Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route

by wolvenfire86

12 - Dreams


Description: A foreboding nightmare wake you up…

Note: The following is a dream sequence.


“Haha. ___!” Twilight…as young as the day I met her….running….running

“ Hey! Twilight! Wait for me!” I shout....echoes...

“Run faster ___! I’m going to get away…”

“No! Stop it, I’m tired.”


“Twilight? Twilight, wait! Where are you going?”


“Wait, stop it. Don’t go away! I can’t run. I can’t.”

“It’s getting darker because it has to!”

“But I don’t want it to get darker. I don’t want things to change!” Twilight faded away. Slowly…slowly…until she was totally gone. “Twilight? Twilight!!!”

“I’m far away…and you are still where you started…”

Note: Dream ends here.

“AHH! Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I didn’t know where I was at first. I was blindly disorientated.

I was shaking. It felt like I had a stomach ache in my head.

I was in my dorm room. Safe. Unsettled. Breathing heavily.

The clock said 3:19am.

“…where did that come from?”

---time passes---

I couldn’t go back to sleep. I paced, played my handheld game for a bit, read a few pages in various books, twiddled my thumbs, and only grew more frustrated.

Most of my dreams would fade away after I was awake for a bit. This one didn’t. I tried to erase it from my aching mind, but could not. The nightmare kept me my eyelids open.

There were no monsters or demons, no phantoms or death in my dream but my emotions went haywire. It felt terrifying. It felt like I was losing everything.

I tried to figure out what could have brought it on. The festival food, the over-stimulation…

…Rainbow’s lecture?

I liked that answer. It gave me someone to blame.

She always spoke the truth. At the least, she believed what she said was true. She couldn’t have said anything with such confidence if was lying to herself. But her truth wasn’t refreshing and it wasn’t setting me free. It made me question things. And apparently it kept me up at night.

Yes, part of my identity was my grades and school. Rainbow Dash sounded like she thought my grades were me. That I was a report card.

"Who was she to tell me…" I realized I was talking to myself and had been for a while. I stopped.

I remembered in my dream Twilight…or whatever Twilight represented to my subconscious…and that she was saying I was stuck where I started.

Twilight was ahead of me in many ways. And so was Rainbow Dash. And so was everyone it seemed. While the people around me knew where they were and what they wanted…I was still trying to figure out who I was.

I wouldn’t have come to Starswirl if not for Twilight. Was that a good thing? Was I unable to go somewhere without anyone else’s guidance? Did I just tag along on other people’s coat tails?

Now that I think about it, why didI come to Starswirl? Because Twilight was going? Because my parents wanted me to go?

I mean, when my grades, my good fortune and my friendship with Twilight were removed from the picture…what was left? What else was there?

Who was I?

I ended up remembering Rainbow’s speech more vividly than the dream itself, which further convinced me that my lack of sleep was her fault!

But what bothered most was how Rainbow said those things so casually, like it was not big deal it all, like that was who she was, like that rebellious confidence was as much a part of her as her left arm and any doubt she infected me with was merely a side-effect of being around her.

She drove me crazier now than back when we disliked each other!

I watched the sun slowly inch up over the horizon, gradually turning a purple sky to blue. If wasn’t exhausted I may have thought it was pretty.

I got dressed, knowing that trying to get back to sleep again would be pointless.

Campus was totally silent. The sun was moments away from rising, turning the sky a deep, dark blue. I had my backpack and wallet with me. I figured that I’d go straight to class after a short walk to clear my head.

Twilight would have to walk to class alone today. That was probably for the best. My head wasn’t in it right place. She’d ask me a slew of questions if she saw bags under my eyes.

I can hear her voice now...“What’s wrong? Why didn’t you get sleep? What is the matter? Is there anything I can do?” ...she always meant well with her nagging, but that was the last thing I wanted right now. Well-meaning inquiries can easily turn into sour pains-in-the-ass when someone didn’t sleep well.

At least the campus was empty for once. The air was cool and relaxing. Not a noise to be heard….

…except for the sound of a pair of feet quickly smacking against the ground in the distance.

“Great…” I knew who it was.

I follow the pattering to the track field and, unsurprisingly, Rainbow Dash was there. Even at this ungodly hour, she was able to run fast. I could see those focused violet eyes glisten as the rest of her body blurred across the field.

I walked down there, stamping my feet angrily, not thinking, ready to give her a piece of my mind. I made a note that frustration and sleepiness are bad influences for decision making, then ignored that note and kept going.

She kept flying around the track at full throttle, smirking proudly. She only noticed me after she passed the starting line.

Her sneakers shrieked as she abruptly stopped.

“What are you doing here?!” She looked worried (or maybe scared) that I had found her.

