by Amereep


Once you saw the trailer, you just had to see it. Never did the thought occurred to you that it will ever happen, but there it is, the poster to 'My Little Pony: The Movie'!

You look at the advertisement outside the theater that's playing it and start bouncing in anticipation as you wait in line for the cashier. You look at the people in front of you; it's a long line and there are many types of people here, but somethings off. You look back at the people behind you and you still see something strange. Usually when a film or a video game comes out, there would be lines of people dressing up or promoting for the franchise they're exited for.

No one seems to be doing the same for the MLP movie.

You start thinking if any of them are even here to watch the movie as well, and you start to feel a little isolated here in this line. You begin to rub your hands from the anxiety building inside of you and begin to wonder if you should even consider watching this movie at all.

"You know there's still time."

You suddenly hear a voice close by! Looking over, you see a small Rainbow Dash standing on your left shoulder staring back at you. "You can still decide on watching another movie. It's October 6th, there's bound to be a few horror flicks you can watch. Oh, if I'm not mistaken, there was one about blades and running coming out today that looks pretty cool."

"But you've waited for so long," you hear another voice and look over to see a small Fluttershy standing on your right shoulder, "are you really going to miss this movie?"

"He won't miss it, he'll watch it when it comes out on television."

"But it'll take even longer before he'll see it."

"Pfft, he waited this long, he can wait even longer."

"It's going to be filled with advertisements."

"Life is nothing but advertisements, sister."

"And it'll have segments cut for time."

"Whatever," she said in a frustrated tone, "he just shouldn't see this film now."

"And why shouldn't he see it now?" she says sternly.

"Because of them," she points to the people around you. "Think about it. A grown adult, male no less, is watching a cartoon show meant for little girls. It's completely degrading."

"How can you say it's degrading?"

"Because he'll be labeled a brony by everyone! He'll be caring that around on his conscious for the remainder of the film, and if anybody he knows finds out about this, it'll be the end of the world. Seriously pal, there are better ways to watch this film. Don't you have a cousin or a niece you can take with you, at least you would've made the excuse that you're there to watch them instead of the movie."

"You know that he doesn't."

"Well there is another way," she leans on your neck, "you can still head back home and boot leg it."

"Heavens no, just think of the effort the team put into making this film." She begins to stroke you in comfort, "They did it for their fans."

"If they did it for their fans, they wouldn't charge ten bucks for admission."

"But you're not seeing the big picture here."

Another voice came from above you and your eyes roll up, but you can hardly see a small Twilight sitting on your head. "You're not thinking logically about this at all. The theater experience is something that just can't be replicated at home. The size of the screen, the surround sound, the audience; that's all something the basic home entertainment system fails in comparison with."

"You keep out of this, brainiac! This is only between me and the shoulder angel."

"Once again, you're not seeing what this is really about." she lays down and taps your head, "This is about him, and what he decides to follow. We're simply a clever concept at describing the conflict he's enduring and expressing it out through hallucinating effects in a humorous manner. We don't really have any purpose other than giving him options to choose from."

"That's right. Just do what your gut tells ya, sugarcube, and do what you think is right." You look down and see Applejack hanging over your shirt collar from the inside and Rarity suddenly pops out from your chest pocket, "And make sure you follow your heart too, dear. One must always stay true to it."

"So whats your decision, sport?"

"Who are you going to listen to?"

You're feeling pretty overwhelmed from this entire situation. All of these little voices are conflicting with each other and you're stuck in the middle of it. They're trying to lead you with a decision but you don't really know what to respond with.

"What's wrong partner, cat got your tongue?"

"No," You suddenly have a fluffy taste in you mouth and stick your tongue out to see Pinkie Pie hanging from it, "I do."

"What are you supposed to represent, his inner child?"

"I think that's his inner brony."

"Next," you look up at the cashier to see you that your next in line. Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight hide behind you; Applejack and Rarity dive back into your shirt; and you slurp up Pinkie back into your mouth. "May I help you, sir?"

You look around but aren't seeing any ponies clinging to you. You push the thought aside and focus on the now. This is really about what you want and you shouldn't let the viewpoint of others to sway your decision. "One for My Little Pony: The Movie." you suddenly jerk in fear from hearing an echo in your head that sounded like Fluttershy saying 'yay'.

You pay the cashier, they tell you to head for theater seven, and they add saying "Enjoy the movie." You're feeling pretty upbeat now that you finally made a decision.

You begin walking towards theater seven and notice a concession stand. suddenly slap your hands over your mouth for the question you asked yourself.

"Hot dog!"