Celestia’s Semi-Annual Academic Award of Excellence.”

“That’s the optional paper you were working on, right? The huge one?”

“Yep. I proofread it a bunch of times. I have a hunch it’s going to win.” She giggled and patted herself on the back in her head.

“Good luck. Let’s get going. Not to hurry you along, but I have to be back in the library for Rainbow Dash’s study session.”

“…I thought you stopped doing those.”

“It’s a One-Last-Chance scenario.”

“…I see.”

I lead her back to her dorm. My head buzzed with all the work I left undone, and how I was sure I’d never finish it all. This week had taken up so much time that now I was realy behind.

Still, it was time spent that I didn’t regret. Was that a bad thing?

“How are you handling all the work these days?”

“Same as usual.”

“Do you ever get overworked?”

“Sometimes. But not lately.”

“What is your secret?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I just avoid everyone.”


“When you have to do work, you have to do work. So I just ignore my cell phone and pretend like I’m the only person in the whole world. And I don’t leave until everything gets done.” She said that very plainly. Her solution didn’t sound as appealing as it would have a year ago.

“Well…that’s…one way to do it alright.”

“Are you overworked?”

“Yeah, but…it was kind of my own fault. I was so busy with Applejack and Rainbow Dash that my own work suffered.”

“That’s not good ___. If you don’t keep your grades up, you’ll lose your GPA. And then you won’t get the best GPA you could get.”

“I know, but it’s okay. I have a great report card still. It would only be a teeny-tiny decrease.”

Twilight gasped. “Teeny-tiny is still a decrease! What if that teeny-tiny decrease cost you a scholarship to the college you want?”

“I don’t even want to think about college right now.”

“Why not?”

“Because. I have enough on my plate.”

“So? You still need to think of your future. No one else is going to think of it for you?”

“Yeah, but…what’s wrong with worrying about the present? Or at least enjoying it while it’s here?” Oh god. I sounded like Rainbow Dash.

“You can enjoy yourself when you have no more work to do.” Twilight huffed. “That’s how free time works. It’s for when you have no more work.”

“Okay, I know that but…I don’t want to add more stress onto an already stressful situation.”

“Who said anything about stress? Work is fun!” She smiled again, believing that she had won pur little back-and-forth, that she had convinced me she was right.

And she was right. She was right about working first and playing second. She was probably right about me needing to study more and think of my future. And she was probably right about everything else.

But somehow, Twilight’s usual, predictable advice sounded…scary.

Twilight said that the free time was supposed to be for when the work was done…but Twilight never stopped working. Ever.

Was that all I had to look forward to in my future? What that where my oldself was heading?!

I felt a twinge of pressure in my head when I thought of all of that, a pressure that was not there when I was hanging with Rainbow Dash. When I was shooting hops with her and AJ and Flutteshy, I wasn’t worried about anything.

I was happy.

“Uh…do you think…” I trailed off.

“…do I think what?” Twilight asked me.

“Nothing. It’s silly.”

“No, you can tell me.”

: “…have you every thought that working too hard is a bad thing?

“…HAHAHAHA! You’re right, that was silly.”

“Yeah. That’s what I thought you’d say.”