“I couldn’t sleep. I had bad dreams.”



Rainbow looked around, checking to see if someone else was there. My random appearance must have creeped her out. But she swallowed that fear and put that annoying confident smirk back on.

“Let me guess…you were back in first grade and naked in front of the class?”

“No. This one was…a little spookier.”

“Yeah, cause you naked isn’t spooky enough, right?” I ignored that remark.

“Why are you here?” I asked her.

“…I couldn’t sleep either. I had a bad dream too.”

“Small world.”

“Great minds.” She grabbed a white cloth out of her pocket and rubbed the sweat off her forehead. “What happened in yours?”

“I was…what do you care?”

“Were you naked in second grade?”

“It was a dream about…I don’t know. I was running.”

“Sounds like my kind of thing.”

“I would have let you have my dream if I could. It wasn’t fun. It was…I don’t know, stressful.” Why is it so hard to tell people off in person? Hating someone is much easier when they aren’t standing in front of you! “What was your dream about?”

“It was an old cliché. I was falling. I was really high up and I just…fell”

“That sounds scary.”

“It is at first. But I’ve had that dream before, so I learned how to deal with it.”

“Deal with dreams? How?”

“It’s like, you just be cool with it. When that when that stuff happens…when you feel like everything is coming apart…you have to let it happen.”


“You accept it. Sit back, don’t stress it and let whatever happens happen on its own. Sometimes laying back and doing nothing is exactly what you need to solve your problems.”

She said yet another comment that went against my basic beliefs. Rather than ‘try your best’ and ‘work hard’, she advocated passivity and laziness. And it was ironic because she seemed ten times more motivated than the average person, myself included.

“…you…you think that is a good thing to do?” I asked her, genuinely wanting her feedback.

“I know it is. I dream about falling a lot. If I am falling, there’s nothing I can do about it right? So might as well just enjoy the ride.”

“You have that dream often?”

“Every now and then.”


“How should I know? I’m not a doctor. But I am a dreamer. When I’m dreaming about falling…” She stretched her arms out and looked up, simulating a bird with its wings stretched out. “…I push my arms down and let gravity do the work. And sometimes, the dream changes.”

“How so?”

“When I’m going straight down, it’s scary. But if I put my hands down, it feels like moving forward. It feels like I’m flying.” She inhaled deeply with her eyes closed again. Lost in thought, imagining...something. “Could you imagine that? Flying? Taking off like a rocket? Soaring through into clouds like they were nothing? Like gravity was nothing?”

She was so...genuine. All the time. Even when talking about make-believe fantasies at six in the morning.

And before I realize it, my frustrations with her were gone.

Maybe it was a moment of weakness, but I took her advice. I stopped fighting the annoyances she put in my head, stopped shooing away the bad dreams. I let them come to me.

And, as conveniently as RD promised, it worked. I finally figured out what was really bothering me.

“Are you okay?" She noticed distraction, "You’re doing that thing when you space out again.”

“I’ve...been thinking.”

“Bout what?” Rainbow Dash looked over her shoulder again. Only the sounds of tweeting morning birds were there.

“About what you said earlier. At the festival.”

“What did I say?”

"That stuff about me not being confident, and not…being brave.”

“Oh! I didn’t mean to upset you or-”

“I think you were right.” I confessed. “It’s really hard for me to stand up for myself. And to try new things.” Rainbow didn’t put doubts in my head. She just pointed out ones there were already there. One I was afraid to confront. It wasn’t fair for me to blame her for my own problems or my own fears. “And I think...I want to change that.”

She blinked a few times. She smiled, but nervously, like I had just made her very uncomfortable.

“Mom and dad weren’t lying when they said you can do anything you want. You just have to move in baby-steps.” I nodded. She yawned. "I gotta finish my workout. Wanna chill after school?”

I hesitated.

I thought about what Twilight would say, what my parents would think if they saw me with such a delinquent, what my teacher’s might say, and the homework I would surely get that afternoon.

“Yeah. That’d be…cool.”

“Cool?” She tilted her head. “Yeah. I guess it would be.”

Before I could move, she stood on her tippy-toes, pressed her palm on the top of my head and rubbed my hair wildly, sprawling my hair in all directions.

“Agh! Hey! Don’t do that!”

“Lighten up. It’s not like you gelled it. Or even combed it, Mr. Bedhead.” The spunky little headache brought my frustrations come back in a second. “Later Newbie. Go get breakfast or whatever.”

“Uh, yeah. And after school?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll find you.”

I fixed my hair and watched her blast down the field again, gliding over the track ring like a jet through the sky. The wind picked up as she ran, pushing her forward, cheering her on.

And I watched…


—END of ACT 1—