by TheDerpyOutcast

Somethings Take Time (Act 2)

Surprise, Act 2, While We Were Apart


I opened my eyes, dreading the day ahead. Unpacking. And I missed Pinkie Pie. My old best friend. The pink pyro would forever have a place. But the remnants of her yelling stung. She yelled... I can't believe that filly yelled... the pony who moved rocks and stuff with her sisters who's talent was being happy yelled in my face...

I shook my head and stepped on the cloud floor. I really hasn't had time to explore the two-floor building. I had called dibs on a room the night before, and we only got my bed and dresser into it. Firework had the room next to mine, and my dad was across the hall from her.

Carefully I walked into my little sister's room to see the violet Pegasus rolling on the floor.

"So, the floor comfy?" I asked, brushing a small portion of my yellow mane from my purple eyes.

"You bet, Surprise!" Firework blinked her golden eyes and shook her blue and gold mane before returning to the floor.

I giggled. My sister was happy, but I still felt empty as I walked back to my room, where the movers were putting in the last of my furniture. I smiled as it all came together.

As soon ad the crew left, I set out to open the boxes that sat on my bed and the floor. Flapping my wings slightly, I jumped over a box to the shelves by my desk. Then my eyes wandered to a small box on my pillow. It was silver and had a note attached to it.


I miss you already. In this box is one of those special flares we made that shoot our cutie marks. Every night check at nine pm for a flare shot by me. If you see one, shoot yours. And the reason I was able to get this to you was because I told you sister to give it to you. I also got your address. But please, it's so lonely here and Blinkie couldn't care less, and Inkie is too busy.

~Pyro Pink

A tear fell down my cheek. She did care. But that didn't change what she did to me. Quickly I set the box and note on my desk for later, and went to unpacking my stuff.